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Why Wrap a Rubber Band Around Door Lock at Night? & How?

Fact checked by Teddy B.Miller

why wrap a rubber band around door lock at night

Many people do not know that with the rubber band around door lock when alone, you will not be bothering other people to help you. You can also save the energy and time opening and closing the door whenever you enter it.

So, why wrap a rubber band around door lock at night? Check out the reasons for this habit of many below.

Meaning and Reasons for Locking a Door With a Rubber Band

Putting a rubber band around the door knob when alone will help you to easily and quickly open the door without having to turn the door knob. This is helpful especially when you have groceries to carry and cannot properly open the door.

The rubber band on door knob will easily let you in and out of the house, especially when there is no one to help or assist you with the things you want to get inside.

On the other hand, if you have a cranky door that makes a slamming noise when closed, you might want to get a rubber band and wrap it around the door knob. This is another reason why you should wrap a rubber band around door lock at night.

Especially when you have a child sleeping or your husband or wife just had his/her rest from work, you might want to minimize the noise you create when you get out or get inside the house.

You can also put a rubber band on hotel door to stop hotel break-ins. Oftentimes, people pair the rubber band with tape.

Ways to Wrap a Rubber Band Around Door Lock at Night


Skip the inconvenience of having a door that slams behind you when you open it and follow these easy steps to wrap a rubber band around all door locks for safety:

  • Prepare your rubber band. The rubber band must be long and stretchy enough to fit to your door with several loops.
  • Unlock your door. In this way, you can include the other door knob on the other side of the door.
  • Loop the rubber band. Fit the doorknob inside the rubber band and stretch it until you get to the other side of the door.
  • Twist the rubber band. Twist the rubber band to make a criss-cross pattern. The criss cross pattern will serve as the stopper for the lock, so make sure that the middle of the criss-cross pattern is centered on the door lock.
  • Hook the rubber band. To finish the job, hook the rubber band to the other door knob to secure the loop.

Remember that if you are already done unloading the things you need to get inside the house, you must take the rubber band from the door lock. This is to prevent other people from taking advantage of your door lock.

What Does a Rubber Band on Your Front Door Mean?


A social media post circulated in 2016 warning people about strangers placing rubber bands over door knobs.

Although still unproven, the citizen reported a stranger standing on his porch facing the door and leaving a rubber band on the door lock.

The citizen added that the police warn about rubber bands as perpetrators can bust inside a house as soon as the homeowner unlatches the door. Some people claim that the rubber band on the door lock can undo the locking mechanisms of door locks.

With this, a crime can happen, and the homeowner can either be robbed or get hurt. To avoid something like this to happen, some people wrap foil around doorknob.

To be better safe than sorry, never answer the door if you are not expecting anyone to come home, especially when you are alone tonight. Check your door and door locks in the morning.


Living alone is a hassle, especially when you have to do the heavy work of putting things from outside to inside your house. However, simple things such as a rubber band can make your life way easier and not stressful.

Now that you know the answer to the question “why wrap a rubber band around door lock at night”, you might want to put rubber band around door knob when alone or your family is unavailable. Say goodbye to the stress of having to struggle to open the door, and say hi to this amazing life hack!

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