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How to Remove August Lock from Your Door? – 5 Steps

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how to remove august lock

August Smart Locks provide substantial upgrades to the security of your home or office. The lock and unlock mechanisms can be controlled from an app, making getting in and out easier.

However, what if you want to completely remove your smart lock? Perhaps the device is malfunctioning, or you plan to replace your August lock with a new one.

Whatever your reasons might be, this article provides a detailed guide on how to remove August lock. The process of removing locks might sound complicated, but follow the steps below, you’ll do it like a pro.

What to Prepare?

As we’re dealing with a smart device, some may be intimidated and call in professional aid. However, we assure you that this is only a 15-minute job max. August has done a great job of making their product removal super easy for the average consumer.

Uninstalling the August smart lock from your door will require some basic tools. Prepare a screwdriver and something to pry the lock off. Make sure you have the appropriate screw heads for the job.

How to Remove Your August Smart Lock: A Step-by-step Guide

Removing Smart locks can be challenging since they are connected to a power source. To safely uninstall the August smart lock, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Remove the Battery Cover


Removing the battery cover is the first step you need to do to disassemble the August smart lock. It saves you the trouble of having to pick it up once you remove the whole device. Additionally, removing this cover allows you to access the batteries.

This step is also a safety precaution. As long as there’s a battery present, the device is still active. Removing the battery prevents potential accidents such as shocks or damaged power cells.

Step 2: Remove the Whole Device


After ensuring the device isn’t active anymore, you can start working on removing the mechanism from your door. Locate the base of the device, and using a flathead screwdriver or something flat, slowly lift it from its base.

Be careful not to damage the device’s circuits while doing this. Remember to apply enough pressure to pry it off, nothing more.

Step 3: Unscrew the Mounting Plate


The last piece of the whole mechanism left at this point is the mounting plate. This part is a piece of metal screwed at the back of the door to hold the August lock in place. Once you remove the whole device, you’re free to unscrew the mounting plate.

Tip: However, if you plan on upgrading to a new August device after taking off the smart lock, leave the mount intact, and install the new device as long as it’s compatible.

Step 4: Screw a New Lock

In case you’re planning on installing a new lock on the spot where your August smart lock was located, you’re free to do so. If the new device isn’t a smart lock, you can make use of the existing holes to screw in your new mechanism.

Step 5: Uninstall the August Smart Lock App


The August lock can be operated using an app on your phone. However, if you replace your August Smart Lock with another device, you won’t need the app anymore. To save space on your phone, you can also uninstall the app.

Furthermore, if you forget to take the batteries out of the device, uninstalling the app will prevent any misfires after you physically remove the August lock.


Why do we need to remove our August locks?

Technologically advanced doesn’t always mean it’s a better alternative to your standard devices. Smart locks have been known to be susceptible to hacking since intruders are always in-the-know regarding different methods on how to break in.

This susceptibility, coupled with weaknesses in its structure, can prompt an unauthorized August lock removal. Sometimes all it takes is a hammer or other prying tools to compromise your home security. That’s why some people uninstall their August locks and switch to other more secure options.

Does this uninstalling process apply to all August Lock generations?

At the time of this writing, August Lock has four generations. All the versions up to the August smart lock 4th generation use the same design except for the 3rd generation device. In the case of 1st gen vs 2nd gen, all the improvements are under the hood but they look identical.

It goes without saying that the uninstallation process can be applied to all models or generations of the mechanism. With the 3rd generation, you will just be dealing with a longer faceplate, but everything else is the same.

What happens to the August lock account after taking off the device?

Once you remove the physical device, you also need to uninstall your August lock account if you don’t want to leave any traces of it. The app is different from your actual account, so a simple uninstallation of the app won’t do the trick.

According to the August smart lock manual, a factory reset is your best option if you want to get rid of your August lock account. This process resets the August lock account and its associated passwords.


These are the steps on how to remove August lock. Whatever your reasons might be for choosing to uninstall this device, following these steps will allow you to get rid of it easily. Simple tools will do, and there’s no need for professional help to get this job done.

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