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Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement Cost: What to Expect

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ignition lock cylinder replacement cost

When you have trouble inserting your car key to turn it on, there might be functional issues with your ignition lock cylinder. It can be a huge stress since we won’t be able to start the vehicle if your car does not come with a key fob. So, replacing the cylinder is the only option.

For your future reference, an ignition lock cylinder replacement cost can be around $100 up to several thousand dollars depending on the vendor you’re buying it from.

Check out this table to know the price range to replace ignition cylinder from different suppliers:

Service by Estimated cost Warranty period
Midas $220-$440 1 year
Your Mechanic $240-$450 1 year
Mr. Tire $260-$460 1 year
Walmart $90-$300 N/A
Amazon $80-$320 N/A
NAPA $270-$410 2 years

Average Cost


To change car locks and ignition prices can depend on several factors.

The part itself usually costs between $50 and $250. Still, the price could go up by $10–$700 or even more, based on the make and model of the car and whether it is an OEM or aftermarket part.

A straightforward fix usually takes between one and two and a half hours and costs between $50 and $120 per hour of work. Because of this, the average total costs, including materials and labor, run from $100 to $550 or more.

On the other hand, labor-intensive installs that need extra steps like shutting off the airbags, lowering the steering column, and reprogramming the anti-theft system can take four to six hours.

The total cost of such complex installations could be anywhere from $300 to $900 or more.

Different service companies can have very different prices. Independent or chain repair shops usually pay their workers less than dealerships, lowering their total prices.

Also, locksmiths can give you reasonable prices for new ignition lock cylinders. When choosing, it’s important to consider the service provider’s reputation, experience, and guarantee policy.

It’s also important to remember that prices can change depending on where you live and the market in your area.

1. Depending on the car models


Model Year Car Model State Estimated Cost

(Labor fee included)

2001 Toyota Camry LE California $500
2001 Toyota Camry Sacramento $217
2013 Honda CRV California $180
2013 Nissan Titan Pro-4X New Jersey $880
1997 Chevrolet Silverado Michigan $200
2004 Ford Focus Virginia $225
2005 Honda Pilot Colorado $250
2002 Cadillac Deville Illinois $275
1998 Chevrolet 2-10 Florida $1350
2002 Chevrolet Cavalier Texas $500
2000 Toyota Solara California $100
2003 Hyundai Elantra New York $926.42

2. Depending on the states


Frog Lock, a locksmith business, has flat rates that start at $150 for new ignition lock cylinders.

On the other hand, YourMechanic, a website that connects car owners with qualified experts, has services for replacing ignition switches. They give a specific price estimate of $233 in Aiken, South Carolina, and $224 in Colorado Springs.

In general, locksmiths may charge less than car dealers or repair shops, but it’s important to look at their reputation, level of skill, and guarantee policies before choosing one.

Region Locksmith Dealership
West Coast (CA) $100-$500 $200-$265
Eastern US (NJ, NY) $150+ $880-$926.42
Midwestern (MI, IL) $275 $200
East Coast (FL) $225 $1350
Western US (CO) $250 $208.93-$437.89
Central Coast (SC) $209-$540 $217
Southwest US (TX) $500 $364.89-$1000

Signs of Poor Ignition Lock Cylinder


To start the car, you have to put the key into the ignition lock cylinder, which is sometimes called the tumbler and is placed on the dashboard.

Its major job is to turn the ignition, which starts the car’s engine. If the ignition lock cylinder isn’t working right, it could cause problems in all its places.

To fix any issues, it’s important to know the broken ignition cylinder symptoms.

  1. It’s hard to get the car to start on the first try; you have to turn the key by hand to find the right starter position.
  2. When you retrieve the car key already, but the electronics are still on.
  3. The key must be put in or removed from the ignition with more force or manipulation.

Steps to Replace the Ignition Lock Cylinder

If you’re experiencing ignition lock cylinder problems, you may need to replace it as soon as possible.

We’ve put together a step-by-step guide based on a helpful video to walk you through the process.

  • Step 1: Gather the things you need

You will need a new ignition lock cylinder that fits your car’s make and model, as well as a screwdriver, a socket set, and other basic tools.

  • Step 2: Pull the battery plug


To ensure safety while changing the ignition lock, start by unplugging the battery’s negative terminal.

  • Step 3: Taking the steering column covers off


Unscrew the screws that hold the top and bottom steering column plates to gain access to the ignition lock.

