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The Best Locking Mailboxes to Ensure No One Steals Your Stuff

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best locking mailbox

Mail theft happens to be a much bigger issue than most people assume. It has led many homeowners to look into the most secure mailbox options to protect their mail. One of the common solutions is buying a locking mailbox.

These mailboxes will ensure your mail remains protected behind a high-quality locking mechanism. But these devices have become more and more popular, making it hard to choose the best locking mailbox for each person.

However, there are several vital criteria capable of making this process easier. If you have a handle on them, the entire task becomes a breeze. Here’s a quick preview of a few to provide some context into what you can expect:

  • Security Features and Locks: You’ll need a locking mailbox with a robust lock capable of keeping thieves from stealing your mail. A wafer tumbling locking system or ultra secure cam lock should do fine.
  • Construction Quality: High-quality locking mailboxes will consist of durable and stable construction materials, such as galvanized steel. These materials will need to deal with issues like rusting, sun exposure, and rain effectively.
  • Type: Three types of locking mailboxes are common in today’s market. You can either get wall-mounted, freestanding, or curbside locking mailboxes. Each buyer will need to decide which one best suits their particular needs.

Aside from these features, I’ve also built a list of 12 top-tier locking mailboxes. I chose each one based on desirable traits and a solid reputation. You’ll learn more about them in the following product reviews and buying guide. Let’s see if one of these locking mailboxes is what you’ve been needing.


Top Product name Dimensions Material Mounting Type  
1 Mail Boss 7506 21″D x 10.75″W x 11.25″H Alloy Steel Post Mount Details
2 Architectural Mailboxes 6300B 20″D x 11.3″W x 11.5″H Alloy Steel, Aluminum Post Mount Details
3 Gibraltar Mailboxes DVKPBZ00 4.42″D x 9.7″W x 12.57″H Alloy Steel Wall Mount Details

Top 12 Locking Mailbox Reviews

1. Mail Boss 7506 Curbside Locking Security Mailbox

Mail Boss’s 7506 Curbside Locking Security Mailbox offers one of the more secure designs among all our choices. Its heavy-duty construction made from 14-gauge and 16-gauge galvanized welded steel provides this top-tier security.

As a result, this mailbox isn’t one a mail thief would consider an easy target. The anti-pry latch lock mechanism helps with thieves, too, as it stops any screwdriver attacks. I even tried a few times to break into it myself with absolutely no luck.

Its 12-disc wafer lock was another high-level security aspect. It won’t have any issues dealing with any thief trying to access my mail with a lock pick. Moreover, the product’s baffle door has a known reputation for deterring fishing attempts.

But the impressive security level isn’t the only notable attribute about this mailbox. It’s also been built to meet all the regulations provided by the USPS. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about any hassles occurring after installation.

Users will get three keys with this theft proof mailbox, as well. It’s a godsend for my needs as I constantly lose things, making the backup keys a necessity. Plus, these keys are well-crafted and built for regular use.

My only issue with this model was its overall weight. It was quite a pain to carry this anti theft mailbox during the installation process. I needed the help of a second person to get it into place, which isn’t the case with many other options.
  • Heavy-duty construction made with galvanized steel
  • Latch lock mechanism with pry resistance
  • Anti-pick 12-disc wafer lock
  • Equipped with a fishing-proof baffle door
  • USPS approved locking mailbox
  • Three well-crafted keys
  • Weighs more than expected
But even with the heavier design, I ended up liking this mailbox a great deal. It provides me with peace of mind by ensuring a thief can’t get into my mail. There isn’t much more that I could want from this heavy duty mailbox.

2. Architectural Mailboxes 6300B-10 Locking Parcel Mailbox

Our next option, Architectural Mailboxes 6300B-10 Locking Parcel Mailbox, is a post-mount mailbox with a unique two-door design. It’s a decent addition as it allows me to have front and back access for easy usage.

It’s also one of the easiest options to install as it has pre-drilled mounting holes. I didn’t have any issues getting this product mounted on my mailbox post. The entire process took about 10 or 15 minutes without any stress or frustration, which isn’t common with these products.

This locking post mount mailbox isn’t a slouch with its security, either. It has a galvanized steel construction with a powder-coated inside and outside to prevent rusting issues. It shouldn’t have any trouble lasting a long time and offering high-quality performance.

Each buyer will get four keyed-alike keys with their mailbox, as well. This aspect makes providing multiple people with access a lot easier than other models. I have a few people who get mail through my address, so this was an important quality.

