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The Best Personal Alarms for Runners, Night Workers & More

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best personal alarm for runners

Every runner would love to run without worrying about their safety. But sadly, our world doesn’t allow this experience as several dangerous situations can occur. It becomes necessary to bring along protection for when/if these circumstances arise.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that more people are looking for the best personal alarm for runners. It would offer enough protection to scare away a would-be attacker or alert someone nearby.

But finding these high-quality alarms for runners is a little problematic. There’s a lot of available options, so how does someone determine the perfect one for their needs? Well, it comes down to having a handle on certain essential buying factors, such as these:

  • Durability: Personal alarms for runners need to have robust and durable construction. In other words, these products need to last a long time and offer extended usage. Otherwise, the purchase might seem not worth it down the line.
  • Sound level: Each personal safety alarm will come with a significant number of specific features. It’s essential to go for devices with at least a 120dB alarm that can be heard within 1000 feet.
  • Ease of Use and Maintenance: High-quality personal alarms won’t be overly complicated to use and maintain. These devices will make a buyer’s life much easier rather than unnecessarily tricky.

Aside from these features, I’ve also compiled a list of 10 high-quality options. I chose them based on each one having desired traits and excellent reps. You’ll learn more about these choices in our product reviews and buying guide.


Top Product name Dimensions Noise Level Wearing type  
1 SABRE RPA-01 0.5L x 4W x 1.75H inches 130 dB Strap Details
2 Nathan Personal 5L x 3W x 3H inches 120 dB Attaching Details
3 SABRE Clip-On 1L x 2.5W x 1.5H inches  120 dB Attaching Details

10 Top Personal Alarm for Runners Reviews

1. SABRE RPA-01 Personal Alarm for Runners

SABRE’s RPA-01 Personal Alarm for Runners has been a favorite product within the running community for a long time. It’s not hard to see why with its various impressive features that have made my runs a lot safer.

For instance, this option comes with an ear-piercing 130db siren to ward away attackers. I doubt anyone will mess with someone who activates this device as its sound carries a long way. In fact, it has proven to travel 1,000 feet with ease.

I was delighted by this product’s adjustable wrist strap, as well. It provides some user versatility as the strap can fit onto a bicep or wrist without issue. Therefore, buyers have a bit of control over its utilization to increase their comfort level.

This strap also consists of reflective material. It’s a godsend for anyone who runs at night as it allows people to see me when driving. As a result, it becomes an additional precaution against any dangerous situation occurring when running.

I didn’t even mention the strap is weather-resistant and sweat-resistant. So it shouldn’t have any issue working in the rain or other similar situations. More importantly, using the device isn’t difficult as it only requires pulling a metal ring to activate the alarm.

But I do wish the included screws were a bit easier to unscrew when activating the battery. It was a challenge that I didn’t expect from this high-quality option. Moreover, a few other customers agreed with my assessment within their reviews.
  • 130db ear-piercing siren travels up to 1,000 feet
  • Versatile adjustable wrist strap fits onto wrists and biceps
  • Strap made from reflective, weather-resistant, and sweat-resistant material
  • Ideal for nighttime runners
  • Easy using process with metal ring activation
  • Hard to unscrew included screws
Aside from the screws, I couldn’t point to another fault with this product. It functioned well as a jogger alarm without being overly burdensome. There isn’t much more I could want in these devices.

2. Nathan Personal Ripcord Alarm

Another reliable device, Nathan’s Personal Ripcord Alarm, offers solid protection levels with various useful features. An excellent example would be its one-handed ripcord activation that allows for convenient and quick usage.

It shouldn’t be challenging to utilize even when under extreme duress. It’s just a simple matter of pulling on the chord to set off the alarm. Users then push it back in when the product requires stopping after the altercation is over.

I was pleased with its placement versatility, as well. It was not difficult to clip this alarm onto a hoodie, shorts, purse, belt, bag, or another desired item. I can’t imagine a buyer not finding a comfortable location for it on their person.

The product’s burgundy color scheme was another highlight. It shouldn’t have any issues blending into most clothing or other items. Due to this, it doesn’t become an eyesore like I often see with other running safety devices.

Furthermore, this option doesn’t come with an outrageous or costly price tag. Most buyers shouldn’t have a single issue fitting it within their budget ranges. I even found myself saying it was a bargain to more than one person.

