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How to Pick a Car Trunk Lock? – Quick and Easy Guide

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how to pick a car trunk lock

Worried because you lost the key to your car trunk? Before you lose your nerve, why don’t you try the different ways on how to pick a car trunk lock? You don’t need to spend your money on professional help. With a screwdriver, it is possible to access the belongings inside your vehicle.

Simply prepare the items needed and follow our tutorial to pick a trunk lock on a car. You can finish the tutorial in only a few minutes.

What You Need to Open a Trunk Without a Key


Before proceeding with the tutorial, you need to have the right items first. These items can be inside your home or your toolbox. If you don’t have them, you can borrow them from your neighbors or purchase them at a local store.

1. Screwdriver/slim jim


Whether you will open the car trunk lock from the inside or outside, you will need a flathead screwdriver. If you need it to open the car door, it must be thin enough to be inserted between the car door and the car frame. It must also be durable so that it won’t easily break as you exert force on it, especially if you plan to open the car trunk lock from the outside.

If you don’t have any available screwdriver, you can also use a slim jim as an alternative. However, it only works if you are opening the trunk lock from the inside and only on some vehicles.

2. Wrench, coat hanger, and flashlight


If you are planning to open the car trunk lock from the inside, you will need a wrench to remove the bolt of the backseat. A regular wrench will do as long as it fits the size of the bolt that you have to remove.

In addition to a wrench, prepare a coat hanger and a flashlight.

3. Magnet


If you want to use a magnet to open your car trunk lock, make sure that the magnet is large enough to release the magnetic force you need. You can use the magnet inside your old speaker or other old appliances inside your house. The magnet must be larger than the lock of your car trunk.

Avoid using magnets like neodymium since it can damage your car or injure your hands. As much as possible, look for regular magnets. You can purchase them online if you have to or visit the hardware store in your area.

What to Do to Open a Trunk Without a Key From the Outside or Inside


1. Using a screwdriver

Opening trunk from inside the car

  • Step 1: Get inside your car

Given that your car is unlocked, get inside it first. But if it is locked and you don’t have a key, you can insert the flathead screwdriver between the car door and car frame. Push the car door, then reach for the unlocking key of the car by inserting a coat hanger. Once you have successfully unlocked the car, get inside and proceed to the next step.

  • Step 2: Push the front seat of the car, then remove the backseat

You will need enough space to move inside the car, so the best thing to do is to push the front seat forward. Next, remove the backseat by getting rid of the bolt that holds the bottom and the back of the seat. Use a wrench to do this step. After removing the bolt, you can now take off the backseat.

  • Step 3: Get inside the trunk and look for the metal bar

To open the trunk from the inside, you need to get inside it by crawling. If you are afraid of tight spaces, you can let somebody do this step for you or try another method. Don’t forget to bring a flashlight since you have to look for the horizontal metal bar. Once you have located the metal bar, look for the box beside it.

  • Step 4: Open the box using the screwdriver

After you have located the box, open it clockwise using the screwdriver. The trunk will automatically open. Get out of the car, and don’t forget to put everything back in its original place.

Opening the trunk from outside the car

If you want to open a trunk with a screwdriver from the outside, you simply have to wedge your way to the trunk’s lock using a flathead screwdriver. Once the screwdriver is in place, move it to the left and the right until you have successfully opened the lock. However, this method can leave damages to your car trunk lock.

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2. Using a slim jim

Step 1: Open the car using a slim jim and reach for the lock rod

If your car is locked, open it by sliding a slim jim between the window and the window trim. Ensure that the hook is downward since you have to reach for the lock rod. The lock rod is located on the gap between the car door and the window. Reach for it using the hook of the slim jim and pull it up to unlock the car door.

Step 2: Get inside the car and open the trunk through its open button

After you have successfully opened the car door, get inside the car. Look for the open button for the trunk. Press it, and the trunk will open automatically. If it is a lever, pull it so that the trunk will pop out. Don’t forget to get the essential documents or belongings you have inside the trunk.

If you are still confused, read this detailed guide on using a slim jim to open power locks here!

3. Using a magnet

Place the magnet above the car trunk lock and move it up and down

One of the easiest ways to open your car trunk lock is using a magnet. First, place the magnet above the car trunk lock. After positioning the magnet, move it up and down the lock. Do this until you have successfully opened the lock with the magnet. The trunk will automatically open once you have released the lock.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I unlock car door with magnet?

You can unlock car door with magnet by simply sliding the magnet up and down on your car lock until you have opened it successfully. However, this method may not work on modern cars. Also, this procedure can damage your vehicle if not properly executed.

2. Will picking my car trunk lock damage it permanently?

It will depend on what method you performed and how you executed it. Using strong force like pushing your car trunk lock with a screwdriver may damage it permanently. The best way is to call a professional locksmith to prevent damage to your car.


Do you find our tutorial on how to pick a car trunk lock useful? If you are in a rush, there are different methods you can try to access locked car keys in trunk. You won’t have to buy picking tools or use complicated power tools. With the mentioned simple items, you can open your car trunk lock in no time!

Do any of your friends need to open a car trunk without a key? Sharing this post will solve their problem! What method have you chosen and why? We’d love to hear your answer! Simply leave a comment below.

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