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The Best Key Lock Boxes to Store Keys Outdoors

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best key lock box

Key lock boxes are a crucial way of keeping a rental or Airbnb safe. These locks will ensure no unwanted guests have access to your home unless you allow them. It’s a simple method of keeping your valuables safe when traveling away from home.

However, these benefits don’t come from any old key lock box. You need the best key lock box for your needs to ensure the highest protection level possible. But how does a homeowner find the perfect option in this congested marketplace?

It’ll come down to having a handle on certain essential buying considerations. At first, keeping track of these considerations might seem a little burdensome. But here’s a small look into what crucial factors will play a role in determining your perfect locked key boxes:

  • Storage Capacity: Every buyer will need to consider how many keys their lock box has to hold. You should also put some thought into whether there’s anything else to put inside these boxes.
  • Ease of Use: A high-quality lock box for keys will make using it easy. But buyers will need to think about what lock method best suits their situation. Otherwise, their chosen lock box might not be a suitable fit for their needs.
  • Durability: These lock boxes should provide a high level of durability. Look for options with weatherproofing and anti-rust capabilities. Both these aspects will go a long way in ensuring their longevity.

Furthermore, I’ve collected a list of the 12 right key lock boxes to offer a better idea of what buyers should expect. We chose these options based on their having top-tier features that make them solid choices. You’ll learn a lot more about these features in our reviews and the following buying guide.


Top Product name Lock Type Capacity Material  
1 Master Lock 5400EC Combination ~ 5 Key Metal  Details
2 TOWOKE ‎TWK-0002 Combination ~ 5 Key Steel, zinc  Details
3 Rudy Run ‎RRLB00001 Combination _ Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Zinc Details

Best Key Lock Box Reviews

1. Master Lock 5400EC Key LockBox

Master Lock’s 5400EC Key Lock Box is one of the more durable choices available. Its metal body and vinyl-coated shackle won’t have any issues lasting a long time. I was surprised by how strong and well-crafted it felt when trying it out.

Another pivotal aspect would be its 5-key storage capacity. I often rent out my apartment to large groups, and this lock box would allow it to be more convenient. It could make life much easier for both my guests and me.

Setting and resetting the combination lockbox wasn’t overly burdensome, either. The included instructions made this process a lot simpler than with other models. Honestly, I was a little surprised by its ease as I tend to mess these types of tasks up all the time.

Once I set my combo, I had no trouble using or opening the Master Lock key box. The combination dials were comfortable and didn’t stick to ensure everything went smoothly. Other models tend to struggle with making straightforward and usable dials.

I wasn’t the only person impressed by its user-friendlessness, either. Multiple customers made a point to note this as a positive in their reviews. It’s also worth noting that this Master Lock box has a reputation for being suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

My one complaint about this lock box would be its weight. It’s pretty heavy, so I was uncertain whether my door handle could take it. Luckily, everything turned out okay.
  • Durable metal body and vinyl coated shackle
  • Stores up to five keys
  • Simple to set and reset
  • Easy to open and use
  • Comfortable, user-friendly combination dials
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Heavy dial lock
Aside from the weight issue, there isn’t much to complain about with this Master Lock lock box. It’s an easy-to-use option that should fit most people’s expectations without much problem.

2. TOWOKE ‎TWK-0002 Wall Mount Lock Box

The TOWOKE ‎TWK-0002 Wall Mount Lock Box is another one capable of holding up to 5 keys. But what makes this one stand out is the product’s overall reliability. It features a heavy-duty steel locking mechanism and zinc metal alloy body that withstood everything I threw at it.

Honestly, I did everything that I could think of to try and break through it. I had no success and feel very comfortable with this lock box’s construction keeping my keys safe. Plus, it has rust-resistant capabilities to protect the product from any issue-causing weather conditions.

These qualities make the lock box suitable for indoor or outdoor usage. As someone who needs one capable of working outside, I was more than happy with its performance. I didn’t see any signs of wear or tear when setting it up outdoors for long periods.

