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The Best Alarm Clocks for Snoozers & Heavy Sleeper

Fact checked by Teddy B.Miller


Alarm clocks go with snoozers like peanut butter goes with jelly. These devices will ensure a sleeper can stretch their sleep out to the furthest possible point. Of course, this ability comes from the snooze feature that allows for short, quality sleep sessions.

But it does bring up a question of how a person finds the best alarm clock for snoozers. In other words, which model is the perfect fit for someone who loves to maximize their sleep? It’s become a bit of an issue recently as there are many available options.

I’ve done detailed research into the marketplace and pinpointed some key elements. These factors will make finding a great alarm clock for heavy sleepers much easier. Here’s a little preview of them to provide an idea of what lies ahead in our article:

  • Noise Level: Each alarm comes with a maximum sound level. Buyers need to ensure their alarms’ noise level can wake them up effectively. Honestly, any alarm with a decibel between 110dB and 140dB should wake up deep sleepers without issue.
  • Snooze Capabilities: Most alarm clocks come with a snooze feature. Each one will be slightly different regarding aspects like the number of uses and snooze length. Buyers need to choose a snooze function that suits their needs.
  • Price: Product price will always play a role in a buyer’s final decision. Alarm clocks for snoozers aren’t any different. In all likelihood, this aspect will have a massive impact on how satisfied the buyer is with their choice.

If those features aren’t enough, I’ve also built a list of my 11 alarm clocks for snoozers. Each one has an accompanying review to provide an idea of the top available choices. From these discussions, it’ll be much easier to determine your ideal alarm clock.


Top Product name Dimensions Material Power Source  
1 JALL 8541847906 5.91″W x 3.15″H Wood Corded Electric, Battery Powered Details
2 Sonic Alert RA42658 20.46″W x 15.35″H Plastic Corded Electric Details
3 DreamSky DS312 5.3″W x 2.6″H Plastic Battery Powered Details

11 Most Effective Alarm Clock for Snoozers Reviews

1. JALL 8541847906 Digital Alarm Clock

JALL’s 8541847906 Digital Alarm Clock is a reliable way to start our list. I find it to be one of the more intriguing options available to snoozers. For instance, I can’t say enough about its beautiful wood design and durable construction.

It’s hard to envision anyone seeing this model as an eyesore within their homes. Honestly, it meshes perfectly into my bedroom and even classed it up a bit. I was also impressed with its performance quality, especially its ability to set three alarms at once.

This aspect ensures my partner and I can wake up at different times without issue. Plus, I can set an additional alarm to stop myself from falling back asleep. So it ends up being a perfect, effective tool for getting me out of my bed even when I fight it.

I was pleased with the adjustable levels for the display’s brightness, as well. They help create an ideal sleeping environment for my sleeping sessions. Furthermore, the temperature and humidity sensor helps out, too, by providing accurate readings right on the clock’s display.

The four color choices were another intriguing aspect. I found myself loving the black choice, but all of them are more than appealing.

But I do wish this pretty alarm clock had a backside with a less bulky construction. It takes up a little more room on my nightstand than I expected. I should also mention that this option is an alarm clock without snooze button. Users can push any button to snooze, but this might take getting used to.
  • Beautiful, durable wood construction
  • Sets up to 3 alarms at once
  • Adjustable brightness levels for user-friendly operation
  • Monitors indoor environment with temperature and humidity sensor
  • Four stylish color options
  • Bulky backside construction
  • No snooze button
However, the three alarms make up for the lack of a snooze button. Meanwhile, the bulky backside construction is easy to get used to and doesn’t take away from its other appealing features.

2. Sonic Alert RA42658 Bomb Alarm Clock

The Sonic Alert RA42658 Bomb Alarm Clock earns a place on this list for a simple reason. It’s otherworldly effective at waking even the heaviest sleepers. It accomplishes this ability with three crucial aspects that I’ve grown to adore.

I’d have to start with its 113dB extra loud siren with volume control. It might not be the loudest alarm clock on our list, but it gets the job done. For instance, I haven’t overslept once since putting this alarm on the nightstand.

