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The Best Bump Proof Locks for Residential or Commercial Usage

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best bump proof locks

Bump keys have become a common way of breaking into homes and buildings. In fact, many thieves prefer this method as it’s rather straightforward and effective. But homeowners and property owners can fight back against them with bump-proof locks.

After all, these locks have been designed for the sole purpose of stopping bump keys. So it would make sense to invest in the best bump proof locks available. However, finding these top-tier options has become rather tricky with the many available options.

But this difficulty can disappear quickly when a buyer knows what to consider. This whole process boils down to only a few considerations that’ll determine the right choice. So here’s a quick look at some of these crucial factors:

  • Residential Vs. Commercial Use: Each buyer will need to decide whether they need a bump-proof lock for residential or commercial usage. Most people feel more secure locks, such as an ANSI grade 1 deadbolt bump proof lock, are needed for commercial use.
  • Mechanical Vs. Electronic: Bump-proof locks will come with a mechanical or electronic construction. Each buyer will have to determine what style fits their preferences. It’s a vital piece of ensuring a successful buying experience.
  • Durability: Don’t settle for a lock that doesn’t have a durable reputation. You’ll want this device to last for years without any issues. As a result, look for options made from heavy-duty materials rather than plastic.

I’ve also selected seven bump-proof locks with a known reputation for being top-quality. I chose each one based on having a proven track record and vital features. You’ll learn a lot more about them in our product reviews and buying guide.

Top Product name Lock type Control Method Finish Type  
1 Schlage BE375 Electronic Lock Touch Satin Nickel Details
2 Master Lock DSO0615 Key Lock App Nickel Details
3 Lockey USA Digital M210 Keypad lock Push Button Nickel Details

Top 7 Bump Proof Lock Reviews

1. Schlage BE375 CAM 619 Electronic Deadbolt Lock

Schlage’s BE375 CAM 619 Electronic Deadbolt Lock starts our bump proof locks list with an impressive set of security features. For instance, I like its durable, grade-2 ASNI metal construction that provides me with complete confidence in its security.

I don’t see why it couldn’t be a solid fit for commercial and residential applications. Plus, it has a cylinder-free design to prevent any picking or bumping. It simply doesn’t have a keyway that could make these methods work.

The product’s keyless entry was another highlight attribute. Users will instead use codes to unlock the door rather than having to keep track of keys. It’s a perfect fit for my particular needs as I tend to lose everything, so keys are usually a bad idea.

Buyers should also note that this device can store up to 19 codes. So I don’t have to give everyone the same code, which only heightens the security. As a result, I don’t feel weird providing friends or family with access, as I can delete their codes at any time.

I was pleased with this product’s touchscreen, as well. It comes with a backlit design to ensure that entering codes in the dark isn’t a hassle like other bump key resistant locks. It’s also fingerprint resistant to help prevent code peekers and keeps my privacy.

Moreover, the installation was easy as there wasn’t any wiring required and fit most standard door preparations. I had trouble finding a door in my home where it wouldn’t work.

I only wish there was an auto-locking feature with this bump-proof lock. After all, I’m a very forgetful person, so this particular aspect would provide peace of mind.
  • Durable, metal construction (ANSI grade-2)
  • Prevents bumping/picking with cylinder-free design
  • Keyless entry via access codes (stores up to 19 codes)
  • Backlit, fingerprint-resistant touchscreen
  • Fits most standard doors with easy no-wiring installation
  • No auto-lock feature
Are schlage locks bump proof? The answer is Yes. Aside from the lack of auto-locking, this Schlage bump key proof lock hasn’t provided me with any issues regarding its performance or otherwise.

2. Master Lock DSO0615 Bump-Proof Single Cylinder Deadbolt

The Master Lock DSO0615 Bump-Proof Single Cylinder Deadbolt is one of our more straightforward choices. Its single-cylinder deadbolt design provides solid security without needing all the bells and whistles.

For instance, I was impressed with its metal construction that offers reliable durability. I had a friend with locksmith experience come over and try to bypass it without any luck. If he was having issues, I feel very confident in its ability to keep out thieves.

I was also impressed with its Silvabond antimicrobial protection. It’s a crucial aspect as it helps control bacteria, mold, or mildew issues. Therefore, the lock should last a long time and only add to this product’s durability.