More importantly, this option is a USPS locking mailbox to ensure hassle-free usage. I don’t have to worry about my mail carrier not using it or complaining about it. It’s just another way this choice becomes a lot more convenient for potential buyers.

I did have a minor issue with this mailbox’s lock, though. It has gained a reputation for having an issue with sticking, which was noted a few times in its security mailbox reviews. I notice similar problems when using the product myself.
  • Two-door design with front and back access
  • Pre-drilled mounting holes for easy installation
  • Secure galvanized steel construction with rust resistance
  • Equipped with four keyed-alike keys for multiple users
  • Meets USPS regulations
  • Lock prone to sticking
However, the sticking issue doesn’t stop this product from being among the top-tier locking mailboxes with post mounts. Its unique design and high-security level more than ensure it’ll always land on that list.

3. Gibraltar Mailboxes DVKPBZ00 Designer Locking Mailbox

The Gibraltar Mailboxes DVKPBZ00 Designer Locking Mailbox offers a sizable medium internal capacity. In other words, it shouldn’t have issues holding my mail for an extended period without overflowing.

It’s an essential component for me because my work requires quite a bit of travel. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about missing any mail during those traveling trips. There will always be enough room for my mail carrier to fit my incoming packages and letters.

The product’s cam lock with its two included keys was another highlight trait. I even attempted to bypass it without any success. This wall-mount locking mailbox stood tall and made my attempts look foolish.

Of course, the rust-resistant galvanized steel construction helps. It’s shown to be durable and stable against any issues. I don’t often come across wall mounted mailboxes with locks that have such an impressive durability level.

Other notable attributes include five color options, an affordable price, and an optional mail emblem. Each of these elements only further highlights this product as a solid choice. I was thoroughly delighted by how well this brand managed to tick almost every box.

Some customers did note that this high security mailbox has a problem with its rear lid. It seems to rub against the wall behind, which could take off the paint. It’s something that I’ve heard, but I haven’t seen it myself yet.
  • Medium internal capacity
  • Equipped with a secure cam lock and two mailbox keys
  • Durable, rust-resistant galvanized steel construction
  • Five color options
  • A more affordable option
  • Optional mail emblem
  • Rear lid rubs against the attached wall
Overall, the rear lid issue isn’t much of a problem for me. I’m not too concerned with a bit of paint chipping off my home’s exterior. Plus, the bargain-level price makes this issue somewhat irrelevant.

4. Mail Boss 7208 Curbside Locking Security Mailbox

Curbside locking security mailboxes aren’t usually as well-equipped as Mail Boss’s 7208 Curbside Locking Mailbox. It comes with everything I needed for setting it up, such as a flag, floor liner, and hardware.

As a result, I didn’t need to buy anything to make it work. I actually had the process done within only 15 minutes without any trouble. After all, the Fast-Trak mounting plate couldn’t have been easier to use.

The product’s design versatility also made this task even simpler. Its design allows users to mount it onto a brick column, post, or work with cluster mailboxes. Therefore, it becomes a little more versatile than most other locking mailbox residential options.

I should mention the product’s extra-large internal capacity, as well. The mailbox held about two weeks of mail without overflowing during my last work trip. It’s impressive as most mailboxes would barely last a week.

This mailbox’s locking capabilities were another exciting quality. It offers an effective anti-pry latch and a 12-disc wafer lock with resistances against picking and drilling. The included keys (three in total) even had a durable feel to them that offered easy use.

However, this mailbox with lock and key does struggle in cold weather situations. A few customers reported it freezing up in extreme winter weather. People looking for a mailbox for colder places might need to look elsewhere.
  • Features everything required for installation
  • Easy setup with the Fast-Trak mounting plate
  • Versatile design with multiple mounting applications
  • Extra-large internal mail capacity
  • Effective anti-pry latch and 12-disc wafer lock
  • Three durable keys included
  • Cold weather issues
But this issue doesn’t affect my case at all. I live in an area where it rarely goes below freezing, so this mailbox won’t have any problems. Honestly, I haven’t had any issues with this curbside mailbox as it has performed well.

5. Architectural Mailboxes 6200B-10 Locking Mailbox Post Mount

Finding a durable lockable mailbox with post mount applications can be a little tricky. But Architectural Mailboxes’ 6200B-10 Locking Mailbox Post Mount has more than met my expectations within this area.

It’s actually one of the most durable options on our entire list. After all, this locking mailbox with post mount capabilities consists of 16-gauge and 18-gauge steel. It was then thoroughly powder-coated to ensure a longevity few other models could match.

