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Best Garage Door Locks to Make Your Garage More Secure

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best garage door lock

Garage doors often represent an easy access point for intruders. Due to this, finding the best garage door lock becomes a necessary task for most homeowners. These devices will ensure your valuables stay safe and keep burglars from stealing them.

But finding high-quality garage door locks can be a little bit of a struggle. There are many parts in this process that buyers tend to overlook. It’s not as simple as choosing the first available one on Amazon or at a store.

You’ll need a handle on several crucial deciding buying factors. These aspects will determine what garage door lock becomes suitable for your home. Let’s take a quick look at a few of these essential factors to provide some context into what I mean:

  • Lock Type: Each buyer will need to decide what locking mechanism works best for their garage door. You’ll have a choice between deadbolt locks, side-door locks, t-handle locks, garage door defenders, and keyless locks.
  • Construction Materials: Locks are only as good as what materials construct them. It’s essential to choose a garage door lock made from high-quality ones. In other words, look for options known for their durability, weatherproof construction, and rust-proofing.
  • Ease of Installation: You don’t want a lock that’s difficult to install on your garage door. It’ll only bring unnecessary stress into your life. As a result, it’s a wise move to research each option’s installation before making a final decision.

Lastly, I’ve gathered a list of 12 high-quality garage door locks known for being top options. It should provide a better idea of what’s available on today’s market. You’ll learn more about these options in our reviews and their features in the following buying guide.


Top Product name Dimensions Material Weight  
1 Prime-Line GD 52118 2 x 7.25 x 4.72 inches Metal 1.1 Pounds Details
2 Garage Doors TRTAZ11A 7.52 x 7.01 x 2.01 inches Steal 1.55 pounds Details
3 Genie GEN37374R 1.5 x 7 x 9 inches Metal 0.2 Pounds Details

Top 12 Garage Door Lock Reviews

1. Prime-Line GD 52118 Inside Garage Door

Prime-Lime’s GD 52118 Inside Garage Door Deadlock is an exciting way to begin our journey into this marketplace. It has more than a few aspects that’ll work well enough for most people who want to improve their garage security.

For instance, this model has a heavy-duty galvanized steel housing for durability purposes. It has proven to last a long time and provide solid performance. I haven’t had any problems with how well it’s held up on my garage door yet, either.

I was pleased to see this model only worked from inside the garage door, as well. This aspect will keep any burglar from accessing my garage door from the outside for extra security. Again, it’s a simple, easy-to-use design but effective security precaution to further ensure I feel comfortable using it.

The product’s versatility was another nice touch offered by Prime-Line. Its design shouldn’t have any issues working with most standard garage doors. Plus, it’s one of the least expensive options on our list to ensure it’s a notable bargain buy option.

Due to this, it could represent a simple solution to someone looking for a quick fix. Buyers could undoubtedly do a lot worse than this one on today’s market.

But I do have to say the included installation directions were underwhelming. I didn’t find them helpful at all during the install, and other customers mentioned similar issues. So it’s clear that PRIME-LINE could’ve spent a little more time on them.
  • Durable, well-crafted galvanized steel housing
  • Only works from the inside to prevent exterior break-ins
  • Simple, easy-to-use security precaution
  • It fits most standard garage doors
  • A more affordable option
  • Poor installation directions
Overall, it’s a solid choice to begin our list and more than met my expectations. There’s a lot to like about this option, even with its notoriously lousy installation directions.

2. Garage Doors TRTAZ11A Lock Cylinder

Replacing a broken t-handle lock is relatively simple with Garage Doors’ TRTAZ11A Lock Cylinder & T Handle Kit. This kit comes with every piece of hardware needed to replace the existing lock, making my life simple.

The entire install only took 10 minutes as it was a seamless replacement. I often struggle with these sorts of tasks, so it’s an excellent sign if I didn’t have issues. More importantly, it managed to offer decent performance after the install.

One of the main reasons for its solid performance would be each component’s well-crafted aluminum construction. I was impressed with how well it held up even after my numerous attempts to bypass it. In addition, it made me feel very comfortable with this model being on my metal garage door.

Moreover, this construction seems to be durable. I don’t see any reason why it won’t last much longer than my previous t-handle lock. Based on the customer reviews, it seems like it can provide security for several years.

Another intriguing aspect was that the kit included two keys. These components were clearly designed well and should withstand regular use with ease.

