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How to Unlock a Door With a Hole? – 3 Simple & Reliable Methods

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how to unlock a door with a hole

Want to figure out how to unlock a door with a hole? Most private locks are push-button locks. Instead of keyholes, this type of lock has a small hole. Luckily, it is easier to unlock compared to deadbolts and other front door locks. It is specifically designed to ensure privacy. You can find this one in your bedroom or bathroom door.

There are many ways to open locked door with hole. This tutorial will provide you with different options that you can choose from. You are free to pick what method will work best for you.

Method 1: Using a Screwdriver

It is easy to unlock a privacy door knob with a small screwdriver

You will need the smallest size of a flat head screwdriver which is only 5/64. This kind of screwdriver is typically used for repairing smartphones and other electronic devices. It is the perfect tool to unlock door with small hole.

If you don’t have any small flathead screwdrivers available, you can also use a large metal paper clip as an alternative. You need to straighten it first so that it can fit inside the small hole.

A bobby pin can also be an option, but you also have to straighten it. Aside from that, it should be sturdy so that it can push the button of the lock.

Step 1: Insert a small flat head screwdriver inside the hole


First, insert a small flathead screwdriver inside the hole of the lock. Make sure that it fits perfectly, and it won’t get stuck inside.

The screwdriver should be small enough that it doesn’t touch the curves of the hole. Also, you must hold it straight so that it can easily push the button inside.

Step 2: Position the screwdriver inside the lock and push it as far as it can go


After you have inserted the screwdriver inside the hole, position it correctly. You will feel a slight resistance, indicating that you are in the right position. Once it is properly positioned, push the screwdriver as far as it can go until you hear a clicking sound. The door is now open.

Step 3: If it doesn’t work, turn the screwdriver until it falls into a slot

If pushing the button using a screwdriver doesn’t work, you may be dealing with a turn-style lock and not a push-button. To open a turn-style lock, just turn the screwdriver until you feel that it falls into a slot. Continue doing this procedure until you have successfully opened the door.

Method 2: Using a Plastic Card

There is another way to unlock door handle with hole if you don’t have any available lockpicking items inside your home. The method involves using a plastic card or a knife.

You must use a card you don’t mind damaging, like a gift card or a membership card. It must also be sturdy enough so that it won’t easily bend or break while you are trying to unlock the door.

If you don’t have a plastic card, you can also use a knife as an option. The best kind of knife to use is a butter knife. Avoid using a knife with a sharp edge since this kind of knife is usually thin and easily breaks when pressure is applied.

Step 1: Hold the doorknob

If you don’t have anything to pick the lock, you can also use a card to unlock the door. First, you have to hold the doorknob with your non-dominant hand. If you are right-handed, use your left hand to hold the doorknob. This is necessary since you have to push and pull the door while trying to hit the lock’s strike plate.

Step 2: Lean your body against the door and insert the card perpendicularly


To make the gap of the door and the door frame as wide as possible, lean your body against the door.

After you position your body, insert the card perpendicularly to the door. To reach the strike plate, slide the card by bending it. Give a little push towards the doorknob.

Step 3: Move the card up and down until the door opens


Move the card up and down while exerting the right amount of force. If you are having difficulty opening the door, pull and push the doorknob while wiggling the card. This is useful in reducing the friction and the pressure from the latch.

Once the cylinder of the lock retracts, the door will open automatically.

Method 3: Using a Strong Force

Step 1: Check the best spot where you can kick the door


This method is only advisable if there is an emergency and you need to open the door as quickly as possible. You have to kick the door as close as possible to the handle but do not kick the handle itself. Also, prevent kicking the center part of the door since it may break and injure you.

Step 2: Do a front kick to the best spot you found

Suppose you don’t know how to do a front kick; better not try this method since it may injure you. You need to kick through the door so that it will open. If the situation can wait, you can try other methods above to prevent injury and avoid damaging the door. If you don’t want to, you can call a locksmith to help you out.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best item to use in unlocking a bedroom door with hole?

The best item to use to unlock bedroom door with hole is a small flat-head screwdriver. This item is useful not only in unlocking push-button locks but also for opening a turn-style lock.

2. What is the purpose of the small hole in the center of the knob?

The small hole is called a privacy lock. It is typically used for bathroom and bedroom doors. By pushing the button inside this hole, the door can be opened in case of an emergency.


Have you learned how to unlock a door with a hole? There are so many ways that you can choose from to unlock a privacy lock. Aside from that, the items you need can be easily found in your house. You don’t have to spend money on sophisticated lockpicking tools.

Do you know some friends who are also interested in learning how to unlock doors with small holes? You can share this post with them! We also want to know what is the best method that you prefer to unlock a door knob with a hole. Leave a comment below.

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