This mailbox does an excellent job at keeping mail secure and sealed, as well. Its doors come with rubber seals to ensure small parcels stay dry and clean. Therefore, this model has no issues working in heavy rain or snow areas.

I was also intrigued by the included discrete outgoing mail clip. It’s tucked behind the intake door to keep my outgoing mail from being seen. In other words, it represents another safety measure to prevent a thief from viewing my mailbox as an easy target.

One other notable feature would be its high-quality reinforced locking system. It even contains a pry-resistant bracket that adds another layer of security. Honestly, I have total peace of mind when leaving mail inside this secure mailbox.

My only complaint is that larger mail pieces have a habit of getting tangled. But it only becomes a problem if the entire mailbox is full or when mail carriers aren’t careful.
  • Durable construction made with 16-gauge and 18-gauge steel
  • Fully powder coated for longevity
  • Equipped with rubber seals to keep mail dry
  • Discrete outgoing mail clip
  • High-quality reinforced locking system with pry-resistant bracket
  • Prone to tangling mail
Aside from some mail getting tangled, there isn’t a single problem with this option. Its ability to keep my mail safe is second-to-none and makes the issue worth it. I just suggest remaining careful when placing or removing mail from the mailbox.

6. dVault Full Service Vault DVCS0015 Curbside Locking Mailbox

The dVault Full Service Vault DVCS0015 Curbside Locking Mailbox has one of the largest mail storage capabilities available. It can handle more than two weeks of mail even with high-volume users without any issues.

After all, its design is 19″ W x 19″ L x 48″ H to ensure my mail needs are met. I don’t think this mailbox would end up being full even if I was away for a month. It’s pretty incredible how many packages and other mail pieces can fit inside this curbside option.

It keeps them protected, too, with its security-drop door and anti-pry locked storage compartment. Both these components ensure a would-be thief has a tough time getting into my packages and letters.

The product’s design was another appealing trait. It’s split into two sections, a secure drop section for incoming packages/other large items and a mail slot for outgoing parcels. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about a piece of mail not fitting into my mailbox ever again.

As with many of our options, this model is USPS-approved and made with high-quality materials. Its impressive galvanized steel and stainless steel construction is everything I could want. It allows for easy usage and provides excellent longevity.

But this mailbox will cost buyers a small fortune. It’s easily our most costly option, which isn’t too surprising with its rather extensive feature list. I had to think about whether this product’s quality was worth its high cost.
  • Large storage capacity (19″ W x 19″ L x 48″ H)
  • Stellar protection with drop door and anti-pry storage compartment
  • User-friendly design split into two sections
  • USPS approved
  • Convenient, durable galvanized steel and stainless steel construction
  • A higher-price option
However, I ended up being delighted by its cost-effectiveness. Its large storage capacity meshes perfectly with my needs and preferences. Sometimes, it’s worth spending more for quality, and this mailbox certainly fits into that description.

7. Gibraltar Mailboxes THVKB0001 Locking Wall Mount Mailbox

In some cases, a buyer might not need large capacity choices. Gibraltar Mailboxes’s THVKB0001 Locking Wall Mount Mailbox is a solid option for those situations. It’s a practical small capacity mailbox that’ll offer a high convenience level.

One of my favorite parts about this small locking mailbox is its black color scheme. It shouldn’t have any problem fitting into most exterior home decors. In fact, it meshes perfectly and adds some style to mine with a beautiful powder-coated finish.

Its powder-coated finish works with its rust-resistant steel design to offer a long life span, as well. I can’t imagine this mailbox lasting less than five years with proper maintenance. Other customers only further confirmed this belief within this locking mailbox review section.

I was also impressed with its hidden locking compartment. It’s fitted with a reliable cam lock to prevent mail theft. Plus, the compartment’s slot allows the mail carrier to slip in mail pieces without unlocking it.

Using the mailbox couldn’t be easier, either. It has an easy-lift tab lid to ensure I can easily access my mail after unlocking the cam lock. Honestly, it doesn’t get much easier to use wall mount mailboxes than with this particular choice.

The lack of included mounting hardware was a bummer, though. Buyers will have to purchase those pieces separately or use what they already have around their homes. Luckily, I had the necessary parts to make this less of an issue.
  • Effective small capacity mailbox
  • Black color scheme with a beautiful powder-coated finish
  • Rust-resistant steel construction for longevity
  • Sturdy hidden locking compartment with reliable camlock
  • Mail slot for easy access
  • Simple operation with lift tab lid
  • No mounting hardware included
All in all, the lack of mounting hardware wasn’t a big deal. I was able to use what I already had and installed it without much trouble. From there, it worked well as a secure mailbox for packages outside my home.

