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The Best Locks for Gym Lockers

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best lock for gym lockers

Placing your valuables inside gym lockers is a stressful experience. You never know when a thief could choose your locker as a target. Due to this, a gym lock can make a world of difference.

It’ll protect your valuables and keep them from being taken. You’ll then have nothing to worry about but your upcoming workout. However, finding the best lock for gym lockers isn’t the easiest task in the world.

There are a lot more moving parts than buyers might assume. You’ll need a handle on several factors that’ll help determine what one becomes the best gym locker lock. Here are three examples of what you’ll need to think about when selecting one:

  • Shackle Type: Gym locks come in four shackle types (open, closed, adjustable, and semi-enclosed). Adjustable and semi-enclosed shackles work best as they offer an outstanding balance between being easy to use and difficult to crack.
  • Size: Most gym lockers will include medium-sized hasps. Therefore, buying a medium-sized lock would work best with their setup. A smaller or larger one will cause issues that’ll make them easier to bypass or unusable.
  • Construction Material: Locks consist of various materials with their own benefits and disadvantages. But you’ll need a lock made from sturdy, reliable material like metal or alloy. Otherwise, your gym locker will be easy pickings.

We’ve compiled a list of the 12 best gym locks with detailed reviews for each one. These were picked based on essential features, such as medium size, strong construction material, and easy usability. You’ll learn more about these factors within our buying guide later on in the article.


Top Product name Dimensions  Material Lock Type  
1 Desired Tools FBA_DTPL1PGR 3.25 x 1.7 x 0.7 inches Alloy Steel, Metal, Zinc Combination Lock Details
2 Master Lock 653D 8.12 x 3.69 x 1.75 inches Hardened Steel Combination Lock Details
3 Puroma TH002 3.15 x 1.73 x 0.8 inches Alloy Steel, Zinc Combination Lock Details

Best Lock for Gym Lockers Reviews

1. Desired Tools FBA_DTPL1PGR Gym Lock

Desired Tools’ FBA_DTPL1PGR Combination Gym Lock is a reliable option to protect your locker from thieves. Its weatherproof zinc alloy, plated steel construction proved more than capable of doing its job.

I even tried breaking through myself a couple of times. It managed to protect against my attempts and not receive damage from them. I even had a friend take turns at bypassing it, and he didn’t fare any better.

The lock also allows for easy setting and resetting of your combination. I didn’t have any issues getting to my wanted code on my first attempt. Honestly, it usually takes me a few tries to set up other gym locks.

I was able to use the lock on various other locker appliances, as well. My nephew gave it a spin on his school locker without any problem. It slipped right into place and didn’t budge under pressure from our break-in attempts.

Desired Tools was even kind enough to offer two color choices. I found myself gravitating toward the green option as it meshed better with my gym locker and provided a little style. Buyers should also know this option comes with a 3-year warranty, which is another nice touch.

But I did find the combination wheel hard to use after going for a swim. My wet fingers keep slipping off and provide me with some unwanted frustration.
  • Durable, weatherproof zinc alloy/plated steel construction
  • Usable for gym lockers, school lockers, and similar applications
  • 3-year warranty
  • Two color options: green and silver
  • Simple setup process
  • Difficult to turn the combination wheels with wet fingers
Overall, this product could be a decent option as an adequate gym locker lock. It might not be the most advanced option, but it’ll get the job done.

2. Master Lock 653D Gym Locker Lock

The Master Lock 653D Gym Locker Lock is a solid addition to my gym locker’s security. Its durable metal body and steel shackle provide enough stability where I feel my valuables are safe. In fact, I don’t envision anyone breaking through without heavy-duty equipment.

Its non-slip bottom and sides are other worthwhile aspects. These attributes made sure operating the combination wheel after swimming was easy. As an avid swimmer, it’s an essential quality in any gym locker for my needs.

