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The Best Lock Pick Sets for Locksmith Training and Beginners

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best lock pick sets

Lock pick sets are one of the more overlooked essential tools a homeowner can purchase. You never know when an emergency requires getting through a locked door. Having the best lock pick sets around can help get through those doors even if you lost a key or forgot a combo.

But it does bring up the question of how a person finds the perfect lock pick set? After all, there are several different components, sizes, and types available for buyers. It can become a daunting task for anyone who doesn’t know their way around a lock pick set.

However, it doesn’t have to be difficult with the right resources. This article will provide them by discussing several crucial buying factors to ensure it becomes a smooth process. Here’s a quick look at a few of them to offer you a starting point:

  • Width: A standard lock pick will have a 5/16 inch wide handle. This width will taper off to about 1/16 inch at its tip. If you use these measurements, your lock pick shouldn’t have any issues fitting most locks.
  • Construction Material: Most lock picks will consist of stainless steel. This material should help the device last a lot longer than you’d expect from other options. Plus, it’ll offer resistance against corrosion and rust.
  • Lock Pick Type: Buyers will need to decide whether they need rakes, hook, circular, or half-diamond lock picks. Each one will be a better situational fit for certain circumstances than the others.

I’ve also gathered up 11 lock pick sets with an excellent high-quality reputation. Each option was chosen based on specific vital features and outstanding performance. You’ll learn more about them in the following product reviews and buying guide.


Top 11 Lock Pick Set Reviews

1. SHULIN Simple Tools Lock Pick Set

SHULIN’s Simple Tools Lock Pick Set is one of the more complete sets available for buyers. It comes with a 24-pack of tools needed for the lock picking process. Honestly, I was impressed by the variety as it more than met my needs.

One of the more exciting inclusions was this option’s practice lock. It offered a way to get used to the picks and harness my developing skills a bit. Plus, the lock itself was made from high-quality materials and is my favorite part of this lock pick set for beginners.

I was also pleased with the included two-sided zippered carrying case. SHULIN did a solid job with its construction as it consists of quality material. More importantly, it’s an easy way to store the 24 items within this particular lock picking starter kit.

This option happens to be more affordable than I usually see for a 24-piece set, as well. I was a little shocked to come across such a complete selection at this price. In fact, I’d even label it a bargain buy based on my particular needs.

Lastly, I found the picks comfortable to use with their grips. I was able to remove the steering wheel lock from my bike with them without having any issues. It only took about 15 minutes, which is a miracle with my particular lock picking skills.

But I do wish the picks were a bit more durable. Their construction felt more flimsy than expected, which could be an issue down the line. I wasn’t the only one to mention this problem, either, as a few customers noted this in their lock pick set reviews.
  • 24-pack for various lock picking applications
  • Ideal for beginners with its durable practice lock
  • Well-crafted two-sided zippered carrying case
  • A budget lock pick set
  • Comfortable to use with pick grips
  • Construction is a little flimsy
However, I’m not going to complain much about their flimsiness. The starter lock pick set’s affordable price tag and various applications more than make up for this potential issue. Users will just need to remain careful when using it.

2. FFDDY Multitool Lock Pick Set

FFDDY’s Multitool Lock Pick Set is a versatile choice with its 15-piece tools featuring three hooks, nine rakes, two tension wrenches, and an auto-tension tool. Honestly, I had trouble finding a lock within my home that this set couldn’t cover.

Furthermore, I found the lock picks simple to use because this option comes with an E-book and guide. These resources answered all my questions and allowed for easy use. It actually made me a lot more successful at lock picking than I’ve been with other products concerning locks.

This model also comes with a transparent practice padlock, which is very user-friendly. It allows me to see how a lock reacts to the picks for a more informative experience. As a result, I became a lot more confident in my skills.

FFDDY included two well-crafted padlock keys with this lock pick set, as well. I could tell from their constructions that the lock pick brand took their time making them. It was also effortless to lock and unlock the padlock with them as there was no blockage or other issues.

The product’s storage case was another winning inclusion. It’s much more compact than what I’ve seen from other sets and shouldn’t take up much room. In addition, there’s a credit-card shaped case that offers even more convenient storage.