My only complaint was the inner handle containing the wrong size hole for its locking pin. I just used a drill bit and reamed the hole bigger to accept this thicker pin. As a result, it was a simple fix for this slight inconvenience.
  • Ideal replacement for t-handle lock (all required hardware included)
  • Simple, 10-minute installation process
  • Durable, well-crafted aluminum construction
  • Proven long-term durability
  • Includes two durable, reliable keys
  • Inner handle’s locking pin is too thick
This garage door lock kit provides a manageable fix to replace broken t-handle locks. After all, it fitted seamlessly onto my metal garage door and offered acceptable performance. There isn’t much more I could ask for from it.

3. Genie GEN37374R Release Garage Door

The Genie GEN37374R Universal Emergency Release Garage Door Kit is one of our most versatile options. In fact, its design is considered universal as the kit works with all garage door openers without much issue.

Genie made sure it could work with all the major garage door opener brands. I can’t envision a situation where it wouldn’t be a seamless fit. Plus, the installation was straightforward and didn’t take much effort as its included instructions were pristine.

The performance offered by this product isn’t anything to overlook, either. It allows me to open my automatic garage door whenever a power outage occurs. In other words, it provides a way of manually accessing my garage from the outside in an emergency.

Its diecast construction and brushed chrome finish were other highlights, as well. I could tell from the moment I unpackaged this kit that it was built to last. I have no doubt this garage door outside lock will keep my garage accessible even when those emergencies arise.

Moreover, it comes with a 1-year warranty to further ensure its longevity. It’s a much-needed addition for someone like myself who’s prone to breaking everything.

Some customers did complain about the 3-foot long cable being too short for their applications, though. I didn’t have this issue as it fitted well into mine. But it’s worth noting and requires attention for anyone who’s considering this option.
  • Compatible with all garage door openers
  • Straightforward installation with excellent instructions
  • Offers manual garage access during power outages
  • Durable diecast construction and brushed chrome finish
  • 1-year warranty
  • Cable length isn’t suitable for some applications
Overall, the cable wasn’t an issue for me, so this product met my needs. Its universal compatibility and durability alone made it a more-than-suitable fit.

4. RI-KEY SECURITY ‎92259 Release Key Lock

This next option, RI-KEY SECURITY’s ‎92259 Universal Emergency Release Key Lock, is another solid lock for any automatic garage door. It’ll allow me to open my garage when a power outage occurs or I forget the opener.

More importantly, this option has a universal design that works with all garage doors and openers. It’ll become a lifesaver whenever an emergency occurs. For instance, I left my opener at home during a rainstorm and was able to open my garage with ease.

Installing this door lock wasn’t overly burdensome, either. This model comes with everything a person might need for the process, including hardware and readable directions. I’m always pleasantly surprised when brands take the time to make their directions useful, as most don’t.

I also have nothing but praise for this product’s reliable and durable design. This aspect was one multiple customers pointed out in their reviews as a positive benefit. Likewise, I can’t do anything but confirm their findings as this lock has performed admirably.

The included keys were made from solid materials, as well. Both keys shouldn’t have issues holding up well, even with regular usage.

I did encounter a few customers mentioning some shipping issues. In these cases, the product arrived a lot later than expected, which isn’t ideal. But luckily, I didn’t have these issues as my garage door key lock arrived on time without any problems.
  • Provides manual access for emergencies
  • Universal design compatible with all garage doors and openers
  • Easy install with hardware included and readable directions
  • Reliable, durable construction for long-term use
  • Included keys made with solid materials
  • Shipping issues
I wouldn’t worry too much about the shipping issues. After all, most people seemed happy with their purchase, and these occasions seemed more isolated than anything else. I would argue its other features certainly outweigh this one minor potential issue.

5. ROP Shop Garage Door Side Locks

One of our more budget-friendly options is ROP Shop’s Garage Door Side Locks. This option is a 2-pack that comes for a price which usually provides one lock. But don’t let their bargain bin price tag offer the impression they don’t have impressive features.

For instance, the metal construction is quite robust and strong. I forgot these locks were installed on my door and tried to open the garage normally. These side door locks almost took the door off its track, which highlights their overall strength.

I was impressed by their design’s versatility, as well. These locks can fit any track between 2″ and 3″ without much issue to ensure they’re a viable option for many applications. In fact, I had no problem placing them on my garage door as an extra security precaution when I was away.