Visibility wasn’t a concern with this lock, either. It has a bright color around the combination wheel to ensure that finding the right combo was always easy. I didn’t even have a problem when wearing my fogged-up swimming goggles.

It could also be suitable for locking up school lockers, ammo cases, or cabinets. Its multi-purpose capabilities make it a bit more user-friendly than I expected. It certainly would be nice to have a few around my home.

Setting the 4-digit combination was relatively straightforward, as well. Master Lock made it easy with their helpful guide right on the product’s advertisement page. Following those steps made my life much easier when using this lock.

However, it was slightly disappointing to see this product’s indoor use only. As a result, anyone with lockers outside will need to choose another lock.
  • Soft-touch bottom and sides allow for easy gripping
  • Multi-purpose option (gym lockers, school lockers, ammo cases, etc)
  • Well-constructed metal body and hardened steel shackle
  • Bright color offers top-tier visibility
  • Easy to set 4-digit combination
  • Not usable outdoors
Aside from the outdoor issue, there weren’t any other flaws worth noting. Master Lock did a good job creating an effective combination lock for gym locker.

3. Puroma TH002 Combination Gym Locker Lock

Our next option, Puroma’s TH002 Combination Gym Locker Lock, is one of the more convenient gym locks available. It earns this distinction with its impressive side windows and lightweight design.

In particular, the side windows can be handy for easy combination viewing. It’ll make finding the right combo a lot easy in precarious situations like a steamy locker room. Honestly, I much prefer options with side windows over choices with front-facing dials.

The lightweight design is essential because it makes carrying it around much easier. I can easily fit this lock into my pocket or bag without any trouble. As a result, bringing this lock from the gym and back doesn’t become a hassle like other bulkier models.

I also liked this product’s durable zinc alloy construction, which allows for outdoor usability. I suspect multiple outdoor items like tool boxes or storage areas could benefit from it. It makes this option being a 2-pack even more helpful for would-be buyers.

Puroma even made sure these locks came in five color options as well. Each one brings a unique style that could mesh with most situations. In my case, I’m fond of the blue and green choices, as they could provide some fashion to my lockers.

The included instructions for setting and resetting were somewhat confusing, though. Puroma could have certainly made them a bit more clear.
  • Lightweight, compact design for easy portability
  • Outdoor suitable with zinc alloy construction
  • 2-pack per set
  • Available in five colors
  • Side windows for easy viewing
  • Confusing instructions
At first, the instructions did throw me off and cause a little frustration. But I figured it out quickly and found its overall performance more than sufficient.

4. ZHEGE Combination Gym Locker Lock

Another worthwhile keyless option would be ZHEGE’s Combination Gym Locker Lock. It’s a crucial element for me, considering I lose everything. There’s no doubt that a key for this lock would be lost within a week.

I was also impressed with its large combination numbers and side window design. It makes viewing the numbers much easier wherever using the lock. As a result, there aren’t too many situations where this lock wouldn’t be a useful security measure.

The product’s hardened steel shackle stood up well against my attempted break-ins, as well. It didn’t receive any signs of damage and stayed well intact. More importantly, the lock has a reputation for anti-rust abilities that’ll ensure practical outdoor usage and longevity.

Its advanced damper device within the device was another intriguing aspect. This feature is supposed to improve its accuracy and stop it from moving randomly. I didn’t have any experiences with the lock that would refute those claims.

ZHEGE did a good job keeping the setup straightforward with its 6-step process. These steps were easy to follow and done with little-to-no effort. Trying to set your own combination lock has undoubtedly been more difficult with my previous locks.

Some customers did report encountering shipping issues with their locks, though. They reported the products arrived jammed and required getting new ones.
  • Keyless design for convenience
  • Easy-to-see combination numbers and side windows
  • Rust-proof construction with hardened steel shackle
  • Advanced damper device for better accuracy
  • Simple 6-step setup
  • Might have shipping issues
But I wouldn’t put much stock into these issues. The problems were only mentioned a few times and solved by ZHEGE quickly. Therefore, it’s a suitable option to protect a gym locker for a couple of hours.

