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How to Open a Yale Lock? – 4 Easy Ways

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how to open a yale lock

Yale locks are known for their durability, security, and reliability, which makes them one of the top brands in the lock industry. They offer a wide array of locks with key commonly used in households and commercial buildings to protect people and valuables.

That is why getting locked out by a Yale product would prove to be difficult to get around because of the high security it provides. If you do random things to your lock, you may do more harm than good.

Fortunately, here are some ways on how to open a Yale lock.

Easy Ways to Unlock a Yale Lock When Locked Out

Yale lock models for doors have the traditional lock and key mechanisms. Here are some Yale lock entry methods when you have no keys:

</p> <h3>Method 1. Open a Yale lock through picking techniques.</h3> <p>


This may not be for everyone, since lock picking needs certain skills and materials to execute. If you want to pick a Yale lock, here’s how you can do it:

  1. Insert the tension tool at the bottom part of the keyway. Put a clockwise pressure on your tension tool.
  2. Insert your pick and set the pins inside the lock. The pins should make a click sound when they are set.
  3. The lock should automatically unlock if the pins are set. If not, go over the pins again because you might have missed one or two.
</p> <h3>Method 2. Open a Yale lock using a bump key.</h3> <p>


Bump keys are easier to use than lock picks to open a Yale night latch or pin-tumbler locks, since you won’t need special skills to work with them. Here’s how you can open a Yale lock using a bump key.

  1. Insert your Yale bump key inside the lock. Make sure the bump key is compatible with your lock or else you would just damage the lock.
  2. Get a hammer and bump the key with fair force. Make sure to hold the key while bumping so it does not fall off the lock.
  3. Bump it a few times until the lock is in an open position.
</p> <h3>Method 3. Open a Yale lock using a bypass tool.</h3> <p>


If you are not a fan of lockpicking and bumping, then using a bypass tool is the best option. Such a tool is pricey and may not be available in your local hardware store, though.

Here’s how you can open a Yale Bicentric lock using a bypass tool:

  1. Hold the lock with your one hand. This will stabilize the lock during the process.
  2. Insert your bypass tool inside the keyway. Turn the bypass tool clockwise while applying a thrusting force.
  3. The lock should be put in an unlock position after the bypass tool has done its job.
</p> <h3>Method 4. Open a Yale lock with a credit card.</h3> <p>


The process of how to unlock Yale lock with credit card is simple, but it might not work with some advanced models. If you think you can do it, follow these steps:

  1. Slide your credit card between the door jamb and the door itself.
  2. Push and pull your door through the door knob. Rotate your door knob clockwise and counterclockwise in the process.
  3. Slowly pull down your credit card to where the strike plate is. It should disrupt the latch bolt from reaching the strike plate and open the door.
</p> <h3>For smart locks</h3> <p>


Yale locks also feature smart technology that secures your doors. Here are ways with which you can open your Yale smart lock when there’s no key:

  • Open a Yale smart lock with a remote fob.

If you have programmed a key fob to access your smart lock, you can use it to put your lock in the open position. Just hold your remote fob near your Yale smart lock and press the fob to open it.

  • Open a Yale smart lock using a user key card.

Some Yale smart locks have RFID detectors that can open whenever they detect a card that holds a certain RFID. Just tap your user key card to the smart lock, and it should open the door for you.

  • Open a Yale smart lock using the Yale access app.

Yale smart locks can be unlocked through the Yale access app if enabled. Go to your phone and hold the lock button to either unlock or lock Yale lock from outside.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Locks can sometimes malfunction with or without maintenance, and Yale locks are no exception. Here are some common issues of Yale products and how to troubleshoot them:

1. Yale lock cannot lock or unlock.


If your Yale smart lock isn’t locking or opening, you might be pressing the lock button on your app very fast. What you have to do to use Yale keypad lock electronically is to hold the lock button for a couple of seconds to either secure or open your smart device.

This can also happen if the batteries from inside your lock are dead. Try replacing them and try locking or unlocking again.

2. Yale smart lock has trouble connecting.


If your Yale smart lock is not connecting to your Wi-Fi router, the cause might be because the guard is absent or the software is outdated. In this case, adding a guard and updating the programming will solve the issue.

3. Yale smart locks cannot pair with phones.


If your phone cannot connect to your smart lock, try force-quitting the app, turning off and restarting your mobile device, and replacing the lock battery.

In case no troubleshooting tips worked and you have gone through all of Yale’s product guides, you can contact the brand’s product support.

Maintaining Lock Security After Opening


Even though Yale locks are sturdy and durable, they are still vulnerable to wear-and-tear. Here are the things that you can do to maintain the integrity of your Yale lock:

  • Do not slam your door when exiting. This will not only damage the hinges and screws of your door, but it will also disrupt the inner parts of the lock, causing it to malfunction.
  • When you feel that your lock is sticking, apply a lubricant. This will reduce friction and help the moving parts of your lock run smoothly.
  • Clean your locks once a week. Accumulated dust and dirt can clog the keyway and the inside of the lock, making it unusable and a security risk.


It’s best that you are prepared for anything that might cause you to be locked out of your house or room. This will help save time in searching for solutions and money in hiring a professional.

Knowing how to open a Yale lock is something that you should prioritize as a house or business owner. There will come a time where your handiness skills in locks might prove useful in the future.

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