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The Best Electronic Safe Locks

Fact checked by Teddy B.Miller

best electronic safe lock

Over the years, advances in technology have proven beneficial and detrimental in providing security. A lock deemed impeccable in the 80s can be easily manipulated or picked today. Keeping up with the technological advances equates to being prepared for instances that can compromise our security.

Currently the most advanced type of lock are the electronic safe locks. Such a device can come with features, including time delay, duress modes, etc., that provide added security.

Read on to learn more about the best electronic safe lock available in the market today. Hopefully, this review will offer comparison between different electronic locks for safes available.


Top Product name Lock Type Material Finish Type  
1 Amsec ESL10XL Combination Lock, Keypad Lock Alloy Steel Polished Details
2 Sargent & Greenleaf 1006-108 Keypad Lock Plastic, Metal Chrome Details
3 Sargent & Greenleaf 6120 Keypad Lock Plastic, Metal Polished Details

Best Electronic Safe Lock Reviews

1. AMSEC ESL10XL Electronic Safe Lock

I like the sleek design the ESL10XL has, and it pairs nicely with any color option this safe lock comes in. Personally, the best-looking one that I have seen so far is the black nickel. Furthermore, the splash-proof keypad paired with audio and visual feedback gives off a simplistic yet functional vibe.

This safe lock comes with a penalty mode that locks out any individual for 15 minutes after four incorrect attempts. Penalty mode is a good feature that prevents anyone from rapidly trying out different combinations. This feature should be a staple for any electronic safe lock and, I recommend you stay away from any safe lock without this feature.

Don’t get me wrong though, although the ESL10XL does not come with tons of features, it is still a UL type 1 certified lock that will provide the added security a UL type 1 lock offers. The UL certification guarantees that this safe lock is viable in an industrial setup and can resist most, if not all, professional manipulation.

What I like best about the ESL10XL is its super easy installation. I installed mine in under 15 minutes and changed the code in less than 5 minutes.

The only drawback this safe lock has is that although it gets the job done, its functionality is quite basic.
  • Sleek design that goes well in any color option
  • Equipped with penalty mode of 15 mins after four incorrect attempts
  • Easy installation and code changing
  • UL Listed Type 1 certified safe lock
  • Keypad comes with audio and visual feedback
  • Comes with just basic functionality
I recommend this safe lock for those looking to upgrade their old combination locks for added security or those who prefer to keep things simple.

2. Sargent & Greenleaf Spartan 1006-108

The Spartan 1006-108 is an S&G gun electronic safe lock designed to secure residential gun safes. It provides added convenience with its two-user codes, easy-to-use interface, and effortless installation.

The Spartan also consumes less energy than a typical electronic safe lock. A single 9W battery lasts up to 10,000 openings which last for nearly two years.

Don’t let the plastic-looking interface fool you because the main selling point of this electronic safe lock is its sturdiness, with numerous certificates to show for it. Personally, the EMP resistance is more like icing on top of the cake because you probably will not need it in a usual industrial setup.

If I were to choose what appeals to me the most among the certificates awarded to the safe lock, it would be the UL-Listed Type 1 certification since UL is a nationally recognized testing authority in the US.

Features-wise, you won’t be disappointed nor impressed with the Spartan since the focus of this safe lock is durability. The 1006-108 model also comes with a pivot bolt that automatically re-locks whenever fully closed, a handy feature for those who are usually forgetful about these kinds of things like me. The Spartan comes with a penalty lockout mode to discourage individuals from randomly guessing the code.
  • Two user codes for added convenience
  • Sturdy with EMP resistance and various certifications
  • 9V battery lasts 10,000 openings
  • Automatic re-lock for added safety with a pivot bolt
  • UL Listed Type 1 certified
  • Plastic-looking interface
All in all, this safe lock is highly durable and would last as long as it is properly maintained. With two user codes, this is ideal in a residential or small business setting.