5. FortLocks ‎43398-35634 Gym Locker Lock

One of the most advanced options available would be FortLocks’ ‎43398-35634 Gym Locker Lock. It features various internal design features to ensure heightened security. For instance, it has reliable steel shackles and patented internal locking mechanisms.

These features are combined with a zinc alloy, weatherproof/waterproof construction to ensure effective performance. It’s why I was able to find multiple uses for it within my home, from gun cases to outdoor storage lockers.

Given this information, it shouldn’t have much issue protecting a gym locker for a few hours. The 4-step resetting process was relatively as easy as I could’ve expected. FortLocks included even helpful instructions, which is rare.

I was pretty pleased to see this option was a 2-pack, as well. I can now benefit from its versatility and multi-purpose design that’ll protect multiple areas. I’m always going to be happy when a product can serve multiple roles in my life.

If one of these locks does break, FortLocks also has my back. Each buyer gets a 100% lifetime warranty to ensure your gym locker remains protected at all times. I haven’t had to use this policy yet, but they have a reputation for honoring it.

But the design is a little bulkier than I’d like for a gym locker. It isn’t very pleasant to carry inside your pocket and takes up valuable space inside storage bags.
  • 2-pack, offering versatile use
  • Weatherproof and waterproof, highly durable zinc alloy design
  • Numerous applications (gym lockers, toolboxes, sheds, gun cases, etc)
  • Simple 4-step setup
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Bulkier than most other locks
Even though the bulkiness is a little inconvenient, it’s hard to argue with this option’s results. Its highly durable construction and easy setup alone make these locks worthwhile.

6. Master Lock 141D Aluminum Keyed Padlock

Master Lock’s 141D Aluminum Keyed Padlock is different from our other options. It’s not a combination lock and relies on keys to unlock and lock it. This method offers more stability and the same level of general protection as most combination locks.

For instance, I was pleased to see this lock’s aluminum vinyl-covered body construction. It’ll help prevent scratches and rust from causing durability issues. I have no reason to believe it won’t hold up long-term when used for gym lockers.

The lock’s pick/pry resistance was another vital attribute. In fact, I had a friend who’s had experience with these locking mechanisms try to bypass it. He didn’t have much luck, and the lock held up nicely.

I was ecstatic with this Master Lock product arriving with a backup key, as well. It gives me some leeway and accounts for my clumsiness. I could rest easy knowing that there’s a backup to mitigate disaster when I lose the first one.

Lastly, this keyed lock might be our most stylish option with different color choices. I can’t envision a buyer not finding a style to mesh with their taste. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting to see a pink option when doing gym lock research.

But I’m never going to be completely comfortable with a gym locker lock with key openings. It has nothing to do with the product’s performance but with my propensity to losing things.
  • Indoor and outdoor suitable
  • Well-crafted black, vinyl-covered aluminum body
  • Effective resistance against picking and prying
  • Various colors and stylish design
  • Includes a backup key
  • Requires keys
Nonetheless, the key issue is more of a preference than anything serious. Anyone who’s okay with locks for lockers with keys would find this option satisfactory.

7. FortLocks ‎FL01 4-Digit Combination Padlock

This next option, FortLocks’s ‎FL01 4-Digit Combination Padlock, offers reliable gym locker protection without being overly complex. It’s an easy choice for gym owners needing a simple, effective way to protect their valuables.

One of the main reasons for this performance would be its robust steel cable. It felt overly durable when I examined it and placed the lock onto my locker. I can’t see anyone breaking through it unless they bring in heavy-duty equipment.

I was intrigued by its outdoor capabilities, too, which allow for usage in numerous situations. For example, it should prevent kids and pets from getting into any storage areas around your home. I could even see farmers using it to lock up coups and other containment areas like fences.

