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The Best Smart Locks for Airbnb (Compatible with Airbnb, HomeKit,…)

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best smart lock for airbnb

Airbnb is a fantastic way to make some additional money for homeowners. But securing their Airbnb property can represent a stressful task. However, a high-quality smart lock is an easy way to resolve these potential issues.

Sadly, finding the best smart lock for Airbnb users can be a challenging task. There are many available options, making it confusing for people who don’t know what to consider. So how do you find the perfect smart lock for an Airbnb property?

It’ll come down to understanding certain essential buying factors. These aspects will determine what option represents the right lock for Airbnb purposes. So let’s dive into a little overview of these factors to provide some context about what a buyer can expect:

  • App Quality: A smart door lock for Airbnb rentals is only as valuable as its accompanying app. These applications will control everything about these devices. Due to this, choosing a lock with an easy-to-use and navigate app is a must.
  • Ease of Installation: Smart locks aren’t always the easiest devices to install. As a result, it’s essential to research each one to ensure you can install it yourself. It’s a simple way of avoiding paying a professional for the task.
  • ANSI Ratings: Each smart lock is fitted with an ANSI rating between 1 and 3. Grade 1 locks are the most secure, while grade 3 are the least. Grade 1 or grade 2 are the only ones suitable for Airbnb usage.

Lastly, I’ve gathered a list of 12 top-tier smart locks for Airbnb to help construct a better idea of what’s on the market. I chose each option based on them having certain high-quality that makes them excellent choices. You’ll learn more about these aspects without our smart lock reviews and the following buying guide.


Top Product name Dimensions  Support Assistants Control Method  
1 August ‎AUG-SL04-M01-S04 1.63 x 2.6 x 4.8 inches Vera, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa ‎Voice, remote Details
2 Yale Security‎ YRD226-CBA-0BP 6 x 6 x 14 inches Vera, Amazon Alexa, SmartThings, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Voice, touch, remote Details
3  Schlage BE489WB CAM 716 2.24 x 3 x 5.47 inches Vera, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant,  Voice, touch, remote  Details

Top 12 Smart Lock for Airbnb Reviews

1. August ‎AUG-SL04-M01-S04 Smart Lock

August’s ‎AUG-SL04-M01-S04 Smart Lock makes things easy for Airbnb hosts who install it on their homes. It allows for easy remote access that locks/unlocks and provides an ability to monitor the door via its app.

Due to this August smart lock, I can easily track what’s going on when someone’s using my home. Such a feature makes sending them guest keys relatively easy, as well. It’s a simple matter of using the easy-to-use August app, which couldn’t have been easier to navigate.

I can also control access for anyone with those guest keys. It made allowing access for a few hours, minutes, days, or even weeks a breeze. As an Airbnb user, this aspect comes endlessly helpful since I’m always having new guests using my home.

The smart lock’s installation was another highlight. I was able to install this Airbnb smart lock right onto my existing deadbolt with only a screwdriver. In fact, the entire process only took 10 minutes, and I expect even newbies won’t have any trouble.

We should not sleep on this smart lock’s convenient Door Sense technology. It ensures that I know whether my door’s completely closed and locked at all times. Therefore, I no longer have to worry about it when I’m trying to enjoy myself elsewhere.

I can even set up the optional auto unlock and auto lock feature to ensure this problem is never an issue. It allows the August lock to detect when you leave/arrive and unlock/lock accordingly.

But it doesn’t come with a Wi-Fi bridge included, which was a bummer. Buyers will need to purchase this component separately to get the whole experience of this August smart lock.
  • Simple remote access via an easy-to-use app
  • Control and send guest keys with ease
  • Easy installation with screwdriver
  • Convenient, Door Sense technology
  • Optional auto unlock/lock for extra door security
  • Wi-Fi bridge sold separately
All in all, this August smart lock provides good security and keeps things simple. It makes buying the separate Wi-Fi bridge more than worth it for my needs.

