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The Best Access Control Keypads

Fact checked by Teddy B.Miller

best access control keypads

We should never compromise when it comes to our security. We must choose access control systems that can protect our families and businesses from burglars. Through the advancement of technology, more sophisticated security and surveillance accessories are available in the market. One of these devices is the access control keypad.

Control access keypad is not only ideal for houses but also for establishments like warehouses, offices, and laboratories. The device is also easier to install compared to traditional door locks. Aside from that, the best access control keypads are preferable due to the multiple features that they offer.

There are different types of keypad entry systems for doors and each of them offers unique features. However, a consumer must choose wisely since some are more complicated than others. To help you decide what will perfectly suit you, I provided a list of the top-rated access control keypads.

Top Product name Dimensions  Material Waterproof Number of buttons  
1 Retekess T-AC03 2.2 x 0.79 x 4.65 inches Plastic Yes 13 Details
2 Seco-Larm SK-1011-SDQ 4.63 x 1.5 x 2.88 inches Stainless Steel _ 12 Details
3 LIBO Control Keypad 4.72 x 3.07 x 1.06 inches Metal  Yes 12 Details

Best Access Control Keypad Reviews

1. Retekess T-ACO3 Security Access Control Keypad

The features of Retekess Security Access Control are perfect for those who are looking for keypads that are easy to use and control. It only takes one to four digital codes to activate and release the electric door lock.

This control keypad also has a standalone feature which makes it cost-effective. The device also does not give me a hard time pressing the keys at night because of its backlight feature.

You can also choose from the access ways that the control keypad offers. You can use a card, a PIN, or both. I am glad that this control keypad has the third option since I am anxious about my security.

I also love its keypad since it has a zinc alloy case which makes it durable. The device is weatherproof since its IP68 has a waterproof design. Because of this, I do not worry that it will malfunction after a strong storm or scorching weather. In truth, this keypad can operate from 45 to 60 degrees Centigrade.

Not only is it useful for houses, but the keypad is also ideal for business establishments since it can accommodate a maximum of 2,000 users. The device also deletes a card through its keypad in case of loss.

The only difficulty I had with this control keypad is during its installation. Unlike other controls, its mounting plate has no enough room for wires. To install it properly, I had to shove back the connecting wires in the wall.
  • Takes 1 – 4 digital codes to activate release the electric door lock
  • Comes with a standalone feature
  • Allows use of PIN, ID card, or both
  • A durable zinc alloy case with IP68 waterproof and heat-resistant design
  • Features backlight for use at night
  • Ideal for business due to 2000-user capacity and card deleting in case of loss
  • A bit tricky to install due to not enough room for wires
In my overall experience, the control keypad provides the safety and ease that I need. I would recommend it for those who want a simple yet useful control keypad.

2. Seco-Larm SK-1011-SDQ Control Keypad

Seco-Larm Access Control Keypad is one of the most sophisticated devices I encounter because of its rich features. It is programmed to meet the needs in a particular time and situation.

One of the unique features of the keypad is its temporary visitor codes. It has up to 50 visitor codes that are programmable either by one time or limited time. It prevents any unwanted visitors from breaking into the house or business place.

Furthermore, the door access keypad also has a programmable delayed egress input. It prevents the door from opening immediately. This is advisable for healthcare facilities, airports, and schools.

The device is also mounted to a standard single-gang backbox. It gives more space to the wires that prevent them from crowding and jamming. A box that is too small for the device may result in a loose connection or, worse, a damaged wiring.

If you need tighter security, the access control system includes a real-time clock to temporarily auto-disable access at a specific time. I use this feature whenever a friend who knows my PIN would crash my place without my permission.

However, it took me a lot of time before I programmed the code for my keypad to work. There are five codes that I had to enter first before I could proceed to the ultimate code. This may be frustrating to some.
  • Has up to 50 visitor codes that are programmable by one time or limited time
  • Provides more space to the wires through its standard single-gang backbox
  • Has a programmable delayed egress input
  • Includes a real-time clock to temporarily auto-disable access at a specific time
  • Requires five codes before keypad would work
Nevertheless, this access control is very useful in any situation. Its programs can also provide stricter security depending on the owner’s preference. If you love programming, the Seco-Larm access control keypad is a perfect fit.

3. LIBO Waterproof Access Control Keypad

An excellent device saves time, prevents hassles, and lasts for long. LIBO Waterproof Access Control Keypad is a product that provides excellence. It is made of high-quality materials that make it durable through time.