I couldn’t find a person with one bad thing to say about this lock pick set, either. Buyers didn’t note a single flaw in its customer reviews, which is rare to encounter in product research. I can’t do anything but concur with these findings based on my experiences.
  • Versatile 15 piece set (hooks, rakes, tension wrenches, and auto tension tool)
  • Easy to use with E-book and guide
  • User-friendly transparent practice padlock
  • Two well-crafted padlock keys
  • Compact storage case
  • Credit-card shaped space for additional storage
  • None yet
Overall, this 15-piece set has been delightful for my particular needs. It covered most of the bases I could want with its hooks, rakes, tension wrenches, etc. As a result, I’m now prepared to face most situations, which might require some lock picking.

3. YUESUO Tool Lock Pick Set Kit

I have many filing cabinets and desk locks inside my home, making YUESUO’s Tool Lock Pick Set Kit a solid fit. After all, this 24-piece kit made with durable stainless steel material comes with five impressive double-sided wafer lock picks.

These picks had no issues being used on those locks with particular ease. It’s a godsend for me because I’m always misplacing the keys to these cabinets or drawers. But now I have a backup when the keys get misplaced or lost.

Furthermore, I was pleased with this product’s auto tension tool. It had no problem working on the car door’s locking cylinder when I managed to lock my keys inside my vehicle. As a result, I didn’t need to call AAA or try the old coat hanger trick.

The lock picking tools couldn’t have been easier to use, either, with the comfortable handles. My fingers or hands didn’t even cramp up, which tends to be an issue when using other models. Its included manual was also helpful as it guided me through each tool’s using process with ease.

Other notable traits include a convenient leather carrying case, a transparent practice lock, and two keys. All of these inclusions only further prove this option’s overall convenience. I couldn’t ask for much more from a quality lock pick set.

I do have a small gripe with this lock pick training set, though. Its storage pouch isn’t the most visually appealing as the word “TOOLKIT” is sprayed across in bold white letters.
  • Suitable for various desk, cabinet, or drawer locks (double-side wafers)
  • 24-piece durable stainless steel set
  • Works on most car door cylinders with auto tension tool
  • Easy to use with handles and manual
  • Convenient leather carrying case
  • Transparent practice lock with two keys
  • Pouch could be more visually appealing
In any case, I’m more than willing to leave with the unappealing storage bag. The special tools inside this pouch offer a lot of versatility and usage for various locks around my home.

4. Amlgbed Professional Lock Pick Set

Craftsmanship doesn’t get much better than Amlgbed’s Professional Lock Pick Set. From the moment I picked this lock picking kit up, I knew that the manufacturer put care into it. The beautiful metal construction and finish is something I wouldn’t encounter with any old set.

I was also impressed with the depth of this collection. It contains double-sided wafer picks, rakes, hooks, tension wrenches, and an auto tension tool. Due to this, I have no issues utilizing the set on almost any lock ranging from file cabinets to car doors.

Among these tools, the tension wrenches stood out above the rest. These tools were durable and didn’t give an inch when I was using them. I do not doubt that these wrenches will be usable for a long, long time.

I was also pleased with the ergonomic handles on each of the lock picks. These provided much better grip and comfort than I usually experience. It creates a pleasant user experience that allows for a higher success rate.

But it was crucial to see this model come with a 30-day warranty, as well. So it allows users to get a refund or return their broken set for a new one without any problems. I will always prefer a good lock pick set with these policies as I have a habit of breaking things.

However, there’s one slight issue with this particular professional set. It’s one of the most costly on our list and could scare some people off from buying it.
  • Well-crafted 24-piece professional set (wafer picks, rakes, hooks, wrenches, etc.)
  • Suitable for almost all lock picking applications
  • Durable tension wrenches
  • Ergonomic handles for better grip
  • 30-day warranty (refund or return)
  • A higher-price option
I wouldn’t be one of those people, though, as the quality here is top-notch. In some cases, paying a little extra is worth it. I find myself thinking this set is one of those occasions.

5. DIYS Household Lock Pick Set Kit

One of the more basic lock pick set options is DIYS’s Household Lock Pick Set Kit. It offers a solid 15-piece collection made from durable metal. This option wouldn’t blow anyone away, but it still does a decent job when used in the right situations.

