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The Best Commercial Door Locks for Added Security Protection

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best commercial door locks

Securing their property is a top priority for any home or land owner. As a result, it becomes necessary to have excellent commercial door locks that provide security. These devices are a crucial part of stopping intruders or other issues.

But finding the best commercial door locks can be pretty tricky. There are many different options available, which can confuse people who don’t know what to consider. So what does a buyer need to consider when trying to find suitable commercial door locks?

It comes down to having a handle on certain vital factors. These factors will dictate what locks best suit and protect your particular commercial property. Here’s a quick overview of some to provide a little context about what you can expect:

  • Door Lock Ratings: Each door lock is rated between 1-3 based on its security performance. Grade 1 locks are the most secure, while grade 3 are the least. Most high commercial grade locks will have a 1 or at the very least a 2 rating.
  • Convenience and Durability: Every suitable option will need to be convenient and offer durable performance. Otherwise, there’s no real point in buying them. Use your fellow customers’ reviews to get a better handle on both these aspects.
  • Property Size: The property’s size will have an impact on what lock suits your needs. After all, a keyed lock isn’t going to work well for an office building with multiple employees. You’d be better served with commercial keyless door locks.

Moreover, I’ve compiled a list of 12 top-tier commercial keyless locks and keyed locks to provide a better idea of what’s available. I choose each one based on having desirable factors that make them high-quality options. You’ll learn more about these aspects within our commercial door lock reviews and the following buying guide.


Top Product name Material Exterior Finish Handle Type  
1 SCHLAGE FE595CS Brass Brass, Chrome Lever Details
2 Dynasty Hardware AUG-03-26D Brass Satin Chrome Lever Details
3 VIZILOK C3FK Stainless Steel, Chrome, Zinc Satin Chrome Lever Details

Top 12 Commercial Door Lock Reviews

1. SCHLAGE FE595CS Commercial Electronic Keypad Lock

SCHLAGE’s FE595CS Commercial Electronic Keypad Lock begins our list by keeping things simple and offering effective performance without complications. One of the main reasons behind these benefits is it’s a straightforward, effortless installation process.

In fact, I didn’t have any trouble installing this commercial keypad door lock. It took only a few minutes and didn’t require any wiring as it fit my door perfectly. This aspect wasn’t too surprising as the model’s known for working with most standard doors.

Once installed, I was also pleased with the product’s ease of use. It’s pre-programmed with two unique access codes, so it’s usable right away. Users can also create and delete access codes whenever they want (up to 19) for temporary guests or trusted friends.

The lock’s security performance was quite impressive, as well. It’s made from highly durable brass that made my bypassing attempts look foolish.

I’d feel more than comfortable with a set of these SCHLAGE commercial door locks protecting my office or home. After all, I even had a locksmith come over to give it a few whirls, and he didn’t stand a chance.

But I do wish the handle was a little more comfortable. For instance, it provides a more wobbly feeling than I’d like for my home or business door locks. It’s a minor inconvenience but does affect how I perceive its overall user-friendliness.
  • Easy installation and simple using process
  • Pre-programmed with two access codes for immediate use
  • Allows up to 19 different access codes
  • Highly-durable brass material
  • Handle has a wobbly feel
However, this wobbly feel doesn’t outweigh its offer top-tier features for me. I still value its easy installation and durable construction more than this minor issue. As a result, it becomes more than suitable for my intended needs.

2. Dynasty Hardware AUG-03-26D Commercial Lever Lockset

It’s hard not to see why hotel and commercial building owners often choose Dynasty Hardware’s AUG-03-26D Commercial Lever Lockset. This product comes with an impressive grade 2 ANSI rating and durable, heavy-duty construction.

In other words, an intruder would have to be very determined to get through it. The door lock felt very sturdy when I was trying it out, especially its overall construction. It was clear that this product could withstand a large amount of force without much trouble.

