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How to Change the Battery in Schlage Door Lock? – 5 Steps

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how to change the battery in schlage door lock

For high-security systems, Schlage is among the most trusted brands, especially since it has been around for over a century. Aside from regular locks, the company also offers electronic and smart locks.

You would not do it often, but you must know how to change the battery in Schlage door lock. It can be done in a jiffy.

No locksmith is required when you want to change a Schlage battery, and the only thing you need is battery replacement.

Step-by-Step to Change the Battery in the Schlage Door Lock

A Schlage lock not working might have a battery issue. Once you figured out that it just has a depleted power source, then the only thing you need is the battery replacement.

Step 1: Remove the cover


Open a Schlage lock with a dead battery by removing the cover of the battery pack. No special tools are needed because the case can easily be lifted.

If you’re working with an FE575 model, you might need a screw to remove the handle or knob before you can remove the Schlage keypad door lock and the case.

Step 2: Disconnect the battery tray

Disconnect the battery tray from the lock so you can completely remove it. Afterward, you can now replace Schlage battery. Make sure to put them in the right position as misplaced batteries will cause intermittent power issues.

Step 3: Reconnect the battery tray


Reconnect the battery tray to the lock. Make sure that the batteries are facing the door before you reconnect the tray. Afterward, cover the battery pack.

Step 4: Test the lock

After a successful Schlage battery replacement, test if the unit works by locking or unlocking it on Schlage keypad lock or via your smart home panel or mobile application.

Step 5: Reset if needed


If the critical battery warning still prompts after battery change, you need to reset or reboot the lock. To do this, remove the battery tray again and then lock and unlock the door thrice.

Afterward, reinsert the tray and then lock and unlock the door thrice. After these steps, your unit is good to go.

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What kind of battery does a Schlage keypad lock take?

It is recommended to use brand-new premium alkaline batteries for Schlage lock. Using rechargeable or lithium ones might cause issues.

For such variants as Connect Smart Deadbolt, Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt, Schlage Encode, and Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt, you need four AA batteries. Keypad units, like the Schlage FE595 plus Programmable Deadbolt and Schlage Touch variants, meanwhile, require a 9-volt battery.

Lastly, the Schlage Lock with Built-In Alarm needs two AAA batteries.

However, for an electronic lock, alkaline batteries are recommended to avoid the possibility of lockout caused by dead batteries, unresponsiveness, and corrosion.

How often to change Schlage Lock battery?

Under ideal conditions, a Schlage smart lock battery can last up to two years. Take note that high and low temperatures might affect battery life. As such, it is recommended to change batteries in Schlage lock yearly for best performance.

As previously mentioned, using brand-new premium alkaline batteries will deliver better results than lithium and rechargeable ones.

How to know if the batteries need replacement?

For keypad and deadbolt locks, you will be alerted that the battery is low when the green or red light flashes upon entering the code.

Alternatively, you can check the battery status using the Schlage Home app. Take note that the battery is at critical level if it reaches 14 percent of charge and as such, you will need replacement.


What’s important in knowing how to change the battery in Schlage door lock is not the process itself but the type of batteries you’re using.

It’s necessary to use the recommended Schlage keypad lock battery type for optimal performance. Using non-lithium ones might force you to change the batteries every once in a while instead of waiting for years.

The battery is an essential part of the unit so follow the best practices to avoid unnecessary power issues.

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