I was also pleased with this product’s easy wall-mount installation. In fact, it comes with the mounting kit, making this process go even faster. I couldn’t see anyone who has even a little bit of experience with lock boxes having trouble with it.

It’s worth noting that this model is a 4-digit combination key lock box, as well. This design provides 10,000 available codes to choose from for each buyer. It makes it rather impossible for some intruder to guess the correct code without any help.

But the numbers on the lock are hard to read, which can make using them frustrating. It affects the user experience slightly, making it a bit uncomfortable to use. However, it’s pretty easy to deal with after using it a few times.
  • Can hold multiple keys
  • Heavy-duty steel locking mechanism and zinc metal body
  • Rust-resistant capabilities
  • Usable indoors or outdoors
  • Easy to install with included mounting kit
  • 4-digit dial combination lock with 10,000 available codes
  • The numbers are hard to read
I wouldn’t put too much stock into the numbers on the combination dials. After all, using the lock was still straightforward with them. It ends up being the best lockbox that more than meets my needs.

3. Rudy Run ‎RRLB00001 Combination Lock Box

Intruders will not be too happy when encountering Rudy Run’s ‎RRLB00001 Wall Mount Combination Lock Box. Its heavy-duty stainless steel construction has a reputation for offering solid sawing, hammering, and prying resistance.

I can’t do anything but agree with these findings based on my experience. It warded off my bypass attempts with relative ease. Furthermore, I had a friend who’s a locksmith trying to get through and didn’t have much success.

The product’s stainless steel material also has rust-resistant capabilities. Other stainless steel options tend to struggle when withstanding corrosion or rust. But so far, I haven’t seen any noticeable wear or tear on this particular key storage lock box.

I was happy to see this model comes with a protective cover to keep the dials in good shape. It does a solid job preventing dust, rust, snow, or rain from affecting their integrity. The dials have been nothing but comfortable to use for my needs.

Moreover, this best key lock box comes with a complete mounting kit for easy installation. Each buyer will get four expansion plugs, four screws, and detailed instructions. As a result, it was a simple matter of inserting the plugs and screws into the wall.

A few customers did complain about the packaging in their reviews, though. It seems this brand didn’t put enough support around the product before shipping it. Honestly, it’s not a massive deal as I felt it was solid enough when receiving mine.
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Effective against prying, sawing, and hammering
  • Can resist rust
  • Dials are protected with cover
  • Easy install with complete mounting kit & instructions
  • Some packaging issues
Overall, it’s a valuable and durable option that’ll keep our keys protected. Its ability to ward off determined thieves is more than enough for me. I don’t see why it couldn’t function well as real estate lock boxes or even a front door lock box.

4. Buteny ‎Btlk002 Key Lock Box

This next option, Buteny’s ‎Btlk002 Key Lock Box, tends to have a lot of fans within the Airbnb community. It earns this distinction with an impressive 6-key capacity. Therefore, someone like myself who has various locked areas won’t have any issues providing enough keys.

The two-way installation was another highlight suitable for my needs. I could’ve set it up with the shackle intact or mounted onto a door or wall. In my case, I went with mounting it on the wall outside my front door for easy access for visitors.

It offers a bit of versatility with its mounting placement, as well. I could’ve mounted on several different surfaces, such as fence posts, drywall, or even steel doors. In fact, I can’t really think of a surface where it wouldn’t be mountable.

As with our previous options, this key lock box boasts an impressive construction. This particular one is made from a top-tier zinc metal alloy. It’s a strong enough metal to deal with whatever attempt a thief might use to try and bypass it.

I found myself also liking this product’s shutter shield as a weatherproof precaution. It’ll protect the combination dial from any issues brought on by conditions like rain or snow. As a result, it’s a pretty decent option as an outside key lock box.

Buteny offering two buying options is worth mentioning. Each buyer will have a choice between buying one or two key lock boxes for convenience purposes.

