Take safety anywhere.

You have the right to live free and empowered. Revolar keeps you safe by allowing you to reach out for help wherever you are.

Alert Message

When activated, Revolar sends an alert message to your preset contacts notifying them you need help.

GPS link

Every Revolar alert message includes a link to a dynamically updating Google Map of your real time location.

Hidden / Discreet

Revolar is very thin and less than 2 inches. It easily hides under clothing or on your keys.

Mobile App

Revolar pairs with your iOS or Android device and allows for device, contact, and setting configuration.

Water Resistant

Revolar is water resistant and splash proof up the IP65 standard.

Long Battery Life

Revolar uses a simple watch battery for power, which lasts up to a year. It is easy and inexpensive to replace.


Each Revolar comes with 2 interchangeable silicone covers so you can use Revolar however you’d like.

Different Alerts

Revolar provides two different types of alerts so you can differentiate between an uncomfortable situation or an emergency.

How it works.

Revolar is simple. When you press the button on your Revolar, an alert message is sent to your preset contacts with your live location information. With Revolar’s Dynamic Tracking feature, your location information is updated with your movements, in real time.

We take care of all the complexity. In an emergnecy situation you do not have time to use your phone. Revolar makes calling for help as easy as pressing a button. We make sure everything else happens quickly and securely.

Safety for all.

We know safety is personal and each emergency is unique. In cases where you’re more comfortable using your phone, you can also activate an alert message directly from the Revolar app.