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How to Lock an Electric Scooter? Here’s What To Do

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how to lock an electric scooter

Ergonomic and easy to use, an electric scooter provides convenience for transport. However, locking electric scooter is crucial to prevent thieves from stealing it. It is also necessary to determine the perfect lock and the best locking point of your scooter.

To help you out, this tutorial will guide you on how to lock an electric scooter. You don’t have to agonize by finding your electric scooter missing. You can go to your workplace or shop in a public market with peace of mind.

Tools You Need to Prepare

Before you proceed with the tutorial, there is a specific item that you must have first. Without this item, it is impossible to execute the procedures. You can purchase it at the nearest hardware store or you can also check online. Check the guide below to know more about the specifications.

1. Electric Scooter Lock

Types of electric scooter locks Advantage Disadvantage
u-lock-for-scooter Cannot be easily defeated Not portable
ring-lock-for-scooter Prevents the wheel from rotating Only use for scooter with open spokes
chain-lock-for-scooter Cannot be easily cut using wire cutters  

There are many options that you could choose from, but you must purchase an electric scooter lock that will suit your electric scooter. The most secure type of lock is a D-lock or a U-lock. It has a hardened shackle that cannot be easily defeated by tools. The only disadvantage of this kind of lock is that it is not portable compared to others.

If your scooter has open spokes, you can also use a ring lock. This is better than a regular cable lock since it prevents the wheel from rotating. You can also use a scooter chain lock since it is easy to carry and cannot be easily cut using wire cutters.

2. Cover (optional)

If you need to leave your scooter overnight outside your house or your friend’s house, you will need to cover it. A cover made of polyester fabric would be the best cover since it could also protect your scooter from heavy rain and intense heat. Aside from that, it is also heavy to remove.

Thieves may not like the hassle of having to take it off and avoid your scooter as a result.

In case you don’t have a cover made of polyester fabric, you could also use a thick blanket or cloth to cover it. Make sure that you secure it so that the wind won’t be able to blow it off.

What to Do to Lock Up Electric Scooter


Step 1: Purchase a lock that will suit your scooter


To know the proper size of the lock you need, check the locking point of your scooter. The bulkier it is, the larger the lock you will need. Aside from the size, purchase a lock that will suit your scooter. The kind of lock you need will depend on the features of your electric scooter.

Instead of using one lock, it is recommended to have multiple locks for your electric scooter. The more expensive it is, the more you must spend on its security. It is cheaper to buy new locks than to purchase a new electric scooter.

Step 2: Look for a post or a permanent fixture to secure your electric scooter


After you have purchased the lock for your scooter, look for a post or a permanent fixture where you can secure the electric scooter. Don’t thread the lock on metal fences since they can be easily cut. You can choose a bike rack, a tall signpost, or a steel post.

It is advisable that you lock it in a public place where others can notice if someone is trying to steal your scooter. If it’s nighttime, lock it in a well-lit place. Thieves are hesitant to cut wires if the scooter is in a public place or a camera is recording them.

Step 3: Thread the lock on the locking point of the scooter


Before you thread the lock on the locking point of the scooter, make sure that you know the best points first. Some of the best locking points for your scooter are the folding mechanism, around the stem, or through the carrying handle.

Avoid threading the lock on the scooter’s wheels, handlebars, fenders, and bolted-in accessories. It would also be better to add other security devices such as alarms and tracking devices.

Step 4: Cover your scooter or add heavy objects to it

This procedure is optional if you will only leave your scooter for a while. However, it is necessary if you would park it overnight outside your house or leave it at your friends’ place. You need to cover your scooter to make it less attractive.

Thieves usually analyze if the scooter is easy to steal or not, so they would have to remove the cover first before they can look at your scooter. Aside from that, you can add heavy objects to your scooter so that it won’t be easily moved.

Frequently Asked Questions


How can I lock my electric scooter using a scooter chain lock?

If you opt to use a scooter chain lock, make sure that you keep it off the ground. This would prevent the thieves from putting insertion tools to pinch the scooter. Aside from that, choose a heavy chain lock. It may be difficult to carry around, but it is studier compared to the lightweight ones. It would take time before a thief could cut it.

What are the different kinds of electric scooter locks that I can use?

The different kinds of electric scooter locks that you can use are grip locks, ring locks, cable locks, scooter chain locks, disc locks, D-lock or U-lock, and cuff locks. The lock must fit the size of the locking point of your scooter.

What are the other additional security systems that I can buy for my electric scooter?

To add electric scooter security, you can use a key ignition switch, alarm, and tracking. The key ignition switch prevents the scooter from moving unless there is a key. A loud alarm, on the other hand, activates once a thief tries to tamper with your scooter. The tracking device is also useful to locate the scooter in case the thief takes it away.

How will I lock my kick scooter?

The best type of lock that you can use for your kick scooter is a cable lock. Just run the lock through the front wheel spokes of the scooter and secure it on a permanent post or fixture. There are also kick scooters that include holes in their frames to accommodate cable locks.

Is it easy to steal electric scooters?

Unfortunately, yes. Thieves could carry them or use tools like wire cutters to cut off the locks. It is important to use sturdy locks that could not be easily defeated by power tools. Aside from that, they must also be thick enough so that the thieves would need to spend a lot of time cutting. This will buy you time to catch the thief in the act.


Have you learned how to lock an electric scooter through our tutorial? Most of the thieves nowadays have found ways to steal scooters. However, with the help of sophisticated and durable locks, you can secure your electric scooter and do your thing without worrying.

If you find this article useful, we encourage you to share it with your friends. We also love to hear your suggestions on what are the best locks to use in securing an electric scooter. Just leave a comment below.

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