A few other notable aspects include offering 10,000 available combinations, easy-to-read numbers, a simple using process, and a lifetime warranty. Each of their inclusions only further increases this product’s rather impressive convenience. FortLocks clearly did their best to build a fully equipped gym locker.

As for its flaws, I saw a few older buyers complain about the dials being challenging to turn. It could be a deterrent and cause them to avoid using the lock altogether. Meanwhile, people with arthritis or similar conditions also might be inclined to look elsewhere.
  • 10,000 available combinations
  • Easy to read and use
  • Weatherproof design usable indoors or outdoors
  • Ultra-strong steel cable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Dials are challenging to turn for older people

The dials weren’t an issue for me, which allowed this lock to meet my needs quickly. Therefore, it provided solid enough protection and didn’t make my life difficult with any problems.

8. GIVERARE LL1-3 TSA Combination Travel Lock

GIVERARE’s LL1-3 TSA Approved Combination Travel Lock offers several aspects that make it a good choice for travelers and gym locker protection. My favorite one is the lock’s flexible cable, as it’ll protect a bag’s zippers and offer impressive adjustment.

It’s the reason why this lock is a good choice for securing traveling bags. It’ll extend the life of those cases by a significant margin. Plus, it’s TSA-approved as it’ll allow them to check your luggage without damaging the bag or lock.

The product’s performance as a gym locker lock is effective, as well. Its zinc alloy body and vinyl protective outer sheath should be a formidable foe for any thief. It can actually withstand up to 220 pounds without breaking.

The zinc construction has proven to offer rust resistance and should provide reliable performance for a few years. Many customers felt they were getting a good deal with this option due to its longevity.

I found myself liking its 2-step reset process, too, which makes things easy. It’s a simple matter of unlocking the lock, pressing the bottom button, and setting your new combo. It doesn’t get much easier than this process with gym locker locks.

Nonetheless, I’m a little wary of it being a 3-digit combination lock. After all, 4-digit models offer 9,000 more available combinations to ensure more security.
  • 2-step setup process
  • Zinc construction with resistance to rust
  • Withstand 220-pounds of force
  • Adjustable cable for bag zippers protection
  • TSA approved for airplane travel
  • Versatile enough for multiple situations
  • 3-digit combination only
Even with its 3-digit combo, I’d still feel comfortable with this model protecting my gym locker. Its ability to withstand 220 pounds and metal cable make it an enticing choice.

9. Master Lock 1535DWD Word Combination Padlock

One of the more fun options available would be Master Lock 1535DWD Word Combination Padlock. After all, its combination is word-based rather than number-based. It’s a perfect fit for a person who loves language like myself.

Of course, this word combination wouldn’t matter without effective performance. This lock delivers in this area, too, with decent protection and an anti-shim locking mechanism. I would be pretty comfortable with leaving my valuables with only this lock protecting them.

My faith only increased when I examined its impressive metal body and steel shackle. Both components seemed adequate to withstand potential thieves. I certainly had a lot of trouble trying to bypass it when I forgot my combination.

Luckily, I remembered the combo and reset it using the lock’s easy setup. There’s a coin on the lock’s bottom that makes the process effortless. I also like the dial grip points that ensured turning the combination wheel was smooth.

These grip points could be helpful for anyone who has hand or finger issues. Plus, it helps ensure accurate dialing and doesn’t allow the lock to move randomly. It’s an issue that I faced several times with other gym locker combination locks.

But even with these solid features, the lock’s bulkiness was a little less convenient than expected. I wasn’t thrilled with the practicality of carrying it from the gym and back.
  • Perfect fit for indoor usage
  • Hardened, robust metal body and steel shackle
  • Equipped with an anti-shim locking mechanism
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • A bit bulky construction
All in all, its bulkiness does give a more durable and impressive construction. It’s just a side effect buyers will have to consider if they want its valuable performance.

