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The Best RFID Door Locks for Home or Commercial Usage

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best rfid door lock

RFID door locks are an excellent option if you’re looking to beef up security around your rental property. These devices have an excellent reputation for keeping everyone safe and preventing intruders.

But, of course, not all RFID door locks are adequate security measures. You’ll need the best RFID door lock available if you want top-tier protection. It’s the only way to ensure these devices meet your full expectations.

However, it can be a little challenging to separate the high-quality from subpar ones. There are a significant number of parts that make this process a bit complicated. But it doesn’t have to be if you have a handle on certain crucial features like the ones below:

  • Reprogrammable Key Cards: Every high-quality RFID door lock will have reprogrammable key cards for easy access. As a result, users won’t need new key cards whenever they want to provide someone with access.
  • Anti-tamper Features: RFID door locks will have specific security measures to prevent potential break-ins, such as alarms or user notifications. Buyers won’t be able to use their lock effectively if they don’t understand these features.
  • Smartphone App: Most RFID door locks will come with an accompanying smartphone app. Each buyer must research this component before making a decision. Nobody wants to buy a lock with a difficult-to-use smartphone app. Learn more the top-reated smart locks for airbnb and the trusted homekit door locks here.

Aside from these features, I’ve also done significant research and found nine top-tier RFID door locks. I chose each of these options based on them having certain desired aspects and a solid reputation. You’ll learn all about them within the following product reviews and buying guide

Top Product name Lock type Special Feature Finish Type  
1 Prodigy SmartLock RFID, Keypad Lock RFID, fingerprint Flat Black Details
2 WOOCH ‎MUL001 RFID Lock RFID, portable Flat Black Details
3 Samsung SHS-P718-LMK RFID, Biometric Lock RFID, fingerprint, touchscreen Polished Details

Top 9 RFID Door Lock Reviews

1. Prodigy SmartLock MaxSecure RFID Lock

Prodigy’s SmartLock MaxSecure RFID Lock offers a long list of appealing features, beginning with its tough and rugged construction made from commercial-grade hardware. I can’t see why this model won’t provide several years of reliable, solid security.

In fact, Prodigy tested this construction within the most extreme temperatures and conditions, so it shouldn’t have any issues working as either a commercial RFID door lock or a residential RFID door lock. It’s how the device earned its impressive ANSI grade-2 certification.

The product’s convenience was another standout feature. It doesn’t only function using RFID key cards, but it also comes with an illuminated 12-key keypad. Therefore, I don’t have to fret when I lose my keycard as I only need to look at my phone’s notes and enter my code.

Buyers should take notice of the keypad’s fingerprint-resistant surface, as well. It’s vital because it stops would-be intruders from stealing my code by looking at worn-down buttons. Instead, I can punch in my combination without ever worrying about someone code peeking.

Furthermore, the double lock design (dead-latch and deadbolt) offers even more security. I couldn’t find any way to bypass the device myself. It doesn’t look like many other people have had success, either, considering this product’s customer review section.

But even with these solid features, I do have two gripes with this RFID keyless entry lock. It doesn’t contain an app for easy control, and its installation instructions are a bit complicated. Both issues are slight inconveniences that could cause concerns for some buyers.
  • Durable construction made from commercial-grade hardware (ANSI grade 2)
  • Suitable for commercial and residential use
  • Convenient illuminated 12-key keypad with fingerprint resistance
  • Two access methods (RFID keycard and keypad)
  • Effective double lock design (dead-latch and deadbolt)
  • No included smartphone app
  • Install instructions could be better
Overall, I didn’t find myself having too many issues with this option. Neither of the two flaws ended up affecting how I viewed this particular RFID smart lock. It still managed to meet most of my expectations with relative ease.

2. WOOCH ‎MUL001 Electronic RFID Cabinet Lock

The WOOCH ‎MUL001 Electronic RFID Cabinet Lock is one of our more practical RFID home door lock options. It can fit a wide variety of doors, including cabinets, lockers, data racks, safes, gun boxes, etc.

In fact, it can work with any door up to 1.2” thick. I even tried to install it in several of those areas around my home to see how it adapted. I’m happy to report there were various situations where this cabinet lock fit well.