For instance, this set was convenient to help with household lock picking issues. I found it more than held up its end of the bargain in this capacity. It was relatively easy to use effectively on most locks around my home.

I was also a fan of the lock picks having a classic black/silver color scheme. It might not seem like a big deal, but it’s always lovely when products have some style. Its color scheme met those expectations as I couldn’t ask for a better fit with my preferences.

The leather storage case was another critical component in my satisfaction with this option. It’s an easy-to-carry element that allows me to move my lock pick set easily. Some other options have too many parts, making this process more difficult.

Furthermore, this leather bag allows for easy storage inside my toolbox. I don’t have much room in there to begin with, so this aspect is vital. Otherwise, I’d end up placing the set elsewhere and losing it forever.

It was a shame to learn that this set didn’t come with transparent locks, though. Buyers will need to buy them separately to use this as a lock picking training set. Honestly, it seems like a bit of an oversight by DIYS.
  • A basic, straightforward option
  • Solid 15-piece set made with metal
  • Works on most household locks
  • Appealing black/silver color scheme
  • Easy-to-carry leather bag
  • Compact storability
  • No transparent locks included
The lack of transparent locks does hurt its convenience level a bit. But its relatively straightforward design and usability made me a fan anyway. However, I could see others wanting a more expansive lock picking kit for beginners or professionals.

6. Noylikio Household Lock Pick Tool Set

Noylikio’s Household Professional Lock Pick Tool Set has become a favorite among professionals and beginners for various reasons. One of the primary ones is that each tool within its 17-piece set was made with corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Given this information, users won’t have to worry about any longevity concerns. I fully expect each tool within the set to last more than a couple of years. Plus, I’ve found all the tools within this solid option to be rather easy and comfortable to use.

It’s been beneficial to have around the house, as well. I found the rake lock picks and hook lock picks capable of picking several locks inside my home. It gives me peace of mind that I’ll always have a way to access what I need within a locked cabinet or room.

Noylikio was even kind enough to include three different practice locks with this kit. It gives a simple way of improving my skills without using the picks on actual locks. Each one comes with two keys (six total) that have proven to be high-quality and easy to use.

Moreover, Noylikio ships this set from the United States. I was stunned by how fast the package got here as it came two days earlier than expected. It allowed me to solve my issue with a wafer lock inside my home rather quickly.

But buyers must be aware of the lack of a return policy. Therefore, anyone who buys this product needs to do significant research before deciding whether it’s right for them.
  • A good professional and beginner set
  • High-quality 17-piece set constructed with stainless steel
  • Simple-to-use tools for household lock picking usage
  • Three types of transparent practice locks included
  • Six durable keys
  • Ships quickly within the US
  • No return policy
Thankfully, I did put some time into it and ensured this starter set could meet my expectations. The various picks and practice locks made me a delighted customer.

7. THCABP Home Lock Picking Set

Our largest set, THCABP’s Home Lock Picking Set, doesn’t hold anything back with a large 30-piece collection. Users will have access to numerous hook picks, rake picks, tension wrenches, diamond picks, and much more.

But what makes this collection unique is the smoothness of its material. It’ll ensure everyone can use these picks without having to worry about scratching their fingers. It tends to be a serious issue with subpar lock picking sets.

As with most previous options, this set does have transparent practice locks. But the two provided with this collection offer a bit more longevity than many others. THCABP gave them a long shelf life, which allows for many practice lock picking sessions.

The detailed user guide was another notable highlight for me. It offered significant insight into how I could utilize these lock picks and other pieces inside my household. As a result, I figured out several ways this particular collection could make my life a lot less stressful.

Buyers will also get a storage case. However, there’s no need to worry about its compactness. I have no issues finding space for this beginner lock pick set.

I only wish the product came with a credit card pouch. But overall, I’m more than happy with THCABP’s lock pick set.
  • Smooth 30-piece set (hooks, rakes, tension wrenches, etc)
  • Usable without scratching any fingers
  • Two rugged transparent practice locks with a long shelf life
  • Simple to use with detailed user guide
  • A storage case for better portability
  • No credit card pouch
Overall, it’s easy to see how this set could be an effective lock picking training set. It certainly fit the mold for my particular expectations, especially after getting used to the silicone grips.

