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How to Change the Code on a Push Button Door Lock? – 6 Steps

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how to change the code on a push button door lock

Knowing how to change code on door lock can keep your home safe by having the freedom to complicate the passcode now and then.

If you have a rental property, it is necessary to change the code on a digital door lock, especially if your tenants are moving to another house or establishment.

Want to learn how to change the code on a push button door lock? If it is your first time using a push-button door lock, this guide can help.

What You Need


This tutorial will take only a few minutes as long as you have prepared the right tools beforehand. Check if you have them before changing the code on your push button door lock to prevent any inconvenience while you are in the middle of the tutorial.

Existing code

If your push button door lock is newly installed, the factory combination is your existing code. You may find it in the manual.

If you have forgotten or lost your existing code, you will need to contact the manufacturer to give you a new code. However, you might need to provide them with a lost combination form.

If you are using a simplex lock and forget your code, you will need to remove the lost combination by removing the combination chamber from the lock housing and setting a new combination.

Change tool

The change tool may be in the form of a spanner wrench or a reset key. It is included in the package so you can easily find it. If you have lost it, you can contact the manufacturer to provide you with a new one.

Some of the push button door locks require a Philipps screwdriver instead of a change tool. In choosing a Philipps screwdriver, make sure that it fits the combination change plug assembly to prevent it from getting stuck inside.

Pen and paper

You can use a notepad to remember the code and keep them in your pocket or drawer.

What to Do


Step 1: Open the door before changing your code

Before you change your code, make sure that the door is open. If your lock includes a passage feature, disengage it by turning the knob or the key vertically. However, few locks would require you to keep the door shut, depending on the model. Once you are done, you can now proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Dial your current code

Dial your push button door lock default code. If you use a simplex push button door lock, press the simplex lock default code to change simplex lock code. If it is newly installed, enter the factory combination by pressing 2 and 4 at the same time, then press 3.

Step 3: Insert the change tool

After entering your current code, insert the change tool and rotate it in a clockwise position until you feel a clicking motion or hear a clicking sound. Once done, turn the change tool on a counterclockwise position. Remove the change tool from the combination change sleeve of the lock.

Step 4: Clear your current code by turning the lever clockwise once

Clear your current code by turning the lever in a clockwise motion once until it stops. Gently release it to its original position. This action would cause the combination gear to clear your current code automatically. As you turn the lever, please avoid using any excessive force to prevent damaging it.

Step 5: Enter your new combination

Before you enter your new combination, write it down first on paper so you won’t forget it. Most of the locks have a five-digit code.

Step 6: Turn the lever clockwise once

After you are done entering your new combination, turn the lever clockwise once. Make sure that it retracts. If it fails to do so, you need to enter your new code again and turn the lever clockwise until the lever retracts. Check if your new combination code is working two to three times before locking the door.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I enter the wrong combination?

If you have entered the wrong combination, you can turn the lever in the counterclockwise motion until it stops. It will clear the combination you have entered before and would enable you to enter the right one.

How will I fix a malfunctioning simplex lock?

If you cannot open your simplex lock after entering the right code, you can fix it by using the master key if it has one. You can also place a strong magnet on the left side of the housing while moving the latch.


Have you set a new code by learning how to change the code on a push button door lock? You can now secure your house from prying strangers by changing your code every time you want to. This tutorial is also helpful if you have tenants who move out of your rental property.

If you know other people who struggle with changing the codes of their push-button door locks, you can share this post to help them out. Also, you can share with us what push button door lock hack you know. Just leave a comment below.

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