Master Lock offers choices when it comes to the finish as well. Each buyer will have a choice between six finishes, which shows its versatility. I had a hard time picking anything but satin nickel as it meshes with my door perfectly.

The product’s unlocking/locking mechanisms are relatively straightforward, too. It has a keyed entry knob and a deadbolt that works using the same key to keep things simple/secure. Its affordable price tag is another valued attribute, as who doesn’t like to save money?

Some customers did mention shipping issues with this product, though. These complaints mainly focused on the product arriving without some crucial parts. Luckily, I didn’t encounter these issues when receiving this unbumpable lock.
  • Simple single-cylinder, deadbolt design
  • Durable metal construction
  • Controls mold, mildew, and bacteria with Silvabond antimicrobial protection
  • Multiple finish coloring choices for versatility
  • Straightforward keyed unlocking/locking mechanisms
  • A more affordable option
  • Shipping issues may occur
But I would caution against putting too much stock into those issues. Most customers were overly thrilled with the product and happy with its performance. I’m certainly more than happy with its level of security, given the cost.

3. Lockey USA Digital M210 Mechanical Deadbolt Door Lock

One of the more adaptable choices on our list would be Lockey USA’s Digital M210 Mechanical Deadbolt Door Lock. It has proven to offer solid security in various situations, ranging from residential to commercial applications.

This adaptability comes from its aluminum, stainless design. It provides the lock with a reliable, stable performance that should stop any attempts at picking or bumping. I can’t do anything but support these beliefs, as all my attempts to bypass it failed miserably.

Users will also be happy with the various finish options. It’s another aspect that highlights how many situations this bump resistant deadbolt could work well. I mean, there are eight options to choose from, and all of them should mesh rather easily.

I was pleased with the product’s installation, as well, which didn’t take much effort. It was a simple matter of following the instructions, and it didn’t require any drilling. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for much more when it comes to convenient door lock installs.

The device’s keyless push-button entry was another notable attribute. It saves users from having to worry about keys as it unlocks using a specific code. As a result, I no longer have to rely on remembering where I put the key, which is an absolute win.

But I wish Lockey made resetting the code easier as it wasn’t easy. I wasn’t the only one with these issues, either, considering a few customers mentioned similar experiences. However, it did become easier after the first time.
  • Suitable for residential and commercial usage
  • Adaptable aluminum, stainless steel design
  • Eight finish options for multiple applications
  • Easy, no-drilling installation with helpful instructions
  • Convenient, keyless push-button entry via access code
  • Takes effort to reset codes
In the end, this code resetting issue didn’t put much of a damper on its performance. It’s just a slight nuisance that I’m happy to deal with, considering the other valuable traits.

4. Mul-T-Lock ‎008J-MD1–D Cronus Single Cylinder Deadbolt

It’s hard to imagine a more reliable option than Mul-T-Lock’s ‎008J-MD1–D Cronus Single Cylinder Deadbolt. This anti-bump lock comes with several attributes that have made my life easier with their presence.

The perfect starting point would be its high-security single-cylinder design. It has shown to stand up against drilling and picking as it contains a solid steel rosette and hardened pin. Both attributes should make this deadbolt lock a formidable opponent for any thief.

I was also impressed that this model comes with three keys and a duplicate card. In particular, the duplicate card makes getting new keys much easier than with other models. Anyone who misplaces their keys would just need to show the card to their locksmith.

This option is long-lasting without questions. It’s made from high-quality alloy steel that has shown to have no problems withstanding regular use. So I could easily see this lock being around for many years, protecting my home.

Meanwhile, the product’s locking mechanisms are ideal. One side requires a key, and the other has a thumb turn that isn’t awkward to use. I haven’t had a single issue using either side of the lock as it ensures I can have my privacy whenever needed.

Of course, this model does have one unfortunate downside. It’s easily among our most costly options, which shouldn’t be too surprising with its features. Certain buyers might not be too thrilled with the idea of spending this much on a single lock.
  • High-security single-cylinder design
  • Proven resistance against picking and drilling
  • Three keys and a duplicate card included
  • High-quality alloy steel construction
  • Convenient, easy-to-use locking mechanisms
  • A higher-priced option
But even with the higher price, I was pleased by my experience using this lock. It beefed up my home’s security and helped me sleep soundly at night.