However, the design isn’t the greatest as it’s a bit of an eyesore. It’s not an item that any guest will marvel at or be overly jealous about not having in their homes.
  • 6-key capacity
  • Two-way installation
  • Mountable on various surfaces
  • Zinc-alloy metal construction
  • Shutter shield to protect combination dials
  • Two buying options
  • An unappealing design
In the end, I’m not too concerned with a lock box’s style or design. I just need the device to protect my keys and home, which this one does well enough.

5. Master Lock 5401D Combination Lock Box

Master Lock’s 5401D Set Your Own Combination Lock Box does its job without any unnecessary bells or whistles. In other words, it’s not going to provide any advanced features like a buyer might see with a smart key lock box.

But what it does offer is simplicity and adequate protection. These abilities come from its durable metal body, which has a simple design. I was genuinely impressed by how easy the dials were to turn compared with my previous door lock box.

The product’s vinyl-coated shackle was another worthwhile attribute. It’ll allow the lock to provide solid protection and offer a longer lifespan than a buyer might expect. Plus, it has shown a capability to prevent scratches even after being attacked with heavy-duty equipment.

Master Lock was kind enough to offer a lifetime warranty for this option, as well. I always prefer products with these policies because my clumsiness is well-documented. If an item can be broken, I seem to manage it without fail.

A few other notable features provided by this well-equipped lock box include indoor/outdoor usage, a shutter door to protect dials from the weather, and a 5-key capacity. Each inclusion only further shows this secure key lock box is a worthwhile option.

But even with all these great features, this key lock box isn’t a perfect option. I did find the box rather hard to see at night as the digits are a little small. Anyone who has bad eyesight will need to consider this aspect.
  • Simple and durable metal body construction
  • Scratch-resistant vinyl coated shackle
  • Lifetime warranty & easy-to-turn dials
  • Indoor/outdoor capability
  • Protective shutter door
  • 5-key capacity, great for storing keys
  • Hard to see dials at night
However, installing the device at eye level can help improve its usability at night. Plus, it was only a minor inconvenience, as this device is among the smart lockboxes that deliver good performance.

6. Puroma ‎LB00 Security Key Lock Box

Our next option, Puroma’s ‎LB00 Security Key Lock Box, is a rather convenient option with its adaptable internal storage. It has shown to comfortably hold various items ranging from my bank card to multiple house/car keys without any trouble.

The protection offered to these items isn’t anything to overlook, either. It’s another option with a solid 4-digit combination that helps ensure my valuables remain safe. It gives me a lot of confidence to know that I have a single specialized code out of 10,000 available choices.

Moreover, setting and resetting this code couldn’t have been any easier. I just followed the included instructions and had no trouble getting my code in place. From there, I was happy with how well its zinc alloy construction kept everything protected from numerous issues.

Given this information, I don’t find it surprising to see various people praising its usage in multiple applications. I could easily envision it being an acceptable option for use at a vacation home, Airbnb, or when providing emergency house access to a family friend.

It was a nice touch by Puroma to offer two color choices (black & gray and pure black), as well. It ensures buyers won’t have trouble meshing their chosen lock box into their home or wall decor. In my case, I couldn’t pass up the chance to get this multiple key lock box in pure black coloring.

Some customers did mention encountering a few shipping issues, though. These buyers had to deal with their security lock box for keys arriving damaged inside their packaging. Fortunately, Puroma did provide replacements.
  • Adaptable internal storage
  • 4-digit combo with 10,000 available options
  • Easy to set and reset combination
  • Reliable zinc alloy construction
  • Usable in multiple applications
  • Two color choices (black & gray and pure black)
  • A few shipping issues
But given its other features, I found this lock box worth the risk. I was rewarded as the product arrived undamaged and unscathed. This outcome seems to be more likely anyway based on the vast majority of other happy customers.

7. Kingsley ‎K200 Guard-a-Key Realtor’s Lock Box

The Kingsley ‎K200 Guard-a-Key Black Realtor’s Lock Box is an exciting option because it has a slimmer, less pronounced design than many other choices. It makes hiding the product or keeping it out of sight much easier than with a typical key box with code access.

As a result, it becomes a lot simpler to move around and conceal from view. It’s a vital ability for my purposes as I don’t live in the best area. Using this product’s more slender and thin frame keeps it from drawing attention and makes it a decent hide a key lock box.