Sonic Alert didn’t think the siren alone was sufficient, though. It also comes with built-in red flashing alert lights and a powerful 12-volt bed shaker. Honestly, I don’t know how even the deepest sleeper could effectively ignore them.

This model doesn’t slack when it comes to user-friendly aspects, either. It has dual alarm capabilities and a 5-level dimmer to allow for excellent user control. Therefore, I have no issues controlling the display’s brightness or setting two alarms at once.

Sonic Alert was even kind enough to offer a 1-year warranty with each purchase. As someone who’s constantly breaking devices, I can’t stress enough how vital warranties are for me.

I do have one gripe with this heavy sleeper alarm clock, though. Its design isn’t too attractive and stands out more than I’d like within my bedroom. If a buyer’s looking for a pretty alarm clock, this one isn’t the right choice.
  • 113dB extra loud siren with volume control
  • Built-in red flashing alert lights
  • Features a powerful 12-volt bed shaker
  • 5-level dimmer for excellent user control
  • Set two alarms at once with dual alarm capabilities
  • 1-year warranty
  • Design appearance could be better
Honestly, I’ve gotten used to the alarm’s design. Plus, the alarm clock’s other traits more than makeup for this slight issue. But I could see how other buyers would feel differently and opt for a more stylish option.

3. DreamSky DS312 Compact Digital Alarm Clock

Nobody wants an alarm clock that takes up an entire nightstand. Therefore, options like DreamSky’s DS312 Compact Digital Alarm Clock are a godsend with their compact designs. It makes fitting them onto these stands an effortless process.

Honestly, I still have more than enough room for my book and other devices. I also love that this design features large LED digits to promote easy reading. My eyesight isn’t the best, and this modern alarm clock makes life much easier with its large clock digits.

I was delighted by how easily the display’s brightness was adjusted, as well. The alarm clock comes with an easy-to-turn wheel that adjusts the LED lights from 0 to 100%. It makes setting up an ideal sleeping environment much more manageable than other choices.

Meanwhile, I can’t go any longer without mentioning its 9-minute snooze function. It allows me to get a little more sleep on those Monday mornings, when getting out of bed is near impossible. It’s easily one of my favorite alarm clocks with snooze capabilities available.

I should also mention this model comes with a USB charging port. So I can use it to charge other devices, such as tablets or smartphones. Lastly, this entire snooze button alarm clock is easy to use with its stress-free using process.

My only complaint would be its lack of stability, coming from its lightweight construction. One tug on its power cord will send it flying across the room. So please remain cautious while using it to avoid any potential issues.
  • Compact design with large readable LED digits
  • Easy to adjust brightness with turnable wheel (0 to 100%)
  • Sufficient 9-minute snooze function
  • Equipped with a USB charging port to charge other devices (phones, tablets, etc.)
  • Simple to operate with stress-free using process
  • Lack of stability with ultra-lightweight construction
Overall, it’s a solid choice with various encouraging attributes. Buyers just need to remain careful around the power cord, and it should meet their expectations.

4. ROCAM CR1008 Home LED Digital Alarm Clock

Bad eyesight isn’t an issue with ROCAM’s CR1008 Home LED Digital Alarm Clock. It has a large 6.5″ LED digit display that I can easily see from across the room. Plus, I can adjust the display’s brightness at night to help cultivate a better sleep setting.

The placement of its 9-minute snooze button was another highlight. It’s right on top of the alarm clock to offer convenient and simple usage. I haven’t had any issues hitting it, even when I’m half asleep.

Users will have a choice between seven colors for this product’s nightlight, as well. It ensures each user can customize their experience even more. I’m always going to champion brands who provide their customers with as many choices as possible.

Furthermore, alarm clocks with snooze capabilities don’t often come with dual USB charging ports. But this one does and offers easy charging of my other devices, such as phones and tablets. It’s pretty convenient while reducing wire clumps behind my bedroom’s nightstand.

