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The Best Refrigerator Locks for Additional Security

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Refrigerator security isn’t often the first thing on a homeowner’s mind. But there are situations where it becomes necessary to restrict fridge access. For instance, a curious child has become very interested in opening the fridge whenever he wants.

In these situations, it would make sense to purchase the best refrigerator lock possible. But it brings up the question of how one selects this perfect option? After all, there are many available locks for consumers to choose from within this marketplace.

This article will provide an answer by diving into everything a person could want to know about refrigerator locks. I’ll even point out a few crucial buying factors that’ll help determine what refrigerator lock best suits your particular needs. Here’s a quick look at some examples:

  • Lock Types: Several types of locks for refrigerators are available. You’ll need to decide which one best suits your particular preferences. In most cases, it’ll come down to choosing between a padlock, button strap lock, or clip strap lock.
  • Level of Security: Each buyer will have to decide their chosen lock’s security level. For instance, is a child proof lock enough for your needs, or do you require more protection like a padlock or combination code lock?
  • Ease of Use: The best fridge locks will have an easy using process that doesn’t require much effort to install. It’s essential to avoid any complicated refrigerator locks as they will only make your life more stressful.

I’ve also compiled a list of 10 high-quality refrigerator locks. Each of these options has proven to provide buyers with solid security and longevity. You’ll learn more about what separates them from the other choices within our product reviews and buying guide.


Top Product name Dimensions  Material Lock Type  
1 Computer Security Padlock 12.8 x 45.28 x 23.62 inches Brass Key lock Details
2 Munchkin ‎35046 6.75 x 4.7 x 1.6 inches Plastic Strap locks Details
3 Jool Baby Products ‎MUL-104 ‎9.88 x 6.61 x 0.51 inches Plastic Strap locks Details

Top 10 Refrigerator Lock Reviews

1. Computer Security Products ‎Refrigerator CSP-103.B Padlock

Computer Security Products’ Refrigerator ‎CSP-103.B Padlock has become a popular refrigerator lock because of its impressive security level. After all, its padlock is made from durable brass material that’ll hold up against most break-in attempts.

I even took a few swings at breaking through it without any luck. The Computer Security Products refrigerator lock managed to withstand my tests and stayed secure. Its plates didn’t move an inch, either, further cementing it being a reliable security measure.

The installation process was another vital attribute for this refrigerator padlock. It’s fitted with a strong 3M adhesive that allows for an easy permanent install right onto my fridge. Furthermore, I haven’t encountered any issues with the refrigerator lock remaining in place.

I should also mention that this refrigerator door lock with padlock isn’t only for fridge doors. Its plates can stick onto any standard door or cabinet, making it a rather versatile refrigerator lock. In fact, I was even tempted to buy more than one so I could up the security in several parts of my home.

This brand offers a 1-year product guarantee, as well. It allows buyers to get a full refund or a replacement if their purchase has any issues. Plus, it seems Computer Security Products honors this agreement, which isn’t always the case with other manufacturers.

I only wish the provided keys were a bit more durable and well-crafted. On more than one occasion, I’ve had to wiggle the key a few times to make it work. But these issues have become less frequent with regular usage.
  • Durable construction featuring a brass padlock
  • Well-crafted secure plates
  • Easy permanent installation with 3M adhesive
  • Usable on any cabinets or doors
  • Equipped with 1-year product guarantee
  • Suspect key quality
Aside from the keys being a little suspect, I haven’t had issues with this Computer Security Products refrigerator padlock’s performance. It has kept the dangerous medications away from my pets and provided me with peace of mind. What more could I ask from a fridge padlock?

2. Munchkin ‎35046 Xtraguard Dual Action Door Latches

One of the more versatile refrigerator locks available would be Munchkin’s ‎35046 Xtraguard Dual Action Door Latches. These refrigerator safety locks offer various applications, from locking up a mini fridge to working as a toilet seat or cabinet lock.

As a result, I was pretty pumped to see this choice came with two latches. It wasn’t hard to find more than one way to utilize them within my home. Their easy installation process didn’t hurt matters, either, as the provided adhesive is easy to remove and strong.

The price tag being affordable for a 2-pack is another solid attribute. Buyers won’t often find two high-quality fridge locks for this low cost. So it’s not surprising to learn that many bargain shoppers end up choosing this refrigerator door lock over other top-tier choices.