2. Yale Security‎ YRD226-CBA-0BP Assure Smart Lock

The Yale Security‎ YRD226-CBA-0BP Assure Smart Lock offers a bit more convenience than I expect from these smart locks. In fact, this option is compatible with a lot more than only Airbnb as it works with Alexa, Hey Google, HomeKit, and more.

I was also impressed that Yale Security included a Wi-Fi bridge with purchase. This addition removes the need to buy one separately like I would with most smart locks. As a result, it removes one hassle from this entire process.

Buyers should pay attention to the Yale Assure Smart Lock’s auto-lock/unlock feature, as well. It allows for hands-free unlocking and locks immediately when the door closes behind me. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about myself or guests leaving the door unlocked for easy intruder access.

This Yale Assure lock offers a wide application, too, as it fits standard doors between 1 ¾” and 2 ¼” thick. Plus, the installation doesn’t require any expertise as it was effortless and straightforward. I can’t imagine anyone having trouble with this Yale lock, as the brand did an excellent job keeping it simple.

Lastly, I can’t express how nice it is to never worry about keys. Users can use their Apple watch/smartphone via the Yale app or the keypad to unlock their door.

I was a bit bummed by the lack of a power port or 9v battery terminal, though. It’s a noteworthy exclusion because this Yale smart lock Airbnb device can’t provide emergency charging when its batteries are dead. Users will need to stay on top of this issue, or they might find themselves locked out of their homes.
  • Compatible with HomeKit, Airbnb, Alexa, Hey Google, etc
  • Offers auto-lock/unlock feature
  • Fits any standard door between 1 ¾” and 2 ¼” thick
  • No additional smart hub required (Wi-Fi bridge included)
  • Keyless entry via Yale app or keypad
  • Lacks 9v battery terminal for emergency charging
But if I stay on top of the battery issue, there isn’t anything else worth noting that could cause a problem. So it ends up being a more than effective option as an Airbnb door lock.

3. Schlage BE489WB CAM 716 Deadbolt Smart Lock

Our next option, Schlage’s BE489WB CAM 716 Deadbolt Smart Lock, is unique among these devices as it has built-in Wi-Fi. It’s an excellent component as it doesn’t require any additional smart hub for remote locking or unlocking.

This Schlage lock also represents a solid Airbnb lock because of its excessive code storage. I can store and manage up to 100 access codes with this smart lock without issue. It makes things much easier when I constantly have new people coming in and out of my home.

After all, these codes are all easily managed through the Schlage home app. I’ve had no problem giving people temporary, recurring, or permanent access when necessary. Plus, the app itself wasn’t too difficult to navigate like most smart lock apps.

I was intrigued by its ability to work with Alexa, which allows me to set up smart reorders. It’s a handy aspect as it makes ordering replacement batteries a breeze for users. Likewise, Alexa compatibility enables me to check my lock’s status and hands-free lock/unlock operation.

The fingerprint-resistant touchscreen keypad is another notable attribute for home security. It offers an easy one-touch operation that stops people from peeking at worn-down keypad buttons. Therefore, this Schlage smart lock prevents easy code stealing that other models might not contain.

I do wish the embedded failure/tampering alarm was louder, though. Honestly, I don’t see how this aspect would discourage a would-be thief. It seems like a slight misstep that represents an area where other Airbnb locks are more useful.
  • Requires no additional smart hub with built-in Wifi connection
  • Manages and stores 100 access code
  • Simple to use and navigate app
  • Compatible with Alexa (hands-free operation and smart reorders)
  • Fingerprint-resistant touchscreen prevents code peeking
  • Quiet tampering/failure alarm
But the quiet alarm doesn’t outweigh the many other positive aspects of this Schlage lock. Honestly, I still feel very comfortable with this smart lock for my home security.

4. ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Smart Door Lock

I find myself quite impressed with the various advanced features offered by ULTRALOQ’s U-Bolt Smart Door Lock. For example, users get five access methods of opening or unlocking their doors when utilizing this lock.

It allows access via keypad, smartphone, auto-unlock, shake to open, and mechanical key. As a result, it becomes a practical security system that ensures there’s always a secure way inside. But if I’m allowing an Airbnb guest to stay, the most crucial aspect is the keypad.