Two other notable attributes include a durable 100% ABS plastic construction and a 12-month warranty. Both aspects encourage long-lasting performance from this option.

But I did notice the off button for the alarm is weirdly placed. It’s located on the device’s backside, which makes it difficult to access when lying down. A few customers even mentioned this issue on Reddit and within the product’s review section.
  • Large, readable 6.5″ LED digit display with adjustable brightness levels
  • Easy to use 9-minute snooze button on top
  • Seven nightlight color choices for convenience
  • Two USB charging ports
  • Durable 100% ABS plastic construction
  • 12-month warranty for buyer protection
  • Inconvenient placement of off button for alarm
All in all, I can’t complain too much about the off button issue. It’s a slight flaw that doesn’t come close to outweighing its other excellent attributes for me. I was delighted with how well this alarm functioned within my home.

5. Marathon Silent Sweep Analog Alarm Clock

Marathon’s Silent Sweep Analog Alarm Clock is another alarm clock with snooze button functionality. In this case, the snooze button is conveniently placed along with the on/off switches to ensure easy usage.

It’s one of the top-rated alarm clocks for snooze abusers like myself. I don’t have to turn over or get out of my bed to hit the button. I can remain half asleep, hit the button, and continue my sleep without being interrupted until the alarm goes off again.

The device’s compact, lightweight design was another standout trait for my needs. It makes the product a lot more portable than other options, such as an alarm clock you have to chase. Indeed, I can pack it away and not have to worry about any complications.

It doesn’t produce an annoying ticking sound like other models, either. This alarm clock features quiet clock hands that let users sleep peacefully. Furthermore, the device even has an ambient light sensor that automatically works as a nightlight in low-light situations.

Marathon provides each user with two included AA batteries, as well. So it makes this product ready for use from the moment a buyer gets it.

However, I did notice the display was a bit difficult to see from certain angles. It tends to be an issue with many alarm clock displays, but it is still worth noting for potential buyers. It’s something to keep in mind when making a final decision.
  • Convenient snooze and on/off buttons
  • Compact, lightweight design for easy portability
  • No ticking sound from its clock hands
  • Ambient light sensor works as an automatic night light in low light situations
  • Batteries included for usage (two AA batteries)
  • Difficult to read the display from certain angles
I’m not going to let a minor issue like this one ruin an excellent alarm clock for me, though. The portability and snooze capabilities are too much for me to overlook.

6. Philips HF3510/60 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

Our next choice, Philips’ HF3510/60 Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock, is a bit different from other alarm clocks. I don’t have to use this device with only a traditional alarm sound as it comes with the ability to wake me using a sunrise stimulation.

It accomplishes this process by gradually increasing the brightness from its lamp. As a result, it’s much more peaceful when waking up in the morning. This gradual sunrise is also accompanied by a selection of three calming wake-up sounds.

Of course, this aspect isn’t its only appealing feature. I was attracted by how easy this model was to use with its simple time setup and tap-to-snooze function. I couldn’t ask for a more straightforward user experience than with this alarm clock.

It even tapped into my love of music with an embedded FM radio. Due to this, I can use this alarm clock to play music around the house, which is always lovely.

The adjustment level provided by this option isn’t anything to sneeze at, either. For instance, I can cycle through 20 brightness settings for the lamp feature. It makes finding an ideal setting much easier than with similar alarm clocks. If these features weren’t enticing enough, Philips also provides a 90-day money-back guarantee.

I can’t say that I’m too fond of the button placement on this model, though. It’s less convenient than I’m used to dealing with when using alarm clocks to wake me up. But I’ve already started getting comfortable with their placements only after a few uses.
  • Gradual sunrise simulation feature with three wake-up sounds
  • Simple usage with tap-to-snooze function and easy time setup
  • Embedded FM radio for access to music
  • 20 brightness settings for the lamp
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Subpar button placement
Once I got used to the button placement, it has slowly become less of a nuisance. I’m now able to simply enjoy everything else it offers, which is a lot of appealing features and top-tier performance.

