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How to Change ADT Door Lock Code? – 2 Easy Ways

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how to change adt door lock code

It is already an established rule of thumb to constantly change your change ADT passcode at least every six months for maximum security. This will ensure that no unauthorized person has access to your door. However, doing that might sound confusing, especially for a technologically-challenged person.

Is there anything to keep in mind while doing it? How about the proper steps and needed tools? Lucky you, this article will teach you how to change ADT door lock code and everything you need to know.

Step-by-step to Change ADT Door Lock Code

The ADT locking system is another innovative way to improve everyone’s locking experience. The ADT keyless entry provides convenience and added security.

However, it requires constant maintenance to enjoy the protection it offers.

Fortunately, there are simple ways to do it, and you can do it yourself using your ADT smart lock manual!

1. Master access code


From its word itself, the master code is above all the lock codes you have in your ADT lock. It is a 4 to 8-digit programmed code that adds security to your lock.

Note: Master code is disabled by default. Hence, you need to enable it to program a code.

It is needed for every change you want to make with your lock, such as adding, changing, and deleting a user code. This code will also come in handy for ADT door lock troubleshooting.

Lucky you, changing your master code is as straightforward as one, two, three!

Step #1. Enter the current master code.

The first thing you need to do for ADT smart lock change code is to verify the action using the current ADT programming code.

To do that, simply follow these mini steps:

  1. Locate and press the star (*) key and then the number 5 key on the pad.
  2. Enter your current master code. You will notice the lock’s Armed red light goes on, and the System yellow light flashes.
  3. Repeat the process if the lock does not react to the action. Make sure you punch the correct master code.

Step #2. Press a model-specific key to confirm the action.

After punching the master, get your ADT smart lock manual and look for the model-specific code to reprogram your lock’s master code.

After finding it, punch the ADT reset code to the keypad for system confirmation.

Step #3. Enter the new master code.

Once done with the previous step, you can change your smart lock’s master code. Remember, it must be completely different from the previous one.

  1. Enter the new code you want. Depending on your unit, it can be a four- to eight-digit code.
  2. After punching the new code, press the hashtag (#) key to program ADT door lock.
  3. Test the new master code to check if you have successfully.

2. User Access Code


User access codes are the lock codes given to someone so that they can access the door. You can give this to your contractual guests, and even to your family members.

Changing the user access code is much easier than changing the master code. However, in doing so, you will need the master code to program the new code.

Option #1. Using user access code-identifier

To change ADT smart lock code, you will need to figure out the position of the access user code you want to get rid of (01-32). Once figured, follow these mini steps to change the specific user access code:

  1. Locate and press the star (*) key.
  2. Press number 5 to confirm the action of reprogramming an access code.
  3. Enter the master code.
  4. Select the access code identifier, and choose from numbers 01 through 32.
  5. Punch your new access code.
  6. Press the hashtag (#) key to finish the action.

Option #2: Deleting-adding method


Another way to change code on ADT keypad is through the deletion-creation method. You will delete the user code you want to change and create a new lock code to change it.

Step #1. Delete the existing user code.

The ADT door lock units allow you to delete a specific or all the existing user access codes. To delete a specific code, follow these mini steps:

  1. Locate the program button at the interior part of the door lock. Do that by taking the black cover off the lock’s frame.
  2. Press the program button underneath the cover.
  3. Enter the master code.
  4. Punch the Lock key and the access code you want to change.
  5. Repeat the previous step.
  6. To complete the action, press the Lock key once again.
  7. Green light from the keypad will flash together with a beep to indicate the deletion of the code.

However, follow these mini steps to remove all the existing user codes. Remember, unlock ADT keypad first to avoid being locked out if you delete all the codes.

  1. Locate and press the program button on the interior device.
  2. Punch your master code and then the Lock
  3. Punch the number 9 key six times, followed by the Lock
  4. Repeat the previous step to confirm the action.
  5. Green light from the keypad will flash together with a beep to indicate the deletion of the code.

Step #2. Create a new one to replace the previous code.

After deleting the user code, you want to make a new user code to replace the deleted code. Here are the mini steps to program a new user code:

  1. Locate and press the program button on the interior device.
  2. Enter the master code and then the Lock
  3. Punch the new access code. Press the Lock key to program it successfully.



What are ADT door locks? And what is it used for?

ADT door entry systems are yet another smart, keyless way that offers high security and convenience to its users. It is used to ensure that every entry point is monitored.

ADT doors are connected through your house’s system, such as the WiFi, Bluetooth, and Z-Wave, which make remote commands possible.

Steps to change ADT batteries

  1. Disarm your lock in the portal or control hub to avoid false alarms. You can do that by putting the system in Test Mode. Access thí mode through your and its system management.
  2. You need a flathead screwdriver for removing the cover of the device.
  3. Locate the battery container, remove the current batteries, and put in the new batteries. Observe the polarity of the batteries.
  4. Reassemble the device.
  5. Disable the Test Mode in the system.

How long does an ADT battery last?

Is your ADT keypad not working? One reason this happens is because of the dying battery.

ADT door lock requires users to use four AA Alkaline batteries, usually lasting for three years.

Where can I find my ADT master code?

There is a default and factory set master code, and it is in the user manual. You can use this to program and enable your master code.


Remember, everything behind your door is valuable, whether that be your family, your investments, or other things that need a great deal of security.

Hence, knowing how to change ADT door lock code is a great precautionary measure to ensure that everything is under control— and even under surveillance! Make sure to regularly change code on ADT door lock to save yourself some hassle.

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