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How to Pick a Bedroom Door Lock? Top 2 Helpful Methods

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how to pick a bedroom door lock

Need to learn how to pick a bedroom door lock? You may have left your key inside your bedroom, or you are missing your keys. Whatever the reason, you can get into your bedroom by picking a bedroom door lock. Unlike your front door, your basic bedroom door is easier to break-in.

With the help of simple items like paper clips, cards, and knives, you can break into your bedroom in no time without destroying the door. You need to follow the steps and prepare the necessary items to finish the tutorial.

Method 1: Using a Paperclip


What you need

Before you pick a bedroom door lock with a paperclip, make sure you have all items ready.

Paper clip/ a thin metal wire/a bobby pin or a small screwdriver- The paper clip must be large and heavy-duty so that it won’t easily break as you put pressure on it.

If you don’t have a paper clip, you can also use a thin metal wire, a bobby pin, or a small screwdriver as alternatives. Make sure, though, that they can easily fit inside the keyhole and they won’t easily bend or break as you apply pressure to them.

Step 1: Check what type of lock your bedroom has

Before you proceed with the tutorial, you must first check what type of lock your bedroom has. The type of lock will determine the method on how you will pick a locked bedroom door. Look at the slot of the lock. If it is ¼-inch in diameter, it is a push-button. If it’s ½-inch in length, then it has a twist button locking mechanism.

Step 2: Straighten the paper clip by bending it apart

You must first straighten the paper clip by bending it apart. It must look like a thin metal that you can insert inside the keyhole of the lock. Some locks would require a tension wrench, but a pick tool is enough to open a “bed and bath” doorknob.

Step 3: Insert the paper clip inside the lock and move it according to the lock that you have

  • If you have a push-button lock, insert the pick tool inside the hole in a straight manner. You will know that you are in the right position if you feel resistance from the lock. Once done, push the lock using your pick tool until you hear a clicking sound, indicating that you open the lock.
  • If your lock has a twist button locking mechanism, you have to turn the doorknob as you move the pick tool inside. Keep doing this until you feel that you hold onto something. After that, apply pressure. Wait until you hear a clicking sound.

Method 2: Using a Card


What you need

This is another way to pick a bedroom door lock without a key. You can prepare the item specified below to prevent any inconvenience.

Sturdy card – It is advisable to use a laminated card since it is sturdy, preventing damaging the card itself. However, it must fit inside the space between the door and the door frame.

If you don’t have a laminated card, you can use other sturdy cards that you don’t mind damaging as you follow the tutorial.

Do not use important cards like your credit card and identification card since they may end up having scratches.

Step 1: Insert the card between the door and the door frame

If your bedroom door has a spring lock, using a card can help you pick an interior door lock. First, insert the card between the door and the door frame by tilting and bending the card so that you can easily swipe it. It must also be placed above the door handle.

Step 2: Move the card back and forth

Before you swipe the card into the lock, lean your body on the door. This position will help force the card into the lock, giving you a higher chance of opening the lock on the first swipe. Once done, move the card back and forth until you successfully open the door.

Still confused? Read the detailed steps to pick a lock using a credit card here!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is picking my bedroom door lock will damage it?

Picking a bedroom lock may damage the lock if you exert too much force on it. As much as possible, do each step carefully so that you won’t damage your bedroom lock.

2. Are there other household items that I can use to pick my bedroom lock?

Yes, there are other household items that you can use. Some of the items you can use are:

The method is pretty similar to the ones above, you should insert and twist the right way, and the door will open easily.


Have you successfully gotten into your bedroom by learning how to pick a bedroom door lock? We can get locked out of our bedroom anytime. Instead of calling a locksmith or breaking your bedroom door, you can follow the easy steps above.

Do you know a person who always gets locked out of his bedroom? You can share this post with him to help him out. Also, we want to know your suggestion on what key pick for standard bedroom door lock you can use when locked out. Just leave a comment below.

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