7. hOmeLabs 4330349651 Sunrise Alarm Clock

hOmeLabs’s 4330349651 Sunrise Alarm Clock is a bit more versatile than most people assume. It comes with eight vibrant light options to use when it’s not functioning as an alarm clock. I have used it to bring a little color into my bedroom during non-sleeping hours.

As with our previous option, this option is another alarm that can simulate the sunrise. In this case, the device uses a gradually brightening LED light to wake up users gently.

It even works on the heaviest sleepers as it worked well on me. I’ve never felt more refreshed, as I’m woken by sunrise rather than a loud siren. It has also helped me sleep with its sleep timer function that gently dims the room during sleep sessions.

Users don’t have to worry about the alarm being an eyesore in their rooms, either. It has a visually appealing compact design that should mesh into most bedrooms with ease. I certainly didn’t have trouble fitting it into mine.

Moreover, it comes with a long list of nature sounds and FM radio for alarm settings. This brand did an excellent job covering most of the bases of what I would want in an alarm clock.

But sadly, these high-quality features come with one downside. This option is a bit more costly than most others on our list. Buyers will need to determine whether they feel its many attractive traits are worth its increased cost.
  • Utilizes LED light to mimic the sunrise and gradually wake users
  • Equipped with a sleep timer to function as a nightlight
  • Visually appealing compact design
  • Features eight vibrant color light options
  • Various nature sounds and FM radio for alarm settings
  • A higher-priced option
In my case, I never have an issue paying extra for quality. This hOmeLabs alarm clock fits into my standards, and I feel perfectly okay spending the additional cash.

8. PiLife AX-AY-ABHI-117276 Vintage Analog Alarm Clock

One thing stands out above all else when looking at PiLife’s AX-AY-ABHI-117276 Vintage Analog Alarm Clock. Of course, I’m referring to its adorable mini retro design that blends effortlessly into most situations.

But it’s essential to realize that this option isn’t just a cute novelty product. It offers some impressive attributes, such as easy using and setup processes via backside buttons. I could even see kids or senior adults having no issues with it.

Its alarm capabilities are pretty staggering for such a small device, as well. This alarm unleashed a loud traditional ringing sound that can wake up any sleeper. Initially, it shocked me a little by how loud it was compared to what I was expecting.

Users can also count on its silent quartz clock hands to encourage better sleep. It’s nice not having to hear that awful ticking present in other similar models. It has done wonders for my rest as I fall into a deep sleep in complete silence.

Furthermore, buyers get all of these qualities at a bargain level price. I don’t often come across options at this quality level for such a low price.

I do wish this model wasn’t only battery-operated, though. I would much prefer an alarm clock with a power cord and an internal battery for my needs. Dual power sources end up being a lot more convenient than only battery-operated options like this one.
  • Adorable mini alarm clock with retro design
  • Easy to set and use with buttons on its backside
  • Loud alarm with a traditional ringing sound
  • Silent quartz clock hands to encourage better sleep
  • A more affordable option
  • Only battery operated
However, I’m willing to bet most buyers will be okay with it. I certainly was, as it ended up being one of the smarter buying decisions that I’ve made. Its adorable design and the loud, effective alarm have made it a hit with my nephew.

9. SHARP Digital Smart Alarm Clock

The SHARP’s Digital Smart Alarm Clock is a bit more adaptable than a traditional alarm clock for snoozers. For instance, it offers a choice of four LED color displays to ensure every buyer feels content with its style and design.

It’ll also allow people to feel comfortable using the alarm with its effortless-to-use buttons. As someone who often has trouble setting or using electronic devices, I’ve never experienced an issue with this alarm clock.

One excellent example of its effortless usage is the high/low brightness dimmer. It offers a straightforward using process that ensures anyone can dim the LCD’s brightness. Due to this, users can feel more cozy sleeping in a room with this alarm clock.

I was impressed with the product’s backup battery, as well. It can preserve settings and last several years without issues. If a power outage occurs, this aspect will make sure my preferred settings don’t disappear forever.

