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How to Add a Code to a Schlage Lock? (Only Take a Minute)

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how to add a code to a schlage lock

Adding a code to Schlage lock is one of the essential things you need to learn if you live with family members, as they need to enter the house.

Do you want to know how to add a code to a Schlage lock? This tutorial will help you do that. The steps are simple, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time fiddling with the lock, even if you are a new user. You can finish the task in seconds.

What You Need to Add New Code to Schlage Lock

Before proceeding with the tutorial, make sure that you have all the necessary items.

Programming code, notepad, and pen

The programming code will let you make changes to the settings of your Schlage lock. Without it, you cannot add or delete codes. It can be seen at the back of the lock, written on a white label. You only need to remove the battery to see it easily.

You’ll also need a notepad. Forgetting your code is a hassle, so you’d better prevent it by writing your code on a piece of paper.

What to Do


Step 1: Dial the programming code

First, you need to enter the programming code of your Schlage lock. It is a six-digit number that you can find by doing what we said above. After finding your programming code, dial it and move to the next step.

Step 2: Insert the code you want to add

Once you are done entering your programming code, the Schlage button at the top of the lock will blink and beep thrice. Once the keypad turns blue, push “1” on the lock’s surface. Dial in the code that you want to add. As a reminder, jot down the code on a piece of paper so that you won’t forget your Schlage lock add code.

The Schlage button will blink thrice and beep again. Confirm the code that you added by re-entering it. Wait until the Schlage button turns green and makes a long beep, signaling that you have successfully added the code.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I delete a user code?

To delete a user code, enter the programming code. Wait until the Schlage button flashes. Next, press “2” on the keypad. Wait until the Schlage button blinks an orange light and beeps thrice.

Dial in the code that you want to delete. Re-enter the code for confirmation. A green light and a long beep will signal that you have deleted the code.

How can I change my programming code?

To change your programming code, press the Schlage button and enter your current programming code. Wait for the Schlage button to blink and beep thrice.

Press “3” on the keypad. Dial in your new six-digit programming code. Wait until the Schlage button blinks and beeps thrice. Finally, re-enter your new programming code for confirmation.

How can I delete all of the user codes in my Schlage lock?

To delete all user codes, dial in the six-digit programming code. The Schlage button will blink and beep thrice. After that, press “6” on the keypad. Re-enter the programming code again. A green light and a long beep indicate that all user codes have been successfully removed.

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Did we help you through our tutorial on how to add a code to a Schlage lock? It is easy to set Schlage lock code as long as you follow the proper steps. You can add new codes to keep your home more secure by dialing in your current programming code.

If you find this post helpful, you can share it with your friends. Indeed, they might also want to know how to add codes to their Schlage lock. We also want to know if you find this tutorial easy to follow. Leave a comment below.

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