3. Sargent & Greenleaf 6120 Electronic Safe Lock

The 6120 is similar to the Spartan in many ways, with some improvement. Like the Spartan, the 6120 is EMP-resistant, a specialty of the S&G brand. Both safe locks look just about the same and are both of standard size to make retrofitting easier.

The 6120 has nine access codes that consist of a master code and eight user codes, an improvement from the two access codes the Spartan has. The extra access codes make the 6120 a viable option for an industrial setup where several individuals each have a personal access code.

Besides, the increased number of access codes make the 6120 a better option to use in an industrial setup wherein more than a handful of people each have their own access codes.

As expected of an S&G electronic safe lock, the 6120 is EMP-resistant and comes with a couple of certifications, most notably the UL Listed Type 1 certificate, attesting to the durability of this product.

In terms of features, the 6120 gets a leg up compared to the Spartan with the time delay feature that can last up to 9 minutes. The only thing that I would comment about this safe lock is that they could’ve extended the time delay to an hour.

Also, the 6120 comes with the automatic re-lock feature and a penalty lockout mode; both are present in the Spartan.
  • Nine access codes: a master code and eight user codes
  • EMP-resistant and durable: UL Listed Type 1 certificate
  • Ideal for industrial uses
  • Has re-lock feature and a penalty lockout mode
  • Time delay could’ve been extended
The 6120 will prove its worth in an industrial setup due to the number of access codes it can store and the durability it brings.

4. Ambition Electronic Digital Keypad Gun Safe Lock

The Ambition gun safe electronic lock has a curvy look with its keypad that is a nice change from the more common design paired with its silver housing gives off a classy yet subtle look.

This gun-safe lock has six access codes that provide needed convenience in a large residential setup. Where I am from, having your cousins, aunts, and uncles living in your house is a common practice; thus, the extra access codes are very much welcome.

The Ambition gun safe lock also comes with handy features that include a penalty mode and time delay mode. The penalty lockout mode is triggered after five wrong code inputs and lasts only up to 5 minutes. The time delay mode is programmable to last up to 60 minutes.

You can also manually reset the safe lock using a needle or a paper clip. A manual reset is the best feature this lock brings, in my opinion, since it will save you a lot of trouble in case you forget your access codes.

The only downside of the Ambition gun safe digital lock is that it is not UL Listed Type certified that may scare away some potential buyers but, I assure you this gun safe lock is just as good as any UL Type 1 lock.
  • Six user codes for large families
  • Classy yet subtle design with silver housing
  • Equipped with time delay mode lasting 60 minutes
  • Allows manual reset: a needle or a paperclip
  • No UL Listed Type 1 certification
Overall, I’d say that the Ambition gun safe lock is a good fit in residential setups that are larger than usual due to the six access codes and the manual reset.

5. Yosec E-23F Biometric Keypad Fingerprint Lock

This biometric safe lock from YOSEC has an expensive look with the stainless steel finish and, more importantly, the fingerprint reader at the top. Yet, it is not as expensive as you might imagine.

The biometric feature makes the E-23F stand out from the usual safe lock. In truth, this safe lock can remember a maximum of 100 fingerprints, making it a viable option for any setup you have in mind.

Best of all, it features a dual control mode wherein you can gain access using one of three dual-control methods; user code with fingerprint, user code with manager code, or user fingerprint with manager fingerprint. This feature is a niche for banks or other similar setups and, I wouldn’t recommend using the dual control mode in a residential setting.

The other features found in the E-23F are time delay and penalty lockout mode, both of which are common when talking about electronic locks. The E-23F also comes with a programmable override code which is a nice feature to see in any safe lock.

One of the things I would like to point out about E-23F is that it is not UL Listed Type 1 certified. Therefore, it may serve as a deterrent in buying this safe lock since certifications help promote the quality of a product.
  • A sleek look with a stainless steel finish and a fingerprint reader
  • Capable of storing 100 fingerprints
  • Equipped with the dual control mode
  • With staple time delay and penalty mode
  • Programmable override code
  • Does not have UL Listed Type 1 certification
All in all, the E-23F is a safe lock I’d recommend for safes that require high security.

