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The Best Child Proof Door Locks for Autistic Child or Special Needs Kids

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best child proof door locks

Child-proofing is a nerve-racking task for any homeowner. Yet, these locks could be the only thing keeping your child from adventuring into dangerous areas. Therefore, it becomes essential to find the best child proof door locks available.

These locks won’t have any difficulty keeping kids out when necessary. You can rest easy knowing these locks are in place to keep everyone safe. However, these benefits only come from getting the best ones, and there are many subpar options out there.

So how does a person find the high-quality ones? It comes down to having a handle on certain crucial factors during the buying process. Here’s a quick look at some of these aspects to give you insight into what to expect:

  • Compatibility: Buyers will want locks that work on multiple surfaces. It’ll provide a lot more convenience and versatility. You might even find various areas within your home where they could work effectively.
  • Ease of Install and Assembly: Choosing difficult to assembly or install child door locks isn’t what you’ll want to do. You’ll instead want to do significant research into each option to ensure both processes can be done without any difficulty.
  • Durability: A child safety lock for doors needs to have a certain level of durability. In other words, these products need to consist of high-grade, reliable materials. Otherwise, buying them will only become a waste of time and money.

We’ve also gathered a list of 12 high-quality child proof door locks. I chose each of these options based on offering high-quality features. You’ll learn more about these needed features within our product reviews and following buying guide.


Top Product name Dimensions Weight Material  
1 Door Monkey‎ DM1PKRTC 1 x 2.25 x 7.25 inches 0.5 ounces Plastic Details
2 Tuut ‎TT-DLL-102 5.35 x 4.92 x 1.34 inches 1 ounces Plastic Details
3 Safety Innovations 5.9 x 1.9 x 3.9 inches 32 ounces Plastic Details

Best Child Proof Door Lock Reviews

1. Door Monkey‎ DM1PKRTC Child Proof Safety Lock

The Door Monkey‎ Safety Lock & Pinch Guard begin our list with a solid and decent option. It has several features that grabbed my attention when I first tried it out on my home’s interior doors.

One of these aspects was its simple installation process. I didn’t even need any tape or tools as this product has a rather convenient unique design, which requires neither. In fact, such a convenient design is compatible with many lever handles and door knobs.

I was also pleased with its ability to prevent accidental lock-ins. This attribute comes from its ability to be operable from both sides, which is quite practical. After all, it ensures that my nephew can’t lock me inside a room when he’s feeling rebellious.

The product’s ability to prevent pinched fingers was another highlighting trait. In other words, it acts as an effective finger pinch guard by keeping the door slightly open. It’s nice to no longer worry about getting my fingers stuck inside a door when shutting it.

But the design does stand out quite a bit on more doors. Due to this, this Door Monkey product doesn’t mesh too well with my home interior and can be an eyesore. It might not be a good fit for someone who values their house’s decor highly.
  • Simple, no tool or tape installation
  • Convenient design that fits various door knob and lever handle
  • Prevents accidental lock-ins
  • Operable from both sides
  • Effective finger pinch guard
  • Unattractive design for beautiful home decor
However, I’m not one of these people and only require effective devices. This product certainly met these criteria with its impressive finger pinch guard ability and convenience.

2. Tuut ‎TT-DLL-102 Child Proof Lever Lock

Tuut’s ‎TT-DLL-102 Child Proof Lever Lock is a worthwhile option with its straightforward, effective design. It had no trouble keeping my nephews from adventuring where they don’t belong with its simple construction.

More importantly, this door lever child lock isn’t tough to open or close for adults. This is among the smart locks with accessible buttons that are easy and comfortable to press. It features the brand’s patented technology for ultimate safety.

The good news is, this lock can work well with many doors. For instance, it’s compatible with all standard door lever handles. Finding ways to utilize this product within my home wasn’t difficult because of this varied compatibility.

It comes as a two pack to make it easier to take advantage of this versatility. This two-pack isn’t overly expensive, which makes it a prime candidate for a bargain buy. Moreover, I should note that this model comes with a lifetime guarantee. So any buyer who isn’t satisfied can get a full refund when it’s needed.

But I did find the design of these products to be bulkier than I expected. It can make them a little burdensome to utilize in some situations. Anyone who intends on using them will have to take this into account before making a final decision.
  • Simple, effective construction with patented technology
  • Easy, comfortable buttons to open/closed
  • Compatible with all standard door lever handles
  • Two-pack per set for multiple applications
  • Reasonable price and lifetime guarantee
  • A bit bulky design
Overall, it’d be hard to find a plastic child proof door lever lock much more secure than these. I found them capable of even stopping my noisy dog from entering. They shouldn’t have much issue keeping out small children or pets.

