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How to Make a Diary Lock? – 11 Steps (w/Tutorial Video)

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how to make a diary lock

Recording life events in a beautiful diary is something many of us do when we want to look back at our past. Whether for adults or children, journaling can reduce stress and provide us with an emotional release.

Needless to say, you might not want others to take a peek at your private thoughts where you are most vulnerable. In this case, you might want to invest in and make a lock for your diary to prevent others from reading it.

In this article, I will show you how to make a diary lock in simple and easy steps.

Steps to Make a Diary Lock


Diary with lock and key is the way to go if you want to keep prying eyes from invading your privacy. However, if you don’t have kids journals with built-in locks, you can always go for a simple homemade lock.

Here’s how to make a diary with a lock WikiHow:

  1. Prepare a notebook or diary (preferably one with a hard cover), a lock (either with a key or combination), scissors, tape, a hole puncher, a marker, and a pretty ribbon.
  2. Mark two holes on the front cover and back cover of your notebook. Make sure the holes are in the middle edge of both covers and aligned with each other, so it’s easy to lock a book later.
  3. With your hole puncher, poke two holes on the marked places of the front cover and the back cover.
  4. Take a five-inch ribbon and slip it into the hole of the back cover.
  5. Tie a knot with the ribbon. The ribbon should not slip out of the hole.
  6. Flip the knot so that the tied part is hidden out of view.
  7. Take a piece of tape and tape the tied part of the knot onto the inside of the back cover.
  8. Try to pull the knot. If the tape doesn’t hold the knot, add more tape.
  9. Flip the notebook so that you are facing the front cover.
  10. Slip the knot inside the hole of the front cover.
  11. Insert the shackle of your lock inside the knot. You can also try to have a journal with a combination lock.
  • Note: To make your diary lock and key a bit cuter and safer, tie the key with a string to make a journal with lock and key necklace.

Now, you can make cool diaries with locks. You can also add designs on the front cover to make a lock diary for girl.

How Do You Lock a Diary Without a Lock?


Even when your diary does not have a lock or you cannot put a DIY diary lock onto it, you can still secure it in different ways and make it private. To create locking journals without a lock, you can try the following options:

  • Keep your diary behind a closed door. If you don’t have a personal lock diary, you can always try to store your notebook inside your room. People can’t find your diary if they can’t get in the room in the first place.
  • Find or buy a container with a lock if you do not have personal journals with locks. Put the journals inside the container and now, you don’t have to worry about other people finding your notes or them getting lost.
  • Hide your book in plain sight. If you can’t have a code lock diary, you might as well try to put the diary where no one will bother looking. You just have to remember where you put it.
  • Disguise your diary as another book or notebook. If you can’t make a paper lock, you can also try exchanging your diary cover with another book. This way, people will find your writing boring and they will leave it alone.
  • Try having an electronic journal. With paper, your diary is physically accessible. However, if you write notes electronically, you can secure them with a password on your computer, making your thoughts safer from nosy individuals.
  • Note: If you are going to write your diary on a PC or laptop, make sure to name it something other than combination lock journal lock secret diary.


Everyone is entitled to their own privacy. That is why investing in a lockable diary journal is a sensible thing to do.

Knowing how to make a diary lock will go a long way. With this knowledge, you can improve your own cute diary or make a private journal for kids in your family. Share this technique with your friends and loved ones. It is easy to follow, even for boys and girls.

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