Buyers will also be delighted by the product’s included RFID cards and key fobs. Each package comes with two of each so that I can provide multiple people with access quickly. It becomes even simpler when considering they’re reprogrammable to ensure I can use them with various locks.

The lock’s construction was another standout highlight. It contains a mortise and latch made with high-quality metal to offer excellent sturdiness. Honestly, I have no qualms about its ability to withstand immense pressure from various break-in attempts.

I found the product’s low battery indication appealing, as well. This RFID card door lock will offer a long beep notification after opening when it needs a battery change. Plus, I don’t have to use batteries if I don’t want to, as it comes with a USB power adapter.

Installing this RFID house lock was a bit more time-consuming than expected, though. It ended up taking about 30 minutes to an hour for the entire process. Multiple customers reported having similar issues within their reviews, as well.
  • Suitable for use on any door up to 1.2” thick
  • Reprogrammable RFID cards and key fobs
  • Sturdy construction with metal mortise and latch
  • Practical low battery indication
  • Avoidable battery operation with USB power adapter
  • Time-consuming installation
But I can happily report this product functioned well after its lengthy installation. There’s no reason to believe it won’t offer top-tier cabinet security for many years.

3. Samsung SHS-P718-LMK Biometric Digital Door Lock

RFID locks for home or commercial usage don’t get more advanced than Samsung’s SHS-P718-LMK Biometric Digital Door Lock. It comes with five access methods to ensure every buyer can easily use: RFID card, RFID tag, fingerprint, keypad, and key.

But its broad access methods aren’t the product’s only notable attribute. I was also impressed with its robust exterior structure. Its compact design combines the RFID door handle and body into a single construction to help withstand break-in attempts, such as hacking.

I found myself loving the practical user interface of this Samsung RFID door lock, as well. It automatically alerts me about the lock’s status and other pivotal information. As a result, I’m never left in the dark about whether the device is locked or unlocked.

The auto wake-up function was another convenient feature. Specifically, the lock has an IR sensor that wakes up when it detects my presence. It’s a much more user-friendly process than I can expect from many other options.

More importantly, this IR sensor can detect suspicious movements of potential thieves. It’ll even produce a warning siren to chase them away from my door. Plus, the lock couldn’t be easier to operate as it uses a push/pull concept to avoid any wasted movements.

However, buying this option will cost a significant amount of money. It’s one of the more expensive choices on our entire list. Any buyer will need to consider whether its high-level features are worth the heightened price tag.
  • Five access methods (RFID card, RFID tag, fingerprint, keypad, and key)
  • Robust, compact exterior structure
  • Practical user interface
  • Convenient auto-wake up function (IR sensor)
  • Produces a warning siren when detecting suspicious movements
  • Easy operation with push/pull concept
  • A more expensive option
In the end, I find myself more than willing to pay the extra cost. Its long list of high-quality aspects is well-worth shelling out a few extra dollars. But, of course, I could see how other buyers might feel a bit differently.

4. ETEKJOY 3-in-1 Electronic Door Lock

This next option, ETEKJOY’s 3-in-1 Electronic Door Lock, earns its way onto our list with its versatility. I can use it on any interior left-handed or right-handed doors with a thickness between 1-5/8″ and 2-3/8″. Given this information, buyers will have a long list of potential uses.

But this versatility doesn’t mean much without solid performance. Luckily, this lock doesn’t suffer within this area as it has an impressive set of features. One of my favorites would be its ability to set up 16 RFID access cards and tags.

As a result, it’s easy to see why business owners often end up choosing this lock. It’d allow access to several employees without sacrificing security. I also have other means of accessing (3 total) with its embedded keypad and two backup keys.

Honestly, the keypad alone will grab most buyers’ attention. It comes with a backlight design and provides several anti-tamper abilities. For instance, it stops code peeking by allowing users to put random numbers before and after this password.

Another nice feature is an easy installation process. It ends up being a relatively decent standalone RFID door lock. Buyers could certainly do a whole lot worse when buying these devices.