This particular keypad is rather intriguing with its bright backlight. Therefore, a guest returning from a night on the town won’t have issues entering their temporary code. The keypad also protects against peeping by allowing users to add random digits around their preferred code.

As for its performance quality, I found its weatherproof external construction intriguing. This aspect will ensure it has no problem with handling the heat or cold. It’ll make sure my Airbnb guests have an effective, usable smart lock in any weather condition.

I should also mention this lock is controlled via Bluetooth and a smartphone app. These tools will allow me to grant access to my home in varying degrees. I can set their access codes for permanent, specific periods or dates with ease.

Honestly, battery drainage issues are the only thing holding this smart Bluetooth lock back. Multiple customers noted it drains quicker than their previous experiences with smart locks. In these cases, it required a battery change every month or two.
  • Five access methods (code, smartphone, auto-unlock, shake to open, and backup key)
  • Backlit, anti-peep keypad suitable for night usage
  • Weatherproof external construction
  • Controlled via a smartphone app and Bluetooth
  • Access settable in various degrees (periods, specific dates, or permanent)
  • Quick battery life drainage
Keeping up with the battery changes is worth dealing with, considering the affordability and various impressive features for home security. I would say this lock is among the smart home devices we can trust.

5. August ‎AUG-SL05-M01-G01 Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Buyers will notice one thing about August’s ‎AUG-SL05-M01-G01 Wi-Fi Smart Lock almost immediately. It has a much slimmer design and profile than most people expect from a smart lock for Airbnb host usage.

As a result, it blends effortlessly into my home decor rather than becoming a problem. Many smart locks don’t offer this attribute and stick out like a sore thumb. It’s not an ideal situation, especially when using it for Airbnb purposes.

I was also intrigued by it not needing an additional bridge for a Wi-Fi connection. Instead, it provides full voice and remote access whenever it’s required with built-in Wi-Fi. So it ends up being a lot more practical than other smart home devices.

Another exciting attribute was the color choice offered by this August smart lock. Each buyer will have a selection of silver and matte back for their locks. Both options shouldn’t have any issues blending in most homes without much difficulty.

Like other August smart locks, this model works with all single cylinder deadbolts, as well. It offers a wide application range that other choices struggle to match. I could easily install it to my existing deadbolt without a sweat.

Lastly, I had no issues operating the auto-lock/unlock feature as an optional security measure.

But I do admit the app is a little subpar compared with other models. I still didn’t have many issues using it, but it’s slightly slower than I expected.
  • An August smart look with a slimmer, blendable design
  • Built-in Wi-Fi access for easy connection
  • Two color choices (matte black or silver)
  • Compatible with all single cylinder deadbolts
  • Effective auto-lock/unlock feature
  • The app is not that smooth
Honestly, the app functions well enough to work in Airbnb situations without much hassle. This one is among my favorite models from the brand, comparable to the August Smart Lock Pro.

6. SCHLAGE Z-Wave Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt

SCHLAGE’s Z-Wave Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt is a hard option to beat when it comes to one area, durability. It has been rated with a grade 1 by the ANSI to convey it’s among the highest home security available.

Based on my experience with the device, I can confirm the quality performance of this Airbnb smart lock. Its high-quality construction ensures my home remains protected at its main point of entry. Honestly, I tried everything that I could think to bypass it and had no luck.

The built-in alarm technology has proven effective with its three alert modes (activity, tamper, and forced entry). It’s an essential inclusion as it’ll keep my guests apprised of any potential security threats when staying in my home.

I found installing the device relatively straightforward, as well. Its standard lock design will fit most one-hole residential door preps without needing anything more than a Phillips Head screwdriver. In addition, the auto-handing feature makes it even easier as it’ll detect the bolt’s direction during installation.

As for code sharing capabilities, this lock stores up to 30 codes that I can delete or revoke access any time. Besides, I was also pleased with its use of Z-wave technology’s ability to offer advanced remote access and integration with other home monitoring systems (lights, locks, cameras, etc).

