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The Best Locks for French Doors for Staying Safe and Secure

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best locks for french doors

All homeowners want the best locks for french doors. However, suitable secure locks for french doors are hard to find since the measurements of the doors vary and they must meet the required standards of the lock.

Fortunately, there are available security locks for french doors in the market. However, finding the best ones may be challenging for first-timers. The locks must have the qualities that will suit the needs of the homeowners, and at the same time, provide a long-time service of security.

In finding a lock for french doors, you will need to consider some features. You wouldn’t want to waste your time and resources on a lock that will not fit in your french door or cannot meet your demands. To guide you, here are some of the features that you need to look for in a french door lock:

  • Materials: French locks can be made of stainless steel, carbon polycarbonate, and extruded aluminum. If you prefer an interior french door lock, you can settle with locks that are made of plastic. However, french patio door locks must be made of durable material.
  • Security: Some locks have features to add security to the door. Others are designed to prevent lock snapping while others have anti-lift features. These kinds of locks are suitable to prevent any burglaries.
  • Design: French door locks are available in different colors such as white, brown, and black. They also have different designs, some are low-profile yet sophisticated. As much as possible, choose a lock that can blend with your french door.

The locks that are included in the list have specific features that meet different kinds of needs and lifestyles. To help you decide, this review also includes a buying guide so that you can easily choose a lock for your french door and teach you how to lock french doors interior.


Top Product name Dimensions  Weight Material  
1 Patlock Security Lock 16.46 x 1.73 x 3.15 inches 2.03 Pounds Steel, PVC Details
2 Alise MS9001 ‎3.8 x 0.4 x 2.6 inches 2.8 ounces Stainless Steel Details
3 Sumnacon 2Pcs ‎8.19 x 1.57 x 0.94 inches 9.1 ounces Stainless Steel Details

Best Lock for French Doors Reviews 

1. Patlock Security Lock for French Doors

Simple and convenient, the Patlock Security Lock for French Doors provides security without complicated installation. The instructions are easy to follow, and the items needed for installation were included in the package.

Usually, french doors and patio doors are the entry points of burglars because they can easily open them. However, its double french door locking system is designed to prevent lock snapping. The lock holds the handle to keep them locked, securing the levers and the bolts from burglars.

At first, I was hesitant to install the security lock because my Pella doors have slightly curved handles. However, it fit perfectly. There was just a removable sleeve that I had to take off. This lock can also work for Anderson doors that have round and curved handles.

Aside from that, the lock is easy to put on and off. It only took me two seconds to unlock it since I only had to push two buttons. I didn’t need any keys. This assures my safety, especially if a fire breaks out.

The only downside with the lock was during the shipping. I had to wait for more than six weeks before it arrived. Aside from that, I was not given any shipping information, so I had no idea what was going on with the package. Fortunately, it is worth the wait.
  • Provides security without complicated installation
  • Designed to prevent lock snapping by keeping the handles in the locked position
  • Fits perfectly for french doors with slightly curved handles
  • Lock is easy to put on and off with two buttons in two seconds
  • Took more than six weeks before the package arrived
In total, I find the french door handle lock very convenient and easy to use. I didn’t need to struggle with many technicalities during the installation or bring keys with me whenever I had to lock and unlock them.

2. Alise MS9001 Bar Latch Safety Door Lock

Alise MS9001 Bar Latch Safety Door Lock is one of the locks I could trust because of its durability. Despite years of use, the lock remained reliable. It is made of stainless steel that ensures long-lasting use.

I also love the fact that this lock cannot be easily budged because it is well braced. The screws holding the doors don’t work loose despite the movements caused by the wind. Aside from that, the crossbar needs to be lifted to release. This is one of the best locks for french doors that open out.

The package did not include any manual, so I was reluctant about how to install it. However, after I looked at its components, I figured it out quickly. It only took me two minutes to install since I had the right measurements.

In terms of its performance, it works like a charm. Unlocking and locking don’t require any complicated process. I don’t need any key or memorize any codes to operate the lock. It would be manageable in case I injured my hands.

The only issue I had with the lock was that it did not include an anodized black metal. It was painted with stainless steel, so some of the paint chipped off after years of usage. Luckily, it did not acquire any rust.
  • Made of stainless steel that ensures long-lasting use
  • Does not easily budge by strong wind
  • Easy to install despite the absence of instructions or manual
  • Easy to lock and unlock
  • Painted with stainless steel and does not come with anodized black metal
Overall, this is one of the best french door latch options because it is durable and reliable despite years of usage. Aside from that, it is straightforward to install and operate. I did not encounter any problem with it except the chipping paint.

