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How to Change Batteries on Kwikset Lock: Quick & Easy Guide

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how to change batteries on kwikset lock

Misplacing the key to your front door is one thing to worry about. But how can homeowners get inside their houses when their Kwikset door lock runs out of battery? To avoid this problem, it is time for you to learn how to change batteries on Kwikset lock.

The whole process of Kwikset battery replacement is quite fast and easy with a simple preparation of new batteries. A Kwikset Smart Lock will usually warn you about low power levels in advance so you can buy batteries beforehand.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about Kwikset Smart Locks and their battery changing. After that, you can quickly replace dead batteries inside your main door lock and avoid unwanted lockouts.

What You Will Need to Follow This Tutorial

Prepare the following tools:

  • 4 AA batteries
  • Wrench

Note that the process we describe below can also apply to the Kwikset keyless entry battery replacement.

Step-by-Step Instructions


Our clear instructions from A to Z are right here for you to follow without much hassle. Do not worry that you will mess up any steps because all of them are quick and simple. Plus, they do not require you to have any skill or experience.

Step 1: Remove the terminal cover

On the inside of your Kwikset door lock, slide its terminal cover up. You will see the battery cartridge after this. In case the cover does not slide up smoothly, there may be screws that keep it in place, which you’ll have to remove with a wrench.

Step 2: Remove the battery cartridge

Find the battery cartridge on the top of your lock, then lift it up.

Step 3: Change the batteries

Take the old batteries out and put the new ones into place.

Step 4: Reinstall the cartridge and lock cover

Put the battery cartridge back again; the “DOOR” indicator should face up with the arrows pointing to your door. Once you are done with this step, slide the cover back onto your Kwikset door lock. Re-install the screws if you removed any.

Step 5: Test the door lock

Lock and unlock the door to clear the low battery warning. This also helps you determine if the new battery works well.

Also, check out this video for more information on Kwikset Smart Lock battery change:

Also, this guide will help you change the battery of all keyless door locks.

What Batteries Do Kwikset Locks Use?

If you want to change the battery on Kwikset lock, you have to know firsthand which kind of battery this type of lock uses. We recommend using regular AA alkaline batteries that are non-rechargeable. Make sure you will not use lithium NiCad batteries.

On the other hand, if you find 4 AA batteries not strong enough for the digital lock operation, try a 9V alkaline battery to power this lock temporarily.

How Long Does Battery Last on Kwikset Lock?

The typical Kwikset door lock with an average of 10 entries a day will last from 10 months to a year. This is the case where you have properly aligned the door, and the door lock is not interfered with when you lock/unlock it.

How Do I Know When Kwikset Smart Lock Batteries Die?

The good news is that a Kwikset Smart Lock will provide low-battery warnings several weeks before it runs out of power. A red light means the device has little battery.

Keep in mind that if the lock dies before you can make a Kwikset Smart Lock battery replacement, your key is still applicable.


That was our guide on how to change batteries on Kwikset lock, made easy and quick enough for every homeowner to try on their main door lock from Kwikset. We hope it has covered all the relevant information you need for the procedure.

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