If these aspects weren’t enough, these locks also have a nice finish. I was pleasantly surprised as they didn’t become an eyesore within my garage. This attribute might seem ridiculous, but I’m a little more particular about my garage decor than most people.

Furthermore, these locks come with a 1-year warranty for added buyer protection. I’m always going to appreciate locks with these policies as they do come in handy.

But one thing every buyer must know is that these locks don’t come with mounting hardware, such as screws. I needed to rely on what was already in place when installing these ROP locks. So please take this issue into account before spending money on them.
  • Budget-friendly 2-pack option
  • Strong, robust metal construction
  • Design fits any track between 2″ and 3″
  • Nice looking blendable finish
  • 1-year warranty for buyer protection
  • No mounting hardware
In the end, these side locks were a perfect replacement for my broken ones. But anyone who wants extra parts for setup will need to buy additional hardware or look elsewhere.

6. Prime-Line GD 52119 Tumbler Deadbolt Lock

Prime-Line’s GD 52119 Center Mount 5-Pin Tumbler Deadbolt Lock is a rather compelling, decent option for overhead garage doors. Its center mount deadbolt construction will offer additional security that’ll do a good job of keeping out unwanted guests.

In fact, this model is known for being a stable addition to most overhead garage doors. It offers this stability with a single-cylinder bolt that engages the door’s track. From there, it effectively secures it closed and provides solid security.

The lock should remain closed even under immense pressure because of its diecast metal construction material. It offers durability that most garage doors owners would be happy with in their respective locks.

Furthermore, I should mention it comes with a 5-pin tumbler to stop any picking attempts. I did my best to get past it and couldn’t have done worse. My friend with some lockpicking experience even took a turn and failed miserably.

It’s important to note this option’s aluminum finish and nickel-plated brass keys, as well. Both aspects allow for a much more convenient using process and overall user-friendliness.

I did notice that the locking mechanism and keys were rougher than expected. It was a minor issue that a few other customers mentioned in their reviews, as well. But I used a little bit of oil, and it became less of a problem.
  • Center mount deadbolt suited for most overhead garage doors
  • Equipped with secure, reliable single-cylinder bolt
  • Made with solid diecast metal
  • 5-pin tumbler prevents picking attempts
  • Aluminum finish & nickel brass keys
  • Rough lock mechanism
Once I used the oil, there wasn’t anything else that stood out as an issue. It ended up being a trustworthy deadbolt garage door lock that made my life easier.

7. Chamberlain G7702CB-P Quick Release Lock

Chamberlain’s G7702CB-P Quick Release Lock is a notable option within this marketplace for several reasons. An excellent example would be its ability to adapt to various applications without much issue.

For instance, it offers the manual operation of any garage door opener whenever it’s needed. It can provide this benefit to vault-style garages (without entry doors) and with both metal or wood doors. These attributes make it a rather practical and effective option for a broad customer base.

Setting it up isn’t an issue, either, as it comes with the needed mounting hardware. Buyers will also get an aluminum faceplate that has proven weather resistance. As a result, there’s no need to worry about regular outdoor exposure causing rust or corrosion.

I was pleased with the included two keys, as well, which are well-crafted. Most garage door locks tend to come with suspect keys, but Chamberlin took their time with these. I don’t envision anyone needing to replace them anytime soon.

All in all, it’s an ideal lock to have in place to ensure an automatic opener failure doesn’t leave the user helpless. I always feel more comfortable having a manual redundancy within my garage for these situations.

The 6-feet cable was longer than necessary for my particular purposes, though. It ended up hanging down rather far and became a little bit of a nuisance. Due to this, I’ll probably have to cut it down to a more manageable size in the future.
  • Offers easy manual operation of any garage door opener
  • Suitable for vault-style garages with metal or wood doors
  • With mounting hardware, including weather-resistant aluminum faceplate
  • Two well-crafted, durable keys
  • Adequate precaution for automatic opener failures
  • Long 6-ft cable
Aside from the long 6-foot cable, it was a seamless fit for my needs. It’s a nice comfort to know that this product would always ensure I have a way to access my garage.

8. NIDAYE Heavy-Duty Garage Door Lock

One of the more affordable and straightforward options available would be NIDAYE’s Heavy-Duty Inside Deadlock Garage Door Lock. In other words, this lock might not be highly advanced like a Bulldog garage door lock, but it still offers solid protection for a bargain price.

