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How to Open a Stack on Gun Safe Combination Lock in Just a Minute?

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how to open a stack on gun safe combination locks

Wondering how to open a stack on gun safe combination lock? Look for the mark for opening the gun safe. After that, dial the first number thrice in a clockwise direction. For the second number, dial it counterclockwise twice. For the third number, dial it in a clockwise direction once. Turn the handle clockwise then pull the door towards you.

Stack On is a gun safe that is trusted and used in most homes because of the integrity it built for over 40 years. With these steps, you can open a stack on safe without the need for professional help.


What You Need

In this tutorial, you won’t need to use any kind of power tool. You just have to focus on following the steps so you can finish everything easily and successfully. In case you miss any instructions, you have to repeat the procedures all over again.

Existing Combination

You need your stack on safe default code so you can open your lock. In case you lost or forgot your stack on gun safe combination sequence, you have to contact the manufacturer so they can give you the stack on safe forgot code. Prepare your serial number since the manufacturer will surely ask for it.

However, if you cannot obtain your stack on safe combination for some reason, there are ways to open stack on gun safe without combination such as hammering, drilling, or prying. You will need powerful and, sometimes, costly tools to execute these techniques.

These methods would take a lot of time and hard work, and they can damage your stack on safe permanently. You can avoid this by putting your combination and serial number in a secure place separate from your safe. Make sure that it is beyond the reach of your children or strangers.

Guide on How to Open a Stack on Gun Safe Combination Lock


Step 1: Look for the indicator mark for opening the safe


Usually, you will see two indicator marks in your safe — the opening and changing marks. The opening mark is positioned at 12 o’clock and it is located at the top of the dial. This is the mark your numbers need to pass for you to open your gun safe.

Step 2: Dial the first number clockwise


It is recommended to dial the numbers slowly to prevent making a mistake and doing the process again. The line for the number must exactly land to the mark. So for the first number, dial it in a clockwise direction and make sure that it passes the opening mark three times. The number must land on the mark on the third rotation.

Step 3: Dial the second number counterclockwise


For the second number, dial it in a counterclockwise direction while passing it through the opening mark twice. Before you proceed to the next procedure, you must check if the number landed on the mark on the second rotation. Make sure that it is placed exactly on the line of the mark to avoid any error.

Step 4: Dial the third number clockwise and open the door


Dial the third number in a clockwise direction but only once. The number must perfectly land on the opening mark. After you are done dialing the last combination number, the handle can be released. Turn the handle clockwise and pull the door towards you. If you cannot open it, there is a chance you made an error. Repeat the procedures.


Do you enjoy following the easy steps in our tutorial on how to open a stack on gun safe combination lock? By simply performing the instructions, you don’t need to pay or ask for professional help because you can do it by yourself for only a matter of minutes.

We will be delighted to know your thoughts and experiences while you are doing the tutorial; just leave a comment below. You can also share this post with your friends and loved ones, especially if they own a new stack on gun safe and have no idea how to open it.

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