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What Has Many Keys and Can’t Open a Lock? (Riddle)

Fact checked by Teddy B.Miller

what has many keys and can't open a lock

Riddles are all over the internet, and when you get past one, you might get stuck for hours trying to rack your brain for the correct answer.

Here’s the fun riddle of the day: what has many keys and can’t open a lock?

If you have already used your brain power and cannot think of any answers that fit the riddle, read on!

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The Answer

The answer to the question “what has 88 keys and cannot open a lock?” is simple — it’s a piano.

A piano has keys but cannot open a single lock. Although this musical instrument has 88 black and white keys corresponding to a specific note, each key doesn’t open a lock but can only make sound or music.

This riddle uses wordplay with the definition of the word “key.” This riddle makes you think about keys that can unlock any locks or doors, but it actually refers to the keys of the piano where each key cannot open a lock.

So the next time you are asked the thing that has keys but can unlock no doors, you already know what to answer.

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With time and a little pondering, it is relatively easy to arrive at the correct answer. When faced with another interesting riddle, it’s fun to think about it first before considering looking for the answer online.

Now that you know the answer to the question “What has many keys and can’t open a lock?” it’s your turn to have fun with the riddle. Spice it up with a prize to make them interested and think about it

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