The device’s digital button is also easy to operate because it responds quickly. Its keypad is also packed with a full program such as adding and deleting cards and setting passwords. Aside from that, it also has a doorbell button and blue backlight for easy control.

The keypad can also be installed outside the door since it includes a waterproof and rainproof cover. I don’t have to worry every time there are storms because the device is fully protected.

You can also choose from three access ways: through an RFID card only, a password only, or an RFID card and a password. By the way, the package includes 10 pieces of blue RFID cards that are made of ABS plastic.

You can also install it on hotels, offices, and other business establishments because it can accommodate up to 1,000 users. It is also compatible with EM. However, it does not support an external reader.

Anyway, I have a difficult time installing the device not because of its features but because of its manual. The instructions are vague because the language is broken. But since it is effortless to install, you won’t need to refer too much to the instructions.
  • Keypad has full programming: adding and deleting cards and setting passwords
  • Features a doorbell button and a blue backlight for easy control
  • Includes a waterproof and rainproof cover
  • Package comes with 10 pieces of RFID cards
  • Can accommodate up to 1,000 users
  • A breeze to install
  • Manual is difficult to understand because of broken English
I love this device because it’s very easy to install, program, and operate. You don’t need to be tech-savvy to use this device. I would recommend it to anyone who wants an excellent access control keypad.

4. HFeng RFID Access Control Keypad

Aside from their programming, the extra features of the security keypads for doors make them useful every day. Thus, the HFeng Standalone IP68 Waterproof RFID Access Control Keypad is always included in the list of the best access device.

Placing the keypad outdoors is not a problem because it is IP68 waterproof and rainproof. This feature prevents the device from being damaged even if it is used directly in the rain. This feature is also perfect for controlling the magnet closure.

Notably, this access keypad has a tamper alarm function. It can detect devices overriding the system for forced entry. A time delay activates when there is an attempt for burglary or any unauthorized access.

Furthermore, a WG26 input/output is included in the device. It makes the access control keypad more secure because it is difficult to duplicate. Also, it can be connected to an extra reader.

This device is one of the IP door access control systems that have contactless RFID transponder technology. I don’t need to have physical or mechanical contact with the reader to open the door. This kind of technology is more time-saving, and at the same time, more secure.

Yet, there is one thing I find distracting in this access control keypad. Whenever I turn it on, there is a flashing red LED light that is too bright. It cannot be turned off, so I just put tape on it.
  • Includes an IP68 waterproof and rainproof for use in the rain
  • Comes with a tamper alarm function with time delay to avoid burglars
  • Difficult to duplicate because of the WG26 input/output in the RFID card reader
  • Has a contactless RFID transponder technology
  • Flashing of the red LED light once the keypad powered is a little distracting
The access control keypad is practical to use because of its features. It also can ensure protection in any establishment. It also provides ease to the owner of the house or of the business.

5. Retekess T-ACO4 Access Control Keypad

Retekess, one of the top access control system companies, brings the Retekess T-ACO4 Control Keypad to the market. This door access keypad provides convenience and durability with its multiple features.

If you are looking for an access keypad for outdoor use without issues, I recommend this device. Its fully-potted design with Zinc alloy buttons prevents the water and moisture from damaging the keypad. Such a construction makes this device ideal for a detached garage and gated entrance.

Furthermore, you won’t have trouble pressing the right keys at night because of its blue lighting. It is illuminating enough to see the keypad. Despite this feature, the device still works with low power consumption, which is about 30 mA.

It also comes with three status indicators. A slow red flash indicates standby, while the green light means a successful operation. The yellow signals that the device is in programming mode. This feature gives me an idea regarding the working conditions of the keypad.

It is also a standalone keypad access control that does not require a computer for its programming and operation. You can set the door delay time, change the password, and choose another way to open the door by simply using the keypad.

The only downside I experience in this device is its design. It has no enough room for the wires during the installation. To solve this setback, I had to mount a metal box to provide a space for the wires.
  • Comes with a fully-potted design that prevents the water and moisture
  • Blue lighting keypad that illuminates at night
  • Works with low power consumption of 30 mA only
  • Has three status indicators to indicate the keypard working conditions
  • Easy to set the door delay time and change the password without computers
  • Requires a metal box for installation since the device has no enough room for the wires
Overall, this keypad entry system for doors has a good performance, easy to program, and highly durable. Its features provide convenience, not only to the owner but also to the family members and friends.