I was also pleased with their flexible strap, as it allows for easy latching around corners. It makes the entire product a lot more convenient than most child proof refrigerator locks. But none of these aspects hold a candle to the most appealing one.

Specifically, these latches require a dual-button operation to release. This double locking protection makes it difficult for small children to unlock these latches. However, it’s not hard enough where an adult can’t do it with ease: a perfect balance for a child proof fridge lock.

But I do have to admit that their design might be unappealing to some homeowners. These latches are a bit bulky and don’t mesh well with most fridge hardware. Some other buyers even mentioned them being a slight eyesore within their homes.
  • Suitable for various uses (toilet seats, fridge, cabinet, mini fridge, etc.)
  • 2-pack for multiple applications
  • Easy installation with strong adhesive that’s easy to remove
  • Affordable price
  • Flexible strap allows for easy latching around corners
  • Dual-button operation with child proof capabilities
  • The design might be unappealing to some customers
However, I’m not looking for a stylish fridge door lock. I just want something that gets the job done. These latches more than fit the bill with their impressive features.

3. Jool Baby Products ‎MUL-104 Child Safety Strap Locks

Childproofing a home doesn’t get any easier than with Jool Baby Products’ ‎MUL-104 Child Safety Strap Locks. These refrigerator locks are fitted with adjustable straps that allow them to work on several appliances and furniture pieces.

In fact, these straps adjust from 3” to 7” without any difficulty. I used them as a cabinet lock, drawer lock, oven lock, mini fridge lock, and much more within my home. More importantly, this option comes as a 4-pack to ensure I had no issues childproofing and pet-proofing several areas in my house.

The installation was a breeze, too, as it didn’t require any tools. These locks rely on a sticky, strong 3M adhesive for easy application and removal, as with other previous refrigerator locks. It took less than a minute to set them up in various settings.

I was pleased with their relatively low-profile clear design, as well. It allowed them to blend into my home relatively quickly, as I couldn’t see them on white surfaces. It’s a massive highlight that I haven’t seen much with other fridge locks.

Lastly, buyers get a 10-year warranty with their purchase to have some insurance. I’m always going to recommend choosing locks with these policies. After all, I never know when one of my nephews might go full Hulk and rip off the lock hinges.

But the sliding mechanism is a bit difficult to use as it doesn’t grip my fingertips. Therefore, I have to use my nail when locking or unlocking these childproof locks. It makes the process a little less comfortable than with other available refrigerator locks.
  • Fitted with adjustable attached strap (3” to 7”) for various applications
  • 4-pack for numerous pet-proof & baby proof needs
  • Simple tool-less installation with 3M adhesive
  • Low-profile, meshable clear design
  • 10-year warranty
  • Doesn’t grip onto fingertips well
Overall, I’ve learned to deal with the comfort issue as it doesn’t affect the performance. These locks do a formidable job as a lock for refrigerator door and other uses.

4. BoomBa ‎0101027_GR_1PCS Refrigerator Freezer Door Lock

The BoomBa ‎0101027_GR_1PCS Refrigerator Freezer Door Lock separates itself with its easy using process. I can open my fridge with one hand and don’t need to drop my groceries when restocking my fridge or freezer.

Its performance quality wasn’t any slouch, either. My nephews had no luck getting through its strong construction, and my pets failed just as badly. It was awe-inspiring because my cat has managed to break through almost every fridge lock for kids.

The lock’s self-locking system also deserves some praise. Locking refrigerator isn’t a task that’s often on my mind, so I would forget if I had to do it myself. So I was delighted by how this latch automatically locks itself for me.

BoomBa offering two color options was another worthwhile attribute. Each buyer will have a choice between grey and white to ensure there are no meshing issues. I found myself leaning towards white as it blends perfectly into my fridge’s door.

Its T-shape design helps the refrigerator lock have a higher convenience level, as well. This refrigerator lock for toddlers should blend effortlessly into a fridge door’s construction. Honestly, I couldn’t even tell it was there at certain distances.

