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The Best Motorcycle Chain Locks for Bicycle, Motorcycle, Door & More

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best motorcycle chain lock

Motorcycle chain locks represent the most common way to secure a bike from theft. It might be the only thing keeping your bike from becoming a thief’s next target. After all, a top-tier motorcycle chain lock would have no issues preventing anyone from stealing your bike.

But their performance quality can vary significantly from option to option. Therefore, it’s crucial to know how a person can determine the best motorcycle chain lock for their needs.

Well, there are various factors to consider before choosing the perfect chain lock. It might be slightly overwhelming to someone who’s never done this process. But here’s a quick little overview of what’s essential when jumping into this marketplace:

  • Construction Materials: High-quality motorcycle chain locks will be made of rust-resistant and durable construction materials. They’ll rely on these attributes to offer adequate protection while lasting a long time.
  • Link Diameter and Chain Size: Bikers will want an option between 11mm and 16mm. A chain lock within this range should provide adequate protection and won’t be a nightmare to store or move. You can go larger than 16mm, but it’ll be a pain to carry.
  • Lock Durability: Don’t forget to consider the lock’s durability when choosing these protection devices. Many bike owners make this mistake and find out a strong chain isn’t very helpful without a reliable lock.

At first, this process might seem confusing, but it’s about to get a lot simpler. We’ve selected the 12 top-rated motorcycle chain locks to provide an idea of what’s available. We picked each one of these options based on them having desired, essential features. You’ll gain a better grasp of these features within the reviews and our following buying guide.


Top Product name Lock Type Material Dimensions (LxWxH)  
1 Kryptonite 1415 U/Chain Lock Alloy Steel 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches Details
2 Trimax THEX5060 U/Chain Lock _ 17 x 13 x 13 inches Details
3 INTEKIN Motorcycle U/Chain Lock Alloy Steel, Copper, Polyvinyl Chloride 9.8 x 6.5 x 3.11 inches Details

Best Motorcycle Chain Lock Reviews

1. Kryptonite 1415 New York Fahgettaboudit Chain

Kryptonite’s 1415 New York Fahgettaboudit Chain & Disc Lock has become a favorite among motorcycle owners for several reasons. A solid example would be its 14mm hardened manganese steel chain links.

I was genuinely impressed by how sturdy and reliable these links seemed when using them. Honestly, bolt cutters or other thieving equipment don’t stand much chance against them. I even tried to bypass the chains a few times myself with no luck.

Moreover, this Kryptonite chain lock’s durable 15mm disc lock shackle was another intriguing feature. It comes with anti-drill and anti-pull protection systems to boost security. As a result, I have great confidence in it to keep my bike safe while I’m doing chores or other activities.

The three different color options were a nice touch by Kryptonite, as well. Buyers have a choice between black, blue, and red when deciding on this option. I found myself going with red as it blends perfectly with my motorcycle. Plus, it provides my bike with a little more style and isn’t an ugly eyesore when it’s on it.

But this superior level of performance does come with one downside. This motorcycle chain and lock has one of the higher price tags on our entire list. So buyers will need to decide whether its high-quality features are worth the increased price.
  • Sturdy 14mm manganese steel chain links
  • Proven effective against bolt cutters
  • Durable 15mm disc lock shackle
  • Anti-drill and anti-pull protection systems
  • Three color options (black, blue, and red)
  • A higher-price option
Overall, I side with the product being worth its asking price. The performance alone more than makes it worth it for my particular needs. But it’s easy to see how another buyer might see this option a bit differently.

2. Trimax THEX5060 Combo Set

The 5-foot chain and its 11mm hexagon links within Trimax’s THEX5060 Combo Set are hard features to overlook. It’s a heavy-duty chain that most thieves will take a look at and swiftly turn their attention to another motorcycle.

Moreover, this product combines the chain with a durable solid steel disc U-lock. It creates a combination that allows it to be suited for various applications. I used this chain lock on my motorcycle, trailer, ATV, and even my boat with effective results.

