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The Best Electrical Panel Locks for Add More Security

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best electrical panel lock

Electrical panel security isn’t often on a home owner’s mind. But thieves have started to take advantage of it by accessing the panel and turning off a house’s power. It makes the place a much easier target.

After all, it allows them to see whether someone’s inside the home. If no one checks the breaker box, thieves can enter the home without worrying about anyone stopping them. So many homeowners have started looking for the best electrical panel lock.

But this search often proves to be more difficult than people expect. Choosing the perfect electrical panel lock takes a lot of thought and consideration. Buyers will need to consider several buying factors, such as these, before finding a suitable fit:

  • Construction Durability: High-quality electrical panel locks consist of heavy-duty, durable materials with high resistance. Some common aspects of these options are being made from hardened steel and featuring weatherproof qualities.
  • Locking Mechanism: Any worthwhile electrical panel lock will contain unique keys or passcode access. Both options work well, but each buyer will need to think about what mechanism best suits their preferences.
  • Cost: Electrical panel locks will vary regarding their price tags. Buyers will have to decide what they feel comfortable paying for their breaker box’s security. Then, they’ll need to consider how certain features can raise or lower the price.

Of course, there are a few more essential considerations. I’ll dive more into those aspects within our buying guide. But first, I’ll provide you with seven reviews of my favorite electrical panel locks. These discussions will offer a better idea of what’s available when starting your search.


Top Product name Lock type Material Color  
1 Defender Security U 9945 Key Lock Stainless Steel Metal Details
2 Master Lock 141D Key Lock Aluminum Black Details
3 ‎Disecu Combination Combination Lock Alloy Steel, Metal, Zinc Black/Silver/Red Details

Top 7 Electrical Panel Lock Reviews

1. Prime-Line Defender Security U 9945 Electrical Panel Lock

Prime-Line’s Defender Security U 9945 Electrical Panel Lock earns a place on our list by offering several appealing aspects. But I have to start with its durable construction made from diecast and steel materials.

Honestly, I tried multiple ways to break through it without any lock. It has become an effective security measure as an electric box lock outside my house. Plus, its stainless steel finish provides rust-resistant capabilities to increase its durability further.

Prime-Line did an excellent job with the two included keys, as well. They don’t feel flimsy like I’ve often felt with other keys for electrical cabinet locks. Moreover, this option gives me a backup key to help with my unique ability to lose everything.

I also thought about buying a few of these locks due to their versatile design. After all, it has proven to be an effective device on cabinets, drawers, desks, and much more. Honestly, it would be easy to find areas around my home for them.

The installation couldn’t have been easier, either. It comes as a complete kit, making it effortless for anyone with some DIY experience. Lastly, I was pleased with the 1-year warranty for defects that’ll help with any production issues.

But I was a little frustrated to see some customers mention shipping issues. These buyers didn’t receive directions for the install. It’s easy to see how this could be a problem for some buyers, especially DIY newbies.
  • Durable, diecast/steel construction
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel finish
  • Two durable keys for backup purposes
  • Suitable for multiple uses with a versatile design
  • Quick install process with a complete kit
  • 1-year warranty against defects
  • Packaging issues
But the shipping issues were only noted among a few buyers. The vast majority received directions and used these locks without problems. In my case, this breaker box door lock more than met my expectations.

2. Master Lock 141D Aluminum Keyed Padlock

The Master Lock 141D Aluminum Keyed Padlock isn’t one of our more advanced and imposing options, but it still provides adequate security. I have no problems relying on its reliable and sturdy aluminum construction and hardened steel shackle.

After all, it has proven to be resistant against cutting and corrosion. These attributes provide it with more versatility than other electrical panel box locks. In other words, it has no problem working on both indoor and outdoor applications.

I didn’t even mention its dual locking lever mechanism or 4-pin cylinder. Both these components only further its impressive security by doing a good job preventing picking or prying. I even took a few turns trying to pick this fuse box lock without any luck.

Users are also given two reliable keys with each lock for convenience purposes. I can’t stress enough how valuable having a backup key is for me. Moreover, these keys even match the color of their lock for a more stylish look.

I didn’t have any issues using or installing this device, either. It ends up being a simple and effective way to keep my breaker box safe from thieves or my nephews.