I’m also a fan of this real estate key lock box having side combination dials. Due to this, the dials seem easier to turn than options with front ones. This aspect is more preference-based, but it does affect how well the Kingsley guard-a-key lock box works for my needs.

Buyers won’t have to worry about its placement on doors affecting their integrity. It’s another option with a vinyl coating over its shackle that prevents scratching. I’m always going to appreciate when a brand focuses on keeping my home decor in good shape.

The product’s versatility isn’t too shabby, either. It has no issues fitting over standard fences, gates, door knobs, or other similar surfaces. It’s versatile enough where I might even consider getting a second one for another application inside my home.

But I was a little disappointed by the included instructions. I found them somewhat difficult to follow and would’ve been lost as an inexperienced lock box user. Thankfully, I’ve used these devices before and had past experiences to rely on.
  • Slim design for easy concealment
  • Doesn’t draw unwanted attention
  • Easy-to-turn side combination dials
  • Scratch-resistant vinyl coated shackle
  • Fits over numerous surfaces
  • Has lousy instructions
All in all, the lousy instructions didn’t have much impact on my experience. I found the product to be an effective tool and convenient to use for guests. But I could see how a newbie lock box user might want to avoid this model because of those lousy instructions.

8. Master Lock ‎5441D Wall Mount Key Safe

One of the more advanced options would be Master Lock’s ‎5441D Electronic Wall Mount Key Safe. It relies on a smartphone app and Bluetooth to open the lock’s contents. Due to this, I don’t have to use or remember a code when accessing my stored keys.

As a person who struggles to remember anything, I can’t express how much easier this aspect makes my life. I only need my phone and a downloaded app to have an easy/secure way of accessing my house keys.

This process relieves a massive burden and keeps everything I need on my phone. I no longer have to rack my brain every time for a particular combination. Plus, the app is easy to navigate and provides access to other helpful information (access logs and notification alerts).

It also offers backup keypad access when/if Bluetooth doesn’t start working right. This aspect ensures users will always have an access method to their stored keys. Moreover, it allows users to create convenient temporary codes for guests or Airbnb users.

The Master Lock electronic wall-mounted product’s convenience didn’t stop there, either. It has ample internal storage capable of securing several keys within it. Each of my keys was well protected by its sufficient construction that’s usable indoors or outdoors.

However, I did have to spend an arm and a leg to get this more advanced model. Its electrical and innovative capabilities ensure it costs a lot more than most other available options. Each buyer will need to determine whether the extra features are worth its increased price.
  • Uses Bluetooth to unlock/lock
  • Easy-to-use smartphone app with useful information
  • Backup keypad access
  • Allows for temporary codes
  • Large capacity to fit several keys inside
  • Outdoor and indoor usage
  • A higher-priced option
The added practicality more than makes this product worth my extra hard-earned dollars. After all, I no longer have to remember a combo, and that’s a weight off my shoulders. But I could see a less forgetful buyer feeling much differently.

9. Kidde AccessPoint 001170 Key Lock Box

A user-friendly push button design is the main standout trait of Kidde’s AccessPoint 001170 Push Button Key Lock Box. It makes accessing this spare key lock box a breeze when a person has the correct code.

Moreover, the buttons are comfortable and don’t provide much hassle. Kidde did a solid job making sure they could withstand regular wear/tear without issue. I could easily see this push button model being a good choice for after-school house access for kids.

Its 5-to-7-digit combination keeps things a little more simple but remains practical. It might not have 10,000 available combos like some other options, but 1,000 isn’t anything to sneeze at. I very much doubt a thief will get into the lock box without some help.

The included mounting hardware was of high-grade quality, as well. It allows for an easy installation that even new users could do with ease. Multiple customers point out this easy process in their reviews, which further shows its convenience.

I also found myself loving the titanium gray color scheme. It had no problem meshing with my decor around the key lock, making it blend seamlessly into my home. Honestly, I often have trouble finding meshable devices for my house like this one.