In fact, Trimax reports this combo can resist 6 tons of pull force and 11 tons of cutting force. I don’t know about those figures, but I see no reason to doubt them. It had no trouble passing my tests, and other customers’ reports only further confirm its resilience.

This option isn’t the most expensive combo chain and lock set out there, either. It should fall right into the budgets of many customers with relative ease. It might not be the lowest-priced option, but it’s certainly reasonable.

On the other hand, this product’s included keys did feel a little flimsy and didn’t look top-tier quality. I even managed to break one within a week of getting this chain and lock product. Thankfully, this option comes with two spares.
  • Heavy-duty 5-foot chain with 11m hexagon links
  • Durable solid steel U-lock
  • Suitable for various applications
  • Effective pull force and cutting force resistance
  • Reasonably priced option
  • Keys seem subpar
Aside from the key issue, I don’t have any other complaints with this chain lock. It did its job and made my motorcycle secure with only a slight inconvenience. There isn’t much more I could want from motorcycle chains and locks.

3. INTEKIN Motorcycle Chain Lock

One of the more versatile available options would be INTEKIN’s Motorcycle Chain Lock. Its design lends itself useful to a wide range of applications. I had no trouble using it to protect my motorcycle, bicycle, or grill.

After all, this construction has a heavy-duty motorcycle manganese steel chain to provide solid resistance against breaking, cutting, or shearing. If I were a thief, this product wouldn’t be what I’d want to see when scooping out my next target.

I was pleased with the product’s included carbon steel U-lock, as well. It only adds to the solid protection offered by the chain. It’s proven to be resistant against cutting from heavy-duty equipment like bolt cutters and withstands a sizable amount of leverage.

Moreover, it comes with a durable PVC cover to help increase the U-lock’s longevity by reducing exposure to corrosion. It’s also worth noting that a nylon sleeve protects the steel chains to minimize wear and tear.

The inclusion of three copper keys was another eye-opening addition. After all, I’m one of the clumsiest people around and lose items regularly. Having two spare keys to unlock the chain lock is a godsend for anyone like myself.

But moving it around can be a little more challenging than other options. Its heavy-duty construction gives it a heavier weight, making the process difficult.
  • Suitable for use on motorcycles, bicycles, grills
  • Heavy-duty manganese steel chain
  • Leverage- and cut-resistant carbon steel U-lock
  • Durable PVC cover increases U-lock’s longevity
  • Nylon sleeve protects the chain against wear/tear
  • Includes three copper keys
  • Difficult to move
I’m not going to complain too much about the product’s heaviness, though. It’s what makes this heavy duty motorcycle chain lock a solid choice to protect my bike when I leave it unattended.

4. OKG ‎NVOKGLEO20061216 Motorcycle Chain Lock

Motorcycle locks don’t get much more heavy-duty than OKG’s ‎NVOKGLEO20061216 Motorcycle Chain Lock. It has several features that caught my eye when it comes to preventing would-be thieves.

For instance, I like this product’s steel U shackle that has a robust design. Thieves will need a lot more than brute force or hand tools to get through this lock.

The product’s 12mm chain links are another aspect thieves won’t enjoy. After all, OKG made them from anti-rust manganese steel for reliability and strength. I was pretty impressed by how durable and well-crafted they felt when I was trying them out.

I don’t see this product wearing down anytime soon, either. Its embedded weather-resistant sleeve and sliding dust cover prevent wear and tear from causing too many issues. Problem-causing substances such as dust or dirt were certainly kept at bay when I used this chain lock.

Moreover, I didn’t have much problem carrying this lock around with its user-friendly handle. It’s an aspect that tends to be an issue for other heavy-duty motorcycle chain locks like this one.

