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The 12 Best Homekit Door Locks (Compatibility with both IOS and Android Devices)

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best homekit door lock

HomeKit door locks are a great way to add some extra security and convenience to your home. These devices will provide a user with the power to unlock their doors via Siri or a tap whenever needed.

But finding the best HomeKit door lock does represent a slight challenge. These products have become more and more popular, causing available options to skyrocket. So how do people separate the top-tier options from the subpar ones?

You’ll need a handle on the essential considerations when choosing a suitable lock. These factors will help determine what ones fit your specific needs perfectly. Here’s a quick rundown of some aspects that’ll become an important part of this search:

  • Door Fit: One of the first considerations would be your door’s fit and lock type. You’ll need to determine what style works best with your home’s door. Each buyer will come across several options: ones that attach onto deadbolts, mortise locks, partially integrated choices, and more.
  • Access Methods: HomeKit door locks offer several variations of unlocking/locking their respective doors. You’ll need to decide whether you want to use a keypad, touchscreen, unlock using a phone app, or all of the above.
  • Compatibility with Other Smart Devices: Some choices will offer compatibility with other smart devices within your home, like Apple TVs and speakers. It’s something to check up on before making a final decision on any HomeKit door lock.

I’ve also compiled a list of 12 high-quality HomeKit door locks to offer a better picture of what’s available. I chose each one based on them having what are considered top-tier features. You’ll learn much more about these aspects in our following product reviews and buying guide.


Top Product name Dimensions  Support Assistant Control Method  
1 August‎ Smart Lock Pro 3.4 x 2.22 x 3.4 inches Vera, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings Voice, App Details
2 Kwikset 99190-001 10 x 4 x 3.5 inches Apple HomeKit, IOS Voice, App, Touch Details
3 VOCOlinc Apple ‎8.98 x 5.08 x 4.02 inches Apple HomeKit, Siri, IOS App, Remote, Touch, Voice Details

Top 12 HomeKit Door Lock Reviews

1. August‎ Smart Lock Pro and Connect Hub

August’s ‎AUG-SL03-C02-S03 Smart Lock Pro and Connect Hub is a decent way to start our list. It’s a Wi-Fi network-based August lock HomeKit device that’ll provide solid security. But I was most impressed by its overall user-friendliness.

For instance, August included a Wi-Fi bridge to ensure a smooth setup. This aspect removes a potential extra expense that would have raised the cost more. But, more importantly, this bridge was easy enough to figure out even for someone who is not so good with electronics like me.

I was pleased with being able to monitor my door from my smartphone, as well. In fact, I can notice who enters and leaves my house using this convenient control feature.

Setting up this August smart lock HomeKit device wasn’t difficult, either, as it fits most standard single cylinder deadbolts. It attached right onto my existing front door deadbolt without any issues. Plus, its security performance passed my tests of trying to bypass it with its 600 pounds of holding force.

The security level only increases further with the option of using the biometric opt-in feature. It allows users to use their smartphones fingerprint/facial recognition software as a verification measure when operating the device remotely.

But I did find the auto-unlock/lock feature a little subpar. It didn’t always work as it was supposed, even when I made sure to follow the directions perfectly. I wasn’t the only one to have these issues, as it was mentioned a few times in other reviews and on Reddit.
  • Simple to use Wi-Fi bridge included
  • Remote monitoring via smartphone
  • Attaches onto most single-cylinder deadbolts
  • 600 pound holding force
  • Remote user verification with biometric opt-in feature
  • Auto-unlock/lock feature isn’t perfect
Aside from the auto-unlock feature, this smart lock HomeKit compatible device met my expectations. The Wi-Fi bridge, 600-pound holding force, and effective remote motoring made it worth this slight issue.

2. Kwikset 99190-001 HomeKit Smart Lock

The Kwikset 99190-001 HomeKit Enabled Keyless Smart Lock earns its placement with an impressive security level. In fact, this product was certified by the ANSI as a grade 2 door lock, making it more capable of keeping my home protected.

But its impressive security level isn’t the only notable feature. This model provides remote access via an iOS app and other Apple devices that allow you to monitor, lock, and unlock the door. Moreover, the app itself was easy to use when doing these tasks.

