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Revolar is your link to the people you care about — a connection created with a click.

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Ensure that the people you care about feel safe and connected every day.

Revolar's line of personal safety devices provide peace of mind, allowing you to stay in touch with friends and family, or quickly send for help, all with the click of a button.



Making a call or opening an app can take 15+ seconds, time you typically don't have in an emergency. With Revolar you simply click a button and send for help in seconds.


With one simple click you can let the people that matter know that you arrived safely. Revolars Safe Check-in feature provides peace of mind and like every Revolar alert automatically share your GPS location, keeping you connected every day.


Revolar can worn any way YOU choose. Every Revolar devices can be discreetly worn on your clothing, clipped to your keys or attached to your bag.

Revolar is for more than just emergencies.

Your children can quickly and easily let you know where they are, or that they made it home safely, with the Revolar Safe Check-In.

Proprietary 1, 2, 3 click alert system Solution for every situation

Seniors living alone or people with physical disabilities can live more active and safer lives

With Revolar get Peace of Mind
• Instant security at your finger tips

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Professionals traveling, working and commuting alone frequently

Take Revolar Anywhere
• Check-in when back at your hotel

Revolar for employee safety

Parents who want to to know their kids are safe, whether at home, school or away at college

With Revolar feel Connected
• Share updates on your location

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Individuals exercising late or working out alone

With Revolar feel Safe
Stay in touch instantly

Real estate agents showing homes

Extra comfort meeting strangers
• Simple & easy to use

Employees working on job sites or in the field

With Revolar feel Empowered
• Send for help fast

People are talking about Revolar

"The simplicity of the Revolar device makes it better than any cell phone. Unlike a phone, a push of the button delivers the information your loved ones need to know. "

– Jim Hawkins (Retired Police Officer)

"The product itself is beautiful and lightweight, allowing me to wear it with every outfit. I have the option to keep it hidden in my bra or wear it clipped on to the outside of my pants."

– Amazon Customer

Revolar Personal Safety Devices

The first multi-functional Personal Safety Device that can provide peace of mind every day with one click, de-escalate a bad situation with two clicks, or with three clicks
get emergency assistance NOW.

Revolar's 1-2-3 Alert System

Activate a SAFE CHECK-IN

A single click automatically sends your GPS location to your contacts.

Perfect for:

Checking in with work

Checking in with family

Solo travelers

Independent living

Professionals on the go

How it Works


Two clicks shares your updating GPS location with contacts.

Perfect for: 

Get help in uncomfortable situations

Exiting an inappropriate conversation

Requesting a phone call

Diffusing awkward moments

Getting out of a bad date

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Activate a RED ALERT

Three+  clicks sends an emergency alert to your contacts.

Perfect for: 

Medical emergencies

Accidents or injuries

Employee safety

Alerting contacts to send for help

Optional 24/7 Emergency Response

Add 24/7 Emergency Response

Feel confident running, working, or traveling alone.

Stay connected to the people that matter with Revolar Personal Safety Devices.





Easy to use



Most emergency alert systems are expensive starting at $95 min + monthly cost of $49/month + activation fee + cancellation fee.

Revolar is one time cost for the device + a free App. No setup or activation fee and no required monthly service fee.


Setting up other alert systems require installing multiple pieces of hardware, often times requiring professional installation.

Setting up your Revolar device is easy. Download the Free Revolar App and connect to your smartphone.  It's that easy!


The first medical alert systems were introduced in the mid 1970's. There have been minor innovations and most devices only work at home.

Revolar is a new modern solution with custom alerts for different situations, and you can take it with you anywhere.

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