8. WKONN Professional Lock Pick Set Tools

The WKONN Lock Pick Set Tools provides stylish color options that most other choices can’t offer. Its entire set can come in blue or gray to mesh with each buyer’s preferences to a tee. In my case, I’d have to go with the blue color scheme.

But this color scheme wouldn’t mean much if the set itself wasn’t up to snuff. However, I don’t have to worry about this issue as this option has several appealing traits. A solid example would be its transparent practice double cylinder lock and padlock.

These two tools have proven to be effective for both locksmith training and beginners. It makes the entire set a little more versatile than a buyer might initially expect. After all, it never hurts a lock picker’s skills to do a little training with a practice lock picking tool like these.

Besides these essential aspects, it has few familiar ones worth mentioning. Some of them include a 24-piece kit filled with various pick types, a solid 30-day warranty, and usability in numerous household applications.

Each of these inclusions further proves this model is a decent lock pick set. Buyers could certainly do a whole lot worse than this one from WKONN.

In fact, my only issue with this lock picking practice kit is that its construction material isn’t the best. I noticed the stainless steel here was a bit more flimsy than what I came to expect. It was also mentioned in the customer reviews as being a problem.
  • Stylish color options (blue or gray)
  • Transparent practice padlock and double cylinder lock
  • A decent set for locksmith training and beginners
  • 24 pieces with various pick types
  • Usable for numerous household applications
  • Solid 30-day warranty
  • Flimsier than expected
However, this material is still relatively durable and practical. Users will just need to remain careful and not put too much pressure on the picks to avoid issues. So far, this process has worked for me as I haven’t broken one yet.

9. Lsimt Professional Lock Pick Tool Set

Professional lock pick tools like Lsimt’s Professional Lock Pick Tool Set don’t come around often, given their rather impressive features. For me, it starts with the smooth, issue-free handle grips on each of its picks.

These grips keep my fingers from slipping off when I’m using the tools. It’s a godsend for me because I tend to get a little sweaty during my lock-picking adventures. These grips help ensure perspiring doesn’t affect my overall success rate too much.

Of course, this effect would be useless without practical construction material. These picks are made from high-quality stainless steel, like all the top-tier options. Honestly, these feel even more durable than what I’ve felt with the other lock picking sets.

This set is also decked out with three practice locks for more convenience. It offers a chance to learn how a padlock, single-cylinder lock, and double cylinder lock work. Practicing with them and using the six durable keys has been exactly what I needed to develop my skills.

Lastly, Lsimt was kind enough to offer two user-friendly storage bags. So I have a choice between using the traditional one or the travel credit card option.

But I was initially surprised by the price tag for this particular 17-piece set. It’s a little bit more costly than I usually encounter when doing product research. Buyers will need to account for this increased price when making their final decision.
  • Smooth, issue-free handle grips
  • Stainless steel crafted professional tools
  • Three effective practice locks (single cylinder, double cylinder, and padlock)
  • Comes with six durable keys
  • Two storage bags (credit card and traditional)
  • A higher-price option for a 17-piece set
In any case, I ended up being more than okay with paying the extra dollars. This professional lock picking set has a noticeable quality difference over many other choices. Therefore, I felt paying the higher price was worth my time.

10. AON Door Lock Pick Set

Traveling with a door lock pick set has never been easier than with AON Door Lock Pick Set. It earns this distinction with its credit-card-shaped carrying case. It can easily fit three picks and settle right into my pocket with ease.

It’s an essential attribute because I don’t have to bring the entire set with me. Instead, I can select the crucial pieces of this adaptable 20-piece set, featuring hooks, rakes, tension tools, and much more.

This variety of options allow me to pick door locks, cabinet locks, drawer locks, pocket locks and similar applications without much resistance. In fact, it’s just a simple matter of reading AON’s provided instructions and using the right tools.

I was also a fan of the practice lock, the two keys with a silver color scheme, and their performance. These components have helped me develop my skills and further understand how locks work. It has made me a much better lock picker while providing a lovely little stylish charm.

