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Ring is Offline but Wifi is Working – 5 Reasons & Troubleshooting

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ring is offline but wifi is working

One notable home security system is the product line manufactured by Ring for the front door. Ring devices include video doorbells, security cameras, alarm security systems, and intelligent lighting. However, technological glitches cannot be avoided.

You might encounter an instance like Ring is offline, but wifi is working. This may be due to connectivity, hardware, configuration issues, and more. This article will serve as a guide to recognizing and resolving Ring dilemmas.

What Are Ring Devices?

The Ring Video Doorbell provides additional security to your home’s front door. It has a built-in camera that allows you to monitor the video feed of your front door in real time.

When the doorbell is pressed, one can receive an alert on your mobile device through the Ring app.

Yet, it is essential to note that the app cannot send offline notifications once the device is disconnected from the wifi.

The Ring smart home technology is generally known for its simplicity and adaptability. Nevertheless, it can face hurdles every once in a while if you notice that your Ring doorbell keeps going offline.

5 Possible Reasons Why Ring May Be Offline

1. Internet connectivity issues


One of the great features of Ring devices is the built-in live feature. This lets you monitor and see your front door remotely. However, your Ring won’t go live if your wifi is not strong enough to support it.

Internet connection problems are the most common reason all Ring devices are offline.

This may be caused by a temporary internet disruption or unstrategic placement of Ring devices. Additionally, walls may block the wifi, causing some areas or corners to receive weak signals.

2. Power Outage or Battery Depletion


Electric-dependent devices, including Ring devices, can be disrupted by power outages. The Ring won’t stay connected to wifi without a backup power source.

Things could be the same in the case of battery-powered Ring gadgets. This is due to batteries depleting after a specific time.

3. Device malfunction or hardware issues


Cases that involve technical irregularities are inherent to home security devices. When the Ring says offline, it could be experiencing a hardware malfunction. It occurs when the regular operation is disrupted due to manufacturing defects and wear and tear.

Another problem under this is when the Ring stick-up cam goes offline. Possible reasons could be that the Stick-up cam is updating, not plugged in, or that it is not connected to wifi.

4. Router or network configuration issues


Ring devices cannot connect to the internet if router settings are incorrectly configured. With this, you may experience a lost connection.

Certain routers sometimes block ports or restrict internet access for specific devices. They are preventing Ring devices from communicating with servers.

5. Firmware or software updates

There are times when Ring devices require software updates to function correctly. Once your device updates, it may temporarily go offline and won’t reconnect. The Ring’s servers may experience technical difficulties or undergo maintenance during this time.

Troubleshooting Tips to Resolve the Issue

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to get Ring back online.

1. Check internet connection


If your Ring doorbell gets disconnected from wifi, ensure your internet service is working properly.

Verify if your other devices experience the same problem. If they do, address it by trying to reboot your router. This can be done by unplugging it for approximately 30 seconds before plugging it back in.

You can also access the “device health” in your Ring application’s “devices” option, and choose “reconnect to Wifi” so it can work smoothly again. 

2. Restart your Ring device

Ring camera offline troubleshooting can be done through power cycling.

  1. To power cycle the device, disconnect it from the power source first.
  2. You can remove it from the mounting bracket or switch off the doorbell’s circuit breaker.
  3. After doing so, wait for a few minutes and replug to power.

This method will refresh the doorbell’s connection, and any temporary problems can be fixed.

3. Reduce the distance between the Ring doorbell and Wi-fi router


Bricks, concrete, and metals can interfere with your wifi signal. Thus, always be cautious of the placement of your Ring devices if you have such materials at home.

To address this, try relocating the router closer to the doorbell. You can also elevate your wifi router off the floor for better signal pickup.

4. Contact Ring support

The Ring device can sometimes lose its wifi connection due to connectivity or battery-related issues.

  1. So if the ring doorbell stopped working, you will notice a red icon on the Device Dashboard section of the Ring app. Don’t regard this as something that happens for no reason. This indicates that the device requires your attention.
  2. Tap on the red icon, and you will be guided to an error screen with instructions to help troubleshoot and fix the offline ring doorbell.
  3. You will also find alphanumeric characters on the screen that make up the codes P1-65, P1-67, or P5-01.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Ring Issues


To prevent your Ring devices from facing untoward issues, you must have complete control over them. To do this, remember to enter your 5-digit PIN code during the setup of your Ring device.

The passcode will let you access the Ring app anytime and anywhere. Aside from this, here are some things to remember to avoid Ring issues.

1. Regularly check your internet connection

Internet connection is the lifeline of your Ring device. With stable wifi, it will be able to serve its full purpose. Thus, make sure you check your router regularly. Always run a speed test and restart it once in a while.

2. Ensure the device has good power supply

If your device relies on batteries, start by ensuring the batteries are securely in place and undamaged. You can replace the batteries as necessary.

Meanwhile, inspect for any loose or displaced plugs if your device is connected via a wired connection. A wire that is damaged could impact the functioning of your device.

Ring Device Issue Troubleshooting Tips Preventive Measure
Ring device goes offline Restart Ring device


Regular check up of internet connection
Battery depletion Contact ring support Ensure device has good power supply all the time
Router or network configuration issues Reduce distance between Ring device and router Regular check up of internet connection


Wi-fi is stable but why is the Ring device offline?

If your Ring doorbell is not connected despite your internet being stable, examine your router placement. If your router is positioned inside a closet, near a wall, or behind furniture, consider relocating it.

A more open area will be helpful to resolve the problem if the wired ring doorbell is offline.

Can my camera be connected to Wi-fi but still recording?

Wifi is essential to make the Ring doorbell work. It will not work, record or store any video, notifications of rings, and motion events offline.

Why does my Ring device say it is offline?

Several possible reasons why your Ring device says it is offline are that Your internet service provider could be experiencing traffic, you have recently changed your wifi password, or you changed your internet service provider.


Ring devices offer advanced home security solutions, but they can encounter challenges. Now that you have known the possible reasons why the Ring is offline but wifi is working, fear not, intrepid homeowners!

We hope the troubleshooting tips we discussed help solve your problems. Armed with this guide, you’ll outsmart glitches with confidence. Keep your castle safe, one ding at a time!

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