ETEKJOY not providing batteries was a bummer, though. It seems like a slight oversight as their inclusion would’ve made the product even handier. But instead, I have to buy them separately, which adds an avoidable hassle to my life.
  • Usable on any interior door with a thickness between 1-5/8″ and 2-3/8″
  • Supports up to 16 RFID tags/cards
  • Three access methods for convenience (RFID, code, and key)
  • Backlit keypad with anti-tamper features
  • Easy installation
  • Two emergency backup keys
  • Batteries aren’t included
However, I’m not going to complain too much about the lack of included batteries. It’s a minor nuisance that has no impact on the product’s quality performance. I’ll gladly sign up for these results from any keyless door lock or RFID lockset.

5. Nyboer Keyless Entry Door Lock

At first glance, the Nyboer Keyless Entry Door Lock could be a little daunting to some customers. Its advanced RFID locking system with Bluetooth capabilities might seem a bit more extensive than what some buyers consider necessary.

But Nyboer does a solid job keeping the entire product straightforward. In fact, the installation couldn’t have been easier with its included directions. I didn’t even have a single issue, which should give every other buyer complete confidence.

Once installed, the product has continued to make my life easier with its features. The five access methods alone ensure I always have a way to get through its protected door. I never have to worry about being locked out of my office again with this lock protecting it.

The RFID compatibility was truly impressive, as well. It can handle 200 cards without any issue to quickly meet the needs of an office or apartment complex. I couldn’t have been happier with how simple its RFID usage was compared with other models.

It’s also crucial to mention its various security features, such as its anti-peeping password and auto-locking function. Both these traits will make sure our property remains protected against any intruder or other potential danger.

But some buyers did mention issues with this smart lock RFID device’s accompanying app. In these cases, they felt it was a bit hard to navigate when compared with other options. It’s not something that bothered me much, but it was noted more than once in the customer reviews.
  • Straightforward design with Bluetooth compatibility
  • Detailed instructions allow for a simple installation
  • Five access methods
  • Supports up to 200 RFID cards at once
  • Effective security features (anti-peeping password and auto-locking)
  • App quality control issues
Luckily, I valued the other features much more than the phone app. Its other special qualities outweigh this one issue without question. Due to this, it ends up being a rather impressive RFID keyless door lock.

6. Prodigy Smart RFID Deadbolt Lock

RFID smart locks often frustrate users with their bulky designs. In other words, these devices end up ruining a door’s decor by being a noticeable eyesore. But Prodigy’s Smart RFID Deadbolt Lock isn’t one of those options.

Instead, this product offers a sleek and stylish design. Honestly, its black color scheme had no issues meshing with my property’s door. I can’t imagine a situation where it won’t blend perfectly into a buyer’s interior or exterior decor.

As for its performance quality, this product isn’t any slouch. It operates using either its 12-key keypad or RFID keycards/stickers (physical key for emergencies). In both cases, the lock can offer up to 400 people access, with the keypad codes and RFID being interchangeable.

This product’s heavy-duty construction stands among the best available, as well. It features rugged hardware made to withstand both commercial or residential usage. As with our previous Prodigy option, it can withstand extreme conditions without breaking a sweat.

I was also pleased with its 1-year battery lifespan. Therefore, I won’t have to keep changing batteries regularly like other keyless electronic RFID card reader door lock options. It’s another reason people often consider this model to be convenient.

Sadly, I wasn’t a fan of this option’s instructions. Prodigy didn’t put enough time into making them helpful as they only made the installation process more difficult. I wasn’t the only one to notice, either, as other customers mentioned them more than once.
  • Sleek, stylish design
  • Three access methods (keypad, RFID, and key)
  • Capable of providing 400 people with unique access
  • Heavy-duty construction with rugged hardware
  • 1-year battery lifespan
  • Subpar instructions
But once I had the installation finished, the product managed to be a solid choice. It provides sufficient security while offering a sleek, stylish design. What more could I want from an RFID chip door lock?

7. Samsung SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock

Using RFID door locks isn’t always the easiest process. But this isn’t the case with Samsung’s SHS-3321 Digital Door Lock as I’ve had no problems with using it. It doesn’t matter whether I’m utilizing a passcode or an RFID card: the lock provides an optimal user-friendly experience.

One of the main reasons for this easy using process is the digital touchscreen keypad. It makes entering passwords a breeze to ensure every user feels more than comfortable. Plus, it recognizes my RFID cards without any issue.