Furthermore, I can’t go much longer without mentioning the overall ease of use. Every piece of this set offers a comfortable and delightful user experience.

It was a little peculiar to see this model had slower shipping speeds than other choices. Buyers can’t choose same-day shipping like I often see with these products. It’s a bummer for anyone looking to purchase a quick-fix option like myself.
  • Portable credit-card shaped carrying case
  • Adaptable 20-piece set (hooks, tension tools, rakes, and more)
  • Suitable for picking locks of various types
  • Quality practice lock and two keys
  • Easy-to-use set with instructions
  • Slow shipping speeds (no same-day shipping)
But one thing I can’t complain about with this product is its overall results. It more than lived up to what I expect from any Dangerfield lock picks or Peterson lock picks, so the wait ended up being worth it.

11. ‎VARWANEO Professional Lock Picking Set

Our final option, ‎VARWANEO’s Professional Stainless Steel Lock Picking Set, includes some of the most versatile, finest picks available. It comes with a wide range of types between the entire 17 piece set, ranging from hooks to tension wrenches.

As a result, I haven’t had an issue picking various locks, such as wafer or pin tumbler types, with this fine collection. I would even call it a no-nonsense set as each pick’s overall construction has proven to be exceptionally tough.

I don’t have the most steady hands in the world, so I’m prone to breaking lock picks. But these special tools have managed to withstand my oafishness with ease. It’s kind of refreshing based on my past experiences with other stainless steel pick sets.

Moreover, VARWANEO provides a safe and spacious place to store the picks with the included leather bag. It’s not as compact as many other types, but I don’t mind in this case. Instead, it gives all the picks some space to breathe, which can only increase their longevity.

It’s not only useful for lock pickers, either. This model comes with a wonderful how-to-guide manual to help newbies figure out these products. I even learned a thing or two, and I’ve been using these sets for a while.

But one notable flaw is that VARWANEO decided to make their practice lock transparent orange. I felt like this color scheme made seeing how the pick reacted to its practice lock more difficult. It wasn’t completely unseeable, but I would’ve preferred a clear transparent lock.
  • Versatile collection of lock picks
  • 17 stainless steel lock picking professional tools
  • Tough constructions with long-term longevity
  • Convenient, spacious leather storage bag
  • Suitable for professional usage or beginners (how to use guide)
  • Orange transparent lock was difficult to see
Aside from the minor practice lock issue, it’s hard to be critical of this lock picking tool set. I could see it being a solid “learn to lockpick kit” or a best friend to professional locksmiths. In either case, it seems like it’s more than ready for the challenge.

What to Look for When Buying Lock Pick Sets


Several factors will help you successfully pick the right lock pick set for your needs. It’s crucial to have an insight into each of them, or this process might be unsuccessful. But this section will prevent that by walking you through those factors with detailed discussions.


A standard lock pick will have a width of about 5/16 inches at its handle. Meanwhile, it’ll taper to about 1/16 inch at its tip. If you stick to these measurements, your lock pick set should have no issues fitting most standard locks.

I’d also recommend avoiding any lock pick wider than 3/32 inches. These models won’t fit into most standard locks and end up being rather useless for your needs.

Construction Material

In most cases, lock picks will be made from stainless or carbon steel. It’s a high-quality material because stainless steel and carbon steel don’t wear down as quickly as other notable metals. As you can imagine, this attribute becomes essential during the lock picking process.

After all, the real action of lock picking involves pushing the metal picks against a lock’s internal metal security pins. This action creates friction that can wear down poorly-made lock picks rather quickly.

It also helps that stainless steel is known to resist corrosion and rust. Therefore, its durability vastly outpaces what you can expect from other materials.

Lock Pick Types

Several lock pick types exist for different locks. However, most lock picks fall into the following four types: rakes, hook, circular or half-diamond. Let’s discuss each of them to ensure you know which one fits your needs.

  • Rake Lock Picks

Buyers will need to understand what a rake is before purchasing their chosen option. Rakes are long pieces of metal with a shaped end, mimicking a key’s shape. The end’s pattern indicates how the rake moves your lock pins when inserted into the keyhole.

