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Schlage Turn Lock Feature Not Working – Causes & Solutions

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schlage turn lock feature not working

If you own a Schlage lock with a turn lock feature, you might encounter a problem where the turn lock feature doesn’t work and will not let you lock the Schlage lock from the outside. This means that you cannot leave your house since it is vulnerable to break-ins.

The turn lock feature gives an extra layer of security. However, there might be issues where the Schlage turn lock feature is not working, read on to know the potential causes and how to fix them.

Why is Schlage Turn Lock Feature Not Working?


Depending on the environment where the Schlage lock is located and how many times you use it, there are numerous reasons that will explain why Schlage FE595 thumb-turn not working.

Here are some of the causes why your Schlage keyless lock won’t engage the turn:

1. Disabled lock feature

If your turn lock just spins on outside even though you have entered the correct code for the Schlage lock, the turn lock feature might have been disabled. Although the locked default leaves the turn lock feature on, some users might have turned off this feature accidentally.

2. Dead batteries


If your Schlage smart lock is not working at all, it can be attributed to the depleted power source inside your lock. The four double AA batteries inside a Schlage lock should be changed once a year, or else it will result in having a Schlage lock fob not working.

3. Corrosion or damage

If you find your Schlage door lock not working, it is either damaged because of a break-in attempt or corroded due to weather conditions and the test of time. Whatever the reason is, the inner workings of your Schlage BE365 won’t lock might have affected the turn lock feature.

4. Improper installation


If you have done Schlage BE365 troubleshooting turn lock feature, then the root cause might be because of poor installation. Your Schlage BE365 not engaging the built-in deadbolt might not have been connected to the turn lock.

5. Schlage lock model’s lack of turn-lock feature

If your Schlage electronic lock not working still persists and none of the causes doesn’t match the situation your lock is in, then the simplest reason is that your lock doesn’t have a turn lock feature.

The turn lock feature is only exclusive in some Schlage keypad deadbolts such as the Schlage BE365. Other models might require you to insert a key to lock them from the outside.

What Are the Solutions?

1. Enable the turn lock feature of the Schlage lock.


If you have accidentally turned off the turn lock feature of the Schlage lock, you can enable the turn lock feature using only the keypad.

Here’s show you can enable the turn lock feature:

1. Press the six-digit programming code.
Note : The default programming code can be found printed on the back of your lock. If you already changed the code, input the new code

2. Expect three lights and three beep sounds.

3. After the indication, proceed with pressing the “Schlage” button, then “7”

4. As the lock is enabled, you will see the light green on your locks “Schlage” button and a long beep.

2. Change the Batteries Inside the Schlage Lock 


Changing the batteries of a Schlage lock is simple and easy. All you need is a screwdriver and the new 9V battery.

To open the lock and change its battery, follow these steps:

1. Open the door.
If the door is closed while you change the batteries, you might only be able to open it once you change the batteries.

2. Remove the screws.
Locate the screws on your faceplate and use the screwdriver to unscrew the fittings. Keep the screws as you will use them to put the faceplate back.

3. Remove the old battery.
Disconnect the wiring that connects the Schlage lock to the batter. Then, slide off the battery from its container.

4. Place the new battery.
Connect the wiring to your new battery. Place the new battery on the container and make sure it doesn’t fall off the lock.

5. Place back the faceplate.
Take your screws and screwdriver and secure the faceplate. Make sure the faceplate is flushed onto the door.

3. Replace the old lock


The lock is corroded and damage beyond repair, you might want to grab a new lock. Schlage keypad deadbolt locks range from 120 to 150 dollars, depending on the make and the type of lock.

A good tip is to choose the same lock so that it will be easy for you to install the lock, since you will not be making major adjustments to your door or to your lock.

4. Call a locksmith.


If you cannot diagnose why your turn lock feature isn’t working, or your Schlage lock is poorly installed, you might want to contact a professional.

The locksmith will fix the lock for you, depending on the cause of the malfunction. If the lock is just only poorly installed, the locksmith will fit the Schlage lock for you.

5. Clean the Schlage lock


When exposed to weather effects, your lock might corrode or rust faster than in normal circumstances. To maintain the Schlage lock, you should clean it when necessary.

Before cleaning it, follow these tips:

  • Take the Schlage lock from the door before cleaning it.
  • Do not spray directly on your lock.
  • Do not soak your keypad.
  • Do not use strong detergents.


It is important to look out for irregularities inside your house, especially in the security aspect. Regularly check your locking mechanisms to ensure that you and your family are safe from having a Schlage locked out or encountering inconvenient locks.

Knowing why a Schlage turn lock feature not working will help you identify the ways to fix your lock. If the problem still persists, you can always opt to replace your lock and make your home a safer place.

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