8. Mail Boss 7412 Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox

Mail Boss’s 7412 Locking Wall Mounted Mailbox has a locking system that stands out more than most secure mailboxes for homes. It begins with the impressive commercial grade 12-disc wafer lock and steel hook cam.

Both attributes combined provide a formidable foe for any thief. They’re also fitted with an anti-pry latch to add even more security to this mailbox. It’s clear that Mail Boss took their time to make this product as secure as possible.

I didn’t even mention the three laser cut keys, either. These components are made from quality brass and provide a nice solid feel when using them. Moreover, they don’t stick or bend when entering the locking system.

As with previous options, it won’t have much issue handling outdoor weather conditions. It contains stainless steel hinges and a powder-coated finish to deal with rust. Plus, its galvanized welded steel construction should address any potential durability issue.

Each buyer will have a choice between 11 color options, as well. I ended up going with the black one because I’m a boring person. However, there are certainly several stylish options for more adventurous people.

I did find the included screws to be a little disappointing, though. They were shorter than I expected and weren’t very durable. So I ended up replacing them with much sturdier ones that were lying inside my toolbox.
  • Effective locking system (12-disc wafer lock and steel hook cam)
  • Anti-pry latch mechanism
  • Durable, easy-to-use brass laser cut keys
  • Stainless steel hinges, powder-coated finish, and galvanized welded steel
  • Eleven stylish color options
  • Subpar screws
In the end, its one flaw has a simple solution. It didn’t take away from the product’s overall performance, which is solid enough for a secure residential mailbox. But I could see how someone else might view the initial hassle as a bit too annoying.

9. BAILEY BOXES ‎Murphy SSB Wall-Mounted Locking Mailbox

This next mailbox, BAILEY BOXES’ ‎Murphy SSB Wall-Mounted Locking Mailbox, is a favorite among families because it comes with four well-crafted keys. It allows much easier access for every family member without possibly sharing keys.

In my case, it’s a handy attribute because I’m constantly losing things. I will certainly manage to misplace one of these keys, and the backups will stop me from freaking out. So it ends up being a vital component of what makes this a valuable wall-mounted locking mailbox.

Another appealing feature would have to be its slim rectangular design. Due to this, the product doesn’t take up much room on the wall where it’s mounted. It keeps the white and black mailbox from becoming an eyesore outside my home.

BAILEY BOXES was also smart enough to equip it with a powder-coated body and stainless steel doors. Both these components ensure long-term usage while stopping rust from ever becoming an issue.

As for the locking component, it’s a standard key lock with adequate security. It should deter a thief from trying to get into my mailbox and keep my mail safe.

Surprisingly, I did not find any major flaws with this option. Bailey Boxes has done a great job in crafting this mailbox. It’s hard to find a better choice.
  • Comes with four well-crafted keys
  • Ideal for family usage
  • Low-profile with a slim, rectangle design
  • Proven longevity with stainless steel doors and powder-coated body
  • Equipped with a standard key lock for adequate protection
  • None for now
The Murphy SSB is one of the top-rated mailboxes I’ve ever used. I was able to enjoy its appealing qualities without any trouble, such as its slim and sturdy design.

10. Serenelife SLMAB01 Wall-Mount Locking Mailbox

Many locking mailboxes often make users’ lives stressful with subpar locks or mail slots. But Serenelife’s SLMAB01 Wall Mount Locking Mailbox does the opposite with its design. It manages to balance both security and convenience in an appealing way.

For instance, this product’s construction features an easy-access metal flap. It’s a vital piece because this allows mail carriers to drop in box packages without unlocking. But this flap still offers protection as it was designed to stop mail fishing.

The key lock functions with a similar level of ease, as well. It allows for easy operation with its two included keys turning smoothly to unlock or lock without trouble. Meanwhile, the lock itself offers reliable security with its rugged steel construction.

I should also mention this model has been effective in residential and office settings. Its stylish design allows it to mesh into both without affecting the decor. I was even thinking about buying two as I could use one at my office.

As for the setup process, this aspect was another winning trait. It features a universal mounting plate that fits onto any walls or flat surfaces without difficulty. Plus, it has even more uses as it’s considered weatherproof with its galvanized steel cover.