Buyers will also need to realize that this product is a keyed commercial door lock. Normally, I’m not a massive fan of keyed locks, as I’m known for losing everything. But this one won me over with its excellent security and satin finish, which blends well into office decor.

Moreover, the affordable price was another aspect to grab my attention. It’s hard to find effective commercial door locks at this cost level. But this one certainly fits the bill based on how well it handles protecting my office from potential issues. Therefore, it becomes hard to call this option anything other than a bargain buy for my needs.

I was a little surprised to see these high commercial grade door locks had people complaining about the packaging. In these cases, the product arrived missing some parts and didn’t quite meet their expectations. Not in my case, though!
  • Grade 2 ANSI security rating
  • Durable, heavy-duty construction
  • Sufficient security level
  • Blendable satin finish for house decor
  • A more affordable option
  • Packaging issues might arise
Overall, I wouldn’t worry too much about these packaging issues. These reports seemed a lot more like isolated incidents rather than anything serious. Moreover, mine arrived with everything intact and without any damage or other problems.

3. VIZILOK C3FK Privacy Indicator Lock and Lever

The VIZILOK C3FK Privacy Indicator Lock and Lever is one of the more unique choices on this list because it has a single purpose. Its purpose is to make sure bathrooms are sacred places where people can do their business without being interrupted.

Its design points to this goal with the embedded in-use/vacant indicator. This feature will allow people using the bathroom to lock, and an “in-use” exterior green indication will be visible. It’s a simple way to ensure customers or employees can use the bathroom in peace.

Aside from this essential aspect, the lock also has a few exciting safety features. I was impressed with its ability to prevent lockout when an emergency occurs. A hole on its exterior hardware can be opened with a coin or screwdriver when necessary.

The installation wasn’t too bad, either, with it only requiring a screwdriver. I’ve certainly encountered much more difficult commercial lock install than this one. Therefore, it’s a rather practical option to provide security and privacy for bathroom areas.

It allows for some style choice, as well, with 20 color options. I find it hard to believe a buyer won’t find a variation that suits their situation well.

My only complaint would be the handle feels a little rougher than expected. In other words, it’s not the most comfortable door to use. I wasn’t the only person to notice this rough feel, either, as a few other customers made a note of it.
  • Ideal for bathroom doors
  • Embed visible in-use/vacant indicator for privacy
  • Prevents lockout with emergency hardware hole
  • Easy installation with screwdriver
  • 20 color options for multiple applications
  • Rough feeling handle
I’m not going to complain too much about the rough handling, though. It’s not the end of my world and won’t cause any injuries. Therefore, it’s not going to stop me from being satisfied with the performance provided by this particular lock.

4. McAvory MKCMTCAL Storefront Door Commercial Mortise Lock

One of the more simplistic and adaptable options would be McAvory’s MKCMTCAL Storefront Door Commercial Mortise Lock. It’s a standard commercial mortise keyed lock that works with many different commercial storefront door locks.

Other than its versatility, I was intrigued by its aluminum construction. It should stop rust from being an issue and provide high-level durability. This lock should have no problem keeping a store safe from a would-be intruder.

I was pleased with the thumb turn internal locking mechanism, as well. This feature was easy-to-use and didn’t provide any discomfort. Some other models make using their thumb turns difficult and frustrating, but MCAvory manages to keep it user-friendly. Plus, the include keys were rather well-crafted, too, as they felt durable and long-lasting.

Lastly, its simple and effective design allows the product to be affordable. This option happens to be one of the least costly choices on our entire list. I would even warrant calling it a bargain for people in the right situation, like needing a storefront lock.

But it was a bit disappointing to see this option didn’t come with a screw set. Given this issue, the installation ended up being a little more challenging than needed. It just seems like an apparent oversight by McAvory when it comes to this product.
  • Adaptable and simple design
  • Suits various storefront locks
  • Durable, rust-resistant aluminum construction
  • An easy-to-use interior thumb turn
  • Well-crafted keys
  • A more affordable option
  • Doesn’t come with an included screw set
Once I did finish the install, the lock functioned as well as expected. I just needed to buy some screws that would fit, which added another expense to this project. But it wasn’t anything outrageous, and I did find its performance more than adequate.