I was intrigued by being able to use Siri voice control to check the lock’s history. Due to this, monitoring whether my door is locked or not becomes much easier. I can’t forget the product’s optional security features, either, such as the auto-lock and alarm for incorrect codes.

Another security aspect worth mentioning is the product’s use of Securescreen Technology. It allows me to input random digits before entering my access code. It’s a vital attribute as it’ll prevent anyone from peeking while I’m entering my PIN.

The installation process was also relatively straightforward as this model has a sizable range. For instance, its adjustable backset can work with most standard doors as it can adjust between 2 ⅜” and 2 ¾”. Thus, it made the entire task a breeze for setting it up on my front door.

However, it’s important to note that this model isn’t compatible with Android devices. It’s strictly an Apple HomeKit smart lock, which limits its overall versatility. Due to this, it could end up being an unusable option for some families.
  • Effective security with grade 2 ASNI rating
  • Remote access via iOS app and other Apple devices
  • Compatible with Siri voice control
  • Optional security add-ons (auto-lock and alarm for incorrect codes)
  • SecureScreen Technology prevents code peeking
  • Adjustable backset fits most standard doors
  • Not compatible with Android devices
But everyone who needs access to the lock in my home has an iPhone. Therefore, this lack of Android compatibility wasn’t an issue and allowed for an effective integration into my home.

3. VOCOlinc Apple HomeKit T Guard Smart Lock

One of the more stylish HomeKit enabled locks would have to be VOCOlinc’s Apple HomeKit T Guard Smart Lock. It has an appealing aged bronze finish that had no issues blending into my home decor.

But, of course, a stylish design doesn’t mean much if a lock can’t provide security. This model certainly met my expectations as a solid protective measure for my home. In fact, it works with my Apple devices without issue and provides a more straightforward using process than most devices.

This model also offers four different methods of unlocking my door. I can ask Siri, use the Apple Home app, type in my access code, or use the backup key. Due to this, I always have a way of entering my house when my forgetful mind forgot the passcode.

I was pleased with the lock’s ability to manage 30 access codes, as well. My home has various people coming in and out, from dog walkers to family/friends. Furthermore, I can turn on the “administrator only access” when I need all the codes disabled for extra security.

Don’t overlook the energy saving “away mode”, either. This feature disables the touch panel to help reduce the device’s battery drain and saves power.

My only issue with this option was the touchscreen wasn’t super responsive. There have been times where I’ve had to tap it a few times before the device comes alive. But honestly, it’s a small inconvenience rather than anything overly serious.
  • Stylish design with blendable aged bronze finish
  • Easy using process with seamlessly Apple device compatibility
  • Offers four access methods (Siri, app, access code, or backup key)
  • Manages up to 30 codes at once
  • Administrator only access mode to disable all codes when needed
  • Energy-saving “away mode” limits power usage
  • Touchscreen response time could be better
I can learn to live with the touchscreen issue as it only happened a few times. After all, its other features, aged bronze finish and various security aspects, offered by this HomeKit lock outweigh the one issue.

4. Yale ‎Security YRD226-CBA-619 Touchscreen Lock

This next option, Yale Security’s YRD226-CBA-619 Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock, provides a bit more versatility than most other HomeKit door locks. It doesn’t only work with Apple Homekit, but also Amazon Alexa, Hey Google, and more voice assistants.

Its impressive versatility doesn’t only concern voice assistants, either. Yale made sure this smart lock could work with any 1 ⅜” and 2 1/4 “ thick door. Thus, it fits most standard doors without much effort or difficulty during the installation.

As a result, it has a much broader customer base than most choices. I was also impressed with the auto-lock/unlock feature. It allowed me to operate the lock without ever using my hands since it’ll automatically open as soon as I get home.

More importantly, it’ll automatically lock when I close the door after entering. These abilities make it a truly convenient and practical option for a lazy person like myself. Plus, I never have to worry about whether the door is locked or unlocked.

But even with these high-quality features, I was a little thrown back at the price. This option is easily among the most costly on our entire list. Buyers will have to determine whether they feel the advanced features are worth the increased price.
  • Versatile design for multiple applications
  • Works with various voice assistants (Alexa, Hey Google, HomeKit, etc)
  • Suitable for any between 1 ⅜” and 2 1/4 “ thick
  • Effective auto-lock/unlock feature
  • Hands-free operation
  • A higher price option
In my case, I felt the lock at least lived up to its price tag. Its versatility and hands-free operation aspects made sure that I didn’t feel like I overspent. The lock did an adequate job and ensured my home was safe from anyone who wanted to break into it.

