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How to Lock Closet Double Doors? – 2 Methods to Try

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how to lock closet double doors

Adding a lock to your closet is a great safeguard for your valuables.

Suppose we have a curious kid that finds our closet enticing, or a household dealing with dementia, we want privacy in a shared room. Or, if we just simply want extra security on the unexpected break-in, we would need to put a lock on the closet.

If you are wondering how to lock closet double doors, follow along as we discuss the best options employed by many.

How to Lock Double Doors Interior


Before purchasing a lock, consider what kind of lock would be most suited to your closet door in terms of size, quality, and design.

Do you need locks for bifold closet doors or a sliding door? Do you need a high security or a simple double french door locking system?

Check the options below to pick a suitable one.

#1 Use a Hasp Latch

Installing a hasp is a quick and easy way to lock french doors and add protection to your closet. There are different types of hasps; some come with an integrated lock, while some need a padlock to lock it.

What to prepare

  • Measuring tool
  • Pencil or similar marker
  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Power drill with compatible drill bits (optional). Consider your closet door’s materials, as drills typically have distinct drill bits for usage on wood.

Step 1: Close your closet and choose a location for the hasp

To ensure proper fit, place the hasp assembly on the door. The hasp should be level against the closed door, with the loop/key-lock centered in the latch’s opening.

Adjust so the latch is centered from side to side on the vertical trim of the closet.

Step 2: Mark the exact location


Hold the assembly in place and mark each screw hole with a pencil. You may need to swivel the latching arm out to reveal the holes in the plate. Set aside.

Step 3: Drill


Ensure that the holes are drilled to the proper size and depth.

Proceed to Step 4 if you’re using an electric screwdriver instead of a power drill.

You may directly push the screws with a bit of pressure with an electric screwdriver.

Step 4: Install the loop/key-lock plate


Place the loop/key-lock plate on the markings and drive screws, bolts, and washers to hold the assembly in place.

Step 5: Install the latching arm


Place the latching arm on the now-attached loop/key-lock piece. Adjust and re-align as needed, then secure the remaining parts with screws.

Step 6: Ensure proper installation

Fold the latching arm over the opposite door, slide it over the loop/key-lock, and examine the mechanism.

If the lock fits flat with no interference, you have successfully installed your double door closet lock.

#2 Use a Cam Lock

Camlocks are good options to lock your double door closet. They have a robust and cylindrical locking mechanism, comprising a base with a keyhole and a tailpiece called a cam.

When you insert a key into the base, the tailpiece rotates between 180 and 90 degrees. Depending on how the lock is mounted, the cam will fit into the lock strike in one position and be free of the strike in another.

Options for keyless cam locks are also available, using dials instead of keys to access.

What to prepare

  • Measuring tool
  • Pencil or similar marker
  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Power drill with compatible drill bits
  • Determine the location of the lock installation using a tape measure and mark with a pencil.
  • Make a pilot hole and drill. Ensure that the holes are drilled to the proper size. You may use a spade bit to easily make a hole appropriate to the size of your lock.
  • Install the base/barrel by slipping the anti-spin plate onto the barrel. Then, insert the barrel through the drilled hole.
  • On the back part of the door, place the nuts and washer onto the barrel. Tighten the nut while keeping the lock in vertical alignment with the key.
  • Screw the assembly and ensure that the parts are secured using a wrench.
  • Place the cam on the end of the barrel so that it faces the cabinet side and the key is in the vertical position. Tighten the cam onto the barrel with a screw.
  • Close the door, insert the key and turn it to test the mechanism.
  • Note: If your closet doesn’t have a vertical bar between the doors, you should have one of the doors fixed by installing either an elbow catch, a latch, or a bolt.

You may unlock the active door first and reach behind the fixed door to unlock and swing both doors open.

Other Closet Door Lock Ideas


To protect your items, you need a lock for double door closet that’s reliable. There are options for a mechanical or electronic lock on the market.

Mechanical locks nest in a drilled slot in the door and don’t require a power source or battery to operate.

Meanwhile, digital or electronic locks offer keyless entries and need an electric charge to keep double doors closed. Below are the other common options.

  • Plunger Lock: These are intended for wooden or metal sliding doors. This kind of lock doesn’t need a key to lock; you can press in on the cylinder to relock.
  • Electronic Touch Screen Door Lock with Keyless Entry: If you have valuable stuff, it’s recommended to put a lock on a double door closet, using codes. You just need to input a password or code to gain access.


If you’re looking for information on how to lock closet double doors, this article is for you. There may be several methods to lock a closet securely.

Still, the safety of your valuables mostly depends on your door’s opening mechanism and the kind of lock you install. You can pick one of the types below to secure closet door locks with key.

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