Given these features, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that this model has a high price tag. It’s easily our most costly option and brings up quite the predicament. Each buyer will need to weigh whether the advanced features are worth the cost.
  • High-quality construction with a grade 1 ANSI rating
  • Built-in alert modes for detecting security threats
  • Easy installation on most one-hold residential doors
  • Manages and stores up to 30 access codes
  • Advanced remove access and monitoring via Z-wave technology
  • Costs a bit more than other smart locks for Airbnb
In my case, I find myself siding with this Airbnb lock being worth the extra dollars. Its vaulted convenience level and security features ensure everyone feels safe inside my home.

7. Igloohome ‎IGB3 Deadbolt 2S Digital Smart Lock

The Igloohome ‎IGB3 Deadbolt 2S Digital Smart Lock has become a favorite among Airbnb users for a simple reason. It integrates effortlessly with the Airbnb app and allows hosts to synchronize their listing calendars with their respective Igloohome account.

As a result, it can generate PIN codes or Bluetooth keys automatically and send them to guests. It’s all controlled on the Igloohome app that I can access via my smartphone anywhere. It doesn’t require an internet connection, either, making it very suitable for lousy or no Wi-Fi areas.

But Airbnb convenience isn’t this lock’s only appealing trait. I was also a fan of its slimmer design profile, which keeps it from becoming a blight on my home’s decor. This Airbnb smart lock meshes well with its metal grey color scheme.

Users should love its long battery lifespan, as well. This smart lock can last nine months on four AA batteries without needing a change. Plus, I can monitor its battery status through the Igloohome app to prevent any issues.

If the batteries do complete drain, this model has an equipped DC9V battery. It allows for an emergency jump start to offer keypad access in these dire situations.

I had some issues using the included physical keys effectively like a few other customers, though. It was difficult to determine the proper positioning and required a lot of giggling to make it work. Thankfully, this access method isn’t one I’m going to rely on during my usage.
  • Effortless syncs with Airbnb listing calendars
  • Doesn’t need an internet connection to work
  • Convenient, slimmer design profile
  • Batteries last up to 9 months
  • Equipped with DC9V battery for emergencies
  • Subpar physical keys
In the end, this Airbnb smart lock has various other ways of entering/exiting a home, making the key a relatively insignificant flaw. Thus, this one is a compatible design for a smart home system, replacing our existing lock.

8. Kwikset Kevo 99250-202 Deadbolt Smart Lock

This next Bluetooth smart lock, Kwikset Kevo 99250-202 Deadbolt Smart Lock, is a hard one to overlook with its intriguing features. One of my favorite examples is its use of new advanced SmartKey Security technology.

After all, it allows this security system to prevent unauthorized access in various ways. It provides a rather impressive resistance to lock bumping and picking. Plus, its ANSI grade 2 rating makes me feel more than comfortable with protecting my front door.

The product’s touch-to-open process was another aspect to catch my attention. It ensures that my guests or myself don’t have to pull out our phones when accessing the smart lock. Instead, it’ll recognize a user as they approach unlock when it’s touched.

I also found its utilization of eKeys (Anytime eKeys and Guest eKeys) rather practical. For instance, each lock comes with two Anytime eKeys for the admin user and whoever they want to offer long-term access. It could be a family member, a dog walker, an extended guest, or anyone who has a Kevo compatible smartphone.

But if I’m only providing a 24-hour Airbnb stay, I’d give them a Guest eKey. These are unlimited and will delete automatically after 24 hours to ensure my home stays secure.

Apple HomeKit users will need to look toward another smart lock, though. This model isn’t compatible with that particular smart home platform. Honestly, it seems like an oversight as it could be an easy way to broaden their customer base.
  • Effective SmartKey Security prevents unauthorized access
  • Proven lock bumping and picking resistance
  • Adequate grade 2 ANSI rating
  • Convenient, touch-to-open unlocking process
  • Practical utilization of eKeys (Anytime and Guest)
  • Not Apple Homekit compatible
Overall, the performance quality is more than acceptable for this door lock for Airbnb rentals. It’s just a shame Apple HomeKit users won’t be able to enjoy it.