I was also pleased with the number of programmable RFID cards it can handle. Users can set up 71 codes or RFID ID tags at once with this particular lock. Therefore, it can adapt to an office building or residential setting with ease.

The product wasn’t overly difficult to install, either. It’s actually considered a universal deadbolt capable of working on any door with 35mm to 55mm thickness. I even debated whether buying multiple locks was reasonable because of this adaptability.

Buyers should take a look at its embedded security aspects, as well. It contains a bump/pick proof construction while having protections against fire and tampering. What more could a buyer want from these devices?

Well, some people might want a keyhole and a physical key. No keyhole means no picking the lock, but if the battery dies unexpectedly while the user’s outside, getting the lock to work again is a hassle.
  • User-friendly design
  • Comfortable digital touchscreen keypad
  • Supports up to 71 keycodes or RFID tags
  • Easy to install universal deadbolt (35mm to 55mm thickness)
  • Bump/pick proof construction with various protections
  • No keyhole
In my case, this Samsung product had no issues meeting my expectations. Its quality security features and sleek design functioned well inside my building. It’s nice not having to worry about someone sneaking into my office when I’m on my lunch break.

8. MENGQI-CONTROL 856229 Electric Magnetic Door Lock

The MENGQI-CONTROL’s 856229 Electric Magnetic Door Lock provides a level of durability most other choices can’t match. For instance, the lock offers a weatherproof design to ensure it can work indoors or outdoors without any issues.

But this durable construction doesn’t only withstand outdoor conditions. It does a solid job against force with its 350-pound holding force rating. I even had someone try to bust through it while I was inside my home, and it remained completely secure.

Its durable construction is also combined with an extensive user database. After all, I can support 2,000 users with this particular model via codes or RFID cards. It even provides a head start by providing 20 RFID cards and keyfobs (10 each).

The product’s design quality offers another exciting component. It provides a compact build with a stylish composition that any buyer could enjoy. In fact, this magnetic door lock had no issues meshing right into my home’s exterior decor.

Its built-in LDR and buzzer are adequate security precautions, as well. These inclusions should have no issues preventing a thief from tampering with my lock. Due to this, I feel very comfortable with this lock protecting my valuables.

My only complaint would be that the product’s installation is rather complicated. I wouldn’t expect any newbie door lock installer to have success installing it themselves. In fact, I had to pay a professional to get it properly placed.
  • Weatherproof construction with a 350-pound holding force
  • Supports 2,000 users at once
  • 20 RFID cards and keyfobs (10 each) included with purchase
  • Compact, stylish design
  • Effective against tampering with built-in LDR and buzzer
  • Complicated installation
Overall, I didn’t mind paying a little extra for the professional installation. These additional dollars would’ve hurt more if the product didn’t manage to satisfy most of my RFID door lock needs. I could see how another buyer might feel differently, though.

9. COLOSUS NDL302 Keyless Smart Door Lock

Our final option, COLOSUS’ NDL302 Keyless Smart Door Lock, isn’t one to overlook because of its placement on this list. This door lock has no issues providing or beating the results provided by our prior choices.

For instance, its various security features should pique any buyer’s interest. The automatic locking feature alone has been a godsend for keeping my home secure. It ensures my door automatically locks after being opened to ensure it’s never left unlocked.

The anti-theft feature isn’t something to ignore, either. It keeps intruders from randomly guessing my code by disabling it after three incorrect attempts. Plus, the anti-peeking feature is always among my favorites provided by these devices.

I should also mention its impressive adaptability. COLOSUS crafted this lock to work on any door with a thickness between 1.38” and 2.36”. I was amazed by how many doors inside my office building and home fit into this range.

Meanwhile, the door lock offers four methods of access. I can choose to use an RFID card, a keypad code, a remote control, or the provided backup key. It’s more than enough options to provide a level of comfort for anyone using the device.