But this option is a bit less loud than most other personal safety devices for runners. It’s the one flaw that stood out a little when testing the product. However, its 120db sound level should still be more than adequate at keeping people safe.
  • Convenient and quick one-handed ripcord activation method
  • Easy using/stopping process
  • Suitable for various attachment applications (clothing, bags, belts, etc.)
  • Adaptable burgundy color scheme
  • A more affordable option
  • Others on this list are louder than this one
Even with the lower sound level, I’ve felt comfortable having this alarm on my runs. I mainly want to use these devices to scare away animals as trail running is my favorite activity. So this option more than fits my alarm needs.

3. SABRE Clip-On Personal Alarm

The SABRE Clip-On Personal Alarm doesn’t complicate things with its design. Instead, it keeps operation simple to put extra focus on remaining a solid, reliable running personal alarm.

One of the primary reasons for its simplicity is its compact and lightweight construction. It allows me to work out without ever noticing its presence on my clothing. Most other options don’t offer similar performance as they become a nuisance when running.

I’m also delighted with its built-in clip, making the attachment process even easier. It has no issues attaching onto clothing or bags for easy storing and carrying. I haven’t had any problems with this product’s overall portability when using it.

This Sabre runner personal alarm does a solid job with its flashlight capabilities, as well. It provides three light modes to provide a little more user control than other choices. I’ve faced several situations, such as dropping my keys in the dark, where it was a godsend.

Meanwhile, the product also doesn’t make the using process tricky. I couldn’t even mess it up as it’s a simple act of pulling the device’s metal chain to activate its 120db alarm to be heard from 1300 feet away. It’ll then have no trouble chasing away whatever danger presents itself.

This product doesn’t come with a rechargeable battery, which was a bummer. I’m never going to be a fan of changing and buying batteries regularly for these devices. But it’s not such a big deal where I can’t recognize this option for its various top qualities.
  • Compact and lightweight design for easy movability
  • Built-in clip for easy attachment onto clothes or bags
  • Decent flashlight capabilities with three light modes
  • Simple activation process via a metal chain
  • Effective 120db alarm within 1300 feet
  • Not rechargeable
All in all, this product lacking a rechargeable battery isn’t a massive issue. I’ve learned to deal with it, considering what else this safety alarm for runners provides. I’d imagine most other buyers will end up feeling the same.

4. MaxxmAlarm Imax-Fob-Blak SOS Alert Personal Alarm

Finding a more well-equipped option than MaxxmAlarm’s Imax-Fob-Blak SOS Alert Personal Alarm would be a challenge for runners. It has everything a person could think of when considering what makes up a personal attack alarm for runners.

For instance, the product offers a compact and durable construction. But MaxxmAlarm ensured it was also a lightweight self-defense for runners mechanism to make sure carrying it around wasn’t burdensome. I don’t even notice it when I’m running a 5k or 10k.

The product’s protection abilities aren’t anything to overlook, either. It offers an abrasive, loud 130db siren to keep attackers and animals away from me. In fact, I ran into a coyote the other day, and this siren made them run right back into the woods.

I also found the product’s activation process relatively simple. Users only need to pull the device’s top piece to set off its alarm, which couldn’t be easier. It’s no wonder why parents have found it to be an adequate safety precaution for their kids.

Attaching the alarm onto bags or purses was another straightforward process. MaxxmAlarm even includes a carabiner to ensure it goes smoothly. I couldn’t ask for much more from a wearable personal safety alarm.

But this option does have one notable downside. It’s easily among our most costly options, which could turn some people away from it. Every runner will need to decide whether they feel its cost is worth it.
  • Compact and durable construction for longevity
  • Effortless to carry around with a lightweight design
  • Loud, abrasive 130db alarm
  • Easy alarm activation process (pull top piece)
  • Straightforward attachment process with included carabiner
  • Costs a bit more
I found myself feeling like the product was more than worth paying a little extra. Its siren and robust construction are hard aspects for other running safety devices to match. But I could see how someone else could feel differently.

5. Atlecko Personal Safety Alarm

One of the loudest available options, Atlecko’s Personal Safety Alarm, makes it hard for runners to dismiss. After all, it produces an alarming 140db sound that would stagger even the most determined attacker or animal within a 950 feet distance.

It’ll also continuously sound the alarm for an hour until a human being stops it. It provides a level of security most other runner security devices can’t match. Due to this, I’ve felt much more comfortable when running through those secluded forest trails.

The product’s reflective design was another trait that caught my attention. It offers more visibility during late-night runs where a car might not see me without it. Plus, it attaches right onto my wrist to provide much more practical use.