6. Sargent & Greenleaf 1004-102 Electronic Safe Lock

Another safe lock by S&G that makes it on the list is the 1004-102 or the 1004 Spinlocker Bolt Electronic Safe Lock. This electronic safe does not come with the EMP feature since it is for the standard residential setup. It only has two user codes which won’t be a problem in a residential setting.

Nothing separates the S&G 1004 from Spartan and 6120 in terms of appearances, but it varies in terms of the lock type. The S&G 1004 also has the automatic re-lock feature that activates whenever the safe is closed. This re-lock function works even without electric power.

The S&G 1004 does come with a penalty lockout mode. And as expected of a safe lock made by S&G, the 1004-102 has a UL Listed Type 1 certification for long-lasting durability.

This electronic lock does not come with many certificates compared with the other S&G locks on the list since it was designed for residential use only.

The best thing about the S&G 1004-102 safe lock is that it comes with an easily mounted keypad, lock body, and mounting hardware for breezy installations or retrofitting. I managed to finish in around 10-15 minutes.
  • Two user codes, ideal for residential applications
  • Automatic re-lock even without power
  • UL Listed Type 1 certified for long-lasting durablity
  • Comes with staple penalty mode
  • Easy installation with mounted keypad, lock body, and mounting hardware
  • Not a lot of features incorporated in this residential electronic lock
Overall, the S&G Spinlocker Bolt Electronic Safe Lock is a simple safe lock that is easy to install and built to last. We can rely on it to offer safety and security for our families and belongings.

7. Securam SafeLogic Basic Electronic Lock

The SafeLogic Basic Electronic Keypad fits its name perfectly. I have also read some Securam lock reviews about this safe lock, and almost all of them showed satisfaction with this product. This electronic keypad lock comes with a manager code and a user code which are six digits in length.

The Safelogic Basic Electronic Keypad is also easy to install or retrofit into any safe. The keypad comes in three different finishes chrome, brass, and black chrome. Any of them looks good but, I like the traditional vibe the brass-finished keypad gives off the most.

What makes this electronic keypad different from most safe locks is that it is possible to change batteries without removing the keypad. The process of changing batteries is so much easier I can even let my kids do it for me.

I have only changed batteries once after three years of use since this keypad can last up to 10,000 openings on a single 9V battery. Thus, we can save power using this electronic lock.

The keypad comes with a penalty lockout mode that lasts 5 minutes after four incorrect entries. Furthermore, this electronic lock comes with a reset button which is a nice feature for a forgetful person like me.

The keypad, however, does not have a time delay mode which, for me, is not a big deal since I prefer my safe to open right after I entered the correct code.
  • Comes in three different finish: chrome, brass, and black chrome
  • Easy to change batteries
  • 9V battery lasts 10,000 openings, thus power-saving
  • Comes with a 5-minute penalty lockout mode and reset button
  • No time delay mode
The SafeLogic Basic Electronic Keypad may not be the best in durability and features. However, the convenience this electronic keypad brings, especially with the reset button, cannot be underestimated.

8. Sargent & Greenleaf AxisBlu Electronic Safe Lock

The AxisBlu Lock comes with the more technologically advanced features available today together with a UL Listed Type 1 certification. In detail, it is accessible with your mobile phone through Bluetooth.

You can access the safe lock via the AxisBlu app, given that your device has already paired with it. The mobile app also enables you to monitor the battery levels from afar. But, honestly, the app requires a bit more fine-tuning.

It comes with a master code, a supervisor code, and eight user codes for a total of ten access codes which is more than enough for a residential or small business setting. The AxisBlu comes with a penalty lockout mode that is a staple for any standard electronic safe lock.

The override code is one of the features I would like to see on any keypad with a programmable time delay setting, such as the AxisBlu. The override code grants the user quick access even with the time delay settings activated. Convenience should not come at the cost of security.