5. The Lock Locker Bump-Proof Deadbolt Door Locker

This next choice, the Lock Locker’s Bump-Proof Deadbolt Door Locker, is a bit different than our other options. It’s not a traditional lock but rather an anti lock bumping device that works together with a deadbolt lock to prevent bumping.

In other words, this device holds the deadbolt in a locked position and withstands any amount of force. It comes from the product’s polycarbonate/high-impact resin construction. I could tell immediately that it was going to be a solid protective measure.

Users won’t have to worry about it not being easy to use, either. It doesn’t require any tools as the device uses magnets to attach and remove from doors. Therefore, it becomes much more portable than door locks that can’t be bumped like Schlage bump proof locks.

This anti-bump device does a solid job against other potential thieving methods, as well. It’s known for stopping picking, copied keys, lock picks, and much more. So it ends up being a simple way of keeping a door secure without upgrading an entire locking mechanism.

Moreover, the product’s rather versatile as it has 21 locking positions. These positions allow it to slip over any deadbolt regardless of the direction it locks. Due to this, it has a rather significant range of deadbolt applications within a home or commercial setting.

But this door locker won’t work with deadbolts made from brass material. The complication comes from its magnets not sticking to brass. Thankfully, I didn’t need to use this device on those kinds of deadbolts, so no harm done.
  • Anti-bump device with reliable polycarbonate/high-impact resin construction
  • Simple, portable using process with magnets
  • Prevents various other thieving methods (picking, copied keys, lock picks, etc.)
  • 21 locking positions for various deadbolt applications
  • Doesn’t work with brass deadbolts
The lack of use on brass deadbolts is a bit of a nuisance. But I can’t say enough about how well it does perform in other situations. Honestly, it makes me feel a lot safer.

6. Brinks 2718-119 Double Cylinder Keyed Deadbolt

Brinks’ 2718-119 Double Cylinder Keyed Deadbolt shouldn’t have much trouble keeping my home clear of any thief or intruder. The product has several embedded features that make it stand out among other notable choices.

One of my favorite examples would be its impressive ANSI grade-2 rating. As a result, it has met or exceeded all the pick, bump, and drill resistance standards. These capabilities are more than enough for residential homes and most commercial settings.

It even comes with an anti-pry shield for further security purposes. Honestly, it’s hard to feel more comfortable than when this double cylinder deadbolt is protecting me. It ended up being a natural fit for my front door with its double-sided keyed design.

This model offers a significant amount of versatility, as well. Brinks made this deadbolt lock fit any door between 1 ⅜” and 1 ¾” thick, which is a lot of applications. I certainly had several options when looking around my home for its installation.

Some last notable attributes would be its heavy-duty metal construction and satin nickel finish. I don’t see any reason this lock wouldn’t last several years with this particular design. Based on the customer reviews and its track record, there isn’t any evidence to refute it.

My only complaint would be its included instructions could have been better. It was an issue mentioned more than once in this lock’s customer reviews. I could see this attribute being a problem for people who’ve never installed door locks.
  • Meets the ANSI grade-2 pick, bump, drill resistance standards
  • Suitable for residential and commercial usage
  • Equipped with an anti-pry shield for extra security
  • Fits any door between 1 ⅜” and 1 ¾” thick
  • Heavy-duty metal construction with a satin nickel finish
  • Instructions could be better
The subpar instructions were a definite bummer when I was doing my product research. However, I didn’t really need them too much, so it didn’t affect my experience. But I could see how others might not feel the same.

7. Toledo ‎V1801-JA/JA-US514 Double Cylinder Deadbolt Lock Set

Our final lock, Toledo ‎V1801-JA/JA-US514 Double Cylinder Deadbolt Lock Set, has proven to be a formidable opponent for thieves. The product earns this distinction with its rather impressive bump-proof, anti-pick inner pins.

These inner pins should provide high-quality security and keep my home protected. It’s nice to know that I can get some sleep without worrying about someone breaking into my house. I can see why people in high-crime areas tend to love this unpickable deadbolt.

Of course, the rest of its durable, double-cylinder deadbolt construction isn’t too shabby. It has a convenient, strong steel through-bolt that allows for easy adjustments. In fact, this option can fit any door between 1 ⅜ and 1 ¾ thick without much difficulty.