On a similar note, this alarm clock will even automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time. It’s something that I always forget to do on my own. So this feature truly comes in handy and ensures I don’t ever miss an important appointment.

I do have one concern with this alarm clock, which a few other customers also noted. This device seems to emit a constant humming or buzzing sound that could be an issue for light sleepers.
  • Four LED display color options for multiple applications
  • Effortless and comfortable-to-use buttons
  • Straightforward high/low brightness dimmer
  • Built-in backup battery to preserve settings
  • Automatically updates the time for Daylight Savings Time
  • Emits a constant buzzing/humming sound
All in all, this Sharp product is a practical and straightforward alarm clock. I could easily see it being a superb choice for a heavier sleeper or someone not bothered by its constant buzzing.

10. Dekala AC-003 Alarm Clock Radio

In most cases, I find clock radios with alarm capabilities overcomplicated. But Dekala AC-OO3 Alarm Clock Radio does an excellent job keeping it simple. It ends up being an effective 2-in-1 device with several beneficial aspects.

One of my favorite additions would be its included headphone jack for private listening. Therefore, I don’t have to bother other people when listening to a radio station. Instead, I can simply plug in my headphones and jam out.

I was also satisfied by the product’s loud, ear-piercing alarm siren with a snooze function. It doesn’t matter whether it’s trying to wake up a teenager, a heavy sleeper, or anyone; this alarm will wake them up. In this regard, I couldn’t be any happier with this option.

As with prior options, I can even select between six nature sounds and the radio for my wake-up alarm if I don’t want the ear-piercing alarm. It’s a nice alternative for people who want to wake up to something more pleasant.

I should mention that this device can detect the temperature inside a room, as well. It’ll then show it on its LCD, which is incredibly helpful for me.

Of course, this product isn’t a flawless one. I did find it odd that it didn’t come with batteries included with each purchase. It seems like a bit of a missed opportunity by Dekala to make their alarm clock radio even more appealing.
  • Practical 2-in-1 device (alarm clock and radio)
  • Equipped with a headphone jack for private listening
  • Loud, ear-piercing alarm with a snooze function
  • Six available nature sounds and radio for alarm
  • Detects temperature and displays it on its LCD
  • Batteries aren’t included
But the lack of batteries isn’t a deal-breaker or even a significant problem. It’s easily solved with a few extra dollars and a trip to the nearest convenience store. In any case, this product ends up being a decent choice to meet a snoozer’s alarm clock needs.

11. REACHER Wooden Dual Alarm Clock

Our final option, REACHER’s Wooden Dual Alarm Clock, can effectively fulfill three roles within a person’s life. It can function as an alarm clock, white noise machine, or charging station with high-quality performance.

For instance, its alarm capabilities allow me to set dual alarms with endless customization. I have a choice between three modes, six alarm sounds, and 30 volume levels. It’s hard to believe a user won’t find an alarm-setting combo that works best for them.

It also offers a snooze function between 1 to 15 minutes for people like myself. I’m never going to pass up a snooze button on alarm clocks. More importantly, this 3-in-1 device’s white noise machine abilities come through via a sleep timer and 12 soothing sounds.

As a result, I can set it up to help encourage a better sleep session. It’s something that I desperately need with my insomnia issues. I was also pleased with its two power sources that only highlight its practicality further.

One last notable positive attribute provided by this option would be its beautiful wooden design. It offers a bit of class and style into my bedroom, which needs it.

But one thing about this option did bug me quite a bit. I felt the buttons were too close together, especially for someone like myself with fat fingers. It made using the buttons rather uncomfortable and inconvenient.
  • Effective 3-in-1 device (alarm clock, white noise machine, and charging station)
  • Customizable dual alarms with three modes, six sounds, and 30 volume levels
  • Adjustable snooze function from 1 to 15 minutes
  • Promotes better sleep with 12 soothing sounds and a sleep timer
  • Two power sources for convenient usage
  • Beautiful wooden design
  • Buttons are a little too close together
Despite the uncomfortable buttons, I still find myself loving this device. I just wish that I had smaller fingers so I could enjoy the alarm without any frustration.