Some customers did mention the adhesive being a bit weaker than expected. In these cases, they had to reinforce it with double-sided tape or other means. But I haven’t experienced any problems with it as the lock has held up wonderfully.
  • Easy using process with convenient, one-hand operation
  • Strong construction, effective against kids and pets
  • Self-locking system locks refrigerator doors by itself
  • Two color choices (grey and white)
  • Blendable, T-shaped design
  • Adhesion issues (tip: use double-sided tape)
Even if the adhesive does lose its stickiness, there are simple solutions. It’s not an issue that affects my overall perception of this product, as it has been beneficial for my needs. There have been no incidents since I installed the lock.

5. Guardianite ‎REF-203.W Premium Keyed Refrigerator Door Lock

I’m usually not a massive fan of fridge locks with keys, but Guardianite’s ‎REF-203.W Premium Keyed Refrigerator Door Lock is hard to overlook. Its alloy steel construction provides a durability that most other refrigerator door locks can’t match.

For instance, this heavy duty refrigerator lock has a scratch-proof powder coat for extra protection. It ensures the refrigerator lock remains in top condition even with regular usage. Plus, it’s a massive reason why this model can withstand attacks from kids and adults.

I should also mention this lock is quite convenient with its swiveling cable. In other words, the cable will move out of my way when it’s unlocked. Most other fridge locks with key locking mechanisms don’t and become a huge hassle.

Operating this fridge lock for adults was relatively straightforward, as well. A simple turning of a key unlocks its built-in lock. I had no issues using it even when my hands were full, which is a massive positive.

Furthermore, the two included keys were impressive with their well-crafted designs. I haven’t had a single problem with wiggling or durability concerns with their use. It also helps that there’s a backup key for people who tend to lose things like myself.

I was pretty surprised about this option’s price tag, though. It happens to be one of the more costly refrigerator locks on our entire list. Each buyer will need to think hard about whether the cost is worth its rather impressive features.
  • Durable, alloy steel construction
  • Scratch-proof powder coat for additional protection
  • Equipped with a convenient swiveling cable
  • Simple one-handed operation
  • Two well-crafted, durable keys
  • Costs a bit more than standard locks
All in all, I have no problem with paying a little extra for better quality. This lock certainly provides better security than most refrigerator locks for adults. But I could see how another buyer would feel differently.

6. EUDEMON Home Refrigerator Door Lock

EUDEMON’s Home Refrigerator Door Lock makes a name for itself by being incredibly convenient with its adaptable design. It gains this adaptability with its resilient, durable PC material that can suit almost any fridge available today.

As a result, users have utilized it on outdoor refrigerators, compact refrigerators, direct single-door fridges, and many more. I even found it helpful on my mini fridge as it managed to keep its fridge door closed without issue.

This refrigerator lock’s 3M VHB adhesive tape was rather appealing, as well. It has a larger surface area than I often see with these components. Due to this, the installation process becomes a breeze and almost effortless.

I was also pleased to see this refrigerator lock has a self-locking system. It’ll keep a standard fridge door closed even when I might be a little forgetful about it. Therefore, it helps me keep my food items fresh rather than spoiled by a left open door.

Moreover, this fridge lock is incredibly effective at keeping out small kids and pets. I doubt any toddler or small child will have any luck getting past it. After all, multiple customers praised its ability in these roles within their reviews.

A few people did mention experiencing shipping issues with this refrigerator lock. In these situations, it seems the refrigerator lock has a habit of arriving later than expected. Luckily, I didn’t have any issues with my particular package, but it’s still worth noting.
  • Adaptable design suits various fridges
  • Resilient, durable PC construction material
  • Easy install with larger 3M VHB adhesive tape
  • Automatically locks with self-locking system
  • Proven kid and pet stopper
  • Shipping issues (late arrivals)
In the end, I wouldn’t allow these shipping issues to affect my decision much. These incidents seem isolated rather than common. Most buyers ended up overly pleased with their decision to purchase this fridge or freezer lock.

7. BAOWEIJD 00077 Refrigerator Key Lock

This next option, BAOWEIJD’s 00077 Refrigerator Key Lock, is one of the most durable choices available for buyers. It’s a heavy-duty refrigerator lock with big adhesive pads and steel aircraft vinyl-covered cables. Therefore, I don’t expect this lock to need replacing anytime soon.

Of course, this wouldn’t matter much without solid performance. This refrigerator lock excels with its key locking mechanism. It hasn’t had any issues keeping my pets or nephews from stealing my food.