5. Schlage BE479AA V CAM 619 Smart Deadbolt Lock

It’s hard to think about anything but Schlage’s BE479AA V CAM 619 Sense Smart Deadbolt Lock impressive versatility when discussing this product. After all, this option is one of the door locks that work with iPhone and Android devices on our list.

But this product’s versatility doesn’t stop there. It also has an impressive door thickness range from 1 ⅜” to 1 ¾”, which is much broader than it seems. Honestly, this product fits seamlessly on a vast number of doors without issues.

I found myself liking this product’s stylish color options, too, as each buyer gets between three solid selections (aged bronze, matte black, and satin nickel). In my case, I couldn’t pass up the aged bronze even though the matte black was a close second.

Users will have a selection when it comes to access methods, as well. The lock provides three ways to enter my home for convenience: a smartphone app, access code, or backup key. Therefore, I won’t even find a way to get locked outside my house.

I did notice the keypad was a bit difficult to see outside when it was sunny. Therefore, I had to guess where the numbers were, which was manageable. I can see this issue becoming annoying if I only exclusively used the keypad for access.
  • Usable for Android and Apple devices
  • Suitable for doors between 1 ⅜: and 1 ¾” thick
  • Multiple stylish color choices (aged bronze, matte black, and satin nickel)
  • Three convenient access methods (app, access code, and backup key)
  • Keypad hard to see outdoors
But thankfully, I can rely on other methods to get inside my home with this lock. It renders this issue almost insignificant when I’m utilizing the device. However, it is easy to see how someone else might consider this keypad problem as a deal-breaker.

6. August ‎AUG-SL05-M01-G01 Wi-Fi Smart Lock

August’s ‎AUG-SL05-M01-G01 Wi-Fi Smart Lock has a slimmer profile design than a lot of other smart locks. Therefore, it doesn’t become an ugly eyesore when a person attaches it onto their interior deadbolt.

Buyers will also have a color choice when it comes to this low-profile design. I had a difficult time selecting between the matte black and silver options as both fit my needs. But I ended up going with the matte black as it meshed flawlessly with my door and deadbolt.

I was intrigued by this option, not requiring an additional bridge to connect to Wi-Fi. It gave me full voice access and remote access whenever I wanted as it has built-in Wi-Fi access. Due to this, I found it a lot more convenient than I initially expected.

Aside from these aspects, it has some other notable features including auto-lock/unlock, works with all single cylinder deadbolts, and its own smartphone app. Each of these inclusions only provided this lock with a higher, more intriguing level of convenience.

I only wish his lock’s batteries were longer lasting. It ended up draining the included batteries in about a month and required changing. A few other customers mentioned the same issue when I spoke to them or read their reviews.
  • Slim, low-profile design with two color choices (matte black and silver)
  • Built-in Wi-Fi access
  • Auto-lock/unlock feature
  • Attaches onto all single cylinder deadbolts
  • Operates via its own smartphone app
  • Drains batteries fast
The battery issue is a bummer, but it’s only a minor determinant. Its other features still make this August Wi-Fi smart lock worth considering among the top Apple HomeKit locks. After all, replacing these batteries isn’t time-consuming or costs much.

7. Yale Security Assure ‎YRD256-iM1-0BP Smart Lock

One of the first things to stand out about Yale Security’s Assure ‎YRD256-iM1-0BP Key Free Smart Lock was its level of user-friendlessness. It starts with the product’s easy setup process as the lock itself talked me through the entire thing without issues. From there, I was able to choose my master PIN code between 4 – 8 digits.

The well-constructed touchscreen also caught my attention as it’s backlit with wear-resistant buttons. It was pretty responsive, too, as there hasn’t been a time where it did wake from one touch. It makes this model a reliable smart lock.

I was happy with this product’s level of customization, as well. The lock’s menu allows me to customize its auto-lock, privacy mode, and tamper alarms without issue. It became easy to trick out this HomeKit smart lock to my preferences.

More importantly, it can manage up to 25 unique codes. This amount is more than enough for my needs and works well inside my home. Knowing that I don’t have to keep a hidden key outside my house anymore is a nice feeling.