5. Master Lock SLCHKE26D Commercial Keyed Entry Door Lock

This next option, Master Lock’s SLCHKE26D Commercial Keyed Entry Door Lock, comes from one of the more well-known brands within the door lock marketplace. Master Lock has been around for ages, and their products are almost always solid.

It didn’t shock me to learn this option was no different. This model provides me with a solid amount of security with its cylindrical construction. It gives the lock impressive durability, which should allow it to perform well for more than a few years.

As for its security level, this option is another one with an ANSI rating of grade 2. It should hold up well against intruders and be stable enough to work indoors or outdoors. I could easily see this work well as a commercial front door lock to protect a home.

It was pleasing to see this option comes with two keys to ensure I’d have a backup. I always feel more comfortable when a keyed commercial door locksets or locks come with backup keys. If they don’t, I become incredibly paranoid about losing them and then always do.

The included installation directions aren’t too helpful, though. I’d imagine newbie door lock installers might need to call their locksmith for this job. Honestly, Master Lock should’ve spent a little more time on these before packing them inside this option.
  • Durable, cylindrical construction with proven longevity
  • Grade 2 ANSI security rating
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor usage
  • Two included keys for backup
  • Subpar installation directions
But I’ve done these types of installations before, so this issue didn’t matter much. I could get it done without them and didn’t need any help besides watching one YouTube video. Once I installed it, the lock met my expectations.

6. Mutex ‎DLS2 Bathroom Privacy Lever Lock

Mutex’s ‎DLS2 Bathroom Privacy Lever Lock is another commercial lock built to help prevent awkward bathroom encounters. It’ll make sure those moments remain private with its embedded vacant/in-use window display. People should have no issues seeing this indicator from over 50-feet away.

I’m also intrigued by its brushed nickel hardware, which is corrosion-resistant. This attribute should increase the product’s longevity and ensure it’s easier to clean. After all, the latter benefit comes in handy for any piece of equipment near a bathroom.

The easy replacement process was another aspect to catch my attention. It can replace all standard doors up to 2″ thick within a couple of minutes. Honestly, it was shocking how easy I did the task as I didn’t even need to follow the instructions.

As with our previous bathroom door commercial lock, this model has a security notch on its outside knob. It allows people to unlock it from the exterior when an emergency occurs. I’d imagine this aspect comes in handy at hospitals or similar situations.

But I was a little surprised to see a few customers complain about the in-use/vacant sticker. It seems this component has a habit of falling off when users aren’t careful. Luckily, it hasn’t been an issue with my model yet.
  • Highly visible vacant/in-use window display
  • Easy to clean, corrosion-resistant brushed nickel hardware
  • Replaces any standard door up to 2″ thick
  • Easy replacement process
  • Equipped with security notch for emergencies
  • There might be in-use/vacant sticker quality issues
All in all, the sticker quality control issue isn’t a massive deal. Customers only reported these concerns in a few reviews, and I haven’t had a single problem. I’m reasonably confident it’ll remain intact as I stay careful and keep this issue in mind when using the lock.

7. Gimkok ‎S-806 Commercial Keyless Door Lock

People tend to worry about using commercial digital door locks because their fingerprint residue leaves marks on the keypad to relieve the code. But I don’t have to worry about that with Gimkok’s ‎S-806 Commercial Keyless Door Lock.

This option has zinc alloy buttons, which are resistant to wear and remove fingerprint traces. It keeps thieves from peeping on my passcode and entering my office or home. As a result, this electric door lock commercial product gives me peace of mind that my valuables stay protected.

Gimkok’s decision to include an embedded alarm was another nice security feature. This alarm will sound whenever the wrong code is put in 5 consecutive times. Due to this, it’ll make sure no one can just sit there and guess my passcode for an extended period.

