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How to Pick a Realtor Lock Box in 6 Easy and Simple Steps?

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how to pick a realtor lock box

If you are a person who often throws keys around and can’t remember where it is, using a realtor lock box is a wise choice. However, also because of your negligence, you forgot the combination of the lock box. My condolences to you, and agree with me that this is annoying, isn’t it?

A realtor lock box is a type of safe that is opened by entering the correct sequence of numbers to its combination dial. This article will provide tips on how to pick a realtor lock box with “your eyes closed”. Techniques include using tactile feedback, memorizing the combinations, and using sound feedback to help find the right number. In general, there are three main parts:

  • Introduction
  • Step-by-step process
  • Some pro-tips

How Realtor Lock Boxes Can Help You Save Time and Money

Many individuals use them to keep a key inside for emergencies or to give it to someone else while they are not at home. A key is kept within, and unlocking it requires a four-digit combination.

The Realtor lock box is a method of moving into a new property. This is an easy way to move into the property without waiting for the landlord or agent to show up. Moving can be tedious and can take hours, which is why this lock box method has become popular in recent years.

The use of a lock box can make moving quicker and more convenient, minimizing stress for the person moving in. Realtor lock boxes are a timely, efficient way to finalize home purchases without the inconvenience of needing to go in person. They are also a secure way to protect against vandalism or theft of keys. Realtor lock boxes are not only for real estate transactions, they are also being used by commercial businesses, schools, and event organizers.

Step-by-step Process


Step 1: Prepare tools for unlocking

Find a pop can or a pair of scissors. Choose the one that is a bit more durable, like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. I used to use a cheap can that I can’t mention here, which is quite prone to dents and can’t be used many times.

Scissors are an alternative if you don’t drink beer or soft drinks. However, the blade needs to be thin enough to fit in the gap next to the numbers. There are also other options, such as a plastic sheet, a cardboard sheet, or something of a similar shape and hardness.

Step 2: Convert all numbers to zero.

This is similar to re-initializing the steps. If you pay attention when buying locks, usually the manufacturer will automatically set all locks to zero. The same goes for your newly purchased suitcase.

Step 3: Create unlock tool

Take the can and cut it into a rectangular sheet of metal about 0.5-0,7 cm wide, and the length depends on its convenience to you. It shouldn’t be much of a problem. However, the ideal length I recommend for you is about 5cm.

Step 4: Find the first number

Tuck that sheet of metal into the lowest point on the side edge of the first zero. Note, it is the side edge, not the bottom edge. Next, keep the metal plate inside the crevice, apply some pressure, and start adjusting the gears. You will have to adjust until the metal plate drops a little. That is the first number you are looking for.

Step 5: Continue with the remaining numbers

Continue to insert the sheet metal into the gap next to the other numbers and do the same as step 3. To successfully pick a key lock box, you can cut another sheet of metal while performing the process if the old sheet is bent or no longer shaped. Cutting new sheet metal will not only take less time but will also increase the efficiency of the process.

Step 6: Find the right combination

Don’t panic if you’ve done the steps above, but you can’t unlock the lock. Here is the point! All you need to do is increase all the numbers by one unit, then keep doing that. Usually, it will take about three increments, but it is also possible that you will successfully unlock the lock from step 5.

Some Tips for a Better Experience


  • Find the model number of the lock and its manufacturer information from below or the side, since this information will be useful if you are unable to unlock the lock and require the assistance of a locksmith.
  • Keep the metal sheet for the next opening in a secret but easy-to-find place for the worst-case scenario.
  • Practice a few times first in a place where it’s just you. I’m sure you don’t want anyone to know this secret.
  • Check the quality of locks regularly. A rusty or dusty lock can be difficult for both you and the locksmith.
  • Like other locks, you can also buy a transparent combination lock on e-commerce platforms to understand how it works.
  • Reset and note the new password sequence on a piece of paper. Store it in a safe place to avoid the unfortunate incident again.


This method only works with realtor lock boxes that use a physical combination, which people often use. You can find similar content by doing the same thing. But in my article, I also include more tips and details in steps to help you pick a combination lock box in just a few minutes with items that may be in the garden or right in your car.

With its flawed security, you should switch to using realtor lock boxes with touch keys. The reality can be seen that when society is more and more modern, and everything is changing every moment, your locks need to be upgraded to increase security and safety as well. However, you can also use this method on how to pick a realtor lock box if you forget the password on your suitcase. If you are interested in similar content, leave us a comment, or send an email if you like. Good luck with your unlocking!

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