10. BV Store BV-TL02-PAIR Luggage Travel Lock

The BV Store BV-TL02-PAIR Luggage Travel Lock is another option primed for air travel. It earns this distinction by allowing TSA agents to unlock and lock without breaking it open. It represents a simple way of protecting valuable items in luggage areas.

As for gym locker protection, this lock isn’t a slouch. Its 3-digit combination and robust case housing should be enough deterrent to prevent thievery. The zinc case offers this lock a nice loook while being durable for long-lasting use. Setting the numbers didn’t require effort, either, as I had no issue getting my preferred code.

The amount of buying options was appealing, as well. Buyers will get a choice of two colors and three quantities when checking out this product. I found myself choosing the 6-pack and red coloring because my need for these locks is exceptionally high. For anyone who wants to opt for low-profile locks, the black design is ideal.

If one of them ends up breaking, I also have the provided 3-year replacement warranty. It’s an ideal trait for me as I’ll likely lose or break one by accident. It’s essential to note other customers that used the policy expressed that BV Store honors their agreement.

However, BV Store’s travel lock only provides a 3-digit combination that’s less secure than 4-digit models. But this one suffices for the simple purpose of protecting our gym lockers and the like.
  • Zinc case housing for solid durability
  • Easy to set and reset with three-digit code
  • 3-year replacement warranty
  • TSA approved for air travel
  • Comes in black and blue
  • 3-digit combination only
This 3-digit combination lock’s case housing should be enough for gym locker usage. Yet, this one is a suitable choice for people looking to get something simple and effective.

11. Disecu 4 Digit Combination Lock

Disecu’s 4 Digit Combination Lock doesn’t do anything extraordinary, but it does make protecting a gym locker uncomplicated. Its 2.5-inch shackle and cast metal body will more often than not ensure my valuables are still there after a workout.

I noticed the solid quality of these components, as well. Both the shackle and metal body were able to withstand my attempts at dislodging it from the locker. I wasn’t going easy on the lock, either, as I needed to be sure it would hold up against immense pressure.

Of course, I wasn’t able to test the product’s anti-rust capabilities. But this lock does have a reputation for lasting a long time without any signs of corrosion. In fact, multiple customers made a mention of its longevity in their reviews.

The easy-to-see side window was another likable attribute of this practical 4-digit lock. I didn’t even have to put on my glasses when examining as I do with others. It makes the product more user-friendly and convenient than I was expecting.

I should also mention this compact option offers three color options: silver, black, and red, suitable for outdoor/indoor usage. Plus, this choice comes with two locks instead of one.

But a few customers did mention packaging issues with their locks not working right. In these cases, the passcodes weren’t being accepted by the devices.
  • 2-pack per set for valuable investment
  • Cast metal body with anti-rust capabilities
  • Multi-use 2.5-inch long shackle
  • Compact, lightweight design for outdoor and indoor use
  • Easy to see side window
  • Three color options: black, red, and silver
  • Packaging issues
Thankfully, Disecu is known for good customer service and replaces defective products without issue. If there aren’t packaging issues, these locks should meet expectations for locker protection.

12. OMaggie Store GZ001 Fingerprint Padlock

Our final option, OMaggie Store GZ001 Fingerprint Padlock, is the most advanced on this list. It uses fingerprints to unlock and lock the device, which is pretty convenient. Honestly, I love the idea of not having to use a key or remember a combo.

The lock’s ability to support 15 different fingerprints was also rather appealing. It would allow me to share the device with my family members or friends who might need it. These impressive qualities are all done through a Bluetooth app for added convenience.

From there, the app allows users to unlock or lock it within half a second. The app was easy enough to use, too, which is crucial for me. I often find myself struggling to operate smart devices because I’m not very electronically savvy.

Its lightweight, compact design grabbed my attention, as well. This aspect allowed me to carry it without any issue on my part. More importantly, its heavy-duty, waterproof design offers practical usage outdoors or indoors on fences, gates, storage lockers, luggage, etc.