But I did notice that the lock’s latching mechanism does have a habit of getting stuck. As you might expect, this issue can cause problems with the key breaking. I wasn’t the only one to note this problem, either, as stated in a few other customer reviews.
  • Rugged steel U shackle
  • Durable 12mm manganese steel chain links
  • Anti-rust properties
  • Weather-resistant sleeve and sliding dust cover reduce wear/tear
  • User-friendly handle for easy carrying
  • Latching mechanism gets stuck
Overall, the latching mechanism isn’t enough to make me disappointed with this option. I just need to be careful, and it’ll end up working just fine. Plus, its other features make up for this minor inconvenience.

5. Vulcan Security Chain and Lock Kit

Vulcan’s Security Chain and Lock Kit is a complete security kit that comes with everything needed to lock up my motorcycle securely. One of its main components is a one-piece brass padlock with a unique design.

Vulcan cultivated this padlock’s design to ensure standard burglary tools couldn’t bypass it. It doesn’t allow the tools to grip it properly, which prevents any effective cutting. As a result, I had no worries when leaving this lock on my motorcycle unattended.

The included security chain only gave me further confidence. Its square-link construction stops bolt cutters from getting a proper grip. I even gave it a shot with mine, and I couldn’t get them in a good position. Moreover, Vulcan offers a lifetime warranty on the chain if someone does manage to cut it.

Aside from the high-quality chain and padlock, this option comes with a heavy-duty storage bag. It made carrying the chain lock much easier than with other models. Plus, it gave me a place to store it rather than just setting it somewhere random in my shed.

I was a little disappointed by this kit’s price tag, though. It’s among the most costly on our entire list. Honestly, it’s more than I was looking forward to spending on a motorcycle security chain.
  • Complete security kit
  • Brass padlock resistant to standard burglary tools
  • Square-link security chain stops bolt cutters
  • Lifetime warranty on the chain
  • Heavy-duty storage bag for easy carrying
  • An expensive option
But I can’t say the cost wasn’t worth it for me, considering all the exciting features. Its performance managed to more than meet my expectations. Buyers will just need to decide whether they’re willing to pay the price for it.

6. AKM Security Motorcycle Chain Lock

One of the more durable options would be AKM’s Security Motorcycle Chain Lock. It has more than a few features that’ll ensure its longevity. Of course, this starts with its weather-resistant nylon sleeve.

It helps prevent any outside substance from coming into contact with the chain. This ability will stop scratches or other issues from affecting the lock’s or bike’s durability. It seemed pretty well-crafted and snug when I was utilizing this lock on my motorcycle.

This option’s disc-style cylinder was another eye-catching attribute. I even gave my locksmith buddy a call and had him try to pick through it as a test. It managed to withstand his attempts with ease, which many other models don’t.

I was impressed by the thickness of the 16mm U-lock and 10mm manganese square link chain, as well. It was easy to tell this option was tough enough to offer solid, adequate protection.

AKM also included two stainless steel keys, which is a nice touch. It gives me a backup to help mitigate the disaster of when I eventually lose the first one.

But this option does offer a little less versatility than other models. After all, its heavy construction makes it a nuisance to carry. I couldn’t imagine bringing this heavy chain lock around when riding.
  • Weather-resistant nylon sleeve
  • Disc-style cylinder with effective pick resistance
  • Thick 16mm U-lock and 10mm manganese link chain
  • Includes two stainless steel keys
  • Heavier than other options

All in all, it’s a solid choice for anyone only looking to protect their motorcycles at home. It’s a bit too heavy for my taste to carry around when out and doing chores. I’d need another bike chain lock for protection out in public.

7. Titanker Bike Chain Lock

Two things stand out about Titanker’s Bike Chain Lock when compared with other options. Its affordability would be the first as it’s among the lowest-priced options on our list. However, this affordable price wouldn’t matter much if it was devoid of exciting or worthwhile features.

But this product does have some exciting aspects, which is its second standout attribute. One of these aspects would be its easy locking process. I didn’t even need to turn the key as it allows me to snap it together, and it’s ready to protect my motorcycle.

