Confidence You
Can Carry

Live the life you want knowing you can send for help quickly and discreetly.
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Revolar Basics


Pair your compatible smartphone and add up to 5 contacts in the app.


Clip it comfortably under your clothes or attach it to your keys.


Activate the button to send your status and live location via your smartphone.

Check-ins and Alerts

Let loved ones know if all is well (1 press), if you’re feeling uncomfortable (2 presses), or if you’re feeling unsafe (3+ presses).*

Free To Use

The power to feel safe should never require a monthly fee. That’s why sending alerts to friends and family is free.

1-Year Battery Life

Powered by a simple battery that never needs charging. No cords, no waiting, no hassle!

Weatherproof Design

Built to withstand accidental laundry cycles or dips in the pool. Can be submerged in 6’ of water for up to 30 mins.

Expand Your Horizons
At School, College, and Beyond

From late nights leaving the library to first dates, parties, and nights out on the town, your Revolar wearable makes it easy to get help if you need it. Whether that’s discreetly requesting a call to excuse yourself from a bad date, or asking for immediate assistance.

Stay Safer
Doing What You Love

Enjoy greater peace of mind when you’re out exercising, exploring, and enjoying yourself. Stay better connected to friends and family while you do what makes you happy.

Stick Together,
Across the Globe

Revolar wearables work all over the world, anywhere your compatible smartphone has cellular service or WiFi. That means it’s easier for friends and family to look out for each other – at home and abroad.

Revolar wearables are available at:

"A small price to pay
for peace of mind."

"Allows a student who feels threatened to instantly alert friends and family through their cell phone"

"Help facilitate rapid communication when you most need it."

Compatible with iOS 9+ & Android™ 4.4+.

Works anywhere you have cellular coverage or WiFi.

Connects to your Smartphone via Bluetooth® low energy.

Alerts loved ones. Does not directly contact 911 or emergency services.

*Talk with your Revolar contacts about how you want them to react to these alerts.