3. Safety Innovations Child Proof Deluxe Top Door Lock

Our next option, Safety’s Innovations Child Proof Deluxe Top Door Lock, has no trouble staying out of a child’s reach. It’s mounted to the top of a door frame rather than anywhere near where pets or kids can get easy access to it.

I also like this placement because it’s concealed from my sight. Therefore, it doesn’t become an eyesore or blend badly into my home’s decor. This issue tends to be a problem with other child safety locks for doors, as they often have bulky designs.

It wasn’t difficult to find suitable doors inside my home for this lock, either. This child lock for door security works with any 1 ⅜” thick interior door without any issue. Due to this, I could use it in my bedroom, bathroom, closet, or even my basement doors with ease.

Safety Innovations was kind enough to include a wand in the design, as well. I’m not the tallest person around, so this aspect allows me to easily unlock or lock the door. It’s pretty nice not to have to go onto my tiptoes like with other top locks.

However, the included instructions could’ve been much better. I found them rather hard to follow and unhelpful when installing this option. Luckily, I’ve had experience with these devices and didn’t need to rely on them.
  • Mounted on top of a door frame
  • Out of reach for kids and pets
  • Blends well into home decor
  • Suitable for any 1 ⅜” thick interior door
  • Included wand for shorter adults
  • Pretty confusing instructions
The confusing instructions didn’t end up affecting its performance for my needs. And the important thing is how well the lock delivers safety measures for our kids.

4. Jool Baby Products ‎DKC-104 Door Knob Covers

One of the more simple choices would be Jool Baby Products’ ‎DKC-104 Door Knob Covers. I found their low-profile design truly appealing as they’re placed onto door knobs and blend right into my home’s decor.

This blendable design allowed me to use these door knob safety covers all over my house. I was pretty pleased with how well they managed to keep my nephew from causing damage. For once, I could contain his rebellious streak and keep my breakable items from being thrown all over.

Finding multiple places to install these wasn’t tricky, either. These covers are compatible with all standard spherical door knobs to ensure solid versatility. Plus, this option comes as a four pack, so I basically had to find multiple ways of utilizing these products.

Moreover, the installation process didn’t take much effort at all. These knob covers are placed and ready to provide security with a single click. I couldn’t figure out how to mess it up even if I tried, which is saying something.

The price was favorable, too, as I ended up feeling like it was a bargain. I don’t often find multiple decent child proof locks for a low price within this marketplace.

I do have to admit these covers are a pain to remove, though. It speaks to their high level of security, but it took some serious effort to get them off my door knobs. Due to this, these covers aren’t the greatest short-term option.
  • Low-profile design to blend well into any interior decor
  • Fits all standard spherical door knobs
  • Four pack for multiple applications
  • Single-click installation for first-time users
  • A more affordable options
  • A bit tricky to remove afterward
Honestly, I can’t fault these covers much for being difficult to remove. It’s the entire point of getting these products in the first place. Plus, child safe door knob covers with this level of reliability are a rare breed.

5. Wappa Baby Store Child Proof Door Lever Lock

Most toddlers aren’t going to like encountering Wappa Baby Store’s Child Proof Door Lever Lock. It has a proven track record of keeping them from opening doors with its practical design. The product uses a two-button locking/unlocking system that keeps most toddlers from opening it.

This system keeps it convenient for adults around the home, as well. It only requires me to use two fingers when I want the door open or closed. Therefore, I can easily carry objects through the door without having to put them down or have someone else pick them up.

Most other child proof door knobs lever devices make this task almost impossible. But this one has made my life easier by ensuring I can carry groceries into my home with ease. Plus, installing these models is relatively straightforward.

These devices are another one with an adhesive backing. Due to this, it becomes a simple matter of peeling it off and placing the product into its correct placement. It’ll then function like any other child proof security equipment inside my home.

I have to admit that the lock’s included adhesive is solid, but it was a little weaker than other models. I could rip it off without putting out too much effort or force. I’d imagine an older curious child would be able to muster enough strength to do the same.
  • Proven effectiveness against most toddlers with
  • Two-button lock/unlock system
  • Simple to use with two fingers that allow convenient adult access
  • Easy installation with an adhesive backing
  • Adhesive could be a bit stronger
The adhesive’s strength wasn’t an issue for my needs as a pet owner. It was more than capable of stopping my two dogs from getting into a guarded room. But I could see a determined 6-year old or 8-year older pulling it off.