The main reason behind its decent protection would be the use of galvanized heavy-duty metal. It creates a robust and durable construction that has no problem keeping the door closed. Therefore, I have no issues leaving my valuables within the garage under its protection.

Its anti-rusting finish should help ensure this product lasts a long time, as well. I have no reason to believe it wouldn’t provide me with peace of mind for many years. Honestly, I would sleep much better knowing this manual lock was in place, keeping everything secure.

Buyers should also know that this option only works from the interior. It’s an extra security measure to help prevent intruders from manipulating it from the outside. It becomes another simple way to help prevent any unwanted guests from accessing my home.

Moreover, the lock has no issues fitting most doors with its easy installation process. Multiple customers even made a note to point out the quickness and easiness of this process.

However, the included screws were smaller than necessary. It was an issue pointed out by more than a few customers in their reviews.
  • An affordable option
  • Made from heavy-duty galvanized metal
  • Anti-rusting finish increases long-term durability
  • Only works inside to prevent exterior manipulation
  • Easily installed onto most garage doors
  • Comes with smaller screws
Overall, this deadbolt lock is an adequate security measure to keep someone’s valuables protected. It is nice not having to worry about leaving my home overnight with this device in place.

9. RI-KEY Security ‎92258 Garage Door Lock

It’d be hard to find a more equipped garage lock kit than RI-KEY Security’s ‎92258 Universal Garage Door Lock Kit. In fact, this option comes with all the hardware and instructions needed for a smooth installation process.

Buyers get spring latches, striker places, an inside release handle, screws/fasteners, a detailed guide, and two 7’-3″ cables. More importantly, the included pieces are made from well-crafted, high-grade materials to ensure ideal performance.

Once installed, this door lock becomes an easy-to-use option for manual garages. It ensures simple access to lock or unlock the garage door lock with key operation. This lock is another choice that’s secured with two keys rather than one for convenience.

The device’s overall compatibility was quite impressive for a manual lock, as well. It’s a suitable choice for any overhead garage door with a manual opener. This variation covers a lot of applications, ideal for consumers out there looking for flexibility in these devices.

As for its effectiveness, the high-quality metal construction offers solid security that’ll keep out intruders. I tried my best to bypass it when it was locked without any luck. It sure beats having my old garage door padlock or similar locking mechanisms on there.

But these features do lead to this option being more costly than most garage door locks. In fact, it’s the most expensive of all our choices. Each buyer will need to determine whether its overall quality is worth the heightened price.
  • Smooth installation with high-grade hardware & instructions
  • Easy-to-use keyed locking operation
  • Includes two keys for convenience
  • Fits any overhead garage doors with manual openers
  • High-quality metal construction
  • A higher-priced option
In my case, I’m always willing to pay extra for effective performance. But I could see how someone else would feel differently regarding this best garage door lock option.

10. National Hardware N280-784 V7651 Deadbolt Lock

National Hardware’s N280-784 V7651 Deadbolt Lock won’t have any issues keeping my valuables safe with its practical design. It mounts with a locking cylinder on the door’s exterior and a handle-operated thumb turn on the inside.

The exterior locking cylinder keeps things secure with its effective security system. I was pleased with the quality as there wasn’t any problem with turning or other issues when using the provided keys. It was an effortless and straightforward unlocking and locking process.

As for its interior thumb turn, the handle was comfortable to use, unlike other similar models. It didn’t cause my fingers or hand to position awkwardly but instead offered easy usage. Therefore, using the device has become a breeze for my purposes.

I can’t discuss this lock further without mentioning its metal construction with a chrome finish. These features ensured that I’d be more than happy with the lock’s placement in my garage. I can now do my DIY projects without any eyesore staring back at me as my old lock was rather ugly.

Furthermore, this lock isn’t only meant for metal garage door applications. It works well on wood doors, too, which provides a little versatility that might become useful.

A few other buyers did report packaging issues with this deadbolt lock. In these cases, the product arrived a little damaged but still suitable for usage. I can’t confirm these claims as mine was in prime condition and went onto work rather well.
  • Practical, secure exterior locking cylinder
  • Comfortable interior handle thumb turn
  • Easy to lock & unlock
  • Metal construction with chrome finish
  • Suitable for metal or wood garage doors
  • Packaging issues (slight damage to the product)
Buyers shouldn’t place too much stock into these packaging concerns, though. These complaints were only in a small number of reviews. I’d feel more than confident when ordering this option as most people seemed very happy with their purchase.