I was pleased with its durable construction made with weather-resistant gear, as well. It hasn’t shown a single sign of wear during my entire time using this wrist personal alarm. I even got caught in an almost monsoon and still didn’t notice any durability issues.

Users shouldn’t overlook the included batteries (3x) or its 30-day money-back guarantee, either. These might not seem like a big deal, but these indicate Atlecko cares about its customers. Both inclusions help ensure a buyer feels happy using this product.

I do think it’s a bit bulkier on my wrist than other options, though. It’s not uncomfortable but remains noticeable when I’m running and takes a little from experience. But, honestly, it’s more of a preference issue than anything overly serious.
  • Alarming 140db alarm within 950 feet
  • Reflective design allows for nighttime running
  • Attaches right onto wrist for practical usage
  • Durable construction fitted with weather-resistant gear
  • 30-day money-back guarantee and included batteries (3x)
  • A bit bulky design
Overall, the bulky design doesn’t affect its performance too much. It remains an impressive alarm for runners that’s more than capable of doing its job. I feel very comfortable with this option on my wrist when I’m doing trail runs.

6. SABRE RU-PA-02 Ruger Personal Alarm

SABRE’s RU-PA-02 Ruger Personal Alarm offers solid results in two areas that should excite any runner. It’s an effective protection tool while being a valuable flashlight to provide more versatility than most devices.

Honestly, I rarely come across running safety alarms capable of providing valuable results within both areas. But this one defies the odds with its design containing a 20-lumen flashlight and an impressive 130db siren.

I have to start with this 20-lumen flashlight because it offers an impressive amount of light. I’ve used it to locate small items like keys, illuminate door locks or find my way back. In each case, this personal alarm has more than fulfilled the role of being a practical flashlight.

Meanwhile, the 130db siren offers a loud warning ranging up to 1,000 feet. It should have no issues alerting people/authorities of my whereabouts during a mugging or other incidents. It’s an effective deterrent capable of keeping a person safe.

The device’s low battery test button should excite potential buyers, as well. It removes the guesswork of trying to decide when this device needs a battery change. Furthermore, I didn’t even mention multiple customers reported the product’s easy to use under stressful situations.

Its design does make it prone to accidental activations based on other customers’ reviews. In other words, this alarm might sound off if placed within a bag with multiple other items. It could lead to an embarrassing situation where the device is going off within a public place.
  • Fills two roles (protection tool and flashlight)
  • Bright 20-lumen flashlight to help locate keys, locks, etc
  • Loud 130db siren with 1,000-foot range
  • Indicates needed battery changes with low battery test button
  • Easy to use in high-pressure situations
  • Prone to accidental alarms
But honestly, I haven’t had an issue with mine. I’ve remained cautious with my usage and placement of the device to avoid any potential accidental alarms. So far, it has worked perfectly with its solid repertoire of protection aspects.

7. Meedasy Safe Sound Personal Alarm

Affordable personal alarms are usually made with subpar materials and contain lackluster features. But Meedasy’s Safe Sound Personal Alarm beats this curse by offering a reasonable price and adequate performance quality.

One of the primary reasons for it is its adaptable wrist design. It can fit anyone from a child to an adult without breaking a sweat. I even tried it out by attaching it onto several people’s wrists with great success.

It’s also impossible to overlook its weatherproof construction. Users will have no issue running in the rain with this product attached to their wrist. I even did a little test to see how it stood up to heavy rains, and it stood tall.

Given this attribute, it becomes a lot more adaptable than a traditional runner alarm. It offers several uses, from late-night running to protecting a senior citizen. In every capacity, it manages to provide good results.

Its protection capabilities come from the embedded 120bd warning siren and flashing LED light. Both tools are helpful deterrents against attackers and animals. I even managed to scare away a deer, not on purpose, the other day with it.

However, this option was plagued by some shipping issues. It seems a buyer or two noted receiving the wrong colored product, which is a bummer. But it wasn’t frequent enough where I’d put too much stock into it being a trend.
  • A more reasonably priced device
  • Fits most people with adaptable wrist design
  • Weatherproof construction allows for outdoor use
  • Suitable for various applications (late night running, senior use, etc.)
  • Embedded with a protective 120db warning siren and flashing LED light
  • There might be shipping issues
All in all, this product represents a simple and effective choice for a runner’s protection needs. It’s hard to see how someone wouldn’t find themselves pleased with low-price and waterproof capabilities.