6. EverPlus ‎EPDL001-1 Home Security Door Lock

EverPlus’s ‎EPDL001-1 Home Security Door Lock earned its way into my heart by having a rather impressive metal construction. This attribute allows it to be an effective front door child lock as it’s known for withstanding 800 pounds of force.

I tried several attempts to test this reported strength, and it stopped all of them. Honestly, I feel it’s more than adequate to add security to my front door. It’ll also have no issues preventing my pets and nephews from opening/closing the door whenever they feel adventurous.

The easy using process was another intriguing attribute offered by this option. I doubt any adult will have many issues operating it, especially with the detailed instructions. These directions made my life a lot easier when first getting used to this product.

I was pleased with its smooth, polished edges, as well. Some child safety locks for front doors will have sharp edges that can cause cuts or other injuries. But EverPlus did a solid job ensuring their product was smoothed out and safe for everyone to use.

It does have less versatility than some other choices on our list, though. This best child proof door lock is only compatible with inward swinging doors. Anyone with different door types will need to look elsewhere for childproofing door locks.
  • Solid metal construction withstanding 800 pounds of force
  • Includes helpful detailed instructions
  • Designed with smooth, polished edges for kids safety
  • Ideal for preventing pets and kids from opening/closing
  • Only suitable for inward swinging doors
Thankfully, I needed a child proof door cover or lock for an inward swinging door front door. So it ended up fulfilling my security needs to a tee without bringing me much hassle. I only wish it was versatile enough to work on my other doors.

7. Door Buddy ‎DBB Baby Proof Door Lock

The Door Buddy ‎DBB Baby Proof Door Lock caught my interest as a pet owner because of its adjustable strap feature. It allows users to customize a door’s width to perfectly block an animal or toddler from coming into the room.

As an owner of a curious dog, it made keeping him out of the cat’s food room much easier. My cat could now eat in peace without having to worry about a dog invading the space. Honestly, it’s a game-changer for my household.

I was also pleased with this option’s installation process. It took only a few seconds with strong 3M adhesive tape that bonds onto most doors with ease. I had a hard time finding a door that this product didn’t work on well, whether it be a bathroom, closet, or even double doors.

Door Buddy was kind enough to offer two color choices, as well. I had a difficult decision to make between caramel and gray for my particular child-proofing device. In the end, I had to go with caramel as it meshes better with my door than a solid gray.

But the product’s hook is a bit more flimsy than I liked. It’s made from a brittle plastic material that will snap off if a person forgets to lift it before pushing on a door. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but it was mentioned in other reviews more than once.
  • Customizes door width with adjustable strap
  • Strong, 3M adhesive to install easily and securely
  • Bonds with most standard interior doors (bathroom, bedroom, office, etc.)
  • Two color choices (caramel and gray)
  • A rather flimsy hook
If a user remains careful about the hook component, there isn’t anything else to fret over. This device is well-suited to ensure a toddler or pet doesn’t adventure somewhere dangerous. It ends up being a solid and attractive child safety product.

8. EUDEMON ‎001YM02B932204 Safety Door Knob

EUDEMON’s ‎001YM02B932204 Baby Safety Door Knob Covers are an interesting addition to this list because of their eco-friendly design. These door knob covers are made from PP and TPR material to ensure using them doesn’t hurt our planet.

But their eco-friendly design doesn’t hurt their performance in the slightest. They offer sufficient protection with their use of double buttons unlock/lock mechanism. In other words, users will press the covers’ double buttons and turn the knob whenever they need to open the door.

I was also intrigued by the covers’ setup process as they were easily installed. I did the entire task without any drills or tools, which is always a winning aspect. I can’t imagine anyone having much trouble with it.

Moreover, this option provides buyers with four door knob covers for multiple applications. I found it more than helpful to have these products all over my home. It’s an easy way to keep dangerous and off-limit areas contained whenever I need.

These child proof door knob covers did provide one obstacle with their usage, though. It became more difficult to grip the door knob over time. Obviously, it’s a minor inconvenience that users will have to deal with when using these covers.
  • Eco-friendly design made of PP and TPR material
  • Easy to use double button locking mechanism
  • No tools or drills are needed to install
  • Includes four covers for various applications
  • Proven effective at keeping areas contained
  • Grip issues with the covers
In any case, grip issues tend to be a common problem with door knob covers. But this minor inconvenience doesn’t outweigh its other more substantial qualities. I found myself willing to deal with this blemish because of its otherwise reliable performance.

9. Predictable Solutions ‎GlideLok Door Top Lock

This next option, Predictable Solutions’ GlideLok Door Top Lock, is a bit more convenient than some others on our list. It earns this distinction by being usable on most 1 ⅜” thick hinged interior/exterior doors, double doors, and french doors.