However, I wish it had more weight and size to the design. I could see this power box lock being problematic for circuit breaker panels with larger hasps. Luckily, I didn’t have this problem as it fits fine.
  • Sturdy, reliable aluminum construction with hardened steel shackle
  • Resistant against cutting and corrosion
  • Usable for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Prevents picking/prying with dual locking lever mechanism and 4-pin cylinder
  • Equipped with two reliable keys that match the lock’s color
  • Simple to use and install
  • Might not fit some panels with hasps
Aside from the small design, I don’t have anything else to complain about. It’s a straightforward and effective way of keeping our breaker box protected against thieves. Buyers could do much worse in today’s marketplace for electrical panel door locks.

3. ‎Disecu Combination Electrical Panel Lock

Our next option, Disecu’s Combination Electrical Panel Lock, offers more choices than most panel door locks. It provides two locks available in four color sets to ensure they can meet almost everyone’s style preferences.

In my case, I had a hard time choosing anything other than the silver color set. It meshes well with my electrical panel and other items, such as my luggage and toolbox. Honestly, it’s a perfect fit.

But none of these colors would matter without solid performance. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry about that with this model’s 4-digit combination locking mechanism. It offers 10,000 different combos to ensure a high level of protection.

Using the combination lock was comfortable, as well. It has an easy-to-turn tumbler that didn’t cause me any issues during the setup process. I was also impressed with the lock’s entire construction consisting of durable zinc alloy and plated steel.

It ensures the lock doesn’t have any issues working indoors or outdoors. It even has waterproof and anti-rust properties to ensure that it can handle the elements. I’ve had the lock outside for weeks now without a single sign of wear and tear.

But I did see a few buyers mention issues with reading the tumbler’s numbers. I also found it difficult to see them when locking electrical box panels outdoors, especially on sunny days. It’s not a huge issue, but one worth knowing before getting this circuit breaker panel lock.
  • 2-pack option for multiple uses (available in four colors)
  • 4-digit combination locking mechanism with 10000 combos
  • Comfortable tumbler for setting up a combination
  • Long-lasting, hardened zinc alloy/plated steel construction
  • Usable outdoors with waterproof and anti-rust properties
  • Bit tricky to read numbers
Luckily, this issue is easy to manage with a flashlight or smartphone. Once I was prepared for the problem, I had no trouble with this circuit breaker panel door lock. I’m fully confident in its security in whatever role I use it.

4. The Chestnut 3-Digit Combination Padlock

I look for reliability within panel locks, and there aren’t many options more reliable than The Chestnut 3-Digit Combination Padlock. Its 3-digit combination locking mechanism is as secure as it gets with 1,000 available combos.

Moreover, I found setting up a combo easy as this brand provides solid instructions. Buyers can even read them right in the product’s description on its ad page. It just shows this brand truly wants to ensure buyers are comfortable with the lock before buying.

Its anti-corrosive construction made from zinc alloy was another clever aspect. This construction, combined with its durable chrome-plated steel shackle, makes for a tough opponent. Thieves won’t be happy to see this lock on my electrical panel.

Buyers should also consider its weatherproof traits as a massive benefit. It’s a crucial quality to help ensure it can handle outdoor usage without issue. Therefore, I wasn’t shocked when customers praised its ability as a gate lock and fence lock.

The lock has a versatile enough design to work in various indoor situations. It has proven to protect lockers and indoor circuit breaker panels without a single issue. It’s why many buyers end up buying more than one.

I did encounter one flaw with this circuit breaker box lock, though. It seems to require some lubrication after extensive use.
  • Reliable 3-digit combination locking mechanism with 1000 combos
  • Easy combo setup with included directions
  • Anti-corrosive construction made from zinc alloy
  • Durable chrome-plated steel shackle
  • Suitable for outdoor usage with weatherproof traits
  • Versatile design fits multiple uses
  • May need lubrication after some time
Despite the above issue, the dials are still comfortable to use. This lock ended up being a handy way of raising my home’s security.

5. SCHLAGE 994831 Round Padlock

SCHLAGE’s 994831 Round Padlock is an easy contender for our strongest choice. Every material and component evokes a sense of durability and strength. For instance, it’s hard to look at its hardened steel padlock body and not feel comfortable with my electrical panel security.

It’s a feeling that only continues when I see its molybdenum steel shackle. Honestly, I can’t imagine any thief having much luck getting through it. It even has a double deadbolt locking mechanism to offer even greater security.

Picking this device isn’t going to be a picnic, either. It has a 6-pin brass cylinder known for resisting pick attempts with ease. I had a buddy come over and try to get through it; the experience ended with him being incredibly frustrated.