8. Wohome ‎SA-01-8 Safesound Personal Alarms

One of our more extensive choices, Wohome’s ‎SA-01-8 Safesound Personal Alarms, offers eight runner alarms for an affordable price. It’s a hard deal for other available options to compete with, especially considering the product quality.

Each of these eight alarms comes with various attributes capable of providing protection. They showed a unique ability to work in almost any situation, not only for runners. They’ve been helpful to protect college students, night workers, trail runners, and multiple other cases.

After all, their stylish and durable ABS plastic designs allow them to adapt easily. Their protection ability doesn’t hurt, either, as a 130db siren is always impressive. This particular one can reach up to 606 feet without breaking a sweat.

Given this information, one of these alarms will have no issues providing noticeable attention. I even had enough confidence in them to give some alarms to my nieces and nephews. It ended up providing me a lot more peace of mind about their safety.

More importantly, they won’t have trouble using them. These alarms function on a pin-based activation to ensure easy usage. It’s another reason why most customers consider them one of the more adaptable available choices.

The egg-shaped design does have a reputation for not meshing well with seniors, though. It allows the devices to slip through their hands a bit easier than other age groups. As a result, it’s something to think about when making a final decision.
  • Eight alarms for an affordable price
  • Adaptable to almost any situation
  • Stylish, durable ABS plastic construction
  • 130db siren with 606 feet of range
  • Easy using process with pin-based activation
  • Difficult for seniors to handle
But thankfully, I’m not a person who intends to provide them to seniors. Nevertheless, their durability and fashionable style ended up being a hit among my family.

9. Spartan Defense Original Self-Defense Sirens

The Spartan Defense Original Self-Defense Sirens offers runners a highly effective 2-pack filled with exciting features. It starts with the alarms having a construction made from military-grade material for long-term durability.

Honestly, I’d be shocked if these alarms don’t last more than a couple of years. Runners will also benefit from their lightweight, compact design. I’ve found them easy to hold in my hand or to clip onto my body when running.

Each alarm comes with a carabiner to make the attachment process easier, as well. It allows them to serve as a keychain on my belt, bag, or shirt. I’ve found it works best on my shirt as it keeps these devices from being a distraction.

Meanwhile, both alarms are fitted with a rechargeable battery for even more convenience. I’m always going to prefer options with this ability. It allows me to avoid having to buy batteries for my personal running alarms.

Other notable features include blinding LED strobe light, a 130db siren, and a pull-pin activation system. As with previous options, these inclusions will ensure I remain protected by offering convenient ways to deter dangerous situations.

I was a little disappointed by its sound level since it wasn’t as loud as I expected. Honestly, I encounter other 130db alarms to be a bit more menacing than this one. But it still produces a good siren to be seen as a sufficient deterrent.
  • Durable construction made with military-grade hardware
  • Lightweight, compact design for easy travel
  • Easy attachment process with included carabiner
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Effective protection tool with strobe light, 130db siren, and pull-pin activation
  • Not as loud as other options
The softer sound level wasn’t enough for me to discredit this valuable option. Its other high-quality attributes are more than making up for this slight flaw. More importantly, it’s still a better than average alarm sound, especially for a situation like running.

10. She’s Birdie Love LLC Original Personal Safety Alarm for Women

Our final selection, Birdie Love LLC’s Original Personal Safety Alarm for Women, ends our list on a high note with its impressive features. It’s no surprise that this model is often listed as one of the best protection devices for women available.

For instance, the simplified using process shouldn’t provide anyone with problems. I didn’t even have a single issue as it’s just removing the top piece to activate and replacing it to deactivate. It doesn’t get much easier when it comes to runner alarms.

The product’s durable construction is another reason it sticks out from its competitors. Birdie Love LLC took its time to construct a tough and robust device. It’s obvious based on the product’s overall feel and resistance to damage from my constant butterfingers.

Users should also take note of this product’s five convenient color choices. I had a difficult time picking between aqua, charcoal, coral, indigo, and lemon. But I finally had to give into my preferences and select the always relevant aqua color scheme.

But, of course, none of these attributes matter without solid protection attributes. This runner alarm more than offers those capabilities with its 130db piercing siren and flashing strobe light. I doubt there’s a single thief or attacker who wants to deal with this combination.