As a result, it becomes a viable candidate for being child proof door locks front door device. It’ll make sure to prevent any curious toddlers from adventuring outside by myself. Their little fingers won’t be able to reach its placement on top of the door frame.

I was also thrilled to see this option features metal construction. I’m always going to feel more comfortable with devices made from metals rather than plastic. These models will provide much better durability in most designs, which is certainly the case here.

Predictable Solutions did a good job preventing parents from getting locked in, as well. This product is operable from both sides of the door to stop this nightmare situation. It’s a nice precautionary measure to ensure I can always disengage when necessary.

It was a little surprising to see a few customers complain about the shipping. In these cases, their products were broken inside the shipping container on arrival. Luckily, mine arrived without any of these issues and worked effectively.
  • Usable on most 1 ⅜” thick doors
  • Placement on top of door frames
  • Out of reach for toddlers and pets
  • Durable, metal construction for long-lasting use
  • Operable from both sides to prevent lock-ins
  • Might have some shipping issues
I wouldn’t worry too much about the shipping issues with this toddler door lock. Most people report being overly happy with their decision to spend money on them. Plus, these complaints seemed more like isolated incidents than a trend.

10. Vmaisi ‎Lock12+2 Magnetic Cabinet Locks

High-quality cabinet door locks aren’t always the easiest product to find. But Vmaisi’s ‎Lock12+2 Magnetic Cabinet Locks are a solid example as they have several features to keep children and pets out of these spaces.

One of the main aspects would be these devices are locked from inside the cabinets. Users place them on the interior of these areas using tape. From there, the locks are operated by magnet keys to stop any child from removing them by force.

These locks work for pets, too, as I installed some on the cabinet to store cat food. Unfortunately, my cat used to find his way into there whenever he wanted and made a huge mess. But these locks are now in place to stop this nuisance behavior.

I should also mention this option comes with twelve locks and two keys. It was relatively easy to find places for all of them as I used them in my bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, and pantry. I now have all the dangerous items inside my home on lockdown at all times.

My only complaint would be the lousy instructions for installation. I had to find a YouTube video when an issue or two did arise when setting it up. Once I had proper directions, it turned out to be quite straightforward.
  • Effective toddler and pet deterrent
  • Prevents removal by force with interior installation
  • Operated by magnet keys
  • 12 total magnet locks for multiple applications
  • Two keys included for convenience
  • Not very straightforward instructions
These cabinet door locks for kid safety did their job without making my life a nightmare. I usually shy away from magnetic child proof devices, but these are high-quality. It could be a solid choice for whoever needs to keep their cabinets secure.

11. Inaya Door Handle Child Lock

There isn’t anything overly exciting about Inaya’s Door Handle Child Lock when it comes to features. But it makes our list for offering effective protection without making its use process complicated. Instead, it keeps things simple to ensure the lock can do its job in a hassle-free way.

However, this simplicity doesn’t mean it doesn’t still have quality aspects. I found it to outpace or match the performance of most others options on this list without much difficulty. For instance, it’s got a universal design when it comes to working on door levers.

The installation takes less than a minute, as well, which is always a nice touch. It even comes with video instructions to help guide anyone who’s having issues. I should also mention this option is another 4-pack and comes with a 1-year warranty as an additional incentive.

It seems Inaya has a solid reputation for honoring this warranty, too. Some other brands only use it as a selling point and never intend on providing it. However, there isn’t anything out there to conclude this brand falls into that category.

But I did have the misfortune of this child proof door handle lock tearing paint off my door. Its adhesive was stickier than expected, and I placed it in the wrong spot. It was more my fault for not accounting for its extra stickiness than any issue with the device itself.
  • Simple, hassle-free usage
  • Fits all door levers with its universal design
  • Quick installing with included video instructions
  • Versatile four-pack option
  • 1-year warranty for its performance
  • Sticky adhesive might tear off door paint when being taken off
Aside from tearing off door paint, there isn’t anything else wrong with this option. I don’t see any situation where this product wouldn’t be a solid, reliable choice. But it’s pivotal to remain cautious, or it’ll tear a door’s paint off without hesitation.

12. Safeasy ‎Lever-1 Child Proof Door Safety Lock

Our final option, Safeasy ‎Lever-1 Child Proof Door Safety Lock, manages to end this list on an impressive high note. I found myself enjoying this device with its relatively straightforward but effective lever design.

The main reason for its effectiveness would be its durable ABS material construction. So it shouldn’t have issues standing up to even the most rambunctious toddler or pet. My nephew gave it a pretty good test, and it withstood his attempts without any trouble.