This bike lock offers decent performance, too, with its heavy-duty steel lock construction. It should put up quite a fight against a thief even with the standard burglary tools. After all, this steel lock construction is known for its quality cut resistance.

I was also pleased with the color options. Each buyer will choose between three colors (black, blue, and purple) to help mesh with their particular bike. Even though the purple color option grabbed my attention, the other ones look just as appealing.

I did find this bike chain lock not having a storage bag rather frustrating, though. It makes carrying this option a little more annoying than I would’ve expected. A few other customers noted similar complaints in their reviews.
  • An affordable option
  • Easy locking process
  • Heavy-duty steel lock construction
  • Effective cut resistance
  • Three color options for multiple applications (black, blue, and purple)
  • No storage bag
Aside from the storage bag issue, it met my expectations and provided decent protection. It ended up being a nice bargain buy and could be a solid choice as a quick-fix solution. I’ve certainly encountered worse, more expensive motorcycle locks than this one.

8. FUBOZONE ‎5333514951 Heavy Duty Bike Chain Lock

FUBOZONE’s ‎5333514951 Heavy Duty Bike Chain Lock is another one of the more affordable options on our list. It combines this affordability with a relatively solid, versatile manganese steel construction that allowed me to use it in several areas.

For instance, I can use this chain lock to protect my scooter, bicycle, or even garage. I even managed to add it onto my fence as an extra security precaution. It proved effective at keeping my dogs from getting out, which is pretty surprising. But I shouldn’t have been shocked, given its reputation for quality cut-resistance.

Its lock cylinder was another helpful feature that caught my eye. After all, it has a dustproof and waterproof cover to increase its longevity. It helps prevent any issues that might cause the keyhole to become compromised.

The carrying case shouldn’t be overlooked, either. I found it rather appealing and made storing/moving the chain lock an effortless task. Honestly, I had no trouble finding a place for it within my shed.

However, the lack of instructions was a relatively small bummer. New motorcycle owners who’ve never used these chains and locks might find themselves confused. It seems like an unnecessary oversight from a company with such a stellar reputation.
  • A more affordable option
  • Versatile manganese steel construction
  • Quality cut-resistance
  • Lock cylinder equipped with waterproof and dustproof cover
  • Easy-to-use carrying case included
  • Doesn’t come with instructions
But since I’ve had experience dealing with these products, I didn’t have any issues using the chain lock. It did what I expected and kept my bike safe during my trip out to the store. There’s not much else to it.

9. ABUS 8KS Motorcycle Security Square Chain

This next option, ABUS’s 8KS Motorcycle Security Square Chain, is a bit different from our other choices as it doesn’t come with a lock. Instead, it’s only a security chain made from hardened steel that features square-shaped links.

But this hardened steel square link construction is quite appealing. It has proven time and time again to withstand attacks with tools like bolt cutters and saws. If a buyer combined it with the right padlock, it could be an almost uncuttable chain and lock for motorcycles.

The chain also has a special anti-corrosion coating to ensure it’s suitable for outdoor use. It should have no problem holding against extended sun or rain exposure. As someone who lives in a tropical climate, it makes this chain a welcomed addition.

Finding a compatible padlock shouldn’t be too difficult, either. This security chain comes in five sizes to adapt well into multiple applications. I simply added it onto the ABUS padlock in my garage and was pleased with the results.

But again, it’s still an obvious downside that this option doesn’t come with a lock. Buyers will need to purchase one separately to use with this particular chain. So it ends up being an added nuisance, which I usually wouldn’t want to experience.
  • Hardened steel, square link construction
  • Proven to withstand attacks from tools
  • Suitable for the outdoors with anti-corrosion coating
  • Five sizes for multiple applications
  • It doesn’t come with a lock
Overall, it’s a decent choice for someone who’s already got a solid lock. It certainly works well with locks made from the same brand based on my experience. In fact, I found the chain more than kept up with what I’ve experienced with ones in combo sets.