Users can set their preferred password length up to 13 digits, as well. It makes the number of potential codes a lot more varied to prevent further the likelihood of anyone guessing. It’s another attribute that helps me more than comfortable with this commercial combination door lock.

Sadly, this option is another commercial lock hampered by lousy install instructions. I couldn’t make heads or tails of them when trying to set up this lock. I can’t imagine anyone else having much luck with them, either.
  • Wear-resistant, zinc alloy buttons
  • Removes fingerprint traces and prevents passcode peeking
  • Embedded alarm sounds after five failed attempts
  • Allows for passcodes up to 13 digits
  • Unhelpful installation directions
Aside from the unhelpful instructions, I didn’t have a single other issue with this lock. It offers sufficient security and a practical keypad component. I just wish the initial installation wasn’t such a frustrating endeavor and had better directions.

8. AmazonCommercial ‎AC-DH100-PB-2 Commercial Entry Door Locks

The AmazonCommercial ‎AC-DH100-PB-2 Commercial Entry Door Locks provide buyers with a choice between a 2-pack and a 4-pack for multiple applications. As someone who needs various door locks, these package deals represent an intriguing offer.

But these options wouldn’t do much good if they weren’t quality locks. Thankfully, these products are made from rigid materials ready to provide decent security. Each lock has a construction consisting of durable stainless steel, steel, and zinc alloy.

I didn’t mind the look of these locks, either. These products are polished with an attractive brass finish that provides a sense of style. I could easily find multiple doors within my home or place of business that could benefit from this design. Plus, they fit any door between 1 ⅜” and 1 ¾” thick.

The products are fitted with a limited 1-year warranty, as well. I’m always going to feel more comfortable with locks containing one of these policies. After all, it shows the manufacturer has at least some faith in their product lasting a certain amount of time.

This AmazonCommercial option does have a slight reputation for shipping issues. After all, there’s a small number of reports about these locks arriving without keys. It’s something to monitor and research before putting money down on this lock.
  • 2-pack or 4-pack for multiple applications
  • Made from durable steel, zinc alloy, and stainless steel
  • Attractive polished brass finish
  • Fit any door between 1 ⅜” and 1 ¾” thick
  • Limited 1-year warranty
  • Concerns about shipping
These shipping issues are slightly concerning, but I personally didn’t have problems. Most buyers seem to have a similar outcome as its reviews are filled with happy customers. In any case, the locks themselves would be worth the risk for me, especially for a package deal.

9. Kwikset 99550-003 Smart Code 955 Electronic Lever Lock

It’s hard not to come away impressed by Kwikset’s 99550-003 Smart Code 955 Electronic Lever Lock list of features. For instance, this keyless option allows me to create 30 unique passcodes for controlled access.

This attribute offers complete control over who’s allowed inside the space. As a result, it’s easy to see why this model has become a favorite among business owners and offices. It’s a simple way to keep those spaces safe and accessible for the proper people.

Administer users have access to 3 different locking modes, as well. I have a choice between auto-lock (locks after every use), passage (stays unlocked), and disable passage(key entry only)modes. It allows the product to adapt to various applications and situations with ease.

I was also pleased with this product’s 3-year battery life. This attribute ensures I don’t have to worry about changing the batteries for a long, long time. Due to this, it saves me from having to spend money on those batteries, which can be costly.

It’s worth noting that some customers had issues with the button quality. In those situations, the buttons of this commercial keypad door lock would get stuck after long-term regular usage. But these issues are mentioned only a few times, and I haven’t had any problems yet.
  • Can store up to 30 access codes
  • Ideal for business and offices spaces
  • Three locking modes (auto-lock, passage, and disable passage)
  • Adaptable in multiple situations and applications
  • 3-year battery life
  • Button quality isn’t top-tier
The button quality issue seems more to be isolated problems rather than any serious ones. I wouldn’t worry too much about it as most people are more than happy with this option. I’d just recommend remaining careful, and there shouldn’t be any trouble.