3. Sumnacon 2 Pcs Door Flush Bolt

One of the best locks for double doors is Sumnacon 2 Pcs Door Flush Bolt. This lock is designed to hide the lock from inactive and dummy doors. It comes with an automatic holding spring to provide tension- both for retracted and projected positions of the doors.

Furthermore, the flush bolts are made of stainless steel that prevents corrosion and rust buildup. It is also durable and heavy-duty enough to prevent any forcible entry. The screws are also rust-proof, and they provide more strength and firmness to the lock.

The design of the lock also adds decoration to the french doors, especially with its modern touch. The color of the lock blends easily to french doors with any color and design so that an intruder cannot easily notice and detect it.

Moreover, it was easy to install since the procedures are straightforward, and the items needed for installation are already included in the package. I just had to drill some holes for the flush bolt locks and secure them with screws.

Before I had this lock, I had to measure my door since the lock won’t fit unless I have the right measurements. I also wanted to save myself from making adjustments while I was in the middle of installation.

The size of the lock is 8’’x 0.79” x 0.67”. The good news is, this lock is a perfect fit for my french door. If not, this would be impossible to install.
  • An automatic holding spring to provide tension
  • Stainless steel bolts to prevent corrosion and rust buildup
  • Durable and heavy-duty to prevent any forcible entry
  • A modern design that blends with any color and design
  • Provides straightforward installation
  • Won’t fit a door unless the measurements are right
I was satisfied with the lock because of its durability and security. I also did not have to worry about any rust since the lock is made of stainless steel.

4. Safety Innovations Bi-Fold Door Lock

One of the challenges of having a bi-fold door is that it can be easily opened, even by a child. Fortunately, I found the Safety Innovations Complete Deluxe Bi-Fold Door Lock. It is a baby-proof lock that prevents my two-year-old son from going to the kitchen where he indulges in sweets that he can find.

The installation was also a breeze since I didn’t need any tools or adhesive. I just opened the door a little bit, and I placed it over the hinge on the top of my door. I closed the door by sliding the lock at the center to prevent the door from opening. I opened the door by simply sliding the lock away.

Furthermore, the lock is very durable since it is made of polycarbonate. I was expecting it to break after my son started kicking the door forcibly and throwing some things. However, the lock did not give away, and the door did not open.

Reaching out and sliding the lock was not an exhausting task, even for adults who are short like me. The lock includes an extension wand, so I did not need to tiptoe or jump just to lock and unlock the door.

One of my closets has an old bi-fold door. I was planning to install another set of locks to prevent my cat from going inside my closet. Unfortunately, the lock was not compatible with the old bi-fold door since the metal hinge is too big, and the lock won’t fit.
  • Baby proof lock that prevents children from opening doors
  • Installation does not require any tools or adhesive
  • Easy to close and open the door by simply sliding the lock
  • Made of polycarbonate that doesn’t easily break
  • Includes an extension wand for shorter adults
  • Not compatible with old bi-fold door with thick metal hinge
I am glad that I found this interior french door lockset because it offers a solution to prevent children from entering some rooms and places where they may endanger themselves.

5. Predictable Solutions GlideLok Door Lock

Another durable lock for childproofing the house is GlideLok Child Safety Door Top Lock. Compared to other locks, this one is not made of plastic. Its metal body prevents any forcible entry.

Also, this french door top lock is placed on the top of the door, so there is no way that a kid can reach it and open the door. I was having trouble at first since I had to tiptoe to slide the lock. However, I found out that it has holes where I can attach a hook for easier reach.

The good thing about this lock is that it can be operated from both sides of the door. I don’t have to get trapped with my child and be locked out before moving and doing some household chores.

I also love the color and the design of the lock because it is very discreet. It blends with the door and door frame since it is small and white. I plan to sell my house, and the lock won’t be an eyesore when the buyers want to check the house.

Unfortunately, this lock does not work on a sliding door with a track such as sliding glass doors and bi-fold doors. It is also not compatible with doors that have metal frames. However, it can work on narrow interior french doors.
  • Made of metal that ensures durability and prevents forcible entry
  • Kids cannot reach due to the lock placement on the top of the door
  • Includes holes where a hook can be attached for easier reach
  • Can be operated from both sides of the door
  • Discreet lock design that blends with door and door frame
  • Not compatible with a sliding door that has a track and has metal frames
This is one of the double door lock types that is effective in preventing a child from going to another room without locking out the parents. Aside from that, it is durable enough to prevent any forcible entry.