The 2-key interior capacity was a bit smaller than expected. It makes the product a problematic fit for my needs as I need to place multiple keys in my lock box. Due to this, I would need to install more than one to fulfill my expectations.
  • User-friendly push button design that can withstand wear and tear
  • Combination lock with 1,000 combos
  • High grade mounting hardware for easy installation
  • Blendable titanium gray color scheme
  • Limited 2-key interior capacity
But even with my capacity issue, I couldn’t argue with the results. It had no problem keeping my spare keys secure and provided an easy installation/using process. It’s just a shame that this lock box can’t hold more keys.

10. TTRWIN ‎003 Wall-Mounted Lock Box

TTRWIN’s ‎003 Wall-Mounted Lock Box has become a favorite key lock box for surfers and other people who live by the water. The main reason for its popularity among these consumers is its waterproof, rust-resistant construction.

As a result, it does a good job dealing with all the issues that come with living near surf spots or beaches. The product doesn’t only hold up well against nature’s elements, though, as its heavy-duty locking mechanism is no joke.

I was impressed with how well it held up against my test and its overall design. In fact, there was no sense of flimsiness like I usually find with other models. This portable lock box was well-constructed and ready to protect any stored keys.

The lock box’s internal storage was rather intriguing, as well. I was able to fit five keys and a credit card into the storage unit with ease. Plus, the keys and card weren’t overly bunched up or crowded like most options would require.

TTRWIN was nice enough to offer a 45-day money-back guarantee, too, which is another interesting aspect. It’s also essential to note that this brand has a reputation for honoring the agreement. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for all companies that offer these policies.

However, I did have a few issues with the included screws being subpar. These parts ended up snapping during the installation and were useless. I had to use my own screws, which was an unnecessary inconvenience.
  • Waterproof, rust-resistant construction
  • Heavy-duty locking mechanism
  • Well-constructed design
  • Holds up to 5 keys and one card
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Subpar included screws
Once I dealt with the screws, it was a perfectly fine key lock box for Airbnb usage. I even had a few guests compliment how easy the box was to use. All in all, it does the job and keeps our keys or key fobs secure.

11. Upxon ‎DG20022501 Key Storage Box

Upxon’s ‎DG20022501 Key Storage Box does users a favor by offering two methods of installation. I had a choice between hanging onto door knobs and fences via the removal shackle or mounting it onto a wall.

I ended up choosing my preferred method of mounting onto a wall. But I could see how useful using the shackle component would be for other applications. For example, it’d be a decent choice to protect keys for fenced areas, such as a farm or ranch.

The product’s construction was another aspect that caught my eye. It combines three metals (zinc, aluminum, and steel) into a reliable and durable product. Due to this, it shouldn’t have any issues preventing hammering or prying from becoming a problem.

I also didn’t have any trouble setting up my preferred key codes. The product comes with a detailed manual, which walks users through this process. I don’t imagine anyone having many problems getting their proper code with this key lock box.

Moreover, this model has a slightly smaller design than most other options. It makes keeping it out of sight relatively easy and shouldn’t alert intruders to its presence. Plus, I can easily use this as a portable key lock box when I travel.

As someone with poor eyesight, I did find each combination dial a bit hard to read. The shine produced by it can make the numbers difficult to see for anyone with poor vision. I wasn’t the only one to notice this issue, either, as it was noted in a few other reviews.
  • Two ways of installation
  • Durable, 3-metal construction
  • Proven resistance against hammering and prying
  • Easy setup with a detailed manual
  • Portable, small design
  • Difficult to see combination dials
Luckily, I managed to solve this eyesight issue using a metal file to take off some of the shine. It became a reliable and useful key lock box when I overcame this problem. But I could see someone who doesn’t want to do this extra work being turned off by the product.

12. Lospu HY ‎CK0011 Push Button Key Lock Box

Our final option, Lospu’s HY ‎CK0011 Push Button Key LockBox, is a solid choice to work as a key lock box for outside or inside. It handles both roles well with its various adaptable and valuable features.