It’s vital to note that this option is a 2-pack choice with four keyed-alike keys. Therefore, I’ll need to find an additional area that requires extra security. It shouldn’t be too difficult as this padlock was built with a universal design for traditional door backsets.

If these features weren’t enough, it’s proven to be a handy panel lock with key locking mechanism in high crime areas. Multiple customers swore by its security and protection within their reviews, which isn’t something I often see.

However, buyers will need to pay a premium for this option. It’s one of the more expensive choices on our list. So each buyer has to determine whether its features are worth paying a little extra of their hard-earned money.
  • Long-lasting, hardened steel padlock body
  • Robust molybdenum steel shackle with a double deadbolt locking mechanism
  • Pick-resistant brass cylinder with six pins
  • 2-pack with four keyed alike keys (two per lock)
  • Universal design built for traditional door backsets
  • Proven effective in high crime areas
  • A higher-priced option
In my case, I wouldn’t hesitate to spend extra on this robust electrical panel locking system. After all, it has given me peace of mind. I no longer worry about anything dangerous happening with my breaker box.

6. Uxcell Electric Cabinet Push Button Handle Lock

Uxcell’s Electric Cabinet Push Button Handle Lock isn’t going to blow anyone away with its protection abilities. But some people aren’t overly concerned with circuit breaker security.

Instead, these buyers want something to keep their young kids away from the electric panel. This option offers a simple solution with its push-button unlock/lock mechanism. It’ll allow them to access their circuit breaker box by pushing up on the device.

As a result, it provides sufficient protection for their needs while offering easy access. I was also impressed with its lightweight and blendable design. Users shouldn’t have issues meshing it with their circuit breaker cover panel.

Uxcell didn’t skimp when it came to design materials, either. This push-button lock consists of sturdy metal materials capable of lasting a long time. Plus, these materials allow it to work in various other situations, such as guarding cash registers.

The product is more affordable than most other choices, as well. It’s easy to see it becoming a favorite choice among the bargain buyer community. Due to this, it can be a steal for a buyer in the right circumstances.

But again, it doesn’t offer much security with its push-button locking mechanism. It’s not going to stop a thief who’s looking to turn off my house’s power anytime soon. In this regard, it won’t meet a buyer’s expectations.
  • Easy to use push button unlock/lock mechanism
  • Lightweight, blendable design
  • Made with sturdy materials
  • Suitable for multiple uses (circuit breaker panels, cash registers, etc.)
  • A more affordable option
  • It doesn’t offer much security
All in all, this electrical panel lock represents a cost-effective choice for the right customers. It would be at the top of my list if I were looking for a push-button lock replacement.

7. Mesan ‎ L Handle Cam Lock

Our final product, Mesan’s ‎ L Handle Cam Lock, is slightly different from the previous choices. It utilizes a quarter-turn/keyed locking mechanism that isn’t uncomfortable and offers effortless operation.

Moreover, this easy using process is combined with a durable, die-cast zinc alloy construction. I can easily envision this model providing years of security for my electrical panel. Its well-made design was one of the first things I noticed when unpacking it.

The solid chrome finish doesn’t hurt its appeal, either. It allows the lock to mesh perfectly into my electrical panel without any issue. Due to this, the device won’t stick out like a sore thumb as other notable options.

As with some prior choices, this model provides two keyed-alike keys. I will never turn down a backup key when supplied with one. It makes everyone’s life easier, primarily if they rely on me to keep track of a lock’s keys.

It’s worthwhile to know this model does offer a little versatility, as well. This lock has been known to work well in RV and truck applications without much difficulty. So it shouldn’t be too hard to find multiple ways to use it if someone decides to buy multiple.

At the moment, I can’t find a single person with a bad thing to say about this product. I’ve only encountered people who were pleased with its ability to work on electrical panel doors. I can only confirm these findings as the lock did precisely what I expected from it.
  • Easy and comfortable quarter-turn/keyed operation
  • Durable, die-cast zinc alloy construction
  • Solid, meshable chrome finish
  • Two keyed-alike keys included for convenience
  • Suitable for multiple uses (electric panels, trucks, RVs)
  • None at the moment
If it fits a buyer’s needs, I don’t see why getting this model wouldn’t be a solid choice. It offers sufficient security with its zinc alloy construction and keyed locking mechanism. I certainly feel comfortable with it on my electrical panel door.

What to Look for When Buying Electrical Panel Locks


Selecting these devices isn’t just choosing the first one in an electrical panel door lock catalogue or whatever pops up on Amazon. It requires having an in-depth knowledge of several buying factors. I’ll ensure you know everything needed to choose the perfect lock.