6. Urban August Original Fridge Lock

The Urban August Original Fridge Lock is a stainless steel cable, and a lock safeguards the refrigerator from those who want access to it. This is very useful to me, especially whenever I have a nosey guest who wants to open my refrigerator.

What I also love about the lock is that it is cut-proof. One of my kids tried to cut the cable with a pair of scissors because he wanted to eat junk foods desperately. However, his effort was in vain.

I also did not encounter any issue while installing the lock since I only had to set the combinations and put the lock around the handles of my refrigerator. It is also not complicated to change the combination.

Moreover, the lock can also work for cabinets as long as they have french doors or double doors. I use one of these for my medicine cabinets since I don’t want them to swallow the medicine pills accidentally.

I only had an issue with the lock after I forgot the code. There was no way that I could open it except by destroying it. I wish there was a master key to open the lock so it would open without destroying it.
  • Includes a stainless steel cable and lock to safeguard the refrigerator
  • Comes with a cut-proof feature
  • Installed by setting the combination and putting the lock around the handles
  • Easy to change the combination
  • Can work for cabinets with french doors and double doors
  • No master key to open the lock in case code is forgotten
The lock helps me a lot in keeping away the food from unwelcome visitors. Aside from that, it is easy to install and operate.

7. VONVOFF Flip Latch Lock

For my french door security, I use VONVOFF Flip Latch Lock. It is reliable since it is made of stainless steel. The material is sturdy enough to keep the intruders away from my property. Aside from that, it keeps the door closed despite the big gust of the wind.

I’ve been using this lock for a long time, and it was exposed to harsh environments. However, I didn’t notice any rust because it comes with an external plating protective layer. Since it works even for outdoor use, I started installing more locks on my garden and pet doors.

I also installed the lock by myself since it doesn’t require any specialized skills and complicated tools to operate. I only had to use a drill and secure the latch lock with a screw. The eight screws needed for installation are also included in the package, together with the two latches.

What I love the most about the lock is its dark color and low-profile design. The finish also adds sophistication to the lock, matching a garden french door. Not only does it add security, but it also appeals aesthetically.

The only downside I observed with the french door locking pin is that the screws are short, and a persistent burglar can pull them out. It will be better if the screws are longer to add more security.
  • Sturdy enough since it is made of a stainless steel
  • Comes with an external plating protective layer to prevent any rust
  • Installation doesn’t require specialized skills and complicated tools
  • Items needed for installation are included in the package
  • Comes in dark color and low-profile design that adds sophistication
  • Screws are short and can be pulled out if persistent
Except for its short screws, the lock works well. I have not had any problems since the installation until now. I also love its sophisticated design since it adds more beauty to my garden and gate doors.

8. Ideal Security BK110W Security Bar

Convenient and sleek, Ideal Security BK110W Security bar with Child-Proof Lock is a suitable burglarybuster french door lock. Although it is lightweight, the security bar is strong enough to resist strong force due to its extruded aluminum construction.

Unlike pressure-mounted bars that fall and loose, this one is attached to the door frame, making it firm and reliable. Since the security bar is adjustable, I can open my patio door partially for ventilation while keeping it secure.

Furthermore, I did not need to bend down whenever I had to open the door since the security bar was mounted in the middle of the door. I had a security bar before, and I needed to bend down just to open the door. It caused too much hassle, especially during the times when my hands were full.

The security bar has an anti-lift feature that keeps the intruders out and prevents the children from going out. This is useful since my children love to go out and play outside without my knowledge.

The only concern I have is that it comes in white color, which does not fit my almond-colored patio doors. I wish it would be available in almond or tan color to make it more visually appealing to an almond-color patio door.
  • Lightweight yet strong enough to resist strong force
  • Does not easily fall and loose since it is attached to the door
  • Ensures security of a partially open door
  • Mounts in the middle of the door for easier unlocking
  • Includes an anti-lift feature to keep away intruders and protect the children
  • Is not available in almond and tan colors
In totality, the security bar is convenient and simple to use. Despite its lightweight feature, it is strong enough to keep intruders away. Also, opening and closing the door is easy.

9. V-CORME Security Door Bolt Latch

Constructed with stainless steel, V-CORME Security Door Bolt Latch ensures the security of the family. It is durable and has high quality since the screws are also stainless steel. Even the hollow core open back is sturdy. It is one of the most durable locksets for double doors.

I did not find any instructions or manuals in the package. Luckily though, the installation is straightforward. I only determined the center of the thickness of the door and used my drill and chisel to do the work.