For instance, this option has weather-resistant capabilities to stop any exposure issues. I can install it outside my front door or on a fence post and not have to worry about it breaking down. It won’t even fall victim to rust as it’s made from anti-rust steel.

The product’s rubber cover was another exciting trait. I can use this aspect to hide this key lock from easy detection discreetly. Therefore, a passing intruder won’t be able to tell where the box is located unless they’re right onto my front porch.

Buyers shouldn’t overlook this product’s massive internal storage, either. It can handle up to 7 keys without issues, which is more than most options on our list. It’s no wonder why this option tends to be a favorite for families or people living in large groups.

Moreover, this option happens to carry a relatively affordable price. Buyers won’t have to break open their bank accounts or increase their budgets for this one. I’m fairly confident it should fall in line with anyone who’s constructed a reasonable budget.

It wasn’t very reassuring to see some users didn’t receive instructions. It seems like a bit of an oversight by Lospu HY, especially when attracting newbie users. Thankfully, I didn’t have much trouble setting it up because I’ve used a number of these push button locks.
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor usage
  • Weatherproof, anti-rust steel construction
  • Rubber cover provides discretion
  • Holds up to 7 keys
  • An affordable option
  • Some customers didn’t receive instructions
The lack of instruction isn’t a massive deal because it’s easy to find them online. But it’d still be a lot more convenient for them to come with the package. It’s what keeps this push button lock box from being a total home run.

What to Look for When Buying Key Lock Boxes


Finding the best key lock boxes will depend on several security features. If you don’t consider them, choosing one becomes a lot like searching for a single needle in a haystack. This section will take an in-depth look at each vital one to ensure a smooth buying experience:

Construction Materials & Durability

Anyone who intends on mounting their lockbox to store keys outdoors will require a durable option. In other words, this outdoor lock box needs to be constructed from high-quality materials. An excellent example would be zinc alloy or hardened steel.

In most cases, people set up these electronic locks for keys outside their homes or offices. Hence, I’d also suggest taking a look at weatherproof lock boxes. These models will come with a weather-resistant rubber cover that won’t get damaged by the elements. It’ll stop rain, snow, or ice from ruining the integrity of your lock box storing keys.

But the key lockbox also needs to be rust-proof, or water will leak into it after extended usage.

You might also consider an outdoor key lock box that has a low profile or is hard to notice. It should be an item that doesn’t draw much attention to where you store keys. After all, these devices aren’t supposed to attract would-be thieves toward them.

Ease Of Use 

As you might imagine, there’s a wide variety of key boxes available for purchase. Buyers can get a combination lock box or one that requires entry with a passcode/PIN. Such smart locks with its own combination can be ideal for putting spare keys or car key inside. These examples are only a slight depiction of what you might encounter in today’s market.

Each buyer will have to think about what entry method works best for their needs. It’ll need to be convenient and accessible based on your family and colleagues’ preferences. For instance, a more forgetful person might choose one that comes with Bluetooth compatibility. If you want the best lockbox with secure storage, push button boxes might not work.

Large Capacity

Many people forget to consider the most obvious factor, storage capacity, when choosing their best lock box. In these cases, the homeowners buy a key lock box that doesn’t mesh well or fit their intended usage or purposes.

So please think about how many keys sets need storage inside your chosen lock box. Plus, account for any other valuables that’ll need placement inside the box. You should then select an option with a large capacity to fulfill those needs.


Key lock boxes aren’t the most expensive products in the world. But their prices do vary quite a bit based on performance quality and features. As a result, homeowners would be wise to build a budget revolving around these attributes.

For instance, I would require a model made from high-quality and weatherproof materials. These needs will raise my budget past anyone who’s okay purchasing a standard or mediocre option. It’s these little details that could play a massive role in your buying decision.


The key lock’s size will play a massive role in determining whether it’s a suitable option. Plus, it’ll also factor into how easily intruders can open the device and its secure storage capacity. But it’s worth noting that larger options don’t always hold multiple keys you have.

For instance, boxes with more complex locking mechanisms will require more interior room for the lock’s components. Bigger boxes will also draw more attention and be harder/time-consuming to break into for thieves.

