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How Long Do Ring Camera Batteries Last?

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How Long Do Ring Camera Batteries Last

Maintaining your security measures should be one of your top priorities to keep your home and business safe. That’s why reliable security surveillance is essential.

Systems like the Ring surveillance camera use batteries to power. Falling to keep the battery life in check will likely put your properties at risk. In this article, we will clarify how long do Ring camera batteries last and provide some useful tips to maximize their longevity.

Battery Life of Ring Cameras

Every Ring wireless camera differs in how long they last when battery-powered, depending on the usage rate. Here is an overview of the battery life of three popular Ring camera models in minimum and maximum usage:

  Minimal Usage Maximum Usage
Ring Spotlight Camera 6-12 months 1-3 months
Ring Stick-Up Camera 12 months 3-6 months
Ring Doorbell 6-12 months 1-3 months

1. Ring Spotlight Camera


Because of its spotlight feature, the Ring Spotlight cameras drain more power. Heavy usage can shorten the battery life of this model from 6-12 months down to just 1-3 months before recharge. Fortunately, it does come with space for a second battery pack after the first one is exhausted.

2. Ring Stick-up Camera


The Ring stick-up cam battery lasts the longest among the Ring cameras and would only be required to be charged after 1,000 activations. However, you might still want to be careful since some Ring consumers have reported batteries that only last a week when the camera is mounted outdoors.

3. Ring Doorbell


Beinng both a doorbell and a camera, the Ring Doorbell would only have a maximum battery duration of a month in frequent usage and 12 months when used sparingly. The most recent version of Ring Doorbell can last more than the previous versions, so it would be wise to get an upgrade if you have the budget.

Factors Affecting Ring Camera Battery Life


If you’re wondering why your Ring camera battery longevity is shorter than normal, you might want to check the following reasons:

  1. Usage Frequency: The more frequently your Ring camera is activated (for motion detection, live streaming, or recording), the quicker the battery is drained. Ring cameras set in areas with high traffic may trigger more frequently, thus, require more frequent recharging.
  2. Video Recording or Streaming: If your Ring camera records video clips or streams live feeds to your device, especially at higher resolutions, it will demand more energy.
  3. Climate Conditions: Ring outdoor camera batteries can easily get affected by the weather or the temperature. Extreme heat or coldness can drain your Ring camera’s battery faster.
  4. Wi-Fi Signal Strength: Having your Ring device attempt numerous times to reconnect to the wireless connection takes a toll on the device’s power. Ensure that you have a stable wireless connection to the location of your Ring camera so it doesn’t get disconnected.
  5. LED Lights and Alerts: Enabling LED lights or constant alerts consumes additional power.
  6. Firmware Updates: Ring devices running on old firmware may not be the most energy efficient. Update your camera’s firmware frequently to improve the battery life performance.

Battery Health: Over time, battery-operated devices will experience degradation in capacity. Keeping an eye on the battery’s health and replacing it when necessary can maintain optimal performance.

Tips for Maximizing Ring Camera Battery Life

Charging the battery takes time, and it might compromise the security of your home or business. You can follow these steps to maximize the battery life of your Ring camera:

  1. Improve the signal strength between your Ring device and internet router by moving your router closer to your Ring camera. You can also opt for a WiFi extender, so you won’t need to move your router.
  2. You can add a solar panel to charge your Ring camera battery without needing to remove the battery from the device.
  3. Set your Ring camera’s sensitivity to low and turn off the Live View feature of your Ring device to make the duration of the battery lifespan longer.
  4. Schedule the activation of your Ring camera. You might not want your Ring camera to be up 24/7, especially if there is always a person inside your home or business.


Even the most reliable surveillance system, the Ring camera, can become a security risk when it is not kept in check. The time your Ring camera is not running might be the time when a burglar steals your valuables and harms your family.

Knowing the answer to “How long do Ring camera batteries last?” will make you a more responsible homeowner or business owner. Remember: security for you, your family, and your valuables must never be compromised.

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