6. UHPPOTE Touch Access Control Keypad

The UHPPOTE Touch Access Control Keypad is one of the door access keypads that offers fast operating speed and large user capacity. It can work for <20ms with 2,000 users. Due to these features, it can be installed in commercial buildings like malls, offices, and warehouses.

This device also comes in a sturdy zinc alloy electroplated anti-vandal case. You do not have to worry about any vandals destroying the keypad or thieves breaking into your house or office.

It also includes a built-in light-dependent resistor (LDR) as its anti-tamper feature. Whenever the light decreases, the resistance of the keypad becomes more intense. Due to this, the device has higher security at night.

The keypad also offers three ways to open the door: through a card, a password, or a password and card. Moreover, it is also compatible with UHF cards and encrypted cards. You can choose the most convenient way for you and your family or company to set up the device.

The only undesirable in this access keypad is that the LED light is continuously on. I tried to look for ways to turn it off, but I cannot find any other than putting a black paint to cover the light.
  • With a fast operating speed of <20ms with 2,000 users
  • Comes in a sturdy zinc alloy electroplated anti-vandal case
  • Includes a built-in light-dependent resistor (LDR) as an anti-tamper feature
  • Has three ways to set up: a card, a password, or a card and password
  • LED light that is continuously on
The device is straightforward to operate, install and program. It is not loaded with features which makes it an ideal access keypad for older ones. Just by following the access systems keypad manual, you can program it by yourself.

7. Sonew T119 Door Access Control System

Sonew T119 Door Access Control System is one of the keypad access systems that is not packed with multiple features, thus effortless and convenient to use. In truth, it only takes us a moment or two to operate this device.

The device comes in a fashionable shell design that makes it easier to set up and utilize. Also, its keyboard panel operation is practical due to its dexterity. The keyboard does not have any confusing buttons. Notablt, it also has 3 seconds unlocking time.

Due to its reliability, most houses, apartments, and other public places widely install this device. In my experience, I did not encounter any difficulty in operating and installing the access control system in my house.

Moreover, it can accommodate up to 1,000 users. It is ideal for commercial space because of its capacity. You can also choose a 3 to 6 digit password depending on your preference.

Regarding its access ways, it can open by swiping a card or entering a password. You can also directly drive the electric lock. But before you can do this, the available current must be up to 500 mA. I tried this one, and it worked.

The device performs well, but it would be better if it has a standalone feature. To make it work, I needed a power supply controller.
  • Comes in a fashionable shell design that provides dexterity
  • Effortless to use with 3-6 digit password and 3 seconds unlocking time
  • Widely installed in houses, apartments, and other public places
  • Can accommodate up to 1,000 users
  • Can open by swiping a card, entering a password, or driving the electric lock
  • Requires a power supply controller to work
This keypad is recommendable for starters because of the ease and convenience it offers. This best access control keypad also has simple features, hence ideal for those who want to be a minimalist in their security device.

8. HFeng RFID Access Control Keypad

The HFeng RFID Access Control Keypad focuses on providing security and efficiency for homes and offices. It has notable features that ensure high-quality performance and durability with its metal construction.

The keypad is covered with a waterproof shell that is ideal for any door access control system with a length less than 13 cm and a width less than 8 cm. Because of this, the keypad can be installed outside without worrying about heavy rain making it malfunction.

I also love the 20 pieces of blue RFID keyfobs included in the package. The keyfobs are constructed out of ABS high-quality materials to ensure durability. Aside from that, a unique ID number is already encoded on each of them.

It is also a standalone keypad. You don’t need any computer to program it, just to connect it to a DC12V power supply, electric lock, and exit button for it to work. However, these materials are not included in the package. You have to buy them separately.

The keypad also supports one-door access control. This function is helpful if there is a restricted area that you don’t want others to enter. As a result, this device can be installed in offices, shops, garages, and laboratories.

The minor issue I had during the installation of the device because some instructions are in Chinese. I tried looking for a translation, but I cannot find any. I searched the Internet for some instructions that helped me a lot.
  • Waterproof shell for outdoor use
  • Compatible with door access systems with 13×8 cm dimension
  • Includes 20 pieces of blue RFID keyfobs made of high-quality ABS
  • Provides a standalone feature
  • Supports one-door access control, ideal for restricted areas
  • Some instructions in the manual are in Chinese
The device can last for a long time, and at the same time, it is user-friendly because it is easy to operate and program. I just wish that the manual is in the English language or there are translations for easier installment.