The key locking mechanism one-hand operation also isn’t overly complex. I simply turn the key and remove the hasps to open my fridge door. It doesn’t get much more manageable when concerning keyed refrigerator locks.

BAOWEIJD included a cleaning cloth sheet with each purchase, as well. It was a nice touch since this sheet will help clean the fridge’s surface before putting on the adhesive tape. This aspect allowed for a better connection between the lock and my fridge.

Lastly, this option comes with two refrigerator locks and four keys. I didn’t have much difficulty finding multiple uses for these locks, and I’m never going to turn down backup keys. Overall, BAOWEIJD did a solid job building a high-quality option.

But some customers did mention the adhesive had a habit of failing when in hot temperatures. So it might not be a good idea to use this lock on a fridge within a garage or outside refrigerators. The hotter temperatures could cause it to slip off and become ineffective.
  • Heavy-duty with large adhesive pads and steel aircraft vinyl-covered cables
  • Reliable key locking mechanism
  • Easy one hand using operation
  • Cleaning cloth sheet promotes a strong adhesive bond
  • 2-pack with four keys for multiple uses
  • Adhesive isn’t suitable for extremely hot temperatures
Thankfully, I didn’t need to use this refrigerator key lock in hotter temperatures. It instead functioned notably well in the cool confines of my home.

8. Urban ‎QA01Q August Original Combination Fridge Lock

The Urban ‎QA01Q August Original Combination Fridge Lock is another option fitted with a 4-digit combination lock for additional security. But it’s a bit different from most refrigerator locks on our list as it doesn’t use adhesive.

Instead, it has a one-size-fits-all design for almost any refrigerator with french doors or double doors. It’ll work with any door handles with a diameter up to 17.5″, which gives it a bit more versatility than I anticipated.

Buyers don’t need to worry about any complicated installation, either. It’s a simple matter of setting up a combination by following the directions and placing it around the door’s handles. Again, I found it to be straightforward and hassle-free.

Once it’s installed, the lock protects my fridge with its cut-proof, robust steel alloy cable. I don’t see how anyone would get through it unless they had heavy-duty equipment. It gives me peace of mind that my pets won’t start any mischief when I’m out or sleeping.

I found myself liking its sleek design, as well. It has a nice black color scheme that doesn’t stick out too much around my fridge. This refrigerator lock isn’t going to be an eyesore like many other available models.

But I do wish the combination dials were a bit easier to turn. They have a habit of sticking, which can be inconvenient when in a rush. However, this problem has become less of an issue over time as I use them more regularly.
  • 4-digit combination lock for additional security
  • Fits any french door or double door with handle diameter up to 17.5″
  • Hassle-free installation with helpful instructions
  • Cut-proof, robust steel alloy cable
  • Sleek design with black coloring
  • Dials are hard to turn
Once the dials started becoming easier to use, this double door fridge lock was a godsend. It ended up more than meeting my expectations with its high-security level and durable construction.

9. EUDEMON ‎B3710 French Refrigerator Door Lock

A French door or double door refrigerator isn’t always the easiest to protect. However, EUDEMON’s ‎B3710 French Refrigerator Door Lock does a solid job with its distinct construction. It looks very much like an old boombox but offers some appealing features.

One example would be its two-button operating method. As the name suggests, it requires users to hit two buttons at once to unlock the lock. Any adult shouldn’t have a problem doing it with a single hand, but children will find it complicated.

French door fridges and double door refrigerators aren’t the only suitable application, either. I managed to place this lock on multiple two-door cupboards and cabinets in my home. It should work in these situations as long as the gap between doors isn’t more than two centimeters.

Meanwhile, the strong 3M VHB tape stood out for its ability to refrain from doing any surface damage. Most adhesive-based door locks will leave behind residue. But this one removes easily and doesn’t leave any imprint that tells me it was ever there.

Other notable traits include two color choices (white and blue), an affordable price, and a tool-less installation. Each of these inclusions only further confirms this lock as a convenient option for a homeowner.