However, I did find a few customers with concerns about the packaging quality. They reported the mailbox arriving without crucial pieces like screws and mounting hardware. So it’s something to think about before putting money down on this choice.
  • Prevent mail fishing with easy-access metal flap
  • Smooth key lock operation with rugged steel keys
  • Usable in residential and office settings
  • Easy installation with universal mounting plate
  • Weatherproof, galvanized steel cover for outdoor use
  • Packaging issues (missing pieces)
Overall, these issues weren’t overly frequent among buyers. It’s just something to be aware of when buying this device. However, I wouldn’t worry too much about it as many customers were more than satisfied with this option.

11. Jssmst Wall-Mounted Vertical Locking Mailbox

Adaptability is how Jssmst’s Wall-Mounted Vertical Locking Mailbox stands out from the rest of our options. It allows users to choose from several options, including whether they want a key lock or combination lock.

I found myself going with the key lock and its two included keys. But I would be lying to say the combination option wasn’t at least tempting. In any case, this versatility isn’t the only reason for the mailbox ending up on our list.

This mailbox also has an impressive waterproof design. It gains this attribute from a powder-coated finish, which has proven to be endlessly helpful. The product has protected my mail through numerous storms without any rain seeping into it.

Installing this locking mailbox was a delightful process, as well. Jssmst made it straightforward by including pre-drilled holes, mounting screws, and a detailed instruction guide. In fact, these directions were helpful, unlike many that come with other mailboxes.

I found its compact, lightweight design to offer a little more capacity than expected. It had no problem holding large magazines in its 12.6″ x 8.6″ x 3.4″ galvanized steel build. Likewise, it has a sizable opening that allows for easy access while preventing hands from reaching into it.

But oddly, it wasn’t easy to see through the transparent window slot. It made determining whether I had mail a little trickier than expected. Due to this, it becomes slightly inconvenient to use within certain situations.
  • Multiple appealing buying choices (key lock or combination)
  • Waterproof with powder-coated finish
  • Easy installation with included screws, pre-drilled holes, and guide
  • Holds large magazines with a compact, lightweight design (12.6″ x 8.6″ x 3.4″)
  • Sizable secure opening for easy access
  • Difficult to see through the window slot
An issue with the transparent window slot isn’t a true deal-breaker, though. I’m more than willing to live with it, considering the product’s quality and versatility. But buyers should account for this before making a final decision.

12. Tooluck Locking Wall-Mount Mailbox

Our final option, Tooluck Locking Wall-Mount Mailbox, isn’t the most luxurious option available, but it does offer solid stability and a nice-looking design that are very appealing. In other words, it keeps things simple while providing a bit of style to my home decor.

The style comes from its classical design, which offers an antique feel. It should have no problem blending into modern or traditional homes. I’ve seen customers on both sides praise how well it meshed into their circumstances.

It’s also worth noting that this mailbox has a large storage capacity. I’ve had no issues fitting multiple magazines or oversized envelopes into it. As a result, it becomes a solid choice for my level of mail volume, which is quite substantial.

This mailbox’s locking system is relatively standard but effective. It’s another sturdy mailbox with key lock mechanisms and two included keys. I don’t see why it wouldn’t be as secure as other locked mailboxes residential or communal types.

Moreover, it has a few notable aspects similar to ones from our prior options. Some of them include a rust-proof galvanized steel construction, an easy installation, and multiple stylish color options. Each of these inclusions only further proves it’s a decent option for a homeowner.

Some customers reported having shipping issues with this mailbox, though. In these cases, the product arrived within damaged packaging. Thankfully, I didn’t have these issues with my package as it came in perfect condition.
  • Classic design meshes with traditional and modern homes
  • Large storage capacity
  • Sturdy key lock with two keys
  • Rust-proof galvanized steel construction
  • Easy installation
  • Multiple stylish color options
  • Shipping issues (damaged packaging)
I wouldn’t put too much stock into these shipping issues. Most buyers were completely fine with what they received from Tooluck. I would certainly have complete faith in it arriving without any problems.

What to Look for When Buying Locking Mailbox


Finding the best locking mailboxes can be a little complicated. After all, several components impact which one best fits a person’s preferences. So, let’s do a quick overview of these factors, which will help ensure you pick a perfect new locking mailbox.

Security Features and Locks

The entire purpose behind security mailbox locks is to secure your mail from would-be thieves. So, it makes sense that the first essential component is each model’s security level. Buyers would be wise to stick with mailboxes with either a cam lock or wafer tumbler locking system.