Lastly, the AxisBlu has a management reset code that enables you to reset the safe lock to its original factory settings. Thus, forgetting your access codes will not be as punishing as long as you remember your reset code.

This feature is good in a residential setup wherein most of the users are the elderly or children or in an industrial/business setup where there is a change in personnel.
  • Can be accessed through Bluetooth
  • Can monitor battery levels through the mobile app
  • Override code for programmable time delay
  • Comes with a management reset code
  • UL Listed Type 1 certification
  •  The app needs fine-tuning
All in all, the AxisBlu provides convenience and security that is good to have in any setup.

9. Yosec E-819B Electronic Safe Lock

I am a fan of electronic safe locks with digital keypads since it has that futuristic feel. The keypad with its black finish also complements the overall look. Besides, its battery compartment is accessible on the keypad frame to make changing batteries a breeze.

The E-819B can store five access codes of three to eight digits in length. The number of access codes is enough for a residential or small business setup. The safe lock also provides an option to delete a user code of your choice should there be a change in personnel.

The time delay function, which can last up to 59 minutes, is a nice feature in a business setup.

The safe lock can operate in two modes; the single user opening mode and the dual-control mode. The dual-control requires you to encode the manager code with a personal user code to gain access.

Also, its penalty lockout mode will trigger after four wrong code inputs. The penalty lockout period is five minutes, which is the standard. Any dependable electronic keypad safe lock should have this feature since it discourages people from randomly guessing the correct code.

If I have to nitpick something about the Yosec E-819B, it would be that it doesn’t come with a UL Listed Type 1 certification; this is not a big deal for me since I know for a fact that there are good products out there without any certification.
  • A futuristic look with digital keypads and a sleek black finish
  • Five access codes of varying length, ideal for residential and small business uses
  • Time delay function lasts up to 59 minutes
  • Penalty lockout mode triggers after four wrong inputs
  • Can operate in single user opening mode and the dual-control mode
  • No UL Listed Type 1 certification
Overall, I’d say that the Yosec-819B is an excellent digital safe lock replacement to have in a residential or business setting.

10. Kaba LA GARD Basic Electronic Safe Lock

I appreciate the LA GARD Basic Electronic Safe Lock with its digital backlit keypad and the satin chrome finish of its metal housing. The digital keypad uses silicone as its main component, which is sturdier than plastic and a healthier alternative to plastic.

The LA GARD comes with a super master reset code, a manager code, and a user code. Only by using the manager code can one have the authority to add or delete users from the database. All three codes are six digits in length. The number of codes is barely enough for a residential setup or a small industrial setup.

The LA GARD is upgradable to enable the use of dual control mode. I like that they made the dual-control function an option since not everyone uses that setting. The Dual-control mode is only for high-security setups that usually involve money like a bank.

This electronic safe lock comes with a penalty lockout mode that triggers after four consecutive invalid entries and lasts up to minutes. I cannot even begin to describe how important this feature is for any safe lock.

Finally, the LA GARD has a couple of certifications that come with it, the most notable being the UL Listed Type 1 certification. Although the features this electronic safe lock has are a bit on the scant side, it still comes with the important ones to ensure that your safe with electronic lock is secure.
  • A sleek design with the digital backlit silicone keypad and metal housing
  • Upgradable to enable Dual-control mode for added security
  • Comes with penalty lockout mode after four consecutive invalid entries
  • UL Type 1 certification for its quality
  • Scant features
Overall, this is a good keypad if you like to upgrade from a mechanical lock or replace your old electronic safe lock since the features are simple and straightforward.

11. Yosec E-819G Safe Lock

The Yosec E-819G sports a regal look with its gold and black-colored housing for the digital keypad. A battery compartment is easily seen on the surface of the keypad to make changing batteries easier. Contradictory to its overall look, the E-819G is a reasonably-priced safe lock, among others on this list.

This safe lock comes with five access codes that can be three to eight digits in length. In my opinion, any electronic lock that has two or more user access codes is viable in a business setting, with the number of employees proportional to the number of codes available.