10. Hoteche Heavy Duty Motorcycle Chain Padlock

Hoteche’s Heavy Duty Motorcycle Chain Padlock made securing my motorcycle’s rear wheel and frame a breeze. I had no issues setting it up and could see it being useful in a wide array of other applications like scooters, bicycles, or even boats.

Once installed, I tried everything in my power to break through this chain lock. I wanted to see how well it would hold up and whether its alloy steel chain could withstand my attempts. I’m happy to report that I didn’t have any luck.

I even had a friend attempt to pick the padlock, and he didn’t have any success, either. It proved to be a rather reliable, durable opponent and left him quite frustrated. Honestly, it was funny to watch him fail so miserably.

This option’s polyester cover was another appealing aspect. It had no issue keeping my bike from getting scratches when I was using the lock. Scratches tend to be a massive issue with subpar motorcycle locks.

At times, unlocking the padlock will require jiggling the key around for a couple of seconds. It only happened a few times when I was using it and wasn’t a huge issue. But it still offers a little more frustration than a buyer might expect from these products.
  • Easy to set up on motorcycles
  • Suitable for various applications (boats, bikes, scooters, etc.)
  • Effective alloy steel chain
  • Durable padlock with proven pick resistance
  • Prevent scratches with polyester cover
  • Unlocking can be frustrating
Honestly, the unlocking issue isn’t overly concerning, as it’s never more than a few seconds. But it’s still worth thinking about before putting any money down on this product. I could see how it would annoy someone a lot more than it does for me.

11. UBULLOX Bike Chain Lock

One thing about UBULLOX’s Bike Chain Lock stood out above the rest of its solid features. It doesn’t require keys to lock or unlock. This best motorcycle chain lock instead uses a 5-digit combination locking mechanism with 100,000 potential combinations.

As someone who loses keys at an alarming rate, this aspect meshes well with my needs. It’s a lot easier to keep track of a combo than to remember where I put a key. The plastic lock head also makes turning the combination dials easy and user-friendly.

It isn’t a slouch when it comes to durability, either. The lock’s chain is made from impressive drill-resistant alloy steel to offer sufficient protection. Meanwhile, the lock’s cylinder consists of durable zinc alloy to provide adequate defensive capabilities on its end.

The product’s a lot more portable than other options on our list, as well. I didn’t find its 1.71-pound construction a burden to carry while riding as I do with most other motorcycle lock chains. It makes this combination lock a lot more practical for people who are constantly moving like myself.

A few customers did mention packaging issues with the lock arriving damaged. It seems the locking mechanism tends to get messed up in transit. Thankfully, I didn’t experience any problems with the product myself.
  • 5-digit combination locking mechanism (100,000 potential combos)
  • Plastic lock head with easy-to-use combination dials
  • Drill-resistant alloy steel chain
  • Durable zinc alloy lock cylinder
  • Portable 1.71-pound construction
  • Possible packaging issues
These packaging issues weren’t frequent enough to cause me any serious concern. In most cases, I found the customers to be happy with their purchases. I certainly fell into this category as it’s a capable and practical bike chain lock.

12. BIGLUFU ‎20191010 Motorcycle Chain Lock

Our final option, BIGLUFU’s ‎20191010 Motorcycle Chain Lock, shouldn’t be overlooked because of its position on this list. It has more than a few intriguing features that make it a reliable, durable motorcycle lock and chain.

For instance, I found myself loving the 48” long design as it provides a lot of versatility. I even managed to lock multiple bikes together without any issue. It allowed my friends and me to enjoy our time out on the town without worrying about someone stealing our bikes.

The manganese steel chain construction was another appealing highlight. It has proven to hold up well against cutting equipment without trouble. Multiple customers noted the chain’s impressive resilience, and I can’t do anything other than agree.

I was pleased with the chain’s scratch-proof nylon cover, as well. It made sure the lock didn’t scratch my bike when I had it locked. Plus, it does a good job protecting the chain from any rust damage with its water-resistant material.