I was also happy with this product’s 180-degree rotatable arm design. It provides the device with a decent amount of versatility, as I found it usable in various locations. After all, it’s known to work with almost all lever handles, and I couldn’t find one where it didn’t.

Other notable features include strong adhesive tape, an easy installation process, and multiple buying quantities. Each of their inclusions had a sizable positive impact on my experience with this device. Safeasy did a solid job covering most of their bases with this particular device, as it certainly met my expectations.

However, Safeasy not offering an extra adhesive strip was an odd choice. It seems like a missed opportunity to provide a bit more comfort for their buyers. I always feel better when I have an additional adhesive strip when using child proof locks for doors.
  • Durable ABS material construction
  • Versatile, 180-degree arm design for any door types
  • Strong adhesive tape and easy installation
  • Multiple buying quantities for various doors around the house
  • No extra adhesive strip included
But it’s not a massive deal as the product should last more than a few months on its initial strip. I just think it was an easy way to make their lock even more appealing. All in all, it’s a sturdy and decent addition to my home’s internal security.

What to Look for When Buying Child Proof Door Locks


Getting the best child safe locks for doors is a must for any parent. However, finding these elusive products will come down to grasping several vital aspects. So let’s dive deeper into these factors to ensure you know exactly what to expect:


You don’t want a childproof door lock that only works on a singular surface. Instead, you’ll want ones capable of being compatible with multiple surfaces. This versatility will ensure they can work wherever they’re needed.

Otherwise, there could be a situation where your locks aren’t usable. It would then become a waste of money and time.

Ease of Assembly and Installation

Buyers will need child safety door locks that aren’t difficult to assemble or install. After all, these devices won’t do much if you can’t use them correctly. Read through manuals and consumer reviews to get a handle on whether both processes are straightforward.

I’d also recommend buying options that come with installation kits or tools. It’ll make the entire process a lot less stressful for everyone involved.


Parents should avoid options with sharp or dangerous edges. These issues could cut your child’s hands or even cause worse injuries. As a result, look for choices with smooth edges that contain perfect finishing materials.

It’s another area where other customer’s reviews will be a massive help to new parents. Other parents will let you know whether the locks cause any issues with their kids. Use their experiences to your advantage and avoid any subpar options.


Lightweight safety locks are much more convenient than heavier ones. These lighter designs allow for easy movement from location to location. However, don’t settle for cheap, lightweight options made from shoddy materials.

It’s best to find a balance between a lightweight construction and a sturdy design. A good choice would be options made from robust and durable plastic. These devices should offer reliable protection while being easy to move.


On a similar note, durability is another massive consideration. You’re going to want locks made from good quality rather than problematic materials known for breaking down. I’d also recommend checking the warranty before purchasing.

In most cases, a longer warranty indicates the company’s faith in its product. No company will provide long-term security unless they expect it to last. I’d suggest avoiding any options without one unless numerous high-quality customer reviews back them.


Our last factor is the price of these child safety locks. As you might expect, the cost can vary quite a bit based on specific features. You’ll need to build a budget around what features are considered a necessity for your needs.

For instance, anyone who wants locks with a child proof smart lock will need higher ranges. Keeping track of these details is the only way to ensure the budget remains realistic. You can then use it to lessen your choices down to a more manageable number.

How Do You Child Proof a Front Door


The simplest way to child proof front doors is by installing a security door chain or deadbolt. Your deadbolt or chain will need to be fixed above the door handle while being high enough to prevent a child from reaching it.

Another option would be buying child locks for front doors. There are a few different types, but there should be one capable of meeting your preferences or needs. Any of these three options will have no problem keeping a child from opening the front door.

How to Remove Child Proof Door Looks

The removal process will differ based on your chosen child proof device. Directions for the process should be in your lock’s provided manual. If you follow them, the task should be a piece of cake even for first-time users.

Are Magnetic Child Locks any Good

Magnetic child locks are useful and have certain perks. For instance, these options are extremely easy to use and still stop babies from opening them. The easy opening comes from them coming with a key, which makes things relatively simple.

But these magnetic devices do have some drawbacks. After all, they require permanent installation on your doors or whatever intended surface. So it could be an issue for people who are renters or only want short-term locks.


I hope finding the best child proof door locks will now be a breeze. If you stick with our buying guide and reviews, I’m confident there shouldn’t be much trouble. The right choice should become relatively straightforward quickly.

But if you still have a question or two, please let me know in our comment section. I’d love to help out in any way possible, so do not hesitate to reach out!

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