10. LYNN HARDWARE BL8571-ENTRY-US26D Commercial Lock

There isn’t anything too fancy about LYNN HARDWARE’s BL8571-ENTRY-US26D Commercial Lock. But this keyed option gets the job done with its grade 2 ANSI rating and heavy-duty construction. In other words, it’ll have no issues dealing with regular usage in high-traffic areas.

I could see it being a suitable fit inside government buildings, apartments complex, and similar situations. Moreover, it comes with everything needed for simple installation. Buyers will get a strike plate, mounting screws, bolts, and helpful instructions to ensure a smooth process.

The product’s adaptable satin chrome finish and right-handed/left-handed reversibility were other interesting touches. Both help ensure the keyed product will mesh into any situation without much issue or difficulty as a solid commercial grade lock.

Lastly, this option comes with a 10-year warranty. I don’t often come across commercial locks with warranty policies for length in this marketplace. As a result, this brand has put a lot of energy into making this a high-quality option.

However, this heavy duty door lock does have a rather bulky construction, even among these commercial door lock types. Therefore, it could present some problems in tight or crowded spaces. I can’t imagine being a good fit for a closet door lock or a similar situation.
  • Heavy-duty construction with grade-2 ANSI rating
  • Simple installation with all hardware included
  • Adaptable satin chrome finish
  • Suitable for right-handed or left-handed doors
  • 10-year warranty
  • Bulky construction
I didn’t end up minding the bulky construction as I had more than enough room for it within my office. All in all, it is definitely a high-quality option but I would say that it is a rather good fit for an apartment complex or commercial buildings.

11. Berlin Modisch Door Handle and Deadbolt Lock

Berlin Modisch’s Door Handle and Deadbolt Lock has a modern design that should suit commercial or residential usage. It’ll blend in well with its low-profile appearance and provide some solid security features.

For instance, this option offers durable, heavy-duty construction that can withstand excessive force. It should have no trouble dealing with would-be intruders or trespassers. I even gave a few half-hearted attempts to bypass it without absolutely no luck.

The interior thumb turn-lock knob was another intriguing aspect. It was comfortable to use and ensured I had privacy whenever I needed it within my offices. Plus, a person can only open this thumb turn from the exterior with the included key for added security.

It won’t cost an arm and leg to obtain, unlike other heavy duty commercial door locks, either. This option should fall right into the budget range of most buyers with ease. Moreover, the door handle and single cylinder deadbolt are reversible, allowing them to work on both right and left-handed doors.

The product’s paint coating isn’t as tough as its construction, though. It has already started to wear a little and show the underneath metal after a few months. It’s not a massive issue, but one worth knowing about when considering this option.
  • Modern design with understated appearance
  • Durable, heavy-duty construction to withstand force
  • Comfortable, easy-to-use interior thumb turn
  • Reasonably priced option
  • Suitable for left-handed or right-handed doors
  • Paint coating wears off quickly
Honestly, I’m not too worried about how my office locks look as long as they provide enough security. It makes the wear issue not an enormous deal for my purposes. But if I were looking for a home interior or heavy-duty front door locks, I’d probably look elsewhere.

12. SMONET ‎SN-VBUS-ZNS-H001-SIL Fingerprint Door Lock

Our final option, SMONET’s ‎SN-VBUS-ZNS-H001-SIL Fingerprint Door Lock, is a bit different from these other high security commercial door locks. It utilizes fingerprint recognition technology to offer a more secure unlocking/locking mechanism.

But it doesn’t only rely on fingerprints to unlock or lock its respective door. This lock comes with five access methods to ensure I always have a way into my office or home. I can open it using my finger, a passcode, IC card, smartphone, or backup key.

As a result, I will never need to worry about forgetting my key or phone again. I must admit this advanced technology did scare me at first regarding installation. But SMONET made sure the process was easy enough to do it with their provided video guide.