9. Hornbill ‎S110BBL Smart Enty Front Door Keypad Lock

Keeping an eye on my Airbnb rental isn’t too tricky with Hornbill’s ‎S110BBL Smart Front Door Keypad Lock. It comes with the TTLock app that connects to this smart deadbolt lock, which allows for easy checking of wrong passcodes and unlocking history.

I was also happy with its ability to offer customized access codes through this app with ease. It made assigning temporary ones easy when I had a new guest arriving. But its convenience level as an Airbnb smart lock doesn’t outpace the smart lock’s various security measures.

For instance, I’m rather fond of its ability to automatically lock when the incorrect code is entered five times. This attribute should keep would-be thieves from just parking themselves outside my front door and trying random codes.

Likewise, this smart lock’s another one with an anti-peeping feature. It’ll ensure I can trick a lurker by using extra digits around my actual codes. Therefore, they won’t know what’s the proper code and what’s utterly random.

I was satisfied with its brushed nickel and zinc alloy construction, as well. It shouldn’t have a problem handling harsh conditions and remaining a functioning smart lock for all users. It also makes the device adaptable enough to easily fit any wooden door between 1 ½” and 1 ⅞” thick.

I was surprised Hornbill didn’t include any batteries with purchase, though. It’s a minor inconvenience as it only needs 4 AA batteries to function. But I would’ve preferred the lock came with them rather than spending any additional money.
  • TTLock App allows for easy code sharing and monitoring
  • Automatically shuts down after five incorrect codes
  • Prevents code stealing via anti-peeping feature
  • Handles harsh conditions well with brushed nickel/zinc alloy construction
  • Easily fits any wooden door between 1 ½” and 1 ⅞” thick
  • Batteries not included
Of course, the lack of batteries isn’t any serious problem. But it’s worth knowing for anyone considering the device. Otherwise, it should be more than sufficient as a smart lock for vacation rental or Airbnb lock.

10. Kwikset 99380-001 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock

There aren’t many smart locks that can code share quite like Kwikset’s 99380-001 Halo Wi-Fi Smart Lock. In fact, this smart lock can create up to 250 codes for whoever might need them and manage them in the user-friendly Kwikset app.

From there, I can delete or disable them easily using my smartphone whenever the allotted time ends. Moreover, this particular app allows me to set schedules for these codes, further enforcing user-friendliness.

My smartphone doesn’t only have the capability to deal with access codes, either. This smart lock allows me to use my phone and Kwikset’s app to remotely lock or unlock the deadbolt. All it requires is a place with a reliable Wi-Fi connection to get the job done.

Furthermore, this smart lock doesn’t require an additional smart home device to run. It can instead connect right into my home’s Wi-Fi network for practical usage. Therefore, it keeps things a lot more simple than the typical smart lock work processes for users.

One last exciting aspect is the smart lock’s two stylish color choices. Each buyer will have to make a tough decision between satin nickel and venetian bronze. I ended up going with the satin nickel as it offers a more modern feel.

My one complaint about this device would be the lack of a backlight for its keypad. It can make operating this device rather tricky at night when the keypad is needed. I ended up having to remember where all the buttons were, which was certainly an adventure.
  • Creates and manages up to 250 unique codes
  • User-friendly Kwikset app
  • Remote access via app to automatic lock or unlock
  • Connects right into a home’s Wi-Fi network
  • Two stylish color choices (satin nickel and venetian bronze)
  • No backlight for keypad
But there’s an easy way around this issue as the keypad isn’t necessary for access. If I rely on the app and smartphone, I have absolutely no complaints about its performance.

11. SamtechT Sifely Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock

SamtechT’s Sifely Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock is a bit more advanced than the average smart lock device as it uses effective 3D fingerprint access technology. As a result, users can unlock or lock their doors with a single touch.

The amount of storability it provides for these fingerprints is quite impressive, as well. It can manage and store more than 150 fingerprints without breaking a sweat. I didn’t even mention that it can also hold over 200 adjustable access codes.