The E-819G comes with a time delay function and a penalty lockout mode, both of which are usually always present in any good electronic safe lock. The time delay function can last up to 59 minutes, while the penalty lockout mode triggers only after four incorrect code entries and lasts up to five minutes.

Another practical function the E-819G has is the dual-control mode which requires the entry of a different access code with a personal code to access the safe. From my experience, this function has little to no use in a residential setting but is of great value in a business setting.

The only qualm I have about the E-819G is its lack of UL Listed Type 1 certification.
  • Reasonably-priced electronic safe lock
  • Five access codes that can be three to eight digits long
  • Comes with penalty lockout mode and a time-delay feature of 59 minutes
  • Equipped with dual-control mode
  • Time delay function that lasts up to 59 minutes
  • No UL Listed Type 1 certification
I think that this is a good safe lock for whatever setup you have in mind since this product offers a lot of benefits at a reasonable price.

12. TJW Security Lock Box

The TJW security lockbox can function as a safe and at the same time as a lock for your front door. The entire body of this electronic lockbox is stainless steel.

This device is highly durable and of military design. Notably, it can withstand the harsh outdoors, up to -40 degrees centigrade, and has an IP65 waterproof rating to pair with the non-slip, wear-resistant body.

Although it looks sturdily built, like the lock version of a tank, it is surprisingly lighter than I imagined, weighing at about one kilogram.

Furthermore, this electronic safe lock is ideal for storing keys and access cards, making it a good fit for house rentals, Airbnb, or other similar setups.

This lockbox also has Bluetooth connectivity, so you can access it through an app using your mobile phone. You can open it using the app or the keypad on the surface of the lock.

The app will document each time the electronic box is unlocked so that the manager can monitor and detect any unauthorized access.

The lock is rechargeable through a USB cable, and a single charge will last you around a years’ worth of standby operation, which makes this lockbox energy efficient.

The only downside of the TJW Security Lock Box is that it has no UL Listed certification to speak of, but it is a minor matter.
  • Stainless steel construction is highly durable against the harsh outdoors
  • Convenient control with Bluetooth connectivity
  • The app can grant remote access to the safe
  • Can document each unlocking of the lockbox
  • Energy-efficient box with USB cable for recharging
  • No UL Listed Type 1 certification
I strongly recommend this lockbox for setups similar to that of Airbnb, although opting to use it for personal use is good as well.

What to Look for When Buying Electronic Safe Locks


The penalty lockout mode is essential as it prevents rapidly entering any code to unlock the safe.

People looking to upgrade from a mechanical lock look for the best electronic safe lock with few tricky features. For me, the S&G electronic safe lock troubleshooting feels easier than most of the locks listed above.

Another practical feature is a reset code, override code, or override key. Any electronic safe lock with key override is a must-have electronic lock since it saves you a lot of trouble in the eventuality that you find yourself forgetting your access code.

Otherwise, you’ll be one of those people that look up electronic safe locks and how to defeat them.

You should easily retrofit any safe lock, especially the more common ones, such as Liberty safe locks, Steelwater gun safe locks, etc.

How Do Electronic Safe Locks Work

Electronic safe locks function the same way as traditional safe locks, such as withstand techniques used by lockpickers to secure what is inside your safe.

The discussion regarding mechanical vs electronic safe lock has been going for quite some time. In truth, the electronic safe locks open faster, are easier to change access codes, and usually come with a backlit keypad for low-light conditions.

How to Open a Digital Safe with a Dead Battery

To avoid getting locked out of your safe due to dead batteries, the newer models have their battery compartments located outside the safe. Some brands, like Securam, take it further by designing their electronic safe lock with mechanical backup.


It would be presumptuous of me to assume what the best electronic safe lock is for you. So, my advice is that first, you should know what you are looking for in an electronic lock and start from there. All of the safe locks listed above each have their advantages, disadvantages, and good qualities.

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