I was impressed with this product’s two included keys, as well. Both of them felt durable and well-crafted enough that they could withstand regular usage. Plus, it provides me with a backup to have if/when the first one gets misplaced.

Another crucial attribute was the included lifetime warranty. These policies are always welcome in my eyes as they offer insurance against anything going wrong with the lock. Due to this, it’ll make sure I have a way to protect my home with one of these anti bump locks.

As for its flaws, I didn’t have a single issue with this particular deadbolt lock. I didn’t even find complaints from others when it came to its performance. This outcome isn’t typical among many products, let alone non bumpable locks.
  • Equipped with anti-pick, anti-bump inner pins
  • Durable, double-cylinder deadbolt construction
  • Fits any door between 1 ⅜” and 1 ¾” thick (adjustable steel through-bolt)
  • Two included keys with well-crafted constructions
  • Lifetime warranty
  • None so far
Our final product fits the bill as a solid bump-proof door lock. There isn’t much more to say besides it should keep my valuables and home safe for a long time.

What to Look for When Buying Bump-Proof Locks


Choosing bump proof door locks will come down to several buying factors. You can’t simply select the first one available at your hardware store or on Amazon. Instead, certain aspects need addressing before determining the best available choice.

Residential Vs. Commercial Use

One of the first things to consider is whether they’re needed for residential or commercial use. It’s a crucial decision to make when choosing suitable locks. For instance, an ANSI grade 2 bump-proof lock should be more than enough to protect your home.

But an office building or other business might require a little more protection. You’ll want an option with higher security, such as an ANSI grade 1 choice. These options offer top-tier protection that’ll ensure your valuables stay secure.

I’d also recommend checking each option’s customer reviews before making a decision. These resources should provide a detailed picture of whether the locks hold up when needed. After all, other customers won’t hold back when they think a lock hasn’t performed well.

Electronic Vs. Mechanical

Your next decision will be about whether an mechanical or electronic lock is suitable. Mechanical locks will usually open via a key, thumb turn, or single access code. But an electronic option will provide several different codes and other methods to unlocking.

As a result, each buyer will need to decide what option suits their preferences. Both choices will work fine as a bump-proof door lock, so there’s no true, general answer. If you’re anything like me, an electronic lock might be more suitable as you won’t need to keep track of keys.


Each bump-proof door lock will come with a different price tag. Due to this, buyers will require a budget that’s well-constructed around their specific aspects. It needs to account for how those features affect the product’s overall price.

For instance, anyone who wants a bump proof smart lock or electronic option will need to spend a little extra. Their respective budgets will need to incorporate this raised price. Otherwise, your budget won’t be helpful when searching.

But if you keep the budget realistic, it can help manage the entire process. It’ll lessen your available options to a much more manageable amount. From there, your selection will become a lot more streamlined and straightforward.

Ease of Installation

There’s no real point in buying a bump-proof lock that’s not easy to install. Instead, you’ll want an option with a simple installation process, which doesn’t require a professional. It’s another simple way of ensuring you don’t have an extra expense.

I’d suggest looking at each option’s installation directions and manual before making a final choice. These resources will provide an idea of whether it’s a process you feel comfortable doing. Customer reviews will also help with this determination.


Any high-quality bump-proof lock will offer a high level of durability. These options should consist of heavy-duty materials and offer several security features. In other words, these locks will need to withstand regular usage and last a long time.

Additional Features

Each lock will come with a long list of additional features. Buyers should check them out to ensure they meet your specific needs and expectations. Some typical inclusions are an embedded alarm, an auto-lock feature, and compatibility with voice assistants.

What Makes a Lock Bump Proof


Bump-proof locks are just more resistant to picking and bumping. Their resistance comes from an extra set of tumblers, which gives the key two jobs to do. It creates a more complicated locking mechanism, making the lock more resistant to these attacks.

How Do I Bump Proof My Door Lock

Well, the easiest way of bump proofing a door lock is by replacing it with a bump-proof lock. These devices should be a lot more resistant to bump keys than a traditional door lock. Of course, they aren’t always 100% effective but remain your best bet.


Our product reviews and buying guide should provide a clear idea of what’s available. From these discussions, choosing the best bump proof locks should be a breeze. Using these resources will remove any stress or difficulty from the process.

But anyone who still has a question or two can use our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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