  • Step 4: Take the key switch away


To take the ignition switch off the steering column, you need to take off any screws or electrical wires.

  • Step 5: Remove the old lock cylinder for the key


After putting the key in the engine, turn the lock cylinder to the “accessory” position. While removing the cylinder, find and press the release pin or button.

  • Step 6: Place the new lock cylinder in the position


Before you put the new ignition lock cylinder into the hole, make sure it is in the right place. Check the manual that came with the ignition lock cylinder you purchased for the instructions on installing the new cylinder.

  • Step 7: Reconnect the steering column.

You should put back the key switch, the steering column covers, and any other parts you took off.

  • Step 8: Plug the battery back in.

After putting everything back together, connect the battery’s negative end.

  • Step 9: Check the new lock cylinder for the ignition.

Test how the key works by putting it into the newly installed ignition lock cylinder and turning it in different directions, like starting the car.

Factors Affecting Ignition Lock Cylinder Replacement Cost


Key cylinder replacement costs vary due to many factors. To get an accurate estimate of the costs for your case, it is best to talk to a professional or get a quote from a reputable auto service provider.

It’s important to keep in mind that the following are just general things to think about and that the real ignition tumbler costs may be different.

  • Type and brand of car

How much it costs to replace depends on the make and type of your car. The price of an ignition lock cylinder may be different for cars made by different companies.

  • Cost Part

Most of the time, the ignition lock cylinder itself costs between $60 and $100. This price may be different based on whether the part is made by a third party or by the company that made the car.

  • The cost of labor

Most of the time, the cost of work to replace an ignition lock cylinder is between $75 and $150. But if there are problems or the key gets stuck and more work needs to be done, the labor costs may go up even more.

  • Change the security system

The ignition switch assembly is sometimes a part of a defense system. If the whole thing needs to be changed, it can cost between $200 and $400.

For this change, they may also need to be reprogrammed and re-coded. The rekey ignition costs may cost an extra $100.

  • Change the keys

If the key gets stuck in the ignition lock cylinder or needs to be changed, it can cost more money. Ignition lock cylinder replacement with a key will depend on what your car needs.

Cost-saving Tips and Alternatives


Based on the information you learned from the article, it’s safe to say that these points are ways how to save money when you need to replace your ignition lock cylinder:

  • Do it yourself

DIY ignition lock replacements can help you save money. You might want to replace the ignition lock cylinder yourself if you know how and have the right tools. 

But it’s important to remember that DIY should only be tried if you’re sure you can do it right.

  • Seek affordable suppliers

Look for places that sell ignition lock cylinders at low prices. To find the best deal, compare prices from different places, like online stores and neighborhood auto parts stores.

When looking at cheaper choices, think about how well the part works and how well it fits.

  • Hire a locksmith instead of a dealer or an auto shop.

If you can’t do it yourself, you might want to hire a locksmith to replace an ignition cylinder instead of going to a dealership or car repair shop.

Locksmith ignition replacement costs are often budget-friendly. They are experts in services related to keys and can often offer affordable options.

But always put quality and safety first when getting a new ignition system to make sure it works wel for your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ignition lock cylinder?

The ignition lock cylinder is where you insert your key to start a car. It is a part of any car model, yet the creation of the key fob makes it less important in new vehicles.

How does the ignition lock cylinder work?

The ignition switch locks the ignition and “reads” anti-theft coding in the key to start the car. In fact, these cylinders last years before failing. But smart keys and push-button start technologies will reduce the requirement for key-based ignition lock cylinders.

Can I drive with a poor ignition lock cylinder?

Yes, but the car may stall after starting or be difficult to start. Prolonged use of a car with a poor or damaged ignition lock cylinder may cause major problems in the future or even accidents on the road.

How often should I change the ignition lock cylinder?

In general, your vehicle’s ignition lock system is intended to last as long as your vehicle. This means that you should only change or replace it if it’s damaged. 

How much does a VW Jetta ignition lock cylinder replacement cost?

The average cost of replacing an ignition lock cylinder in a Volkswagen Jetta is estimated to be between $393 and $435.

Labor costs are likely to range between $126 and $159, while parts are expected to range between $267 and $276 for a VW ignition lock cylinder service. 


As stated above, the ignition lock cylinder replacement cost varies depending on several factors.

In fact, the average cost to replace a door lock cylinder including supplies and labor, ranges from $100 to $550 or more. 

Keep in mind that the costs of ignition lock cylinder replacement are not that different 

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