Programming the keycodes and RFID cards was more difficult than expected, though. It took a while to get the process down, so programming multiple access cards was a little annoying. But it eventually became second nature and was no longer an issue.
  • Effective automatic locking function
  • Prevents code guessing with anti-theft feature
  • Equipped with anti-peeking to stop code stealing
  • Suitable for any door between 1.38” and 2.36” thick
  • Four access methods for user comfort (RFID, keypad, remote control, and key)
  • Slightly difficult to program
Once I had the programming process down, I was very pleased with this lock’s overall performance. It provided me with peace of mind and ensured everyone inside my property remained safe.

What to Look for When Buying RFID Door Locks


An RFID door handle lock or RFID door knob lock can come with a variety of different essential features. If you aren’t familiar with them, the buying process can get a little hectic. But I’ll nip this issue in the bud here with in-depth discussions of everything you might need to know.

Reprogrammable Key Cards

If you’re looking for the flexibility to provide new access regularly, an RFID lock with reprogrammable key cards would be your best bet. These keys allow users to share access with other people without having to order new cards every time.

I should also mention that RFID locks are considered much more secure than their wireless or Bluetooth competitors. After all, a key card can be deactivated at any time with RFID locks. It ensures an intruder who manages to steal a card won’t be able to use it.

Time-Based Access

Some people don’t view simply allowing or disallowing access as sufficient security measures. Many buyers want a little more control: they want to change settings whenever they require access.

For instance, I might want guests to have temporary keys for a specific event. Some RFID locks make this easy by allowing remote reprogramming. Therefore, I wouldn’t need to physically reprogram the locks, effectively removing a hassle from my life.

Auto-lock Feature

One of the most critical features is whether an RFID lock can automatically relock after being opened. I consider this a must-have in any high-quality option available. After all, it’s an absolute godsend when trying to keep your place of business or home secure.

Let’s say, a person unlocks your RFID front door lock remotely. The door would close when that person leaves, making it impossible for them to return later through an unlocked door. Airbnb hosts are often massive fans of this feature. It represents a simple way of protecting their home when they’re traveling.

Anti-tamper Features

One more significant consideration is an RFID lock’s anti-tamper feature. Buyers will need this feature to be reliable if they want their property secure. For instance, if someone tries to break into your property and fails, what will happen?

Does the lock sound an alarm to scare them off or remotely alert you about the situation? Again, it’s pivotal to know what security measures come with your RFID lock. Otherwise, there’s no real point in purchasing one of these devices if you aren’t using it properly.

Smartphone App

RFID door locks will usually offer a smartphone app that allows users to control them. In other words, you can open and close doors remotely or offer guests access whenever it’s needed. It doesn’t even matter if you’re present.

As a result, buyers should do some research into each model’s accompanying app. It’s vital to ensure the application works effectively without being a hassle.

Passcode Access

In certain situations, people might need to access the property without a key card. You also might not trust them with keeping track of it, such as a child or older adult. These situations are when you can provide them with temporary access via a passcode.

You simply provide them with an easy-to-remember combination. From there, they’ll enter it onto the lock’s keypad (most RFID door locks have them). It also frees you from having to teach older adults how to use the smartphone app.

Backup Keys

Backup keys are always essential to have with RFID door locks for a simple reason. These keys will allow access to the property when an emergency occurs. A typical example would be when the power goes out, and you need to utilize the RFID key lock mechanism.

Are RFID Locks Reliable, Can RFID Locks Be Hacked


Yes, an RFID lock is a reliable device that’s hard to hack. But it doesn’t mean people can’t hack the lock; it just requires someone of formidable skills.

Which Is Better, NFC or RFID Door Lock

The primary difference between RFID and NFC technology isn’t too complicated to understand. It boils down to NFC being a subgroup of RFID technology. In most cases, RFID is identified using radio waves & three primary tools: an antenna, a tag, and a reader.

RFID devices will come in an active or passive form, available in low, high, and ultra-high frequencies. Meanwhile, NFC models are known as high-frequency RFID and offer a more secure data exchange.

As a result, NFC door locks are often more secure than a typical RFID door lock.


Our article should’ve offered insight into what is the best RFID door lock for your situation. From here, it becomes an exercise of using this information during the search. You shouldn’t have any issues finding an option that provides sufficient security.

But if a question or two does come up, feel free to let us know. I’ll make sure to answer any post in the comment section as soon as possible. Thanks for reading our article!

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