11. Fehr Indus Hardware Garage Door Lock

I found myself quite thrilled with what Fehr’s Indus Hardware Garage Door L-Handle Slide Lock offered from a performance standpoint. Its sturdy construction provides a reliable and secure safety measure for my garage door.

As a result, I ended up having a lot of confidence in leaving valuables within my garage. This confidence was only increased by my fellow customers’ reports on the device. Most people seem to agree it’s more than capable of providing sturdiness and reliability.

I was happy with its ability to suit right-handed applications, as well. It ends up matching perfectly with what I needed from my chosen garage door lock. I had no problem using the included key and manually operating my door when a power outage occurred.

For instance, the entire process consisted of turning the key, pulling its cylinder, and pulling my opener’s manual disconnect. It creates a much less stressful experience when encountering a power outage or some other similar emergency.

One last interesting tidbit about this option is that it comes with a convenient hardware bag. Due to this, it makes moving all the required hardware and tools much easier for me.

But the lack of installation directions was a rather significant surprise. It could make this product a difficult install for people who don’t have experience with these tasks. I had some issues even though I’ve installed several of these lock types previously.
  • Sturdy, reliable construction
  • Ideally suited for right-hand applications
  • Offers easy manual garage door operation
  • Convenient hardware bag included
  • No installation directions
Once I had it installed, the product was a solid replacement option for an L-handle slide lock. It made locking my garage up an effortless and issue-free process.

12. Ideal Security BK7118BL Garage Door Lock

Our final option, Ideal Security’s BK7118BL Garage Door Side Lock, grabbed my attention with its sleek and stylish design. After all, its black finish meshed with my garage door without any issues and provided a little flair.

Style isn’t a massive deal when it comes to a garage door lock, but it’s always a nice touch. It also helps that this product’s performance quality was solid. It has a steel construction with rust-resistant capabilities to ensure long-term durability. Honestly, I’ve been using this lock for quite a while and haven’t seen any evidence of wear.

I was also intrigued by its versatility as this design is reversible. In other words, this garage door lock could work on the left or right side of my garage door without trouble. It makes the product a little more practical than most buyers might realize initially.

As for the installation itself, it’s a quick and straightforward process that anyone can do. I didn’t even break a sweat, and I tend to get exhausted just walking down the stairs. Newbies should be more than okay when utilizing this option.

The slide bolt being spring-loaded was another highlight attribute. It’ll ensure the lock remains in a secure position and prevent the door from sliding open or closed accidentally. Therefore, it’s a simple aspect that keeps the product functioning at a hassle-free level.

Oddly, this product entered rarified air as I couldn’t find anything bad to say about it, as it functioned well enough as my garage door locking system.
  • Sleek, stylish design with black finish
  • Durable, rust-resistant steel construction
  • Suitable for right or left side application
  • Effortless, quick installation
  • Stays secure with spring-loaded slide bolt
  • None, in my opinion
All in all, there isn’t anything about this product that’s complex or advanced. But it’s a solid, hassle-free option, which could be a useful safety measure for the garage’s interior.

What to Look for When Buying Garage Door Locks


Several factors will determine what locks for garage door usage are the proper choice. I’m going to discuss each of them in further detail, which should quicken the process. These discussions should make your buying decision a lot easier.

Lock Types

At first, a garage door lock mechanism might seem rather complex. But it becomes a lot easier when you grasp a basic idea of what’s going on. It begins with going over the five common types of garage door locks and their uses:

  • Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt garage locks aren’t much different from a standard deadbolt. These options utilize a specific key to lock the door from one side. It’s a relatively straightforward mechanism that’s an excellent additional security measure for overhead or side-hinged garage doors.

  • Side-Door Locks

Side-door locks are set up inside a garage and are often designed like a slide lock. You can only manipulate this locking handle from the inside. It makes them impossible for intruders to bypass from outside. As a result, they function well as lock reinforcements for garage doors with side hinges.

  • T-Handle Locks

T-handle types are the most common locking mechanism for metal garage doors. Many of them will come pre-installed with these locks. Users can typically expect t-handle locks to use a spring-latch cable connected onto the lock handle, helping to open your garage door.

But there does come one downside with these locks. Buglers have found ways to open t-handle locks with brute strength or wire hangers. As a result, these options will require additional security precautions for total garage door security.