9. HWMATE RFID 125 kHz Access Control Keypad

If you want a keypad with straight-forward and well-written programming, I would recommend the HWMATE RFID 125 kHz Access Control Keypad.

It is also a single-door multifunction controller suitable for outdoor and indoor use since it comes in a strong zinc alloy electroplated anti-vandal case. The device has a waterproof feature that conforms to IP68, ensuring no moisture intrusion can damage the inner parts.

It is also ideal for installing into large establishments such as offices, commercial buildings, warehouses, and laboratories because it can accommodate up to 2,000 users. You can either use a card, PIN, or card and only PIN to access your place with this device.

I also love the fact that it is a standalone keypad. I don’t need any computer since the unit has full programming. The door output time, alarm time, and door open time are also adjustable.

Furthermore, the unit has a very low power consumption. You can install as many as you want in your house or your business since it only consumes 30 mA. Thus, utilizing this device can save us some money on the electric bills.

The keypad is backlit, but I noticed that the keys are not. I was expecting that they were also illuminating. I had a problem at night since I cannot see the keys, although they are very responsive and sensitive.
  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor with the zinc alloy electroplated anti-vandal case
  • Can accommodate up to 2,000 users
  • A standalone keypad with adjustable door output time, alarm time, and door open time
  • Allows three ways to access with passcode and card or either one
  • Only consumes 30mA, saving energy and money
  • Keypad is backlit, but the keys are not
The unit offers convenience and durability because of its features. It is also suitable for any establishment. It is designed to be efficient indoor and outdoor, so I will highly recommend this device.

10. Seco-Larm SK-3133-PPQ Control Keypad

SECO-LARM brings another high-quality security device to the table: the Seco-Larm SK-3133-PPQ Keypad. You can find in this device many handy features to make your life more convenient and secure.

To ensure its durability, the brand constructs a rugged case with a heavy-duty stainless steel faceplate. It also includes a coated steel backing to protect it from a harsh environment.

The unit withstands rain, snow, and other dust elements well because of its auto-adjusting with IP66 weatherproof function. You don’t need to hesitate to mount it outdoors and indoors.

In case of emergencies like fire and other natural disasters, the device has an egress input which lets the owner exit the door without pressing the code. This feature is handy in times of trouble.

It is also vandal-resistant because of the stainless steel faceplate, and it is designed to face any impact. You can place this device on the walls and the posts.

Furthermore, the control keypad features a built-in proximity card reader though the proximity card is not included in the package.

The design of the keypad is the same as the other versions that are more affordable. However, its performance is more efficient. As I received the package, I expected a different design since it has a higher price, but it has the same looks as other competing products.
  • Has a rugged construction with a heavy-duty stainless steel faceplate
  • Includes an auto-adjusting IP66 weatherproof feature
  • Comes with an egress input for emergencies
  • Vandal-resistant that makes it suitable for posts and walls
  • Design is the same as the others despite its higher price
I am delighted with this security keypad because of its durability and features. I can install it anywhere because it is very secured from trespassers, burglars, and vandals.

What to Look for When Buying an Access Device


There are some things that you must consider when you are buying an access device for your home or your business. There are so many types of door access control systems in the market, and you would not want to buy the wrong one. Here are some features you have to consider:

Durability of the Access Device: You must ask yourself how long will the security device last. Check what kinds of materials the cases are made of. Is it weatherproof? Is it vandal-resistant? Answering these questions will help you determine durability.

Convenience of the Access Device: Security access devices are designed to make your life easier. Other devices are so complicated they are already creating inconvenience. Look for a unit that is easy to install, program, and operate.

Security of the Access Device: Choose a keypad that will serve its purpose in your house or your establishment. Many access devices include anti-tamper features to protect you from any burglars. Some also have a KISI access control which is highly automated.

Performance of the Access Device: Always choose the best. Know the features of each unit so you will have an idea of how well they perform. Remember that you and your family are at risk so choose wisely.

If you are interested in other types of Keypads, you can read this article for more details.


Choosing the best access control keypads is easy if we know the features of each unit. This in-depth review has provided the details you need to know before buying the access device for your home and business. It is up to your preference for what will suit you best and give the highest satisfaction.

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