The 9V terminal under its keypad is another aspect worth noting. It’ll ensure I never get locked out due to dead batteries as it allows for emergency charging.

I only wish this product allowed users to name access codes. It’s hard to keep track of who is using what code, especially for someone like myself, who tends to forget everything. So I end up having to keep track of every code within my phone’s notes.
  • Easy setup process with lock’s voice guide
  • Reliable, backlit touchscreen
  • Wear-resistant buttons
  • Easy to customize settings (auto-lock, tamper alarms, privacy mode, etc.)
  • Manages up to 25 access codes at once
  • 9V terminal for emergency charging
  • Can’t name door access codes
The access code issue ends up being more of a preference rather than a real issue. In other words, it’s something that I can learn to deal with considering its other features.

8. The Level Store ‎C-D11U Invisible Smart Lock

Security and practicality don’t often balance as effectively as they do within The Level Store’s ‎C-D11U Invisible Smart Lock. It was designed to replace a standard deadbolt without breaking a sweat. For instance, It offers a solid amount of security with its 6-gauge stainless steel gearbox.

This feature allows the lock to offer a level of protection matching what high-quality HomeKit gate lock devices, HomeKit padlock devices, or other Ring smart devices can provide. Due to this, It’ll keep my home protected and secure from anyone looking to break into it.

As for its practicality, they don’t call it the invisible smart lock for no reason. It has an ultra-small design to ensure it doesn’t become an eyesore inside my home. Instead, it keeps a low profile and keeps everyone safe.

The satin chrome finish was another winning trait, as well. It makes the product look lovely and well-crafted, even though its whole entire point is not to see the device. But Level Store clearly took some time to make sure the pieces looked well-crafted anyway.

There were a few complaints about the included strike plate being too large. It seems to be a little bit bigger than the ones that are usually used with residential deadbolts. Buyers might need to make some modifications to make it work in their homes.
  • Equipped with a 6-gauge stainless steel gearbox
  • Compatible with Homekit And Ring devices
  • Provides adequate protection
  • Ultra-small, low-profile device
  • Satin chrome finish for a well-crafted look
  • Strike plate too big for some residential deadbolts
Luckily, I didn’t have any problem with the included strike plate. It meshed well with my door frame and was installed seamlessly without issue. But it’s something worth paying attention to when trying to make a final decision about this option.

9. Yale Security’s ‎YRL256-CBA-619 Wi-Fi Smart Lever

This next option, Yale Security’s ‎YRL256-CBA-619 Wi-Fi Smart Lever, was built to upgrade doors that don’t have deadbolts. It turns an existing lever or door knobs into a smart device with only a screwdriver and a few minutes.

Buyers can expect this process to work on any deadbolt-free door between 1 ⅜” to 1 ⅗” thick. It’ll then provide everything that’s expected from a smart lock without issue. For example, I can check my lock’s status, use auto-lock/unlock capabilities, and much more.

It’s also worth noting that this option comes with a Wi-Fi bridge. Therefore, users don’t need an additional hub, and it’ll work off their home Wi-Fi. It’s a rather sweet deal and doesn’t require much expertise or effort to get the whole setup.

I was pleased to see this option comes with a lifetime finish/mechanical warranty and a 1-year policy on the electronics. Thus, I don’t only get protection from intruders but also from my tendency to break things by accident. These policies will help ensure I have a way to get a refund or a new smart lock when these accidents do happen.

This option’s smartphone app isn’t the best as it tends to crash unexpectedly, though. Yale Security certainly could’ve done a better job with its functionality. But these crashes aren’t overly frequent, and the app does mostly work.
  • Easy installation with screwdriver
  • Fits any deadbolt-free 1 ⅜” to 1 ⅗” thick doors
  • Standard smart lock capabilities
  • No additional hub needed (Wi-Fi bridge included)
  • Lifetime finish/mechanical warranty and 1-year electronics warranty
  • Smartphone app issues
In the end, this Yale HomeKit lock does its job well enough to satisfy my needs. It’s a solid, practical option with a bit of nuisance that’ll cause me frustration from time to time. I’ll sign up for this outcome whenever it comes to HomeKit compatible locks.