Moreover, it has five access methods with fingerprint, passcode, fob, key, and smartphone. It’s a much better situation than worrying about key entry locks and the potential of lost keys. Trust me; I’ve spent a lot of time in my life looking for misplaced, lost keys.

Buyers shouldn’t overlook its low-energy usage, either. It only relies on four AA batteries and offers a year-long lifespan to limit the amount of change required. Honestly, it takes a load off my mind as I don’t have to worry about this potential issue anytime soon.

The product’s lifetime customer service and 1-year warranty were other exciting aspects. It conveys this brand has its buyer’s back, which is only further expressed in the reviews.

But this model comes with some rather unhelpful instructions. I’d imagine anyone without experience installing smart devices will have a serious challenge on their hands. They might need to look elsewhere or hire a professional.
  • Utilizes effective 3D fingerprint technology
  • Exceptional code (200+) and fingerprint (150+) storability
  • Five unlock/lock methods
  • Runs on AA batteries, and has low battery consumption
  • 1-year warranty and lifetime customer service
  • Unhelpful installation directions
Thankfully, I found a valuable YouTube instruction guide to help me through the task. It made the installation process rather effortless from there. I was then able to enjoy all the features that make this lock one of the more valuable vacation rental door locks.

12. SMONET ‎SMUS-AM-SIL Keyless Entry Door Lock

Our final option, SMONET ‎SMUS-AM-SIL Keyless Entry Door Lock, ensures this list doesn’t end on a whimper. Instead, it has several enticing aspects that could make it a valuable and satisfactory Airbnb smart lock.

I would have to start with its impressive touchscreen keypad. After all, it’s backlit with bright white and blue lights to ensure nighttime usage isn’t an issue. I’m more of a night owl and the same with my guests, which makes it an essential aspect.

As with previous options, this Bluetooth lock comes with an auto-locking and unlocking feature. But it’s a little more detailed than most variations, as I can set the timer between 5 and 900 seconds. Thus, it provides me with a little more control over this valuable aspect.

The product’s straightforward TTLock app allows for an easy setup process for this feature, as well. It’s nice knowing that I no longer have to be paranoid about my door being open. It keeps my full attention on whatever I’m doing rather than this annoying thought.

I should also mention its appealing deadlock function offers total privacy. Users can set up this feature whenever they want to block access to everyone but the admin passcode. Lastly, I’m always going to appreciate smart locks with a backup 9v battery for emergency charging.

However, buyers will need to purchase the G2 Gateway Hub if they want Wi-Fi access. This model doesn’t come with built-in Wi-Fi and won’t provide remote access without the hub. As a result, it becomes an extra expense for anyone who wants the whole experience.
  • Backlit touchscreen keypad for easy nighttime use
  • More detailed auto-locking/unlocking feature
  • Straightforward TTLock app
  • Deadlock feature provides total privacy
  • Backup 9V battery for emergency charging
  • Wi-Fi usage requires additional smart hub
In the end, this extra expense does become worth it. The product works well off its additional hub and provides various security measures without any real hiccups. But I could see how someone else might want to dish out more money for an extra product.

What to Look for When Buying Smart Locks for Airbnb


Finding the best door lock for Airbnb usage comes down to several factors. You’ll need an in-depth understanding of them before finding the perfect option for your property. As a result, I’m going to provide the following discussions to ensure a smooth buying process.

  • App Quality

As you might expect, the top-rated smart locks rely heavily on its app. These applications allow users to control everything like assigning visitors keys, battery life, and entrance/exiting history. Visitors will even need the required app on their phones if they want to access the house.

It makes finding smart Airbnb or vacation rental locks with a user-friendly app genuinely essential. After all, your guests need to be comfortable with using it, or their Airbnb experience might not be top-notch. We can’t be having this outcome, making the app a top priority during this process.

You must also consider that most visitors might not be tech-savvy. Therefore, this app needs to be easy to navigate and understand for everyone. Please make sure to write the instructions for the smart lock directions understandably, as well.