As any locksmith would tell you, these locking mechanisms are hard to pick. I’d also recommend looking at options with robust latches and baffle doors. These aspects will stop people from prying open your mailbox.

It’s essential to consider the mailbox slot’s size, as well. You don’t want a slot with enough space where someone with small hands could easily reach your mail. It defeats the entire purpose of getting a new locking mailbox.

Construction Quality

Each mailbox will have a specific construction material used to build it. As you can imagine, it’s essential to ensure this material offers durability and stability. It should have no problems withstanding constant sunlight, rain, or rusting issues.

In most cases, galvanized steel ends up being a very desirable material, so it shouldn’t have any issues meeting all of these requirements. But I’d suggest making sure its thickness is at least 12 gauge or more.

Another thing to consider is the mailbox’s finish. You’d be much better off with a powder finish rather than simple paint. This attribute should help the mailbox remain relatively safe from chipping and scratches.

Available Internal Space

You’ll also need to consider the amount of internal space for each mailbox. In other words, buyers will have to think about their regular type of mail. People who only receive bills, notices, and letters would do fine with smaller mailboxes.

But if you often receive big packages, a larger option would be a lot more suitable. Magazines are another large piece of mail that could affect this decision. You might also want to get a larger mailbox if mail is left unattended for weeks without a pickup.

Protection Against Elements

Your locking mailboxes will be outside and require protection against the elements. As a result, buyers will come across some options more capable of withstanding those issues than others. For instance, high-quality locking mailboxes will have a UV ray deflection agent.

It’ll keep the mailbox protected against constant sun exposure issues. Furthermore, some mailboxes will have a non-metal outer construction material to prevent rusting. But the most damaging issue to prepare for would be water damage.

Each mailbox will need to offer waterproof capabilities. Otherwise, your mail will become soaked anytime it rains.


In most cases, locking mailboxes fall into one of three types. These devices are either wall-mounted locking mailboxes, freestanding locking mailboxes, or curbside mailboxes. Wall-mounted options will attach to your garage, house, or gate.

Meanwhile, curbside mailboxes will typically be set up on a post near your curb. But a freestanding locking mailbox will stand by itself without needing any support. It allows users to put it by their porch simply, and it’s ready for usage.

Each buyer will need to decide which type works best for them. Honestly, each type has situations where it would fit better. So it’s essential to put some real thought into which one best suits your particular circumstances.

Does USPS Allow Locking Mailboxes


Postal Service regulations do allow locking mailboxes. However, they must meet the same regulations as a standard mailbox and be approved by the postmaster:

  • Mail slot must be at least 1.75 inches high and 10 inches wide.
  • Protective flaps must be oriented inward so the mail person can place your mail into the slot without any trouble.
  • Slots must be large enough to hold a resident’s daily mail volume.
  • Locks can’t be used on traditional or contemporary mailbox designs.
  • Slots must be big enough to work with unfolded US Priority Envelopes.

How Does the Mailman Get Into a Locked Mailbox

Your mail carrier doesn’t need access to the key of an individual locking mailbox when they deliver mail. They can drop the mail through its slot, and it’ll be protected against mail thieves. No one should be able to access your mail bundles besides someone with the key.

If you have outgoing mail, I’d recommend dropping it in a nearby postal box. If you don’t, the package or letter will be unprotected while waiting for the mail carrier.

How Can I Make My Mailbox More Secure

There are different locking mailbox measures. One good starting point would be purchasing a high-quality locking mailbox. Another idea is reinforcing the mailbox’s post to resist tampering or other issues. You could also set up cameras around your mailbox to ensure no one steals your stuff.

How Do I Change My Mailbox Lock

In most cases, people will need to hire a locksmith when changing locks on a locking mailbox. But if you have experience changing locks, there’s no reason you can’t do it yourself:

  • Drill through your mailbox’s locking mechanism. It’ll allow you to open the lock without needing a key, providing access to the back of the lock.
  • Remove the clip holding the lock into place and take out the lock’s interior components.
  • Remove your old lock by sliding the new one through the lock’s housing. Then, secure the locking clip to prevent the lock from shifting and moving.
  • Close your mailbox and test it out with a new key.


These discussions should’ve provided some helpful insight into what’s the best locking mailbox for your needs. It’s now time to use these resources during your search. From there, the right choice should become apparent rather quickly.

But if a concern or question does come up, let me know in our comment section. I’d be happy to help with whatever you might require. Thanks for reading!

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