  • Garage Door Defenders

Garage door defenders are a bit different from most lock types with their installation placement. After all, you set up this exterior garage door lock in front of the garage door. They’re designed with a large enough arm to block garage access and make opening it almost impossible.

Moreover, these locks use electronic locks and heavy-duty padlocks for security to stop tampering. Anyone who manages to lock them properly should see these options to be effective visual and physical deterrents.

  • Keyless Locks

Our final option, keyless locks, functions by using a digital door lock that requires biometric information or a passcode to open/close. In most cases, these advanced options are connected to smart home security systems for more user-friendliness.

Keyless locks shouldn’t have any issues with most garage doors, but I’d recommend having a manual lock nearby for reinforcements. You never know when one of these electronic options might become unusable or defective.

Ease of Installation

Aside from the garage door lock type, the installation process is another crucial factor. It’s essential to find an option that doesn’t have a complicated installation. I’d suggest looking through each model’s manual and directions before making a final decision.

These resources should provide an idea about the installation’s difficulty. You then quickly determine whether it’s something you feel comfortable doing. Customer reviews will also be a helpful tool when researching this aspect.

Construction Materials

Each lock’s construction will play a role in its overall quality. In other words, the materials used within its design are crucial parts of this process. You’ll want to look out for high security garage door locks made from heavy-duty and robust components.

A heavy duty garage door lock shouldn’t have any trouble adding security to your home. However, it’s also essential to look out for options with rust-proofing, weatherproofing, or rubber cushions. These aspects will help improve each lock’s longevity and durability.

Garage Door Types

Sadly, some locks will be incompatible with specific garage doors. These tips should provide a better handle on what options work best for certain types of garage doors:

  • Sectional garage doors or roller garage doors provide excellent security as they have the least visible vulnerable areas. But a keyless lock or manual deadbolt can still function well to increase their security and keep out intruders.
  • If you have single-hinged garage doors, I’d recommend choosing a side-door lock or deadbolt to increase their security. It should be a seamless fit as these garage doors are similar to standard ones and will benefit from a multi-point locking system.
  • Up/over garage doors used to be easy targets for intruders. Most burglars found it easy to break into them by messing with the door’s release lever. Thankfully, modern versions are a bit more secure. But a solid garage door defender would still be an ideal additional measure to scare away potential thieves.


Lastly, each lock’s price tag will play a role in whether they mesh with your needs. It’s also essential to note that these locks vary greatly concerning cost. As a result, you’ll need to build a budget around your required features.

For instance, buyers who want a keyless lock will need higher budget ranges. So it’s keeping track of these little details that’ll ensure a usable, reliable budget. From there, this resource can make things much more manageable by limiting the number of available options.

How Can I Make My Garage Door More Secure


Strengthening your garage door security is a simple matter of assessing its possible weak points and finding ways to address them. Aside from purchasing a high-quality lock, there are several different methods of obtaining more security:

  • Installing a home security system (lights, alarm system, camera, etc.)
  • Checking and addressing problematic entry points like windows or interior doors.
  • Keeping your opener remote inside
  • Upgrading your garage door opener
  • Secure the emergency release cord

These methods are only a few actions that could help improve door security. But they should provide a good starting point to ensure your garage door is secure.

Should I Put a Smart Lock on My Garage Door

There’s no issue with putting a keyless lock or smart lock on your garage door. Buyers can expect a level of functionality that the other lock types don’t provide. However, these options do end up costing more, which does keep some people from getting them.

Should I Contact a Locksmith to Install a Garage Door Lock

It depends on whether you have experience or not installing a garage door lock. Most options make the process relatively easy for users who’ve previously done the process. If you feel comfortable doing it, I don’t see why contacting a locksmith would be necessary.

How Do I Secure My Garage Door from the Outside

If you’re wondering how to lock garage door from outside with more security, it’s a relatively simple process. There are two standard methods of locking a garage door from outside:

  • Investing in a sliding bar lock with a T-handle or L-handle, which is installed as a component of your garage door.
  • Buying a garage door defender or garage door security bar that’s a separate locking mechanism. It’ll get bolted to the ground and function to sway intruders from your garage.


Our reviews and buying guide should’ve made finding the best garage door lock much easier. If you use these resources, the right choice should become clear. It shouldn’t take much time or effort on your part.

But if you have a remaining question or two, feel free to use our comment section. I’d love to help you out in any way possible during this process. Thanks for reading!

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