Keyed locks have pins that unlock the door when engaged with keys that fit. A rake’s teeth will gently push the lock’s internal parts to mimic a key. However, a rake will only work with a wafer lock (with no security pins) and pin-tumblers.

As a result, rakes have limited effectiveness. They also require a trial-and-effort approach with numerous rakes to find the perfect shape. Due to this, it can be pretty time-consuming for a person who wants to unlock their door quickly.

  • Hook Picks

Hook options consist of picks with a bent end for picking a single pin inside your lock. These tools are long and thin for precision and can reach into small lock openings. People also use them to reach lower pins that are behind taller pins in a lock.

You can expect hooks to consist of three shapes: offset hooks, deeper hooks, and shorter hooks. Honestly, it’s always best to have multiple hooks on hand so you can cover a variety of lock types.

It’s also essential to note that hooks must be used with tensioners to open locks. Otherwise, they won’t get the job done.

  • Circular Picks

Circular picks are a bit weirder than the other types. These are also known as round or ball picks available in half-rounds, regular rounds, half-snowmen, and double balls. Users will need to understand that these options aren’t usually meant for standard pin tumblers.

These options work much better with wafer locks, which have a single mechanism. Of course, anyone who’s working strictly with pin locks won’t require these types. But most people will find them helpful when picking a wafer lock.

  • Half-Diamond Picks

Half-diamond models are actually a type of hook pick. These choices will feature a diamond-shaped end that functions as a small ramp. It should gently lift the lock’s internal pins as it runs across them.

Users should expect half-diamond picks to be larger than rakes or hooks, as well. This configuration could make them a difficult fit into tighter locks.


A dedicated lock picker or world champion lock pickers would agree that having a high-quality 4-piece lock piece set is better than having a subpar complete kit. However, it never hurts to have a little variety in your set. I’d recommend considering your current needs and what future situations might require a lock pick.

In fact, you’ll probably need hooks, rakes, tension tools, and half-diamonds at some point. So it’s crucial to ensure you have everything required in your personal complete kit. It’s a simple way of ensuring you’re always ready.

Included Pouch

Lock pick sets often consist of several intricate parts and smaller tools. Due to this, each buyer will need somewhere to store them safely when they’re not in use. Most sets will make this easy by including a pouch with purchase.

These pouches are usually made of leather and work perfectly to store those items. But I’d still recommend checking their quality by reading each option’s customer reviews on e-commerce platforms and Reddit. These resources should discuss in detail how well they were made. I certainly prefer products with a long list of satisfied customers.

Practice Locks

Buyers shouldn’t expect every lock pick set to come with practice locks. However, beginners should look for starter sets with them as they help familiarize users with lock picking. In most cases, the collection will come with one or two locks and usually are transparent.

The transparent component helps beginners who need an introductory lock pick set to get used to the ins and out of a lock. So if you’ve never used a lock pick before, please look for the best beginner lock pick set with practice locks. It’ll make all the difference.

Good Grip

Some keys tend to get a little slippery. When you pick locks, you might even encounter a little sweat that can cause you to lose grip. But, of course, buyers can account for this by purchasing a set that plans for these issues.

These better choices might have a rubber handle or grooves. Those components should ensure you can get a good grip for turning the picks inside a lock.

Is It Illegal to Have a Pick Lock Set

Most states don’t consider owning lock pick tools a crime unless you use them illegally. The courts must show a person had the intent to commit a crime for it to be an issue. In any case, I’d recommend reading about your local laws to get a complete idea of what’s okay or not.

What Picks Does the Lock Picking Lawyer Use

In a recent interview, he mentioned a long list of prefered lockpickinglawyer tools. You can find this interview here—it’s a very informative resource for people looking to get a new lock pick set.

Where Can I Get Good Lockpicks

You can buy lock pick sets anywhere, ranging from hardware stores to Amazon. It’s a matter of preference regarding where you like doing your shopping. In my case, I’m always going to choose a site like Amazon as online shopping is more my style.


Our article should’ve provided some insight into the best lock pick sets, so it shouldn’t be too difficult now to choose one perfectly suited for your needs. But if you do have a few more questions, don’t hesitate to let us know.

After all, I’d love to help you out in any way possible. Thanks for reading!

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