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Ring Camera Not Connecting to Wifi – Causes & Solutions

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It can be frustrating to have your Ring camera not connecting to WiFi, as you will not be able to access many important features, including live video of the camera.

Indeed, there are several reasons for an issue with connections, either weak signals, device updates, or drained batteries.

Read below how to fix all these problems.

Common Reasons


You’re having issues with your Ring camera connection for three reasons.

  1. The mobile device you’re using to monitor your Ring camera does not have a good signal.
  2. Your WiFi is too far for your Ring camera to be within a good connection range.
  3. Lastly, your WiFi network is too slow to connect properly with your Ring device.

One problem when it comes to devices that are dependent on the internet is if it’s in range with your WiFi router. This results in unclear camera images or recordings and even causes your Ring camera to be disconnected from WiFi and won’t reconnect.

How to Reconnect Ring Camera to Wifi

Ring will not connect to Wifi? Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Check WiFi Signal and Placement


An excellent WiFi signal strength is important to ensure your Ring camera functions seamlessly. It allows access to live feeds, remote control features, and alerts uninterrupted.

Your wireless Ring camera is also of utmost importance. Make sure that you have it within good coverage.

If your Ring camera has failed to connect, you can invest in WiFi range extenders. Tight on budget? Locate where your WiFi is strongest and position your camera within range. Make sure nothing is in the way between your WiFi connection and your camera may it be an appliance or a wall.

2. Check Your Mobile Device Signal

You can check the signal of your mobile device using these easy steps:

For Android Users:


  1. Go to your phone’s Settings
  2. Look for About Phone
  3. Click on Status
  4. Then Network
  5. Click Sim Status
  6. Look for Signal Strength

For iPhone Users:


For iPhone users, there are two ways to do it; follow these steps if you have the iPhone 13 to the latest.

  1. First, turn off the WiFi on your phone.
  2. Then dial *3001#12345#* on your phone app.
  3. You will see options, click LTE or if you can’t find it, look for Serving Cell Info.
  4. Click on RsrpRsrqSinr
  5. If you see Rsrp0 that is the dBm or signal strength of your mobile device.

Another way to do it is as follows:

  1. Dial *3001#12345#*
  2. Then, choose LTE or Menu
  3. Now, click on the Serving Cell Meas option, then you’ll see rsrp0.
  4. You may be confused as to what the right number of dBm should be considered a good signal. The range of dBm on mobile devices is between -110 and -50. When the number you see is close to -50, your mobile device has a good signal.

If you want something less technical, you can always opt for apps that can do it for you.

  • For Android: Try downloading LTE Discovery, Network Cell Info Lite, or Network Signal Pro
  • For iPhone: Try downloading Open Signal. This app is available for Android users too.

3. Power Cycle the Router


Try power cycling your router for a better connection. Unplug your router and plug it back in after a minute. This will help re-establish your network connection. Do this for the camera, too. Reboot it and reconnect the two.

4. Upgrade the WiFi Router


Do you have a problem with internet connection? Try upgrading your WiFi router. Invest in a long-range WiFi router to have a better connection between your ring devices at home.

What to Do If All the Ways Above Still Failed?

If all else fails? Try these:

1. Check Power Supply and Stability

The performance of your Ring camera is also dependent on a stable power supply. Traceback power-related problems using two steps:


  • Check and charge your wireless Ring device. It will typically take 6 to 8 hours.
  • As you have a wired device, check it, especially if you’ve just had a power interruption. Sometimes, a power outage can affect your WiFi connection. Restart your camera and network.

2. Change the Battery of the Ring Camera

Sometimes, the battery can be defective, especially when your device is old. So, find quality Li-Ion batteries to replace for a better network connection.


  • Remove the camera from its mounting bracket to reveal the battery compartment.
  • You might find a small latch there that you can slide to open the compartment. In some models, it’s a release button.
  • Replace the batteries and, turn on the device and check if it’s working.

3. Update the Router Firmware


Do you have a ring spotlight cam or a stick up cam? Whatever ring device you have, you need to know if it’s compatible with your network.

To ensure WiFi router compatibility with your device, update your router firmware. You can do this online or offline.

4. Factory Reset and Setup the Ring Camera

Wondering if resetting Ring camera will do the trick? Maybe you’ve thought about – How do I get my Ring doorbell back online after a factory reset. Easy! But remember to keep your important stored videos first before using the steps that follow:

  • Locate the reset button:
Ring Spotlight Cam: Check the button on top of the device.
Ring Doorbell 2: Near the faceplate, look for a black button.
Stick Up Cam: Locate a white or orange button on the bottom of the device

5. Re-Connect Ring to WiFi


Unable to join Ring network after a reset or reconfiguration? If your ring setup did not complete, here’s a tip on how to change Ring doorbell Wifi without removing it:

  • Check your Ring App and locate the menu.
  • Go to Devices and tap Devices Health.
  • Look for Network and tap Change Network.
  • Wait for a few minutes to make sure your signal is established properly. You can also ensure it by checking the Device Health tab from earlier.


  • During setup, ensure you have a strong internet connection.
  • For a new Wifi network, make sure you use a simple password, no special characters.
  • Choose WPA/WPA2 for your Wifi security encryption. Following this will help you connect your app more easily.

6. Check the Ring App Updates and Device Firmware


During setup of resetting your ring device, you can also update the app beforehand. If you use Android, go to the Play Store and for iPhone, go to the App Store.

For device firmware updates, check for the latest release and reconnect your device to your WiFi after the update.

7. Contact Support or Replace Camera


Suppose you have done all the steps before this and still face an issue with your Ring camera or any ring device. In that case, you should connect with Ring Support for advice or to have your device replaced.


To avoid Ring camera not connecting to WiFi:

  • Slow or can’t find WiFi? Keep the distance between your device and the WiFi network near and free of obstacles.
  • Make sure the device you’re using to monitor has a good signal.
  • Check if your WiFi connection is stable.

Making sure these three are checked on the list ensures you’ll have a smooth connection and keep your device functioning properly.

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