What to Look for When Buying Alarm Clock for Snoozers


A snoozer needs to consider various things when choosing an alarm clock. I’m going to discuss each of these crucial elements in extensive detail. You’ll soon have no issues separating what matters and what doesn’t during this process.

Noise Level

Every snooze alarm clock will come with a set maximum noise level. In most cases, brands will measure their sound using decibels. I’m always going to recommend snoozers or heavy sleepers choose an option with a loud alarm.

For instance, any option with a decibel level of about 120dB should do the trick. But if you don’t want one with a loud alarm, plenty of clocks use gentle nature sounds. These options will also gradually increase in volume rather than going full throttle from the start.


If you’re a heavier sleeper or aren’t woken up by a traditional beeping sound, I’d suggest investing in a shaker alarm. This device will shake you awake while still sounding the alarm to ensure there isn’t a problem waking up on time.

The shaking component will go under your mattress/pillow or on your wrist. Honestly, I’ve found them to be a lot more effective than expected. It’s truly an easy way to effectively use alarm clocks to wake you up when you drift back into a deep, deep sleep.

If the vibrating aspect isn’t enough, other options will shock you awake. It’s a bit much for my needs, but some people find them to be a godsend.

Snooze Capabilities

You’ll need to decide whether you want snooze or no snooze alarm clocks. Given you’re reading our article, I’m guessing that you consider the snooze feature a determining factor. People who want this aspect will have to decide the extent of it.

For instance, do you want an alarm clock with a 9-minute or 7-minute snooze? Or do you want one of those alarm clocks that make you get out of bed to hit the snooze? There are snooze proof alarm clocks that turn off only after you’ve stood on them; these devices look like rugs you can put on the floor.

Activity Level

People who have issues getting out of bed could benefit from an alarm clock that requires physical movements. As you can imagine, these devices are similar to the snooze-proof products mentioned above, but they require a higher activity level. You might even come across an alarm clock that makes you get up and do jumping jacks to turn it off.

Another common variation jumps off the nightstand and rolls around a room. These alarm clocks that force you to get up are effective “get out of bed” tools.

Embedded Lights

Some alarm clocks will come with flashing lights embedded within them. These options offer a much more intense wake-up experience than most other choices. If you’re a heavy sleeper, these choices might be a perfect selection.

But an alarm clock’s embedded lights aren’t always overly intense. Some options will offer a gentle wake-up with lights mimicking the sunrise. It’s just another choice each buyer has to consider when making a final decision.


As with any product, the prices will play a role in determining the right choice. You should build a budget based on your particular needs to counter the vast variation in this market. For instance, if you want a shaker or radio alarm clock, it’ll cost more than a traditional one.

Your budget has to account for this increased price. If it doesn’t, the budget won’t be a helpful tool and ends up being utterly useless. But if you do keep it realistic, it can do wonders by lowering the number of choices down to a more manageable amount.

What Is the Most Effective Alarm Clock


There’s no one correct answer to this question as everyone has different needs. But any of the options mentioned in our product reviews should be in the running.

Why Can’t I Hear My Alarm Go Off in the Morning

Several reasons could be causing your alarm hearing issue. But I’m willing to bet that your alarm isn’t loud enough. So I’d recommend buying one with a higher decibel level or placing the device closer to your bed.

How Do I Make Sure I Wake Up

My favorite trick to ensure I wake up is setting the alarm 20 minutes early. As a result, even if I hit the snooze button, when the alarm rings again, it won’t be too late for me to get up and get ready. It’s a simple but straightforward tip to trick yourself into waking up on time.


Buying the best alarm clock for snoozers shouldn’t be too stressful now. Don’t overthink the process, and finding this elusive alarm should be a breeze. But if you do find yourself confused, let me know in our comment section. I’d love to continue helping you through this process in whatever way possible. Thanks for reading!

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