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Why Does My Schlage Lock Unlock Without Code? – 4 Reasons

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why does my schlage lock unlocks without code

Schlage keyless door locks are touted as one of the authorities regarding door locking systems. The sturdy materials that make up this lock are made to withstand various security risks, including forced entry.

However, there are reports about Schlage keypad door locks experiencing some trouble regarding unlocking. If you’re one of the people who experience such issues, you might wonder, “why does my Schlage lock unlock without code?” This article will discuss these reasons and how to bypass or solve this issue.

Reasons Why Schlage Lock is Unlocking by Itself


High-tech devices such as the Schlage lock are highly ideal if you’re concerned about your home security. However, high-tech devices are also expected to encounter complex issues. If you find yourself facing problems with your Schlage locks, here might be why.

1. The Unlocked Mode is Turned On

Electronic door locks by Schlage can be set to different modes. Perhaps one of the reasons why your Schlage lock opens without a code is that it is set to unlocked mode.

This error is a common mistake for new owners of the Schlage lock, so it’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

Remember always to check if you’ve set your lock to unlocked mode before leaving the house.


For your reference, the unlocked position is when its thumb turn is vertical.

2. The Batteries Might Be Running Low

As with any other device that runs on batteries, Schlage locks will not lock or unlock if the batteries run low. If you discover that your Schlage keyless locks won’t engage when turned, then maybe it’s time to replace the batteries.

Another possibility is you’ve used the wrong battery type. While triple-a and double-a batteries differ in size, there is still the possibility of someone mistaking the two and using one type for their lock.

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3. Installation Error

Schlage locks are easy to install, so it is common to see people installing the locks themselves. However, if you experience things like your Schlage keypad deadbolt unlocking without a code, you can also check if you’ve committed an installation error.

If you’ve exhausted other checking methods, like looking at the batteries or checking if the unlocked mode is on, then it’s time to check if there are installation errors.

4. The Lock is Broken

Perhaps the most dreaded reason is the lock being broken. However, if you encounter telltale signs like your door knob just spins on the outside, it’s time to consider the possibility of your lock being downright broken.

In this case, the best action is to get professional help. These experts will be able to break into a Schlage keypad lock and determine where the problem is. You can also buy a new lock to replace your broken device.

How to Fix a Schlage Lock That Unlocks Without a Code


The best thing about having a high-tech device is that you can unlock a Schlage lock without a key. However, multiple problems like the ones discussed above face the owners of this device.

If you find yourselves in situations where the Schlage door knob unlocks when turned, here are some easy fixes you can try:

1. Check if the Schlage Lock Override Feature is On

The override feature of Schlage locks disables the keypad, making it easier for people to access your door. This feature is ideal if the door where the lock is located expects heavy foot traffic. The override feature saves users the trouble of inputting the code every time they pass through.

However, if you forget you’ve enabled the override function, you might be surprised when your door unlocks without a passcode.

Disabling the override feature is a bit tedious, so follow these steps to do it successfully:

  1. Open the battery cover.
  2. Gently remove the battery from the slot.
  3. There you will see an override switch. If it is set to Lockout, switch it over to Normal Mode.
  4. Place the battery back into the slot.
  5. Put the cover back in.

2. Check if Vacation Mode is On


Vacation mode is a nifty security feature by Schlage locks that disables the keypads to prevent would-be intruders from entering various passcodes while you’re away.

However, if you forget that you’ve configured your locks to use this mode, you won’t be able to access your keypads.

  1. Once you’ve determined that your locking system is in vacation mode, you can turn it off by entering your programming code using your keypad.
  2. The green light will blink once to notify you that you’ve successfully turned off the vacation mode.

3. Reset Your Device to Factory Default Settings


If all other methods fail and you still find your Schlage device unlocked by thumb turn, then it’s time to consider resetting your device to its factory settings. A factory reset wipes your device of any data and possibly rids itself of any underlying problems like the Schlage button unlocking doors.

As your Schlage lock won’t unlock with a key, you can always reset the Schlage keypad lock without a programming code.

  • Hold the Schlage lock button
  • Reconnect your Schlage lock batteries
  • Release the Schlage button after done reconnecting

4. Go for a Physical Key

While we all want to open a Schlage lock without a key, sometimes the best option is to use a physical key to bypass security problems. When you purchase a Schlage lock, it always comes with a unique physical key you can use.

However, if you’ve misplaced your physical key, you can always hire a locksmith to make a key for you. Problems like after pressing the Schlage button, the door automatically unlocks will now be a thing of the past if you have your key with you.


Technologically advanced tools such as the Schlage lock also understandably face advanced problems. However, upon reading this article, the question of “why does my Schlage lock unlock without code?” already has answers.

If you are still unsure of what to do when faced with this problem, remember to make the necessary checks before replacing your unit entirely. Through these innovative solutions, your home security systems are guaranteed to have a long lifespan.

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