Most homeowners find children do better with larger key lock boxes, as well. These aspects are all worth considering when thinking about the ideal size of your chosen option.


As you might expect, heavier boxes are made from heavier-duty materials. But it’s important to realize that weight shouldn’t be the only considered factor when choosing these boxes. However, it can help buyers determine what options are made from better materials when shopping online.

One obvious rule of thumb would be that thicker metals are going to be heavier. Therefore, models made with a solid metal will be more difficult to bypass.


Some lock boxes will come with a warranty policy as a protective measure for a buyer. These policies also assure consumers that a company believes in its product. No brand is going to provide a warranty for a faulty item unless they want to lose money.

Buyers will come across lock boxes with different warranty lengths, as well. The best warranties will be limited lifetime policies and usually indicate a high-quality product. I’d recommend staying away from options without any warranties as it’s a rather sizable red flag.

Remote Access

In some situations, homeowners might require remote access for their lock box. People who are managing a rental or owning an Airbnb usually fall into this category. It provides a way of running the device when you aren’t always around, which can be beneficial.

This aspect will also provide users with alerts about people accessing the lock boxes. As a result, it keeps you updated about what’s going on at your home or rental property. It’s a simple way of ensuring your home remains protected even when you’re away.

But lock boxes with remote access will usually cost more than other options. Therefore, each buyer will need to decide whether this feature is worth the extra cost. It can end up having a massive impact on whether each customer feels happy with their final decision.

Additional Security Features and Considerations 

Extreme weather conditions can cause a lock box to freeze or jam. These conditions will then stop the box from opening easily. A simple way around this frustrating situation would be buying a security key lock box with a flip-open cover.

One more common issue is people accidentally locking their key box before entering their code. Leaving clear and detailed operation directions by the box can help prevent this issue. Buying an option that you can’t lock without having the proper passcode is another solution.


Once you’ve bought a lock box, protecting it becomes your main priority. You’ll want to ensure it remains safe and isn’t easily accessible to unwanted guests. Changing the passcode regularly is a simple way of providing a sufficient amount of protection.

You should also consider placing the lock box where people can’t access it directly from the main street. Place it somewhere with a little more discretion to bulk up its protection.

In some cases, a discreet location might not be feasible. Then, it makes it more vital to buy a solid box that someone can’t bypass without locksmith experience.

How Safe are Key Lock Boxes


Key lock boxes are a safe method of allowing guests to come and go from locations. But these devices are only secure when used correctly and built from quality materials. Following the directions provided with your lock boxes will go a long way in keeping everyone safe.

I’d also suggest changing the code regularly to stop familiarity. As a result, an intruder will have a much slighter chance at guessing your code. It’s even more critical for people who intend to use these devices for Airbnb bookings or similar means.

Where Do You Put Key Lock Boxes

Homeowners can place key lock boxes in various locations so they can access their storing keys quickly. Some might set them up on fence posts, mount them on walls, or place them right near their front doors. It’s all about finding the right balance between protection and accessibility.

Each model will come with the manufacturer’s direction about ideal locations, as well. I’m always going to recommend following them when finding the best placement. After all, there’s a reason why the brand behind your lock box chooses those locations.

How Do You Open a Lock Box without the Code

It’ll depend on what type of lock box and its overall security. But if you do forget your code, I’d recommend calling a locksmith unless you’re familiar with picking locks. Some models will also feature backup methods of opening them, such as keys or other means.

How Do You Reset a Lock Box Code

The process of resetting a code for smart locks will change from model to model. You’ll need to consult the buyer’s manual and follow the directionof combination lockbox laid out within it. In most cases, resetting isn’t too tricky with high-quality or easy-to-use options.


Finding the best key lock box now shouldn’t be too difficult. If you follow our buying guide and use the information within the reviews, the right choice should become clear. You can then benefit from the high-quality protection features and storage capabilities.

But if you do have a question or two, don’t hesitate to leave them in our comment section. I’d love to help out in any way possible. Thanks for reading!

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