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How to Pick a Lock With a Hanger in 3 Easy to Do Steps

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how to pick a lock with a hanger

Want to know how to pick a lock with a hanger? There are instances that we lose the keys to our bathroom and bedroom. Instead of kicking the door forcefully and ending up damaging the lock, there is an easy way to open the door.

With the help of this tutorial, we will guide you on how you can pick a lock with a coat hanger. Aside from following the instructions carefully, you also need to prepare the necessary items. Depending on how good you are at picking a lock, it will only take you a few minutes.

3 Super Easy Steps to Pick a Lock With a Hanger


What You Need

The good news is, you can pick a lock without tools with just a metal hanger.

Hanger – Using a hanger is the easiest way to pick a lock. However, the hanger must be made of a metal wire and not plastic. Aside from that, it must be thin enough to fit into the small hole of a push-button lock.

If possible, cut a portion of metal wire from the hanger so that you can pick a lock easy. It must be long enough to reach the end of the lock, and at the same time, it must provide you with a space where you can handle the metal wire comfortably.

Step 1: Check the type of door lock that you are about to pick

  • If it is a push-button lock, you will see a small hole in the center of the knob that is about ¼-inch in diameter. It is easier to pick than front door locks since it is designed only for privacy and not for security.
  • If it’s a lock with a spring-loaded latch bolt, pay attention to the end of the bolt to see if its end is on your side or the other side. It is possible to unlock it with a hanger if it is facing away from your position.

Step 2: Insert the wire of the hanger

  • Once you have verified that the lock is a push-button lock, you can now insert the metal wire of the hanger in the small hole. Make sure that it is placed in a straight manner so that you can easily open the lock. You will also feel pressure on the other end, indicating that you have correctly positioned the wire.
  • For the latch bolt lock, you can bend the hanger’s tip to make a small hook. Then, insert the hook into the door edge and its lock jamb. Now, you should hook the bent hanger tip around the lock’s latch bolt.

Step 3: Push the button using the metal wire of the hanger

  • Push-button lock: After you have positioned the metal wire of the hanger, you can now push the button on the other side of the lock. You will hear a clicking sound to signal you that you have successfully opened the lock. Now, you can open the door and remove the hanger from the small hole.
  • Latch bolt lock: Make sure to grab the knob with your other hand and turn it open. At the same time, try pulling the hanger toward you with some force. Then, the doorknob will shift slightly. Since the latch retracts due to our force, the door is now open.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What should I do if it is an emergency yet I cannot successfully pick the lock?

If it’s a life and death situation, you can kick the door to open it, or you can also call 911. If there is a glass window, you can smash it. However, if it’s not that bad, you can call a locksmith to help you open the door, or you can use a power tool like a drill to break it open.

2. What are other ways that I can use aside from picking the lock using a hanger?


Have you learned how to pick a lock with a hanger through this tutorial? Instead of calling a locksmith or breaking the door, you can use a more practical and easier way by using a household item like a hanger. This would help you save your time and your money.

If you have friends who need to learn this life hack, why don’t you share this post with them? We also love to know your suggestion on what other household items can be used to pick a lock. Just leave a comment below.

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