The product’s bulky design was a bit disappointing, though. It takes up a lot of room on my fridge’s door and doesn’t blend well into it. This issue is more of a preference concern but still worth thinking about before buying it.
  • Built for use on double door or french door refrigerators
  • Easy two-button operating method
  • Usable on any two-door cupboards, cabinets with a gap less than 2cm
  • Residue-free strong 3M VHB tape (tool-less installation)
  • Two color choices (white and blue)
  • A more affordable option
  • A bit bulky design
Overall, the refrigerator lock having a bulky design could make it a hard sell for some people. But I didn’t end up caring much as its other benefits outweigh this one issue. It’s easily one of the top-rated refrigerator locks for a french door fridge.

10. FresherAcc 2020622 Refrigerator Lock Latch

Our final product, FresherAcc’s 2020622 Refrigerator Lock Latch, was explicitly built to lock up french door refrigerators. It accomplishes this goal with a secure belt fitted with a 3-digit combination lock (1,000 possible codes).

As a result, it does an excellent job functioning as a fridge lock for toddlers and adults. A refrigerator with lock code locking mechanisms is a formidable foe for anyone. It should have no problem keeping out even the most unruly teens.

I was also thrilled by the easy resetting process for the combination lock’s code. It’s a simple 3-step method that ensures getting my preferred combination takes little effort. In fact, it only took a few seconds and didn’t require any tools.

Buyers should note that this lock offers a bit of versatility, as well. FresherAcc designed it with a sliding switch capable of fitting any french door diameter between 8” and 13.5”. It was an easy fit for my particular french door fridge and should work on most in today’s market.

The installation process was a bit different from most refrigerator locks but remains simple. For example, its belt design snaps into place around the double doors for a snug fit. It turned mine into a lockable refridgerator within a matter of a few minutes.

But I did find the combination dials a little hard to read. I don’t have the best eyesight, so I needed my reading glasses to see them. Other customers mentioned having similar issues with this double door refrigerator lock.
  • Secure belt construction
  • Fitted with a 3-digit combination lock (1,000 possible codes)
  • Easy 3-step code entry reset process
  • Fits any french door fridge between 8” and 13.5”
  • Simple installation with snap belt design
  • Hard-to-read combination dials
Once I got used to the dials, I had a dependable refrigerator with lock setup. It made sure both the freezer and fridge were secure even when my dog decided to attack it.

What to Look for When Buying Refrigerator Locks


Before choosing the perfect fridge lock, buyers will need to consider several factors. This section will discuss each of them in detail to provide a solid starting point. From there, the selection process should become relatively straightforward and stress-free.

Lock’s Intended Purpose

It’s essential to start this process by thinking about your fridge lock’s intended purpose—in other words, the reason why you’re considering buying one in the first place. Are you looking to secure medications or a fridge lock for adults? Or do you want to keep animals or kids from opening the refrigerator?

Answering these questions about the lock’s intended purpose makes finding the perfect option much easier. Once you know the plan, choosing the right refrigerator lock with suitable specifications shouldn’t be an issue.


Each refrigerator lock will come with a different price tag. As a result, buyers should consider building a well-constructed budget based on their individual needs. It’s a simple way of narrowing the available options down to a more manageable number.

Lock Types

Refrigerator locks come in all different shapes and sizes. Therefore, it’s essential to consider your specific needs and what kind of refrigerator needs protection. Some buyers might need a good lock to keep their food safe from other adults, while others might require it to secure alcoholic drinks from their children.

So, it becomes a matter of figuring out what lock type works better for your situation. Here’s a quick overview of the most common refrigerator locks available:

  • Button Strap Fridge Lock

Button strap locks are notable for their connected strap that keeps standard fridge doors shut. Once a person has installed them on the front and side doors, they’ll be impossible to open unless you press the release button.

The lock’s latch will automatically lock when the door becomes closed. Unfortunately, the device’s plate will eventually wear out with regular usage, so users will need to replace it with a new one to ensure the lock remains useful.

In any case, button strap refrigerator locks usually have a minimum lifespan of six months. Most people find them ideal as child refrigerator locks around small kids and babies. However, they might not be durable or secure enough to keep out older children.

  • Padlock

Padlocks are a suitable choice for all ages, as they provide excellent security. These safety devices will have two metal attachments within their design. You’ll need to use the key that comes with a padlock to lock and unlock it.

Otherwise, a person would need some security equipment to get through it. Hard padlocks aren’t going to be bypassed with a couple of powerful pulls. Due to this, they’re considered the most durable type of refrigerator locks.

