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Why is My Schlage Lock Not Working?- 8 Reasons & Solutions

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why is my schlage lock not working

In this modern world, it is not a shocker that several locking devices are innovated to make our lives easier, safer, and even more stylish!

And one competitively thriving keyless locking manufacturer is the Schlage keypad lock. But of course, it is not free from any lock malfunction.

Many users often ask, why is my Schlage lock not working? Well, it varies depending on your situation — it could be due to dead or any battery issues, loose wiring, or bug issues. Read here to learn more.

List of Reasons Why My Schlage Lock is Not Working

A keypad lock is a great tool to make our lives simpler and our security even safer. However, there will always be a situation wherein it just gives you a headache.

Is your Schlage smart lock not working? Here are the common reasons why that happens.

Reason #1. Dead batteries


Like any other battery-powered device, your Schlage lock will not work if the batteries die.

So one thing you need to check if your keypad lock won’t open is its battery status.

Recall the signal the lock gave you to confirm if a dead battery is your problem. If you notice the Schlage LED button blinking red even without entering the code, it indicates that the lock battery is critically low.

Aside from that, taking note and acting upon that signal is essential to save yourself from any future hassle. A dying battery of Schlage deadbolt results in slow locking and unlocking responses.

To keep your Schlage battery at its best performance, make sure to use manual-stated batteries, a strong Wifi signal, correct locking settings, and properly-installed batteries.

Reason #2. Wrongly installed batteries


Have you tried fixing the first reason, but the lock is still not unlocking even after battery change? Well, it may be because you installed the batteries incorrectly.

This reason might be trivial, but some users typically overlook this kind of locking problem because it is not by the book. So before diving into other troubleshooting, ensure that the batteries of your Schlage are in their right position.

Moreover, check if the battery terminal and connector are in good shape. A dirty or bent terminal and connector might cause a Schlage lock malfunction.

Also, here’re what you should note to install the right battery:

  • Schlage smart lock models require 4 alkaline AA batteries
  • Schlage deadbolt lock keypads require 1 alkaline 9-volt battery

If nothing still works using the abovementioned reasons, the problem might be the locking system.

Reason #3. Bug issue


The Schlage amps up their operating capacity using the advanced z-wave plus in their locking and sensor system. It uses an intelligent home controller or phone hub to promote Schlage keyless entry!

However, despite Schlage smart locks being considered intelligent devices, that does not mean that these locks are free from any technical bugs.

In fact, the non-working program code is a common problem experienced by the Schlage lock user wherein their door either won’t lock or unlock.

But worry not because these bug issues are pretty easy to fix. You can do it yourself by performing some necessary server adjustments or resetting.

Reason #4. Hub connectivity issue

Aside from the bug issues, one of the main technical server issues that led to Schlage lock troubleshooting is its connectivity.

There will always be a time wherein your hub connection gets a little unstable. If this ever happens, you can always restart the connection. If it keeps happening, then a factory reset might be the best option.

A faulty connection between your phone hub and your lock might affect remote commanding, unable to add another user code, or entirely non-working smart connect hubs like Alexa, Google Assistant, Ring, Wink, and SmartThings.

Reason #5. Need-to-be-reset keypad

Sometimes, your keypad needs a breather from doing almost all the work and dealing with a lot of pressing. That’s why it is also important to reset your keypad to refresh the code it receives.

Before you reset your keypad, of course, you would want to have your physical key in your pocket or maybe keep the door unlocked so you won’t lock yourself out while fixing the problem.

Reason #6. Disabled feature.

Are you annoyed that your Schlage turn lock feature is not working? Well, better check if the feature is enabled in your locking system if the lock won’t engage the turn.

Of course, several features won’t work if it is not enabled in the system. Although this feature is on by default, there might still be a chance wherein you accidentally disable it.

Reson #7. Loose wiring.


Does your door get slammed a lot? Well, then that might cause you a loose wire in your door lock.

Loose wiring in your Schlage keypad lock may be the root of your problem. Obviously, your lock would not have the power to work if the wire conductors were not connected to each other.

To check if this is your case, you need to open the inside of the keypad and check for any faulty or loose wires. If positive, it’s your call to fix it yourself or have an electrician do the job for you.

Reason #8. Cold weather

As odd as it sounds, cold weather could cause your Schlage lock to malfunction. That is because of the moisture entrapped to or around the keypad, especially from outside.

Several users attest that their Schlage locks are at their weakest point when exposed to cold weather. But fortunately, you can quickly solve this problem by draining the moisture surrounding keypads.

How to Fix It?


Change batteries

If your problem is dying, dead, or incorrect batteries, you must change them immediately to avoid future troubles. Typically, the sign indicating a low battery is when your Schlage lock not working red x light keeps blinking.

Always remember the importance of the battery and its power to your safety. Hence, you should always deal with low battery and battery replacements.

Lucky you, changing the batteries of your battery is as easy as counting one-two-three.

  • Get a flathead or Phillips screwdriver, and unfasten the mounted screws in the keypad.
  • Slide the cover up to open the keypad panel.
  • Locate the battery case and pull it out.
  • Replace the old batteries with the new set of batteries.

After you replace the battery, do a test lock by tapping the Schlage button.

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Factory reset


If you experienced a server issue with your Schlage lock, this method would fix your problem. Just set the lock to its factory setting to refresh it and delete all the electronic issues.

Resetting your lock’s setting into the default setting reinstalls its software and aids several locking issues, including non-working or non-reactant locks wherein it just spins on outside.

However, you must know that restoring the lock’s factory setting will erase all the data your lock has acquired over its usage. All the user code locks will be gone, and you need to program it again.

To do it, follow these mini-steps:

  • Get your lock’s manual and look for the factory reset code.
  • Using a screwdriver, open the lock housing and access the battery inside.
  • Disconnect the battery. If there is a reset button, press it first before disconnecting the battery.
  • Press and hold the Schlage button for several seconds until the light turns green to clear the door lock codes.
  • Reconnect the battery and press the Schlage button again until a beep chime.
  • Finally, enter the factory reset code to restore the lock’s factory setting.

Call customer service

If nothing comes into play, then calling Schlage customer service would be your last choice.

You can take advantage of their customer service and repair, especially if their warranty still covers you.

The good thing is, calling customer service would likely solve your problem. Whether that be a faulty server, a turn bolt that keeps spinning, or other locking issues that require troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why are Schlage locks more expensive than other locks?

Schlage locks are smart locking devices that offer each family more convenient, stylish, and straightforward house securing.

Its functionality, materials, and other advanced technologies made its price tag higher than usual locks.

Can the Schlage key be hacked?

Unfortunately, yes. Despite the greater security it gives, the Schlage code can still be hacked by some veteran hackers.


Asking, ‘why is my Schlage lock not working?’. Let’s face it— no technology is safe from any issue. But the good thing is we got you!

Hopefully, this guide gives you a better understanding of why your smart lock is experiencing problems and what you should do when these problems occur.

Always remember to act upon your lock problem to keep your and your family’s security intact at all times!

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