Any high-quality lock for electrical box security will offer excellent durability. It’ll come from being made with strong, heavy-duty materials. Cheaper steel grades aren’t what I mean when I’m talking about acceptable construction materials.

Sadly, these options cost less for a reason, as they’re easy to cut through and don’t provide much helpful protection. You’d be wise to avoid these choices and look for an electrical box lock made from hardened steel.

Hardened steel options will be much stronger and offer significant force resistance. Honestly, no thief will be looking forward to bypassing them. I’d also look for locks with weatherproof qualities as many breaker boxes are outside and exposed to elements.

Ease of Install and Use

Installing and using an electrical panel lock needs to be easy. Buyers should always do significant research into these processes before selecting a final choice. A good starting point would be reading their manual, directions, and customer reviews.

These resources should provide an idea of what to expect with each model. From there, it shouldn’t be too difficult to determine whether these processes are easy. Most manufacturers will simplify usage by providing the directions right in the ad description.

Locking Mechanism

If you’re looking for a lock to prevent thieves from cutting off your power, it needs to provide unique keys or passcode access. So it’s essential to consider each model’s locking mechanism before making a final decision.

It needs to be something that you feel very comfortable using. For me, I’m always going to prefer combination locks or any high-quality option without keys, as I have an annoying habit of losing small items.

But it’s also worth noting that keyed locks can be as effective as combination models. It’s simply a matter of preference for each buyer. Overall, I suggest reading through the customer reviews to get a real handle on the locking mechanism’s effectiveness.

Other customers will complain or praise it with great detail. After all, there’s nothing more annoying to electrical panel lock buyers than an ineffective locking mechanism. It makes the entire lock completely useless.

Lock Type and Size

There are various electrical panel door lock types and sizes. Therefore, each buyer needs to find one that fits their particular electrical panel. You don’t want to pick something larger or smaller than the necessary size.

If it’s too small, it’ll be much easier for a thief to cut or break through it. On the other hand, a large lock won’t work at all because it’ll be impossible to fit on your electrical panel. For instance, if your panel has a hasp, the lock’s oversized cable or shackle won’t slip through it.


As with any product, electrical panel locks will vary in their price. It’s essential to account for this variation by building a budget based on your needs. In other words, this budget needs to consider everything that you want in these locks.

For instance, I’m always looking for locks made with the most robust material possible. Unfortunately, this attribute will make those locks cost more than others on the market. So I’ll have to raise my budget ranges higher than most buyers.

If I raise them, the budget will help my search tremendously. It’ll shrink the number of acceptable options down to a reasonable quantity.


Your electrical panel lock doesn’t need to be an ugly eyesore. Instead, I recommend choosing one that meshes well with the circuit breaker’s design and color. Otherwise, it won’t blend in and gain more attention from people looking to access it without your permission. It’ll then become an easy and more appealing target.

After all, nobody asks themselves “should electrical panels be locked?” unless they have essential valuables inside their homes. So do yourself a favor by choosing a blendable option and avoiding this issue.


It’s essential to determine the number of electrical panel locks needed inside your home. In other words, think about whether other areas require similar security. Many of these devices are usable in different roles, such as desk locks or cabinet locks.

But I’d advise reading through the descriptions carefully before buying multiple. You don’t want to waste money on locks that won’t work for your other needs. Thankfully, most brands make this easy by listing the measurements and suitable uses.

Is It Illegal to Lock Your Breaker Box


Many homeowners often ask themselves,“can I lock my electrical panel?” Well, there isn’t anything within the National Electrical Code that states you can’t. In fact, Arizona’s Public Service company has even given out APS breaker box lock devices to customers.

But I’d still check your state’s electrical code before installing any lock. After all, you don’t want to find yourself doing anything illegal.

How to Secure Electrical Panel

The best way to secure breaker box panels is buying an electrical panel lock. After all, there are plenty of high-quality options that will meet your expectations. These devices will have no issues locking circuit breaker panel cover pieces.

In addition to panel locks, a circuit breaker lock on clip can also help. This device prevents the breaker from being switched on and off by other people.


Circuit breaker security should no longer be a concern with the best electrical panel lock. Finding this elusive option now shouldn’t be too difficult if you use the above resources. It’ll then ensure your home’s power box remains secure from any thief or mischievous child.

But if you have a few other questions, don’t hesitate to let me know in our comment section. I’ll answer each post as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading!

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