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What is a Storeroom Lock? How Does It Work?

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what is a storeroom lock

What is a storeroom lock? A storage room door lock is a type of one-lever lock that can only be locked or unlocked on the outside.

A commercial storeroom lockset consists of an immovable outside lever that stops the inside door knob from opening the lock. Just like a storeroom mortise lock, it can be accessed through a key, which is the only way to retract the latch bolt which opens the door.

Read on to know more about this type of door lock.

Storeroom Lock Definition


Storeroom locks derive their name from commonly used in storage rooms, electrical rooms, and mechanical rooms. This type of room requires not having the constant presence of people inside the room.

To further define storeroom lock, it is one of the five lockset functions that is always locked when closed and should not be left open to avoid unwanted guests.

How Does a Storeroom Lock Work?

Different types of locks utilize different storeroom functions. The following are the functions of the types of locks when they are used for storeroom purposes:

1. Storeroom function of mortise locks


Mortise lock functions, when used for storeroom, utilizes an inoperative outside lever, but with an operable inside lever.

They key locks and unlocks the latch bolt with an auxiliary deadlatch, meaning that once the storeroom door knob is put in unlock mode, the door can be opened without the key.

  • Note: when added durability is warranted, a mortise lock with storeroom function can have the option to have a deadbolt function installed.

2. Storeroom function of cylindrical locks


There are multiple characteristics of a cylindrical lock with storeroom function that are the same with the mortise lock with storeroom function.

The only difference is that cylindrical locks always require the presence of the appropriate key to lock or unlock the lockset.

3. Storeroom function of exit device trim


Doors with an exit device with storeroom function tend to have operable trims. These trims operate the same way as a nightlatch, where they automatically lock when the door is closed.

4. Storeroom function of electronic locks


This type of storeroom door lock relies on electricity to lock itself. In order for electronic locks with a storeroom function to open, the electricity is temporarily shut down to enable the door to be unlocked.

Storeroom door locks with cylinder locks are just like how they have deadlocking features. This is because of the integration of deadlatch which keeps the latch bolt from moving when the door is closed.

Now that you know the answer to the question “what is a storeroom lock?” and the storeroom lockset function, you might be interested in comparing a storeroom lock to a classroom lock.

What is the Difference Between a Storeroom Lock and a Classroom Lock?


Knowing the correct lockset for your security purpose is important. If you are torn about what to choose between classroom vs storeroom lockset, then this article’s section is for you.

The following are the differences between a storeroom lock and a classroom lock:

  • Definition. Being unable to lock and unlock the door from the inside both encompasses the classroom lock definition and the storeroom lockset definition. However, classroom locks utilize the key to let the lock stay unlocked or locked, compared to a storeroom lock.
  • Function. The storeroom function lever set can only be locked and unlocked through the key. Removing the key from the door knob will make the door automatically lock whenever it is closed.

On the other hand, a door with a classroom lock can be opened or closed until a key is inserted and put the lock in locked mode.

  • Purpose. Because of the auto-lock function, storeroom locks are utilized in rooms with little to no foot traffic and one-door rooms, which is different from a privacy function lockset.

Coming from their name, classroom locks are used in classrooms, as they prevent students and pupils from manipulating and breaking the lock.


Establishing the appropriate security measures for you, your home, and your family is of utmost importance. With a safe and secure home, you can put your worries away and relax.

There are many types of locks and their varying functions and purposes. Knowing the answer to the question “what is a storeroom lock?” will help you choose the correct lock for you.

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