Since the latch is long enough, it is easier to reach. I installed it at my 8-feet door. At first, I thought I would have no problem reaching for the lock, but its length provides convenience to the shorter people.

In addition, the design of the latch is very low-profile and blends with any color or design of a french door. It also has a modern design that adds sophistication to the door. It is not an eyesore or distraction.

I was only frustrated with the shipping time since it took me three weeks to receive the latch. However, I was given information and updates about my package so I did not have to guess when it would arrive.
  • Constructed with stainless steel that ensures durability and good quality
  • Straightforward installation with a drill and chisel
  • Length provides convenience to shorter people
  • Low-profile latch to blendwith the color or design of a french door
  • Long shipping time
This is one of the internal french door locks I trust because of its durability and high quality. The installation is simple, and I did not need to ask for any help. Also, the modern design is subtle yet adds sophistication to the door.

10. Dong+ Bolt Protector Sliding Bolt Lock

Dong+ Bolt Protector Concealed Sliding Bolt Lock is one of the best secure locks for french doors because of its durability. It is made of stainless steel, and it comes in solid construction.

I also love its satin finish because it is very pleasing to the eyes. It adds elegance to my french doors. Aside from that, it does not look like a flush bolt, just a decor engraved on the edge of the door.

Since we close and open our french door now and then, I expected the flush bolt to wear and corrode. After I checked it, I did not notice any sign of corrosion or rust, not only to bolt but also to screws and surface strikes. It can provide a long service because of its anti-corrosion and anti-rust features.

Also, installation saved me a lot of time since the package included all the items I needed for installation. In addition, the procedures are straightforward. I only had to drill grooves, install the flush bolt, and tighten it with screws.

I only wish that I could choose the color I prefer. I purchased a black flush bolt, and I was expecting a different color after purchasing it for the second time. Unfortunately, it was still a black flush bolt. I wanted a brown color for my double door.
  • Made of stainless steel and comes in a solid construction
  • The satin finish adds elegance to french doors
  • Includes anti-corrosion and anti-rust features
  • Package includes all items needed for installation, and procedures are easy
  • Delivers in a random color
In my experience, the flush bolt has a good quality and ensures durability since it is made of stainless steel. The satin finish of the lock not only conceals its locking feature but also adds elegance to a home.

What to Look for When Buying Locks for French Doors


In choosing a lock, there are things that you must take into consideration first. Some homeowners possess a lock that would become useless because they did not fit the french doors or are not simply the preferred ones. To help you through, here are some of the features you must take note of:

  • Durability of the Lock. Make sure that the lock can serve you for a long time so you won’t have to waste your resources. A durable lock is typically made of a strong material like stainless steel. If you intend to use the lock for outdoor use, ensure that it has anti-rust and anti-corrosion features.
  • Security of the Lock. The reason why you want a french door lock is because of your security. Look for locks that cannot be easily budged and the lock snapped by intruders. If you have kids in your house, you can also look for locks with a childproof feature. Some locks have combination codes.
  • Convenience of the Lock. You would not want a lock that would be impossible to install by yourself. See to it that the lock has a straightforward installation. It must not also give you a hard time in opening and closing your french door. If you are a short person, look for a lock with a hook or extended wand for easier reach.
  • Price of the Lock. Compare the prices of the lock and the quality they offer. If possible, search for a less costly lock yet can give you the best quality. To do this, you need to evaluate each lock. As a reminder, don’t sacrifice the quality for the sake of the price. This may lead you to acquire a commercial-grade lock.

Other than those points, you can pay attention to a good design that blends well with your house. Some prefer a concealed lock, others want to enhance the house decor with the piece. So, it’s your call.

Are French Doors Easy to Break into


Yes, they are. Compared to other types of doors, french doors are easier to break into because they have breakable glass panels. Moreover, they don’t have a center post, and the handles secure each other, unlike a single leaf door attached to a fixed frame.

How Can I Make My Exterior French Door More Secure

You can install flush bolts, security bars, and deadbolt locks for french doors to secure your exterior French door. These kinds of locks prevent intruders from going inside your house, even if they use a strong force.

How Do You Change the Locks on a French Door

First, you need to look for a suitable replacement lock for your French door. Make sure that it would fit the size of your french door. You can hire a locksmith to install it for you, or you can do it by yourself by simply referring to the instruction or manual included in the package.


Choosing the best locks for french doors is challenging if you don’t know the features you need to look for. Having a lock that would not fit your french door or meet your demands will only lead to frustration. To avoid this, it is better to evaluate first before making any decision.

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