Aside from these aspects, it comes with few other standout attributes. Some of them include a sturdy 14mm, zinc alloy U-lock, four durable keys, and a 3-year warranty.

BIGLUFU’s decision not to include a storage bag was a bit perplexing, though. I’m always going to prefer when these products come with one as it makes storing/moving them much easier. It just seems like a weird oversight by this brand.
  • Versatile 48” long design
  • Resilient manganese steel chain
  • Scratch-proof, water-resistant nylon cover
  • Sturdy 14mm zinc alloy U-lock
  • Four durable keys
  • 3-year warranty
  • It doesn’t come with a storage bag
But the lack of a storage bag doesn’t mess with this product’s performance quality. It doesn’t have any issues offering sufficient protection against any motorcycle thieves.

What to Look for When Buying Motorcycle Chain Locks


Finding the best motorcycle security chain or a motorbike lock for insurance purposes isn’t as simple as some expect. There are some factors at play that’ll determine your final decision. This section will discuss them at length to ensure the buying process goes as smoothly as possible.

Construction Materials

A high-quality motorcycle chain will be made from durable and rust-resistant material. In other words, it’ll be built to last a long time without any noticeable durability concerns. So it’s not something that a user will have to replace after exposure to sunlight or downpours.

One excellent combination of materials would be steel with magnesium or titanium. These materials are known for being robust and won’t deteriorate quickly.

Some of you might be tempted to use a cable lock for your bikes. It’s not a good idea, and thieves will look at your bike as an easy target. All these would-be thieves would need are bolt cutters to get through the cable construction.

You’ll be much better off with a steel-based motorcycle chain. In any case, do some significant research into the material before making your final decision. It’s the only way to ensure you choose a top-tier motorcycle lock chain.

Chain Size and Link Diameter

Some people might look at a bulky chain lock as an absolute nightmare. After all, these products are heavy and difficult to move. But these same nightmare locks won’t only be an issue for you: thieves will likely give up at the sight of them.

Honestly, no thief will look at a 19mm bike chain lock as an easy target. These options aren’t going to succumb to hammer or bolt cutters. So what’s a good size that protects against thievery and doesn’t make using them a dreadful experience?

Well, the smallest a person will want to go with is 11mm. But my recommendation is a 16mm chain lock. These options offer the best of both worlds because they stand up against bolt cutters and aren’t an overly heavy nuisance.

Lock’s Durability

However, the link’s diameter won’t matter if its lock is flimsy. Everyone tends to get caught up in the chain’s durability and forgets to check how well the lock stands up. Please don’t be one of these people, or your bike could be gone the next time you leave it unattended.

All a would-be thief has to do with a lightweight lock is hit with their hammer. Avoid this situation by buying a security chain with a robust, durable lock. Reading through a few customer reviews on Reddit can help by providing an idea of its general performance.


The cost of a motorcycle security chain will change significantly based on specific features. For instance, a motorcycle chain lock with alarm add-ons will cost more than other options. Therefore, each buyer will need to account for these details before building their respective budgets.

What is the Best Anti-Theft Device for Motorcycles


In today’s market, there isn’t a single product that’s completely theft-proof. But a disc lock or chain lock tends to have the best performance when it comes to preventing theft. These locks can make even the most determined thief move onto a new target.

Are D Locks or Chain Locks Better

In an ideal world, a motorcycle owner would use both to secure their bikes. But if you only had to choose one, it comes down to a matter of preference. Chain locks are bulkier and offer more security. Meanwhile, D locks are more portable/convenient and still provide adequate protection.


Choosing the best motorcycle chain lock shouldn’t now be too difficult. Our buying guide and reviews have provided an outline to make this process as smooth as possible. After that, it’s a simple matter of using them when conducting your search.

However, if you do have a remaining question or two, please use our comment section. I’d love to answer any inquiry that you might have about these products. Thanks for reading!

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