This fingerprint door lock can serve various purposes, as well. It features a reversible door handle that works on both right-handed or left-handed doors. It’s an attribute that provides it with a great deal of versatility and practicality inside a home.

But this final product does come with one costly downside. It features the highest price among our choices and costs a pretty penny to buy. So each buyer will need to decide whether its innovative features and design are worth the price increase.
  • Uses fingerprint recognition for extra security
  • Five access methods (fingerprint, passcode, IC card, smartphone, and key)
  • Easy installation with included video guide
  • Suitable for use on right or left-handed doors
  • A higher-priced option
Overall, I enjoy the convenience of the fingerprint unlocking/locking mechanism enough to justify its cost. But it’s easy to see how someone else would balk at spending this much on a door lock. It’s a substantial amount of cash for these locks.

What to Look for When Buying Commercial Door Locks


Several things will come into play when buying commercial security door locks. In some cases, these moving parts can cause a lot of uncertainty for buyers. This section will discuss them at length to ensure the process becomes stress-free.

Door Lock Rating

Door lock ratings will play a role in choosing your best-suited option. Every lock is rated 1-3 based on their security performance. As you might expect, a door lock with a 1 rating is the most secure, while three is the least safe.

Every worthwhile commercial lock will have a grade 1 or grade 2 rating. Therefore, these options should provide the security and user-friendliness a person would want.

Convenience and Durability

Any high-quality commercial door lock will offer both convenience and durability. I’d suggest reading through other customers’ reviews to see whether it holds up well. These resources are vital to ensure you choose a suitable effective option.

Meanwhile, I’d advise sticking with commercial electronic door locks. These options tend to offer the most stability among these products. So if you stick with them, I see no reason why the device wouldn’t meet your expectations.

Size of Your Commercial Property

Your commercial property’s size will play a role in purchasing the right commercial locks, as well. For example, if you’re a retail store owner in a local area, durable locks with a powered key would work perfectly fine to protect your valuables.

But anyone who needs to provide several people with access would need something different for their situation. In these cases, commercial keyless locks would be more advisable as access codes and combinations are much more convenient for multiple users.

Most people who fit into these situations end up purchasing a commercial door lock with keypad components. You’ll commonly see these devices used in apartment buildings and offices. After all, providing everyone with a key seems like a massive unneeded hassle.

Strength of Your Door Lock & Frame

Your commercial door’s frame needs to be as durable as the commercial lock protecting it. As a result, buyers must research both attributes before purchasing one of these devices. It’s the only way to ensure your property’s protected and secure.

I’d recommend sticking with door frames made from metal. These materials tend to be a lot more durable and resistant to pressure or force. Likewise, the longer bolts on your door frame should consist of metal materials.

Door Lock’s Internal Security

Anyone worried about their commercial property’s internal security needs to pay attention to their main or front door. For instance, larger commercial properties often have one main door to ensure the privacy of their official employees.

Electronic commercial door locks or smart door locks best protect these doors. In other words, any lock that provides access via key cards or similar means. It makes providing security and easy access much simpler for the employees.

What is the Most Common Security Feature on Commercial Doors


Cylindrical lever locks are the most common type of commercial door security device. You’ll often see these locks on the main doors of residential apartments. They work by using a key that might also come with a push-button depending on the model.

How Do You Unlock a Commercial Door

The process of unlocking a commercial door will depend on its lock type. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to answer this question in general terms due to the variation among commercial door locks. But once you know the lock type, unlocking shouldn’t be too difficult.

Can Commercial Door Locks Be Hacked

Commercial electronic locks, such as keypad options are susceptible to hacking like any other electronic device. But I wouldn’t worry too much about it as users can monitor entry and exit activities. Plus, they can remove any access key whenever they want.


Our reviews and buying guide should’ve provided a general idea about the best commercial door locks. It’s now time to use this information during your search. From there, finding a suitable option shouldn’t be much of an issue.

But if a question or two does remain, please let me know in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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