I’d recommend using them to keep medicines and dangerous items safe in the fridge. However, it would be pretty inconvenient to unlock or lock a refrigerator whenever you need drinks or food items.

  • Clip Strap Refrigerator Lock

Clip strap refrigerator locks are ideally suited for side-by-side or French fridges. These options provide security with their combination lock and flexible strap. Users will need to wrap the strap around both door handles before inputting their combination code.

More importantly, these locks can only be unlocked by people with the code. You can even reset your preferred code whenever it’s needed to limit access. So it’s a rather handy way of keeping your fridge off-limits to specific individuals.

In the end, clip strap locks are a suitable way of preventing kids or pets from getting into the fridge. I only wish these options were a bit more durable. They tend to lag behind the other types when concerning longevity.

Level of Security

Each buyer should choose a refrigerator lock that offers the right amount of security. It might seem like common sense, but a lot of people get sucked into other traits. So please think about what you intend to protect and who it needs protection from when buying these locks.

For instance, a person who is looking for childproofing locks might be okay with a standard lock. But these options wouldn’t work for teenagers or snoopy adults. Padlocks and combination locks would be much better options to stop them with their higher security levels.


The best refrigerator locks will last a long time without issue. They’ll provide a heightened sense of durability that emits from their impressive constructions. For instance, these choices will usually feature heavy-duty materials and are rust-proof.

I’d recommend sticking to refrigerator locks built from these materials. Otherwise, a bad purchase might rear its head in your life in the near future. It’s also essential to look at customer reviews as a helpful resource when determining each lock’s durability.

After all, buyers can’t always trust the manufacturer’s word about their product. It’s much safer to rely on another customer’s experience when choosing security items. These resources will tell you whether the lock holds up and meets expectations.


The different types of refrigerator locks will have distinct locking and installation methods. It’s crucial to decide which option is suitable for your exact preferences. This determination will help ensure the process ends with a smile on your face.

For instance, a person who prefers having keys should look for refrigerator locks with key unlocking/locking. I’d also suggest making copies of the key to ensure you don’t run into any problems. It’s always a good idea to have a backup access plan with any lock type.

Buyers who prefer a combination lock should consider changing their codes regularly. It’s a security precaution to help prevent someone from quickly figuring out a way past the lock. But it might be a good idea to write the code down or save it on your phone.

Ease of Use

Some manufacturers make their fridge locks unbelievably complicated to use. Buyers will want to avoid these options when choosing their perfect lock. An easy way to prevent yourself from buying them is reading through the directions of each model.

As you can imagine, these directions will provide an insight into its challenging or easy installation process. You’ll gain a sense of whether the process is a comfortable one for your preferences. Customer reviews will also help as people tend to get angry when buying an unnecessarily complex product.

Can You Put a Lock on a Refrigerator


Yes, there isn’t any reason why you can’t legally have a fridge with locks. You just need to acquire the right lock, follow its directions, and secure it. From there, it should protect against whatever issue presents itself.

How Do You Secure a Fridge

There are several different methods of how to lock a fridge, but buying a fridge lock would be the easiest. It’s a simple means of keeping unwanted people from getting into your things. You only need to determine what lock meets your particular circumstances the best.

How Can You Childproof a Refrigerator Door

Small kids and toddlers are curious about exploring areas where they don’t belong. Lock manufacturers have created a way to deal with their curiosity with childproof locks. Placing them on your fridge will offer a level of childproofing that keeps everyone safe.

How Do You Open a Locked Fridge

The opening process will depend on your chosen lock mechanism. It might require putting in a key or preferred combination to unlock your fridge’s door. However, if you’re locked out, I wouldn’t try anything crazy like picking it unless you have professional experience.

You’d be much better off calling a locksmith or a professional for help. If you don’t, the bypassing attempts could damage the lock hinges or your fridge’s door. Neither outcome is something a buyer wants to deal with as it’ll only increase your repair costs.

Click here for more information on the top-rated locks for french doors. In addition, there are some other types of locks you can refer to such as trigger locks or locks for basement door.


Our article should’ve provided insight into the best refrigerator lock for your situation. It’s now time to use these resources and start diving into your search. The right option should become rather apparent quickly.

But if a problem does present itself, don’t hesitate to let me know. I’ll make sure to answer any questions and provide feedback as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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