I was a little surprised to see this option wasn’t waterproof, though. It seems like a bit of an oversight by Birdie Love LLC as this aspect could make it a lot more convenient. But it’s an easy problem to work around.
  • Simplified activation/deactivation process (removing/replacing top piece)
  • Offers longevity with a durable construction
  • Five convenient color choices (aqua, charcoal, coral, indigo, and lemon)
  • 130db piercing siren
  • Effective flashing strobe light
  • Not waterproof
Aside from the waterproof issue, I don’t see a single reason not to buy this option. It doesn’t get much better from a protection standpoint than this model from Birdie Love LLC.

What to Look for When Buying Personal Alarm for Runners


Finding a personal safety alarm for running can be a little challenging. But it can become relatively simple with an understanding of what factors matter when choosing them. I’ll discuss them in extensive detail to ensure the entire process is a smooth one.


One of the most overlooked factors is each alarm’s overall durability. In other words, these alarms need to be made from high-quality materials. It’s an easy way to evaluate whether an option will last a long time or require a quick replacement.

I’d also recommend looking at the personal alarm review sections. These resources will offer significant insight into how well each option has fared. Customers tend to be very forthright about a product’s performance within their reviews.

Level of Features

Most runner personal alarms have sophisticated designs filled with advanced features. You’ll also find them to provide the necessary tools for setup or maintenance. As a result, it’s essential to figure out what are the required features for your needs.

The most common inclusions are instant emergency alerts, two-way communication, personal alarms with GPS tracking, and automatic fall detection. As you can imagine, each of these additions can make a runner feel much safer when out for a jog.

Style / Configuration

Today’s personal alarms for runners are available in various styles and configurations. It’s a godsend because it allows each user to choose one suitable for their comfort. Aside from the classic pendant style of personal runner alarms, there are a few other common types.

You’ll come across belt clip and wristband options, as well. Both these styles have shown to be favorites among runners since they don’t mess up the running experience. Instead, you can jog along without any disruption of your movements or too much added weight.

In any case, a buyer’s goal should be choosing the personal alarm style suited for their comfort. It’s a simple way of ensuring they use the device. After all, no one will use a personal alarm for running that doesn’t feel comfortable.


Personal alarms offer a wide variety when it comes to cost. Therefore, you’ll need to construct a budget based on your specific needs to help deal with this variation. As a result, choosing the right option will become a lot simpler for each buyer.

I should also mention that some personal alarms might have monthly fees. If you’re looking into those models, it’s a feature to consider when constructing your budget. Accounting these features will keep your budget realistic and valuable.

From there, your budget can then lessen the choices to a more manageable number. You won’t have to select one from the vast number of available options. It ends up saving everyone involved a lot of time and frustration.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Some personal alarm devices will be more complicated than others. Buyers will need to research how to use each option before making a final choice. Otherwise, they might choose an option that’s too complex for them to operate effectively.

As a result, I’d suggest reading each alarm’s setup and maintenance directions. These instructions will provide insight into whether you feel comfortable with the procedures. You can usually find these resources right in the product’s manual or description.

What Is the Loudest Personal Alarm for Runners


The loudest personal alarms often reach 140db. I haven’t found any available options capable of reaching a higher decibel level. In any case, this noise level is more than enough to scare away an attacker and alert nearby people.

What Does a Safety Alarm Sound Like

There’s significant variation when it comes to a safety alarm’s sound. In most cases, users describe them as sounding like a high-pitched siren. Some options can even reach a sound near 140 decibels without an issue.

How Do I Use a Personal Alarm

Personal alarms are extremely easy to use. For example, most personal alarms for runners will strap onto a user’s wrist or attach onto some piece of clothing. In other cases, buyers might come across options made in a keychain form.

If you find yourself in an emergency, you’ll need to click the button or pull your alarm’s ripcord. It’ll then cause an extremely high-pitched and loud sound to play from the device. After the attacker runs away, you can then press it again to silence the alarm.

Which Is Better for Safety – Pepper Spray or a Personal Alarm

Honestly, both types of safety tools can be effective when running. It ends up depending on the user’s preference whether they see one more valuable than the other. For instance, personal alarms are a lot more convenient when it comes to usability.

These devices are located right on your wrist and don’t require additional storage. Meanwhile, pepper spray will need placement within your pocket or storage bag. But pepper spray is a more effective tactic because it’ll always work and doesn’t run on a battery like an alarm.


Our article should’ve provided some insight into what’s the best personal alarm for runners. You should now use this information during your search. As a result, the entire process will become a little easier and less stressful.

But a question or two might still pop up during this process. If this does happen, feel free to use our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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