10. Reagle ‎RGLDB01-PLR-US12P Smart Lock

Reagle’s ‎RGLDB01-PLR-US12P Smart Lock is another well-crafted smart lock that makes a person’s life easier and safer with its quality features. A solid example of one is its ability to create temporary codes into my door for whoever needs it.

As a result, I no longer have to stick around and wait for a dog walker to show. Instead, I can do my chores and provide a temporary access code for them. It just requires using the Reagle app to share with them via my smartphone.

I’m also pleased with this Apple door lock’s notification system. For instance, I receive notifications on my phone every time the lock’s batteries are running low. This attribute ensures I don’t forget to change them, which I would without those notifications.

Furthermore, its HomeKit compatibility allows me remote access using Siri to open my door and close it. I can also check on my door’s status from anywhere via Siri, which is a nice touch. This feature ensures I don’t have to panic every time I’m out and think I’ve forgotten to lock my front door.

But sadly, this HomeKit enabled door lock isn’t a perfect product. Its included directions leave a lot to be desired for people intending on using it effectively. I wish Reagle took the time to ensure these directions were suitable and usable for their customers.
  • Well-crafted product with easy to use features
  • Provides temporary access codes
  • Practical and convenient Reagle app
  • Sends low-battery notifications to my phone
  • Remote access via Siri (open/close door, check lock history, etc)
  • Subpar directions
Nevertheless, this HomeKit compatible door lock remains a practical and valuable product. It’s just a simple matter of figuring out how to use it. I ended up going on YouTube and finding a helpful video guide through the entire process.

11. The Level Store ‎C-L11U Touch Edition Level Lock

The Level Store ‎C-L11U Touch Edition Level Lock separates itself from its competitors with its small, efficient design. In fact, this option actually hides its technology inside the door rather than having a bulker exterior construction.

I was a bit worried this advanced design would be past my installation skill, though. But this model doesn’t have any wires and only requires a screwdriver. Plus, it removes and gets rid of the clunky standard deadbolt formerly placed on the door.

This option’s various access methods were another standout trait. Depending on my preferences, I can unlock or lock my door using my finger, app, key, or key card. It makes this little smart lock a convenient and practical addition to my life.

Moreover, it offers a little versatility with its ability to work with iOS and Android. It doesn’t discriminate when it comes to voice assistants, either. This smart lock can work with HomeKit, Alexa, and Ring for anything that I could want.

But there’s one problem with this fully-equipped option, its hefty price tag. It’s the most costly option on our entire list, which makes sense given its features. Buyers will have to spend a significant portion of their savings on this HomeKit deadbolt lock.
  • Small, efficient design with technology hidden inside door
  • Wireless Installation only requires a screwdriver
  • Various access methods (finger touch, app, key card, and key)
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • Usable with Alexa, Ring, and HomeKit
  • A high-priced option
Honestly, I could see someone going either on this decision. But I find myself leaning towards this lock being worth the extra money. After all, I’ve found its advanced features to be endlessly helpful and practical for my purposes.

12. Kwikset 99190-004 Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock

Our final option, Kwikset’s 99190-004 Keyless Entry Smart Deadbolt Door Lock, doesn’t do anything too revolutionary when it comes to homekit door locks. But it offers a reliable design that tends to escape many of the available devices on today’s market.

It provides this reliability with its sleek, low-profile deadbolt design and quality features. One of my favorite aspects would be its easy battery replacement process. It’s just a simple matter of removing the interior cover’s window after taking out the security screw.

This trait might not seem important, but it makes a huge difference when a battery change becomes necessary. I should also mention that this model’s included app was a delight to use compared to others with iPhone-controlled door locks.

Most apps made for door locks that work with HomeKit are clunky and a nightmare. But this one is easy to navigate and allows me to send, add, or delete user codes with ease. Plus, I can view my lock’s activity and other crucial information wherever I am.

But on some occasions, the touchscreen is a bit temperamental. It might be a little slow or require a couple of attempts to read the correct code. This issue doesn’t happen often, but the lock can be a little frustrating to use when it does.
  • Reliable, low-profile deadbolt design
  • Straightforward battery replacement process
  • Effortless to use app with easy navigation
  • Simple to delete, send, or add codes
  • Convenient remote access to lock’s activity/history
  • Temperamental touchscreen
The touchscreen issue is slightly annoying, but it resolves itself in a couple of seconds. Everything else about it works well and functions adequately enough to be a solid Apple HomeKit door lock.

