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How to Open an American Lock? – 3 Simple Ways

Fact checked by Teddy B.Miller

how to open an american lock

Keeping yourself, your family, and your valuables safe is of utmost importance nowadays. Ranging from electronic locks to mechanical locks, investing in a couple of locks and safes can protect y0ur home from thieves and robbers.

However, opening an American lock might take a lot of time, especially if you are not acquainted with how they work. In this article, I will show you how to open an American lock depending on the type of lock that you have.

Ways to Open an American Lock


Having an American lock already works in your favor, as it is reliable and easy to use. Here are the processes to open an American lock:

1. Open an American lock without key

Losing the key to your lock should not be a problem if you have an American lock. There are multiple ways to open an American lock without the key, and it all depends on what type of American lock that you have.


You can do an American lock 1100 bypass and open a Master lock box with this steps:

  • Prepare your bypass tool, making sure you get a well-thinned one. 
  • Position your lock by turning it upside down so that the keyway is facing upwards.
  • Insert your bypass tool, thread the tip of your bypass tool to the crevice of the keyway.
  • Then, just turn your tool clockwise and counterclockwise until the shackles of the lock open.

If you do not have a bypass tool available, you can always do it by lockpicking. However, you should have prior knowledge of the basics of lockpicking. 

2. Open an American lock with combination


If you do not want to carry keys with you, you might have chosen to go with an American combination lock. To open an American lock with combination or open Master lock 3-digit combination lock, follow these steps:

  • Turn the dial three revolutions to the right and stop on the first number of the combination.
  • Turn the dial to the left in a one full revolution and stop on the second number to unlock the combination lock.

Note: you have to pass the first number before stopping on the second number.

  • Turn the dial clockwise and end the turn on the third number. 
  • Pull the lock down to unlock the shackle.

3. Open an American lock without combination


If you forgot the 4-digit combination to your American lock, there are four ways you can have your American lock opened without the combination:

 01 Return your lock.

According to Master lock instructions, you will have to go to the retailer where you purchased the lock and bring your lock with you. They will contact their main office on your behalf, which often charges you for a fee.

Note: your request cannot be granted if you do not bring your lock or if your lock is attached to a valuable.

 02 Send a form

If you want to open your American lock without code, fill out the Lost Combination Form in the American lock’s website and attach your lock’s serial number. Bring your form to a lawyer and have it notarized before sending it to the company’s main office.

Note: the 6-digit serial number of your lock can be found above the date codes of your lock.

 03 Access the contact form 

To do an American lock combination recovery online, go to the American lock’s website and click the “Contact Us” and “Lost Combination” option. You will have to send the picture of the entire American lock with the serial number, which should not be attached to anything.

 04 Look up the combination chart 

To do an American lock combination lookup, your American combination lock must be registered to the combination chart along with its serial number. Access your combination chart and find its serial number with the corresponding combination.


Choosing the correct type of lock should always be considered for security. With American locks, you can be sure that in times of lockouts, you should not be worried.

Knowing how to open an American lock will keep your valuables retrievable and turn your home safe from lockouts. Being handy with locks will come a long way.

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