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How to Open a Sentry Safe Without the Combination in 6 Steps

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how to open a sentry safe without the combination

Sentry Safe has made a mark on the market for being a reputable brand that manufactures the finest safes, including both key and dial variations. How to open a Sentry Safe without the combination to access your valuables inside?

It is undeniable that breaking into a burglar-proof and fireproof safe is not easy at all. That is why most people think they cannot unlock Sentry Safe without code or key if they lost these items. This article shows you how.

We guarantee that the measures here apply to expensive safes with high protection that cost you from $100 to $200, and also common home units around $20 and $50. You can trust us to guide you through these tutorials.


Make Some Quick Pre-checks

It is worth it for you to ensure beforehand that you will not break into a Sentry Safe because of small operating issues you can check and fix.

1. Misaligned bolts

In case the bolts for locking are not fully aligned, you will hear the safe door making a scraping noise as you try its handle. You should smack the device at various areas around its door if you have this problem.

2. Dead batteries

Some models may just have dead batteries for their lock, so all you need to do is replace them with new ones (often AA batteries).

3. Activated time delay

If the time delay mode got triggered on your safe due to repeated attempts to open it with wrong codes, it is best to wait at least 20 minutes then try again later. But waiting would be useless if the safe has lockout security.

What You Need to Follow This Tutorial


These are the variety of methods you can apply to open Sentry Safe without code, depending on your situation and specific safe model.

Finally, let’s learn the most effective ways to break into a Sentry Safe without combination in this section. We have every possible solution in store for you so that you can decide the best method for your situation.

Step 1: Ask for assistance

The Sentry Safe company is the first place you should contact to open their safes without a combination or a key.

Here is the information you should prepare for this call: the time and location you purchased the unit, its model and serial numbers. Some safes have both numbers on them, but if there is only one, we suggest breaking it down: the model number is the first 4 digits, while the rest will be for the serial.

Step 2: Contact a locksmith

Instead of trying to unlock a Sentry Safe without a combination on your own, calling a professional locksmith would be a better idea. Note that it may cost you at least $50 up to $100 a call, so you should only take this action if you have an expensive safe.

If your safe is mounted into a wall, it is certainly advisable to hire a locksmith. He or she will require you to show proof of safe ownership to pick its lock or get the old combination.

Step 3: Apply high-power magnet


Neodymium magnets are quite powerful and low-cost (less than $20); you can get them on Amazon. Using them will help you open a Sentry Safe only in seconds. Place this magnet near the safe door’s nickel solenoid and move this item, and you will trip the safe lock to open it.

We need to warn you that handling such magnets is not entirely safe, so remember to follow all possible precautions.

Step 4: Use paper clips


These simple tools can actually help you get into a Sentry Safe: a pair of paper clips with a needle-nosed plier. Applying them to low-end safe models is perfect.

  • Use the plier to shape your paper clips into picking and tension tools. You will insert them into the keyway and jimmy to open the safe lock.
  • Bend one clip’s smaller leg to 90° and repeat this action with the bigger tip. Next, bend its other tip into the shape of a tension wrench.
  • Bend the 2nd clip to 180° and bend one of its legs to 45°. Now you will have a feeler picking tool from this second paper clip.


  • Put your tension wrench into the lock’s lower part.
  • Insert the picking tool to the lock’s upper part.
  • Press the lock pins in a careful manner until there is a click, indicating that you have reached the correct place.
  • Keep on picking this lock 3 times.
  • Turn your clip pins in a clockwise direction for the opening of your Sentry Safe.

Read a detailed guide to picking a Sentry Safe with paper clips here!

Step 5: Use a nail file


Using a nail file is also suitable for cracking into low-cost Sentry Safes. A flat-head screwdriver would be alright if you do not have this nail file around.

  • Slide your nail file out of your nail clippers.
  • Put its tip in the safe lock.
  • Jiggle it until the lock is rotatable.
  • As soon as you get some “clicking” noise, keep rotating the file in the lock’s interior until you hear the last clicking sound of the safe. Now you have managed to unlock the safe.

Step 6: Destructive measures


The last method we would like to discuss is to get into a safe by destroying its lock. It is obvious that you will have to replace this lock later on. Thus, you should only use this measure when you are in a rush and have no other recourse.

  • Take a drill to drill into the safe lock.
  • Make sure you aim directly for the lock rather than the body of the safe, or else you will damage the device if you plan to reuse this safe.
  • If you are able to get through this lock, it would break open. You can hire a locksmith to replace it afterward.

Check out this video for more information on how to get into a Sentry Safe without combination.

What Is Sentry Safe

Sentry Safe is one of the most well-known manufacturers of safes that has established itself for over 90 years. Its safe products are designed for commercial, residential use, and even gun storage. Their construction is solid steel to provide reliable and durable protection.

If you are looking to enhance security for the safe, this brand also offers a wide range of ETL and UL-rated units (Underwriter Laboratories) for you to protect personal belongings from both water and fire.

Although it appears to be impossible to open a Sentry Safe without a key or combination, the truth is there are several helpful ways for you to complete the task even when you are completely clueless about the Sentry Safe mechanism.


Keep in mind that before you attempt to hack into a Sentry Safe without code, think about its cost, whether the situation is urgent, and its contents’ value. Other than that, we hope you are satisfied with the information here on how to open a Sentry Safe without the combination.

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