What to Look for When Buying HomeKit Door Locks


Selecting a HomeKit lock isn’t as easy as choosing the first available one on Amazon. Buyers will need to consider several factors before putting money down on one. This section will cover all of them to ensure each buyer makes a responsible final decision.

The Door Fit

First, every buyer should consider their door’s fit and lock type. It’s the only way to ensure your chosen HomeKit lock is compatible and works well. Otherwise, this entire buying process could end up being a waste of money and time. Here are some different types a buyer can expect to come across during their search:

  • Attaches onto Deadbolt: These options are not overly standard but still worth knowing. If anyone chooses this lock type, make sure to check the deadbolt size compatibility.
  • Replaces Interior Deadbolt: Your door’s outside will look the same as it was before installing this type. However, the lock will replace the interior deadbolt and offer user control from there. It’s helpful for renters who want extra security without changing the door’s exterior.
  • Replaces level/door knob/handle: It only requires putting one hole in your door and doesn’t need any work with deadbolts. Buyers can expect these options to be more suitable for single-hole, such as ones with only a handle or knob.
  • Mortise: Fully integrated setup with the knob/handle and lever working together.
  • Partially integrated: Door handles and deadbolts work together in a single mechanism to unlock or lock. But they’ll look like they’re separated.

Access Methods

Buyers who need kids or guests to unlock or lock their doors will have to choose between several access methods. In other words, you’ll need to select the one that works best for your situation.

You’ll come across HomeKit locks with touchscreens or built-in push buttons. These options will light up whenever they’re approached within a certain distance. From there, the user will have to use the screen or button to input the “guest access code” provided by your app.

Another choice will be locks with keypad accessories. In these cases, you’ll install them next to your door, and they’ll communicate with the lock. Some smart locks will also provide access for a certain amount of time, such as 30 seconds or a few hours.

Lastly, the guest can unlock these smart locks through a phone app. But the guest will require a smartphone on their person to make this work. After all, you aren’t going to be unlocking a HomeKit compatible door lock with a flip phone.

Compatibility With Other Smart Home Devices

Some home kit door locks will support other smart home devices within your house. These devices might include Apple TVs, iHome, lights, HomePods, thermostats, and more. Anyone who wants their smart home tech to work with their new lock will need to check compatibility before purchasing.

Operating System

In most cases, these smart locks will support both Android and iOS. But some options will be more suitable for usage with iOS and won’t provide maximum efficiency with Android devices. So android phone users would be wise to avoid this issue by checking the compatibility for each option.

Remote Locking

Anyone looking to lock their door remotely will have to look into this feature. Smart locks offer remote locking by operating via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. But only consider Bluetooth options if you’re willing to buy an extra bridge device or smart home hub.

Touchscreen or Fingerprint

As I mentioned previously, some options will come with touchscreen or fingerprint access. It’s an easy, straightforward way of getting into and out of your home. But you might need to buy the touch or fingerprint scanner separately, which increases expenses.

How Do I Add a Lock to HomeKit


The process will change based on your chosen lock. I’d recommend reading through the manuals for both the lock and HomeKit before trying anything. These resources should provide an easy how-to guide for making this entire task a breeze.

What Smart Door Locks Work with Apple HomeKit

Every option mentioned within this article is considered a smart lock capable of working with Apple HomeKit. So if you stick with them, finding a suitable option shouldn’t be too difficult for any buyer’s circumstances.

Is Yale Lock HomeKit Compatible

Yes, a Yale smart lock will most likely be HomeKit compatible. These models are often high-quality options that’ll mesh well with HomeKit without any hassles.

Does Kwikset Work with HomeKit

Yes, a Kwikset like the ones on our list or the popular Kwikset Kevo HomeKit Smart Lock will often work with HomeKit. But I’d still recommend reading through the product description and manual before buying to ensure compatibility.


Our reviews and buying guide should’ve provided an outline of the best HomeKit door lock. It’s now time to use your new knowledge in your search. From there, this entire process should become relatively straightforward and effortless.

But if you do still have a remaining question or two, please use our comment section. I’d love to help streamline your search in any way possible. Thanks for reading!

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