But this long list of solid features comes with one downside, a high price. This lock is easily our most expensive option among these top-tier choices. It’s certainly more than what I’d like to spend on a gym locker lock under normal circumstances.
  • A high-priced option
Given its high cost, a determination will need to be made about whether its quality is worth the price increase. I find myself being more than okay with it, but I could see why others would feel differently.

What to Look for When Buying Locks for Gym Lockers


Finding the best gym locker locks will come down to certain factors. This section will be an ideal resource to help when those aspects enter the picture. It’ll ensure picking the right choice doesn’t become anything frustrating.

Easy to Use

The best padlock for gym lockers will be tough for thieves but easy to set up and use. The lock’s codes won’t be different to set/reset while ensuring its shackle or cable is easy to open/close. I’d also recommend buying options with an easily visible dialing system.

For instance, options with side windows are always preferable choices. But the lock’s numbers shouldn’t jump out of position after setting the proper code.

Lock Size

In most cases, gym lockers will contain medium size hasps. It’s essential to find a lock that isn’t too large or small for this particular situation. If the lock’s too small, it’ll be much easier for a thief to break through or cut it. But an oversized lock won’t allow the cable or shackle to slip through the locker’s hasp.

A lock’s size will determine the shackle’s diameter and indicate its security level, as well. Locks with a diameter of 0.39 inches and above are high security. Options with a diameter between 0.25 and 0.35 are medium security. Don’t buy an option that falls below the 0.25 inch mark.

Construction Material

A lock’s construction material will be a significant factor in its overall effectiveness. In other words, it should be strong enough to resist claw bars and bolt cutters. I’d also recommend a weatherproof gym combination lock for improved versatility.

You’ll come across a variety of materials, from plastics to alloys and metals. It’d be a wise move to consult each product’s customer reviews or reddit to see how they perform. In most cases, metal and alloys will be a much more studier choice than plastic.

Type of Shackle

Your gym locker padlock could come with several different shackles. Here’s a quick look into the typical designs on today’s market:

  • Closed: The lock’s body will have built-in shoulders, which encloses most of its shackle. But it’ll make it more challenging to pass the shackle through certain hasps.
  • Open: Your lock’s entire shackle length will be visible and exposed. It allows for accessible slips through hasps, links, and holes. However, there’s more exposure for an attack.
  • Adjustable: Provides more versatility by offering adjustment of its length. It’ll adapt to most applications without much effort, which is more user-friendly than other types.
  • Semi-enclosed: A combination of open and closed to offer the best of both worlds. It allows for easy operation and offers top-tier security.

Overall, locks with adjustable or semi-enclosed shackles are your best bet. They’re easy to use and should be enough of a challenge to stop most thieves.


Your gym’s padlock doesn’t need to be an ugly eyesore. There are plenty of fashionable designs that’ll offer excellent security. It won’t be challenging to find an effective one, which meshes with your taste.

Are Gym Lockers Safe


If you have an adequate lock, your gym locker will be a safe storage space. But provided gym locks tend to be subpar and offer little resistance against thieves. As a result, lockers in most gyms aren’t secure.

What Size Should a Lock for the Gym Lockers

As I mentioned earlier, it’s best to use medium size locks for gym lockers. Smaller ones are often easier to crack, while larger options often have slippage issues. A medium model is usually the best combination lock for gym locker usage.

Do Planet Fitness Lockers Have Locks

Planet Fitness doesn’t provide locks with its lockers. Each member will need to bring their own locks when working out at these gyms.


Our article should’ve provided enough information to find the best lock for gym lockers. This lock will now ensure your valuables remain safe at the gym, and allow you to focus on your workout without having to worry about anything being stolen.

But if you do have one more question or two, let me know in our comment section. I’ll make sure to answer each post as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading!

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