  • Reliable Connectivity

In most cases, Airbnb smart locks will use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to control smart home devices and smartphones. It makes having a reliable, fast internet connection a crucial part of this process, or these locks become utterly useless.

Moreover, uses may be providing remote access to your property. It ensures having a fast, reliable internet connection is pivotal to your guest’s overall experience. After all, you don’t want a guest to struggle with opening or closing a door because of a poor internet connection.

These issues make it essential to check what Wi-Fi configuration works best with each lock. Then, it’ll reduce any problems from occurring with your internet connection while the guest is using it.

  • Battery Quality

Most smart locks will be battery operated to increase their user-friendliness. But like with any aspect or component, a battery’s quality can vary greatly. So I’d recommend ensuring your Airbnb smart lock can run for months or years without needing a change.

If you do pick an option with a long lifespan, it’ll reduce the potential for any issues. It’d also be wise to choose smart locks that notify users when the battery is running low. Its messaging system will make sure you’re aware of any battery problems and can address them swiftly.

  • Integration with Smart Devices

Smart locks for Airbnb can control your lock via voice control. Therefore, integration with these devices becomes rather significant. You’ll need to see the devices compatible with each lock before making the final decision.

Otherwise, the smart lock might not meet your specific needs and requirements. It’s also essential to research what additional components are needed for compatibility. A common required extra feature will be a Wi-Fi bridge.

  • Ease of Installation

Most people will find themselves sucked into a fancy Airbnb smart lock with highly advanced features. But there is a downside with those devices as many of them will have a complicated installation process. As a result, these options become a massive hassle to install for users.

It makes reading through the installation directions before a final decision pivotal. It’s the only way to ensure you’re comfortable installing the smart lock system. Customer reviews and

Reddit can be beneficial in researching this aspect, as well.

These resources should provide a clear idea about whether it’s something you can do. Of course, you can always pay a professional to do the job. But if you want to save as much money as possible, ease of installation will be a top priority.

  • ANSI Ratings

Smart locks will be rated based on a scale of 1-3 ASNI grading levels: grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3. These ratings determine a smart lock’s security quality and indicate how well it’s supposed to perform.

As for how the scale works, grade 1 locks are the most secure and offer peak performance. These locks are often used for commercial buildings. Meanwhile, grade 2 and 3 models are more suitable for home usage and provide less security.

In the end, grade 1 smart locks are always the best option for Airbnb users. But grade 2 locks can also get the job done without much issue. You’ll need to consider whether the more expensive cost of grade 1 options is worth its heightened security level.

  • Price

Each smart lock will have a vastly different price tag based on its respective features. Therefore, you’ll need to determine what are your required aspects and build a budget around them. For instance, anyone who wants a grade 1 lock will need much higher budget ranges.

Accounting for these little details is the only way to lessen your available options. In addition, it’ll make your life much easier and manageable when choosing a proper smart lock. Otherwise, the stress might become a little more overwhelming than expected.

What Locks are Compatible with Airbnb


Not all smart locks will be compatible with the Airbnb app. But finding the suitable ones is relatively simple as the brands should list it right in the product description. Of course, you could also stick with the ones we’ve discussed in our product reviews as they’re Airbnb app compatibility.

Will This Lock Work with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant

It’s impossible to know whether a lock works with these voice assistants without knowing the specific model. But figuring this information isn’t overly burdensome. Most manufacturers make it easy by listing out what their lock is compatible with within the product descriptions.

Is There a Monthly Charge for Smart Locks

Monthly charges on Airbnb smart locks will vary between different smart lock brands. You’ll need to research this aspect before making a final decision. In fact, I always recommend asking the manufacturer about any monthly fee when choosing one of these devices. It’s not something that a buyer wants, catching them by surprise.


Our reviews and buying should’ve made finding the best smart lock for Airbnb users much easier. It just becomes a matter of using these resources and applying them during the search. From there, the right choice should be relatively straightforward.

But if you’ve got more questions or other concerns, please leave a post in the comment section. I’d love to help out and make this process easier in any way possible. Thanks for reading!

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