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How to Pick a Deadbolt Lock With Bobby Pins in 4 Steps

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how to pick a deadbolt lock with bobby pins

There is a high chance you may slam the front door with its key inside, and this can be quite inconvenient, especially when you live alone. To avoid wasting time in such an awkward situation, learn how to pick a deadbolt lock with bobby pins.

In this case, we are talking about the conventional Kwikset door lock in your house. It is an innovative model that can be opened with a password, as well as a regular key. Picking this lock would not be too hard.

Thanks to this article, you will not have to panic if you forgot the keys inside one day. Keep on reading to understand the deadbolt lock further and how to pick it right.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

It only takes 2 simple tools for picking a deadbolt lock.

The pick itself is a long and sturdy piece of plastic or metal. It can fit into a keyhole and does not bend when being pushed against something. Take the protective rubber nib off the tip of the bobby pin before straightening it out; this is how you make your lock pick.

Then, take another bobby pin and bend the end of it at a 90° angle to make a tension wrench; this is the second thing you need in order to pick a deadbolt with a bobby pin.

We recommend using some pliers if they’re available at your house. Also, a wrench made from a whole bobby pin will be more sturdy when the head is bent but not the tip.

There are other household supply options to create these picking tools, like electrical wire or paper clips, but we believe hairpins shall work best.

Step-by-Step Instructions


A deadbolt lock includes a lockset that has a rotating barrel with 5 spring-loaded pins. They fit inside this barrel to block its turning. Your key will push the pins up and out of this barrel, and this is what you would do with your lock pick.

The tension wrench’s purpose is to maintain tension on the barrel to stop the pins from falling back into their old positions after being moved up and out.

Here is the overall process of picking a deadbolt lock with bobby pins:

  • Step 1: Place the shorter end of your wrench inside the keyhole’s bottom. Add tension to the handle of this wrench according to the lock’s turning direction. Remember to keep applying the tension as you pick.
  • Step 2: Poke your pick to the lock’s top part, then push further to feel one of the pins. Use the pick’s end to jimmy this pin up. Keep on pushing the pick until it encounters the nest pin.
  • One pin will be more difficult to lift than the others, and you will touch it eventually, which is the reason why a tension wrench is necessary.
  • Step 3: Lift the pin up while you maintain tension on your wrench. As the pin clears the barrel, the latter will slightly move. This slight movement will prevent the pin from dropping back.
  • Step 4: Continue pushing this pin deeper. Jimmy all of the pins up; make sure they are fully lifted. Up to this point, you can turn the door lock with your tension wrench.

That’s it! Picking a lock with a bobby pin is not a difficult project to do on your own (with proper guidance, of course).

Kwikset Door Lock Advantages


We believe you should take a look at how a Kwikset deadbolt door lock can benefit your home more than other lock types.

1. Design

Believe it or not, having a Kwikset lock on your door will give it a great modern vibe. Plus, it comes with a touch of sophistication and refinement.

2. Easy installation

You can install a Kwikset door lock quite easily on your front door since it does not need special frames or extra systems, like high-security doors and gates. It functions with a digital locking system that is accessible via recognition methods and inviolable.

The best part is even if you use a model that runs on electrical energy, there is no need for wiring installation. The lock’s energy source comes from the provided durable batteries in its package.

3. Convenience

It is probably the most annoying experience to stand at your front door, carrying a large shopping bag, and the key is at the bottom of a well-filled pocket. A Kwikset door lock owner does not have to face such a situation.

This is because it only requires a fingerprint or code to unlock the door. It can be a major advantage to people with physical impairments, who have trouble inserting the key into the lock cylinder. Small kids will have an easier time opening the door, too.

4. High security

For most conventional mechanical locks, we recommend that you replace its lock cylinder right away if you lose the key, which is both time-consuming and costly. Homeowners with a Kwikset door lock do not have to spend extra for this.

It does not matter where the key is because its authorization is revocable, meaning you cannot open this door with the lost key anymore. Moreover, you do not have to call key services as there are various ways to open this door lock: using your fingerprint, an app, or a code.

Although it has high security, do not worry that you cannot pick a Kwikset lock with a bobby pin. We have all the necessary information for this task covered in the above sections, in case the key is inside the house and you are in a hurry.

5. Do Not Disturb mode

If you had a busy day and do not want your relaxing time to be interrupted, the Kwikset lock has a Do Not Disturb mode to prevent the door from being opened from the outside, giving you more privacy.

6. Low battery consumption

Due to being battery-powered, a Kwikset door lock’s operation is expected to be around one year. Note that its battery will perform weakly a week beforehand.

The manufacturer has provided a battery port along with the lock. Even if its battery suddenly runs out, you can try the emergency way of using a 9V battery for entry.

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7. Multiple access systems

There are multiple access systems available on a Kwikset door lock.

The most common way is to enter a personal password to the keypad. That way, you will program a code that is sharable with authorized people only. This lock function allows you to provide access for tradespeople, guests, or a parcel carrier at the door.

This access right can also be assigned individually. You can manage the amount of time your cleaning lady comes over, for example, from 1 to 2 PM on Sunday. Similarly, feel free to change this password if you want, or maybe enter your fingerprint to upgrade the security level.

8. Ideal for all house members

We are referring to the elderly and kids here. They might have a hard time remembering where they keep the keys. Thus, programming their access with a simple password or fingerprint will simplify their house entering and leaving.

Likewise, you can customize access based on the need of each house member. For instance, you may want to set up fingerprint access for the elderly and children, while service personnel get a password that will be changed after their working hours.

Can You Pick a Kwikset Deadbolt Lock

The answer is yes, you can pick a Kwikset door lock. On the other hand, while more than 78% of attempts to pick a Schlage’s Secure Key were successful, this percentage is lower than 2% with Kwikset’s Smart Key.

Check out this video for more information on how to pick a lock with a bobby pin:


There are multiple benefits when you use a Kwikset deadbolt door lock. But in case you run into some issues trying to get in the house, our article on how to pick a deadbolt lock with bobby pins will undoubtedly be your best company.

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